Thursday, June 08, 2006

Celebration Time, Come On

The Daily Growler Just Became 2 Months Old
Since April 6th. Before April 6, "a blog" was avidly bounced around the Growler penthouse executive offices high above downtown Davenport, Iowa, or even that office we have in that basement under Jack Kerouac's birthplace in Lowell, Massachusetts...


What is poetry? Is it a mosaic
Of coloured stones which curiously are wrought
Into a pattern? Rather glass that's taught
By patient labor any hue to take
And glowing with a sumptuous splendor, make
Beauty a thing of awe; where sunbeams caught,
Transmuted fall in sheafs of rainbows fraught
With storied meaning for religion's sake.

Yes, you guessed it, a poem from Amy Lowell, from her A Dome of Many-coloured Glass.
We "copied" it from a wonderful site...ah, truly wonderful (we're mimicking dear ole cigar-smoking Amy)...

"Are blogs worth the time?" we asked ourselves. "A waste of time!" was growled from the back of the plexiglas-walled cell. "A troubling of desires," was yowled through the troubling seas of the long-haired heads of that cell of Growlers. "Well, since everyone is so enthusiastic, I say let's do it," said Franny & Zoe our two-headed "babe" correspondent. "Hear hear," chanted a surprise guest, a local out-of-work hostler wearing a Prince Charles mask...or was that a Camilla Parker Bowles mask? It really is hard to decide which is the uglier of that double-ugly couple. Can you imagine they used to meet in the middle of a field and screw while poor Amurica's princess Die-anna was fooling about, I say, with the stable boys. What a life! Our "president" Georgie Porgie loves that life; that's the life he's used to. That's why he wants a monarchy here. "Hell, they got one in Saudi-Arabia...heh-heh...and I'd say that economy's doin' a heck of a job; or how 'bout my friends overthere in Ab-boo Dabby...I wouldn't say they're slouchin' over there either...heh-heh. My job would be easier if I were a, as long as I'm the dictator...heh-heh." What a dolt. And these clowns...oh my God! Why a blog, we asked, and a couple of hired consultants said, "Hell, get off your rusty dusties and go on, start a damn blog; quit wastin' our time debating the matter. You're all bloviated're all blowin' in the wind...a hot-air wind...but hell, hot air rules the world so we might as well get used to it. Hot air could actually be transformed into the Devil Incarnate in some cultures."

Hey, Christian Fools, and that's all y'all, how about that as the excuse for the scientifically proven global warming going on...just say it's the Devil rising up out of Hell to take on Jesus on that White Horse and those hosts of Los (t) Angeles comin' for to carry the US home. That's it; it's getting hotter because the homosexual Devil is comin' up out of Hell to tempt Brother Jesus with a same-sex marriage proposal.

Even a stupid-fool Mormon yesterday said he was against this absolutely absurd fascination with getting an anti-Gay marriage amendment on the books. Fools! Go over to Baghdad and listen to an Amy Lowell lecture, oh ye of no culture at all.

Two months old. The Daily Growler. Is it walking yet? Hell if we know. We're having fun; you want'a wreck the party, go ahead...and if you wreck some parties make it the Democratic and Repugnican parties...I'm sorry, they're already pretty wrecked right (wing) now.

Dumbocrats 0; California Fascist (Swartzeneggerists) Repugnicans 2
The assinine politically correct Dumbocrats blew two in California. Yeah, one in John Birch-crazy San Diego, a lovely glistening little paradise for white folks just up the road from magnificent Tijuana, Mexico, and one could viciously say, San Diego sits in the beautiful rectum of the State of California...but, no, we won't say that. A beautiful woman once whispered in a Growler's ear that she was fascinated by San Diego; that it seemed a wonderful place to raise a family. Too many sailors for us, but not for Franny & Zoe; they love sailors. Too many bums and rats in Balboa Park for me, too. But then that's us. Wonder how Franny & Zoe feel about rats and bums.

"Bloggin' with the best of them,"

The Daily Growler staff ("thy rod and thy staff...")

al-Zarqawi Killed Again
Yes, it's true, the amazing Bush Baby air force announced it have blown al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian mastermind of the so-called "insurgents," now mostly referred to as "Al Qaeda" forces, to kingdom come again. This is at least the fourth time in the past 3 years they've blown his ass up. Should we expect a video tomorrow? Of course, this is another episode from the Repugnican soap opera writers having to do with Iraq coming into its own now, I mean, all the citizens of Baghdad are finally throwing rose petals at the great Amurican freedom bringers who have finally ridded Iraq of it's second-most evil Devil, the who knows? The scumbag, pig-shit media is trumpeting this death all over everywhere, yacking it up about how this is a big victory for "the president," who like the fool he is has announced this is a big blow to al-Qaeda. So the fuck what! THE DAMN WAR IS STILL ILLEGAL; AN AUTROCITY; WE'VE KILLED MORE IRAQIS THAN TWENTY AL-ZARQAWIS...COME ON! How can any rational human being work for the major newspapers and television channels in this country and not see how utterly ignorant and foolish reporting al-Zarqawi's so-called death--he was blown up by bombs so who the hell knows! My first guess would be it's not al-Zarqawi but some poor innocent Iraqi son of a bitch trying to get a night's rest when BOOM. Oh hell, the US Freedom Bringing Air Force is nutjob bombing again.

PEACE in memory of Hilton Ruiz and Billy Preston who finally have that "peace that passeth all understanding."

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