Monday, June 05, 2006

Godot Still's Not Here, Is He? or She? or It?

Yes, I couldn't sleep so in the early still-yawning hours of this morning, I was "Googling" for familiarities: I found my brother and thanks to finding him I found Trammell Crow, a Dallas billionaire who invented the "ready now warehouse" concept of selling already available space to big-daddy corporations and who, using fresh young bucks just out of college, spun it into an "empire" (that's what journalists love to call these guy's holdings); it's an empire that out-incomes Donald Trump, to me, one of the goofiest and dumbassest numbskulls to ever pop up into public attention, whose old daddy made the fortune and Donald inherited it; ah, inheritance--it's saved my ass twice in life--Georgie Porgie, our "president," wants to do away with estate taxes, a good move since that means he will inherit his share of the Bush Crime Family's Empire without paying one jack-dime in taxes--people fail to realize, this spoiled-brat rich-boy never-elected president is making big bucks off his tax deduction for the rich legislation and tax doing-away-withs for folks like him, his scumbag brothers and Dodo sister, and old Pappy and Mammy, Unka Dick, Kenny Boy Lay--it's disgusting if you keep thinking about how much richer and how expanded their empires have become since the Supreme Court gave us this dumbass back in 2000--follow the bucks, they'll lead you right to a cesspool full of Bush Family and asslicking cronies--like who is the president of Halliburton (still headquartered in the metropolitan city of Duncan, Okie-homa)? Answer: David Lesar, a long-time Halliburton company executive who took over from Unka Dick Cheney. Funny to note that two of the world's largest corporations, Halliburton and Wal-Mart are from hillbilly states--Halliburton Okie-homa and Wal-Mart Arkie-saw--check out tax breaks at the state level and whose pockets were lined by these slick-shit companies back in the days of old Senator Kerr from Okie-homa and Senator McClellan from Arkie-saw.

Here's a site that will thrill your pandered soul:

Everyone in Hell is happy as a ass-slapping pervert these days they're all getting so rich off Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie--while Georgie is pulling his pud, his Daddy's big-buck pals, and this includes a hell of a lot of Saudis, you understand are getting doubly filthy rich. "Pull that pud some more, son," you can hear old Pappy chortling as he plays golf in Palm Springs with ancient ex-"president" Gerald Ford, another president that was never elected. Remember, he couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time. While Jimmy Carter picked up a hammer after his fucked-up time in the White House, most of the other dumbass sleazy ex-presidents pick up a golf club--with the exception of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who died mysteriously if anyone remembers after taking a helicopter ride with a bunch of FBI and CIA dudes from his "library" in Austin back to his Perdinales ranchero just outside of Johnson City, Texas. All presidents must end up their presidential careers owning vast numbers of properties, including radio stations in the case of Lyndon, a scumbag white trash asshole from Deep South Texas who didn't have a pot to piss in before he met the Duke of Duvall County, George Pharr, whose vote fraud, people who had been dead a hundred years starting voting again, got Lyndon his first political win by a mere 80 votes--most of them dead and buried--"Hey, it's Amurica; it's a democracy where even the dead can vote." You can find all about this Lyndon crap in a book by a Texas weirdo right-wing history professor, J. Evetts Haley, who wrote the book, A Texan Looks at Lyndon back when Lyndon, considered a "liberal" by right-wing Texans in those days, was running for president, "All the way with LBJ," back in 1960 when the Texas cowboy politicians were politically maneuvering against the little asshole Irish Catholic boy from Boston's Back-ass Bay whose initials rhymed with Lyndon's. [Check out how many of Chicago's dead and buried voters voted for JFK in 1960, thanks to old Democratic demagog M-f-er Jake Arvey and his good ole shanty Irish pal Richard Daley (Kennedy was shanty Irish, by the way), controllers of Democratic votes for decades in Illinois's crooked politics (and that includes that poor olde "egghead" Adlai Stevenson, a poor troubled once-governor of Illinois whose last words were "'Till Hell freezes over," and then he froze over of a massive coronary (some said brought on by his having to lie like a dog in his role as UN ambassador) in the streets of Holy London, a favorite hang-out for American politicians. Tories feel so at home in London).]

