Thursday, June 29, 2006

Catchin' Up on da-Noozzzz

AMLO Wins en Mexico
Watch out! We may be going to war with Mexico any day now if the new politics brewing down there isn't stopped some other way, like by maybe some CIA-led assassinations. There ya go; now you're thinkin' patriotic Amurican. Wave that "Old Whory" high wide and handsome--what color's the most important in that flag? Red...blah...and blue, right? Right wing, right? We're intoxicated this morning on the hair of the dog that bit our asses last night as we celebrated Obrador's victory south of the border. Viva Obrador! He's talkin' old-time Mexican Revolutionary palabras; like running the ricos out of politics, like billionaire Vincente "Coke & Cola" Fox; tightening foreign trade in favor of the Mexican farmers and workers; and creating a government-sponsored works project program to put the below-poverty peones to work.

Mexico's a big country--and we mean "big" like mucho grande, as well as "grand" "magnificent"--but Mexico really is a big country, a "Mister Five by Five" of a country, covering thousands and thousands of square miles of all terrains, all climates. It's a rich country, too; from its oil production alone it is wealthy. It also has thousands upon thousands of acres of lava-fertile soil, lush jungles, thundering high mountain ranges, big-bad deserts. Mexico is at least as rich as the U.S. if it wanted to be; if it could ever get unified. Obrador, a Tabascan from the Zapatista farmlands of Estado Tabasco. Those people are Mayan, Toltec, ancient, from brilliant societies of engineers, astronomers, city planners, artisans, but who were ruled by men named after animals who put their power in the hands of their priesthood, who always thirst for war and captives and slaves and more fresh extracted enemy hearts (the ancient organ of life and thus the source of human strength and spirit) to be offered up in burnt offerings to their wrathfully raging human-animal-hybrid gods and goddesses--especially the God of Rain, the god they had to have to survive. And then the Great White Father came along...and it has taken the Mexican people many revolutions and many political uprisings and many wars to hang on to their position in Norteamerica against the missionary wrath of the invading White Devils (Cortez, that tricky bastard, looked like the spittin' image of the Aztec messiah, that great white man that would one day descend from the clouds on a white horse--doesn't this story sound familar, all ye Christians? Wouldn't you know Cortez's holy men knew all the Aztec lore and stuff and wouldn't you also know, Cortez always demanded a big white horse as his Pegasus).

Atrios Is Given Credit for Warning Against John Murtha's Conservatism
God-dammit, The Daily Growler's been warning about putting Dumbocratic hopes in the hands of ex-army vets like Murtha for weeks now. We've been especially picking on Murtha as a nutjob and not to be trusted simply because he's an ex-Nam vet. Now Atrios comes along and publishes Murtha's Congressional voting record and progressive rating and shows Murtha is more Republican than he is Democrat and we're reading it with vitriolic sneer but digging it, too; he's gung ho on all NRA issues; he was gung ho for the Iraq War until recently; he was a supporter of the John Birch Society. Plus, he's a Vietnam vet, and we keep harping on that. So, there ya go; listen to the Growler, boys and girls, we're several jumps ahead of the communications majors or the homegrown and hand-rolled boy-wonder bloggers because we live in the NOW.

Supreme Court OKs Georgia's New Poll Tax
Hey, Georgia black folks, here comes the poll tax back except this time it's in the form of an ID. Yep, you've gotta have an ID, a special voter's ID on top of all the other ID you now must carry in this land of the "nothin' free," to vote down in the Old Time Plantation state of Jawjah; and I'm sorry to say the patriarchical side of my family comes from the beautiful old city of Savannah, Gee A; yep, I'm downright ashamed of having Jawjah roots. The ruling whites in the great backwards state of Georgia have to stop these uppity black folks from votin' too heavy like. You know Georgia is a black state now population-wise, so the white legislators came up with this one, don't you just know it? "We'll make it difficult for them niggrows to vote, ya see. Them dumb peckers'll never know what we puttin' on these heah voter ID cards; we gonna make 'em all felons maybe. Hot damn, it's just like the old poll tax days; we gonna keep the niggrows in thar place, especially that uppity Cynthia McKinney negress overthere in Atlanta."

Also, the Supreme Court Has Upheld State Political Parties the right to Redistrict the Hell Out of a State All They Want--Of Course, Dumbocrats Can Do It, Too.
I say, Let's impeach the Supreme Court along with Georgie Porgie, our "president," and his whole crooked administration. Let's send 'em all to Guantanamo!

Senate Democrat Has Successfully Momentarily Put a Hold on the New Communications Bill That Would Allow the Telecom Oligarchy to Rule Over the Internet Just Passed by the Commerce Committee
A Bell-South executive says he wants to turn the Internet into a "Pay-for-performance marketplace," whatever the hell that means. A Verizon genius says he wants to take away "Google's free lunch." Oh they can't stand to see Google making millions; or eBay making millions and they have no control over it. That's what's pissing them off. Why don't Yahoo and Google combine and start their own fiber optic system?--hell, start their own telephone and cable companies; have Bill, Melinda, and Warren buy We the People our own satellite and put the Internet on that; F the telecoms.

