Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Little Hurting Truth

The Economics of America
I have to take out my trusty 10th Ed. Merriam Webster's Collegiate and give you some definitions:

capitalism n (1877): an economic system characterized by private and corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

capitalist n (1792): 1: a person who has capital esp. invested in business: broadly : PLUTOCRAT 2: a person who favors capitalism

plutocracy n (1652): 1: government by the wealthy 2: a controlling class of the wealthy

I use the dictionary to explain things because people, even those who can barely read, trust the dictionary. The 3 definitions above explain what Amurika is at this moment. We are governed by a government that is Capitalist! All the members of Congress and all the henchmen who work for these birds are Capitalists, too. Our government is now owned by a wealthy private sector who definitely intend to run it as a corporation. Instead of selling stocks, our government sells bonds and allows foreign investors almost tax-free opportunities to buy into our markets, make excessive profits, which they don't declare, most of them claiming they are losing money by investing in Amurikan real estate, factories, etc, which is total bullshit they spew in order to avoid having to pay taxes. Our government corporation also makes trade deals and distribution decisions based on the principles of this global marketplace economy.

I would refer you to Das Capital, but Karl Marx is considered a bastard commie devil, and we still fear commies, unless they are Capitalists posing as commies, as in the case of The People's Republic of China and its two large, large, very large Capitalist cities, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The reason our corporate government and our capitalist politicians are dangling a carrot on a stick in front of these formerly commie bastards is because of the enormity of their marketplace potential. They've got to get those Chinese bastards off those bicycles and into gas guzzling automobiles--in the world economy, whether the US makes the cars or Japan makes the cars doesn't matter one damn bit since they're all in cahoots--the Nazi car company Daimler has joint ventured with Chrysler; GM has since WWII worked arm-in-arm with the Japanese car industry--in fact, their car industry is modelled after the old GM model when they were headquartered in Detroit and Flint, now ghost cities almost since GM abandoned them and moved their corporate headquarters to Fifth Avenue in NYC.

You see, Amuricans are no longer cheap labor; they are also in debt, which means their buying power is becoming more and more limited every year, except at the extreme top of the social ladder where a small number of people (Pappy Bush wanted it to be 1% of the WORLD's population) control so much wealth, they sit around all day figuring out "What the hell can I buy today? I already own 99% of the wealth in this country? I've got two yachts, three private jets, sixteen mansions all over the place, 25 luxury apartment buildings working for me, twenty-five classic automobiles in my garage--along with my 5 Hummers and my fleet of limos, I own 16 Picassos, I own 7 ski resorts, 4 spas, plus what I don't own, I have in my 5th wife's name, the rest in my kids's names--hell, my daughter is richer than I am I think, the way she's spending money over in Europe right now; in fact, she asked me the other day, 'Daddy, can I have that castle you own in Ireland. Hell, you're not using it.' 'Sure, honey,' I said, 'I didn't even know I owned a castle in Ireland, holy cripes, how many more castles do I own, I've lost track?'"

It doesn't matter to plutocrats if you're white, black, latino, Asian, Mongolian, Turk,`Kurd, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, if you've got the capital wealth to play in their league, then, come on in, the water's just fine. When you become a plutocrat, your color is green and that's the color other tycoons see when they're lookin' at you. They are focused on your bank records more than your skin color. Yes, there is a lot of racism in the higher eschelons of the Plutocratic World--that world on the top floors of the higher and higher buildings they are building all over the world.