You can find dirt on every president we've ever had; they all were scumbags. I like the fact that Warren G. Harding's (absolutely our most openly crooked president before Georgie Porgie) wife refused to give up the White House after her homespun Wineburg-Ohioan overblown husband's heart blew up thus forcing Cal Cool-edge (a real New England stiffshirt rich boy), Warren's replacement, to have to move into the over-expensive Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue at the expense of course of We the People. Anybody who sells used cars, insurance, real estate, or becomes a politician is a potential scumbag, I don't give a shit how well meaning and outwardly honest they trumpet themselves as being.

Let me run back through that last sentence; extend on what I shot my mouth off about. 1) You gotta be a maniac to make a living off anything used. 2) Anybody's gotta be a psychotic whose profession demands you gotta scare the hell out of as many of your fellow human beings as you can hustle up and convince them by swearing on your pore'ol mother's soul or perhaps looking up with your most serious eyes and swearing on an Almighty to give you total control of their lives and pay you for taking it to boot. Further signs of the business being a pig trough of psychotics are the various protection-racket packages of salvation they offer to their captured customers, all of them more expensive than the other! Jesus, I'm wound up!--look at the insurance industry and ask who the hell are the Yahoos here? You wanna play the "3 guesses and 2 don't count" game? I've always said, one way to stop these corporations is to stop using them. Like banks. Any community can start their own banks; you don't have to be a Rockefeller or a Morgan or a Mellon, all true nutjobs (Google Morgan and check him out). 3) And real estate sales people crazy? Well, I'll tell you, I personally know a top rung player in the real estate game and trust me, talk about neurotic, phone hung, constant motion nervousness, jitterbug needs--Holy Cow, yeah, a lotta bucks, but a lotta actin', too and a lotta soul searching as you close another over-the-top-priced apartment to some foreigner (that's who have enough money to afford rents and properties in our current economy--Euro dollars are becoming the standard way of exchanging money and to them our properties currently being so damn cheap. According to Henry George, We the People own the land; it's part of the commonwealth; most of the early states of this country were commonwealths--the Commonwealth of New York; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and according to commonwealth constitutions the people of the state own the wealth of that state, its land, its natural resources, its real wealth--so the people of the State of New York are owed huge fortunes from the rents they've been denied since the state was chartered in the 1780s). I apologize to my real estate friend; she is a totally beautiful human being.

The New Orleans Disaster was caused by political scumbags who gave the oil companies and their dick-boys at the Army Corps of Engineers (who are really terrible at their government big-buck jobs; see how they've screwed up the Mississippi River system and the Colorado River system) permission to totally decimate the Louisiana wetlands from above Baton Rouge all the way down to the mouth of the Mississippi, the real Mississippi Delta--thar's oil in them there swamps, boys; EARL, which is Louisianan and Texian for OIL. Check out a history of Lawsbanana politics. It's even more scumbaggy and white trashy than the history of Texas politics. The history of offshore drilling off the Louisiana coast will lead you right back to today's Halliburton, which is a combine corporation of old-line legal reserve oil wildcatters, like Brown and Root, originally a Texas oil production company same as Halliburton (an Okie company remember), or this Kellogg name you see mentioned as one of Halliburton's big-buddy affiliates--these birds all got rich off offshore oil. Check out Pappy Bush and his infamous Zapata Offshore interests. Any politician who comes from Texas has big oil behind him. Big Earl is the true Big Tex. The Texas Railroad Commission really rules Texas because it regulates all the oil production both inland and offshore in Texas--it's the railroad commission because, hey, thank about it, you gotta haul that oil off to that refinery once you get it out of We the People's ground. In the good ole days of Spindletop and all the oil that big field led to in eastern Texas, southern Arkansas, and southern Louisiana, your big refineries were built down in that area, like at Baton Rouge, or far all the way on over west along the Gulf Coast to the ports of Galveston and Houston where the crude was either refined or put in tankers and shipped to the East Coast. John D. Rockefeller built Standard Oil not on owning oil wells but by owning the tank cars that hauled the oil from the wells to what became his refineries--he started his tank car scam in the early day Pennsylvania oil fields around Titusville and Oil City and by controlling those tank cars he came to be able to take over the refineries and bank them into that god-awful Standard Oil conglomeration. John D., a true old f-ing hawk of a man, figured this all out in his raw skull, "If I own the leases to all the tank cars--or if I build my own fleet of those babies, I can control the distribution of all the oil--and, hell, I just got another bright idea! By refusing to haul the oil to certain refineries...why God-damn, excuse me, Lard, but I can run those bastards out of business and end up owning every refinery in every state in America. Other refineries want the oil, they gotta pay double for it, or I'll say, 'F you, brother.' Hot damn, I'm a f-ing genius."