Such a shame how easily the wealthy of this world are taking it over; buying up all the land, the air rights, the water rights, the minerals...and I am sure they are working right now on charging us some way for breathing. "Coca Cola announced today that it has signed an agreement with Allah, Jehovah, Zeus, Baal, and the Devil (Zoroaster and the Buddha were the only holdouts) and now has all rights to the air we all breathe." "Coca Cola proudly announced today its new special Classic Coke air container, a 25-pound backpack-carryable tank of pure Rocky Mountain air that will last most of a day and will sell for $5 a pound; only $75 for a full tank. All tanks can be refilled quickly at any Coca Cola air station located conveniently in all Starbuck's around most cities in the US and hopefully soon the world. A Coca Cola spokesperson said, 'That's pretty damn cheap when you consider what Pepsi's going to charge for their tanks of air. It's a great day for Coca Cola; we're breathing a lot easier now that we control 75% of the air people will breathe from now on.'"

Corporate ingenuity will be the death of us all.

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Still Going Disastrously
That's about all that needs to be said on the subject of these illegal wars on countries that did nothing to us. All Afghanistan did to us, and it is the "justified" war, though it's as illegal as the Iraqi farce, was harbor Bin Laden, supposedly--or, let's see, I believe it's officially stated "they sheltered Al Qaeda and allowed its training camps within their borders." That's what the Taliban did to us; they allowed Al Qaeda to train there. We told them to kick all Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan--of course we had put Al Qaeda there when we backed the Taliban against the Russkies, then the Soviets, now the Russian Federation. So the Taliban told us to go to hell and that's why we attack them. There were no Afghanis involved in 9/11. There were not any Talibanis involved in 9/11. Hell, like I've said, Bin Laden denied responsibility for 9/11 when he was first accused of masterminding it. Also, do you recall how fast the CIA identified all the Saudis involved in 9/11; they had their names and then their photos it seems like to me pretty damn fast. That's like in Dallas after the Kennedy Assassination when they tagged Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone shooter in what seemed like a matter of hours. [Let me remind you again that the powers that be flew all the Bin Ladens out of this country while the World Trade Center was still smoking out its toxic filth upon us all--even you folks on the West Coast, dig? Why there wasn't a damn Bin Laden left in this country--most Osama's brothers, sisters, and in-laws--hell, they all knew him well enough to call him Osama--Osama was at several of their weddings--and this gaggle of Bin Ladens, weren't there over 20 of them? were back home in Riyahd even before Georgie Porgie, our "president," had finished reading My Pet Goat to those school kiddies in Florida; that's almost thirty minutes before they jetted his cowardly ass out to Des Moines, Iowa, to the big superSac base out there. That son of a bitch didn't want to be anywhere near Washington, District of Corruption, that day. Unka Dick was already in his bunker when 9/11 happened and ain't that lucky of him? Did he had prior knowledge, I wonder?

I just thought, maybe the Bin Ladens were interrogated and maybe they gave up the identities and photos of their operatives in return for safe passage outta here. Who the hell knows?

As I was hallucinating about the Bin Ladens just NOW, nine Iraqis were just blown sky high at a funeral they were attending in Baghdad. You know? That was going on as I was privileged enough to be able to while away my time typing on this stupid blog. I've seen some sneaked out photos of lovely Baghdad these days and every block of that once fair city now looks like the streets in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans--a disastrous mess. How snobbish of us to be in that country devastating it--simply because our national skin is white and our national religion is anti-Islamic Christianity, which is also anti-Zionist, too, but that's conveniently overlooked when it comes to approving of every mess Israel gets us into, like how they are totally fucking up their peace with Palestine by now, it looks like, decimating Gaza over the execution of one young Israeli soldier who shouldn't have been in Gaza messin' around in the first place. F these son of a bitchin' countries whose only recourse against people fighting for their stinking rights is devastation--death and devastation. Hamas wants Israel devastated and Israel wants Gaza devastated. All hail stupid Nationalism, especially when it's combined with a stupid religion that makes these people believe they are God's or Allah's chosen people. Fuck all you all Chosen People; I choose you to just up and get the hell off the planet you hate it so much. Why do atheists have to endure such barbaric ignorance? That's a damn good question there, folks.

Tis a very cruel and unfair world we live in. The only guaranteed right we all have in common is the right to DIE and unless you commit suicide, you have no choices in how you want to die either. The corporations will decide that. Wait until you get diagnosed with cancer and you haven't got a sou left in the till. Death ain't gonna be easy; not in this country. It might be easier over in Iraq. Wouldn't that be funny; give yourself up to the Iraqis and say you're looking for political asylum.

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The Daily Growler Sports Extra With Marv Backbiter
OK, we're getting down to the soccer nitty-gitty here now, going into the quarterfinals and a big one coming up tomorrow, Germany vs. Argentina--old buddies meet for a shot at the Copa Mundial. Italy lucked out, they play the Ukraine who are still in it. Jesus, why? Portugal has a good shot at it against England, who is the luckiest team in the tournement. Brasil gets France--that might be a good one. So let's see, here goes my predictions:

Germany-Argentina--a close one; could be decided with a shootout.
Portugal over England by 1.
Italy over the Ukraine by 2.
Brasil over France by 1 or this one, too, could be decided by a shootout. I was really impressed with France beating Spain.

We shall see.

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The Daily Growler Quote of the Day
"Consideration for the dead, who no longer need it, is dearer to us than the truth, and certainly, for most of us, is dearer also than consideration for the living." Sigmund Freud, On Creativity and Unconscious, Harper Torchbook, 1958.

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