Donald Trump, a joke to me, said he bought a building in Chicago for 35 million bucks. He turned it into a luxury apartment building. He said he sold the three top floor apartments for 35 million bucks each, and thereby off those floors alone made his investment back and 200% profit on it. Donald Trump is a stupid ass jerk from Queens, New York, whose old pappy, a whack job landlord and real estate developer from the old days, one day handed the lad a million bucks and told him to make it or be broke--"This is all your gettin' of my money, toehead. You better get a hell of a hairpiece to cover that toehead, boy." And Trump did. You would think, as rich as DT claims he is he could afford a better hairpiece or if its real, have his private barber shot. It doesn't matter if you make it into the Plutocratic realm if you go broke occasionally or not; you're Plutocratic buddies will bail you out. Donald Trump's latest tactic to bail his ass out of missing huge payments he owed on his gaudy casinos he built in double-gaudy Atlantic City--except the parts of town where the majority blacks live, which is still as rundown and shabby as it was before casino gambling came there in the 70s--is bankrupcy. Yep, the Plutocrats go bankrupt when they get in a bind; besides, most of these clowns's wealth is paper wealth. I married a woman one time who was so brilliant in terms of practical solutions to big problems wealthy businessmen began hiring her to "intuitively" act as a checkpoint in all their affairs--she was their very private secretary, and they paid her really high salaries ($42,000 a year in the 70s) for a 28-year-old woman who really hated all of their asses with a passion. At one time when working in NYC for a dude who had just been given a billion dollars credit by the Saudi Arabian government to build oil tankers and jet fuel refineries under a British oil company's banner, she told me, "These bastards don't have any real money; they can't even pay their American Express bills when they come...hell, they're paper cowboys." That's what she called them and that's what they are, paper f-ing cowboys. All of their wealth is tied up in loans, stock issues, bond issues, and lobbying. Oh what a wonderful life.

So then, why are we suckers, we lower class boobs, so upset when taxes keep rising for us and going down for the rich--corporations hate taxes; most of your Big Eight accounting firms (now it's down to the Big 3 or some such lower number after a bunch of them merged in the 90s) no longer deal in 2nd story tax filing services--they've given that over to Sears Roebuck or H&R Block types (crooks still), because they now deal in what they call "executive management" and "corporate tax structures" all of which are schemes to keep the corporate assholes from being fairly taxed either in this country or in any other country in the world. In the 80s the corporate buzz phrase was "bridging the gap," which meant the first step to creating what they eventually created, the global marketplace. The global conglomerates consider themselves nonnationalistic, which means, they do not respect nations and their governments or the regulations of those nations and governments. Most of them used quantitative management schemes (like downsizing or reengineering) and breaking anti-trust laws by merging and laying off their older more highly paid workkers, and merging, and laying off more workers, and merging and laying off more workers, and continuously merging and laying off workers to where most of the biggest corporations in the world are now worth more than most of the governments in the world, including the good ole USA, whose government, by the bye, in case you haven't noticed, is in debt to the tune of several trillions of your hard-earned dollars.

Most goofy ass Amerikans have no sense of how much a trillion of anything is. A million bucks can be eaten up in a matter of a year; a billion maybe 10 years, but a trillion, shit, you're talking more like a 1000 years.

The capitalist pigs live very well, though they may not be happy people. Most of them are on their 2nd or 3rd marriages, have toehead, numbskull kids (like our "president"), and most of them have totally pissed on their past and the lower classes most of them were born into.

The best dude I've ever heard talk on this is Michael Parenti, a West Coast college professor. His insight into capitalism and the global marketplace is phenomenal; yet, I haven't heard a peep out of the dude of late. Here's a Michael Parenti quote, "There's only one thing throughout history that the ruling classes have wanted, and that's everything."

So, the next time you pull your gas-guzzling SUV (men love 'em because they think they're driving trucks, which they are, car bodies on truck chasses (the cheapest chasses to make)) into your Exxon-Mobil station and 20 gallons cost you $80, don't bitch, don't get mad at Exxon-Mobil, hell they made more profits than any company in the history of profits, which means they're a great corporation. That's the whole idea behind a Capitalist corporation: more and more and more and more profits. Reread what Michael Parenti said above. These bastards want it ALL.

Does this truth hurt? I'm afraid it doesn't hurt enough to get the boobs out of their SUVs, except soon, the Chinese will have the SUVs and Amurikans will be lucky to own a bicycle to ride.


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