The OIL Business
The oil industry has been corrupt since its very beginning. First of all, these assholes had to get the mineral rights from We the People to drill the shit out of our earth. We the People are the biggest dumbasses in the world. For a lousy few million dollars, these oil conglomerates can get mineral rights (or leases to these mineral rights) worth billions of dollars. Of course when you're dealing with dumb hicks, like West Texas farmers and cattlemen or Indian Territory savages (that's oil talk for Native Americans; that was also a word Amurican white presidents (whoa, they've all been white) once used), it's easy as hell to bilk them out of their mineral rights for a few lousy worthless US dollars. "Look at them stupid chiefs ridin' around in them thar Pierce Arrows, smokin' them high priced seegars; stupid assholes; I've got five Pierce Arrows in my multi-car garages back on the banks of the Hudson River and a whole cedar-lined building as a humidor for my seegar collection."

Anybody born and raised in West Texas knows how crooked the oil business is. I knew a lot of the sons of these oil scoundrels, like Pappy's boy Georgie Porgie, when I lived out near Midland, Odessa, towns founded and grown on oil, and I knew these kids when I knew them and I know they knew nothing about the things that bothered the average kid and his parents, whether middle-class or under. Like my parents worried like hell about how they were going to afford send me to college; they hard bound to get me out of high school. Rich oil kids didn't worry about a damn thing like that; that was all done for them by their good ole Pappys--they go to Pappy's school or in some cases Grandpappy's school. As a matter of fact, they don't even have to go to college if they don't want to; they can go right straight into the oil business. Hell no. Oilmen's sons get motorcycles for Xmas when they're 13; they get Corvettes for Xmas when they're in high school. They get to date oilmen's daughters, all of whom are loose as Post Toasties spilled out of their boxes all over the floor. Oilmen's daughters have their own convertibles by the time they're in high school, and they are quick learners when it comes to sex, swimming, dancing, or tennis--a sport Texans used to dominate, like they once dominated golf. Two of my best friends in high school were oilmen's sons. One of them had no ambition and was slovenly, careless, a total asshole really, though he was a nice guy. He turned up lost as a jackrabbit on a six-lane thruway running a bunch of beer joints down in Austin. The other one was a very decent dude who was interested in literature and architecture but because he was an oilman's son, he knew he had to take over daddy's business one day and any creativity he had accumulated was washed down the toilet of an oil well by the time he got his geology degree from Oklahoma. He ended up shooting himself in the head a la Doctor Hunter Thompson one fine spring day in a Halliburton-supplied tool shed out by one of his dry holes (a wildcat drilling that hits artesian water but no oil) on what was left of his daddy's oil leases.

OIL made the University of Texas the most heavily endowed university in the world, second only to Harvard. U of T in Austin used to have a working oil well on its lawn.

Natural Gas is another commodity people tend to forget originally came from Texas. The longest pipelines in the world first ran from the gas fields of East Texas all the way east to as far as New York City. These pipelines to this day still blow up at places along their vast 10,000-mile system; a few years back, if you recall, the Big Inch blew the holy hell out of a neighborhood in Edison County, New Jersey. That pipeline was "the Big Inch," it was a 24"-diameter pipeline and it was the first one built, starting in 1944, and its little brother was the second pipeline these dudes built and it was called "the Little Inch," a 20"-diameter pipeline, and both were commissioned by the U.S. goobermint's War Assets Administration during WWII to haul natural gas and Gulf Coast oil from East Texas to the Northeast, especially to refineries around New York City and Philadelphia, due to the threat from Nazi subs against big oil's vulnerable tanker ships (several of which were sunk as they rounded Florida and headed into the Atlantic after leaving out of the ports of Galveston, Houston, Port Arthur, Beaumont, and New Orleans). The Big Inch and Little Inch were built by a company called the Texas Eastern Transmission Company (TETCO). Check out two names associated with this venture: George and Henry Brown. Does the name BROWN ring a bell? How about as in Brown and Root? Yep. You guessed it. TETCO has gone through many name changes, mergers, limited partnerships (check out this great creative accounting designation--it'll blow your sox off to see what corporations get away with under limited partnership status) and today is known as TEPPCO--because of its being accumulated by the Panhandle Eastern Corporation in the 80s. Also today, a large percent of the Big and Little Inches is owned by a conglomerate called Duke Energy. Yep, you guessed it again; Bull Durham Smokin' Tobacky, the roll-your-own smokin' tobacky, that later was rolled into salt-petred papers by an 18-year-old James Bonsack clumsy rolling machines and given the moniker "Lucky Strike"--the slave-picked tobacky, the slave-loaded tobacky bales, the slave-labor used in building the factory at Durham, North Carolina, became the American Tobacco Company (with a Native American man as its real Amurican symbol--because they gave the white man his tobacky habit--the Native Americans used it in a ceremonial sense). Hooo-boy! So a product that became one of the Number One killers of human beings gave birth to not only Duke University, the city of Durham, but also Duke Energy. Hot damn! It's all one big crooked family tree--OIL and TOBACCO! Worth dying for? You damn betcha!

There has been a sudden unleashing of flocks of furies on Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timur, leaving behind utter chaos, which is becoming the new everyday way of life in those hellholes. Look at the freedom we have brought these people--and OIL and US have something to do with the problems in East Timur, you bethcha--the freedom of perpetual war and oil pumping to pay for it...

Warning, a Daily Growler Aside: WHY DON'T WE GO BACK TO HORSES? F the shit; horseshit is not going to F up the atmosphere like all the carbons we pump into it now--think of how many horsepower your SUV represents...that's a lotta horses and thereby a lotta horseshit. When you're on your own horse, or in your own buggy, you cruise along, as long as your shielded from your horse's evacuating and pissing as they trot you along, happy as a lark and with plenty good ole worthless US bucks in your pocket. Come on, don't laugh: buggy driving's cool. Take the SUV through middle Pennsylvania on up through northern Ohio and check out the Amish. They got the buggies rollin' and they got no electricity and their fields look beautiful, their crops lush and rich--of course they've got their peculiarities, which Hollywood has played to the hilt--nothing like seducing an Amish girl, I was told one time by a horseplayer friend I saw every day when I used to play the piano in a place called the Horseshoe Diamond Bar (the owner loved diamonds, wore three diamond rings, a diamond watch, and a diamond earring, and when he wore ties he wore diamond tiepins--his wife, one drunk used to say, was a walking diamond mine, "and I'd sure like to pan for diamonds in her little sluice"--that's old diamond miner talk--and bar owner claimed he paid for all the diamonds by constantly winning at the horse races).

Where was I? Jesus, I got off the ferry somewhere in the middle of this stream: but, let me
go back to my "frightening" comprehensions:

With all the shit going on in our chaotic wars why the hell is the "president" getting up tonight and making a total ass out of himself defending the Christian idea that Jehovah defines marriage in his Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary as "between man and woman." Not "male and female" now; that would imply it's OK for animals to get married (is that a Hee-Haw I hear from the sheepherder section of the North American Man-Animal Association...NAMAA...or 'baaaaaaaaaaaah' for short?). The mean little fool "president" is so desperate to get voters for his crumbling Repugnican papier mache Elephant dungheap party he's going after white trash and hillbillies--you know the Bush Family despises these people they have to coddle to get their monies and to get their votes; none of these fools would ever be invited to say a dinner for Prince Bandar Bush at the Bush family empire home in By God Black and Latino Houston, Tejas. I don't know though, remember, Pappy Bush is a big supporter of the highly-offensive Rev. Sun Yung Moon, whose gotta be one of your Amurican heroes; that little Korean son of a bitch in that cheap Korean suit owns all the fishing fleets on the East Coast; how 'bout that? He owns his own newspaper--run by Moonies, can you imagine? Also, all that ginseng you buy--we have just as good a ginseng in the good ole USA--Upstate New York is a great place to find ginseng--goes to Moon, his family owning the ginseng market back in Korea. Mountain Ginseng, I think it's called; though don't take any Moon facts of mine serious I so despise he vulgar ass. The Daily Growler is growling like a mad wolf growls warnings; you know, warnings for you to Watch Your Step and check out all this shit. It may be the end of humankind right around the corner; don't you wanna have at least one last party before we perish? Or should we get together and go throw these slimeballs out on their fucking bony asses; just like old Pappy Bush was a wimp, so are all of these jack-offs. And that's exactly what they are, too. All you dudes know what I'm talking about; they're jack-offs in the sense that the only way they can cum is by getting it off by hand. If Pickles is pissed, I guarantee you, I know why. One of The Daily Growler older babe reporters told me women get hotter the older they get. Is that true? Jesus; I'm going out tonight. F the war in Iraq and that 50 young people were pulled out of a bus in Baghdad yesterday and were taken and lined up and blown away by dudes wearing those black hoods; who the hell knows who they were? Oops, were those a pair of Marine-issued combat boots I saw that one insurgent wearing? But this fool in his big white house is going to show his concern tonight about a god-damn antiConstitutional amendment to our old worn-out out-of-date Jeffersonian hypocritical Constitution--an amendment banning Gays a right to marry. How stupid. How utterly F US IN OUR FACES stupid. This brazen little wimp who went AWOL from a National Guard unit and whose big-shot oil-connected vice presidential Pappy got him off all the many, many GD hooks this poor spoiled little mamma's boy got himself hooked up on, how dare he talk about taking away some more human rights when the bullshit horror of REAL WAR is going on in Baghdad, Basra, Kabul, Kandahar--people, women, children, babies, old folks are being assassinated by this worthless commander and cheap-ass's army; it's not our army, not anymore. This fool says the RADICAL COURTS are allowing these damn Gays to get married and he just can't allow this in his kingdom. And, by the way, you better not burn an Amurican flag, buddy. It's all right for our Olympians to cut up the flag and make uniforms out of it, but don't you dare burn it.

OIL is now $74 a barrel (even though it only costs big oil $20 a barrel).

The "president" has pretty much wiped out with his little sign-offs 750 bills since he was appointed president by the Supreme Court. This signing off on bills started, I'll guarantee you, during Ronnie Ray Gun's administration. Just the same, all the other presidents did this about 50 times in over 240 years.

Remember, Slaves (African-Americans) are only 1/4 human in our original Constitution.

Remember, too, the Christian God doesn't want the races to marry either. And certainly white folks are against that, too. Remember, the white race is the PURE race--haven't you heard that ever? Nor does the Jewish God; nor does Mohammad (and I'm not about to say anything about Mohammad, except he was businessman, a dealer in Silk Road trade, who originally allowed Jewish folks to live and trade in his bailywick at peace because of the money they brought to the caliphate coffers, though, of course, he ridiculed them and didn't want them intermarrying with Arabs. It was actually the successors to Mohammad, his so-called "sons," who began a true holy hell for Jews in Islamic nations. Nor does Moroni or the Mormons believe in innerracial marriages. Hell, these people believe that only Christians should marry Christians...and you see how complicated this amendment is going to become.

How to treat prisoners according to the Geneva Agreement has been eliminated from the Army Field Manual (the Army's Boy Scout manual). Unka Dick Cheney believes you need torture in order to interrogate terrorists, EVEN THOUGH so far all information gotten through torture has been pure-dee bullshit.

It don't make no sense to me. How 'bout you guys?

the [crazy]growlingwolf

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