Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Existing in New York City: Worshipping Chaos

Say Goodbye to: Horace Silver, jazz pianist extraordinaire.  I first heard Horace playing with the Miles Davis All-Stars (a 10" Prestige LP Walkin').  Later once intrigued by Silver's playing, I followed him from Senor Blue to Silver and Brass and all those great Silver moments like "Sister Sadie," "Filthy McNasty," "Blowin' the Blues Away," and "Doodlin'."  Great compositions, great sideman.  I remember when Horace arrived at Coleman Hawkins' funeral in 1969.  He was wearing a blue velvet suit and was accompanied by two gorgeous foxes in splendid formal attire.  Horace Silver, 85, American jazz pianist (Song for My Father, Blowin' the Blues Away), natural causes.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
“Colorful demonstrations and weekend marches are vital but alone are not powerful enough to stop wars. Wars will be stopped only when soldiers refuse to fight, when workers refuse to load weapons onto ships and aircraft, when people boycott the economic outposts of Empire that are strung across the globe. ”
Arundhati Roy, Public Power in the Age of Empire 

Progress in human evolution brings with it destruction.  In order for man to evolve from a primitive beast into a civilized human being he has had to destroy.  Enemies: whether they be other humans or wild beasts or the environment itself, our civilized intentions be they subconscious or in real time are to dominate all other forms of life and the environments in which they subsist (or exist).

Even progress in human thought is destructive.  Think of how theories come and go.  What once was believed as truth is now seen as unbelievable or has been replaced with supernatural theories (those theories of the ignorant who find truth in the fabulous).

President Obama recently said he believed down to his bones in America being extraordinary.  This national egocentricity is destructive.  The only way to prove you're superior to your fellow human beings is to go to war with them with the intention of destroying them.  Peace is simply a resting period between wars.

Human beings in order to maintain their egocentricity are forced to deny natural orders (even natural science) and construct supernatural theories that prove man is not an animal.  Man comes down from Heaven to rule the earth (remember, not too long ago, many human thinkers believed the earth was the center of the universe; that the sun revolved around the earth, which, by the way, they thought was flat).

I'm currently a work on a piece involving a human being being blindfolded and taken to the deepest part of a deep jungle and dropped off there to survive or perish.  What I discovered as I imagined such a situation is that when a human being finds himself alone and lost in the darkness of a jungle (back to his beginnings), his civilized man is helpless; his only hope for survival is to revert back to relying solely on his instincts.

The Jungle is originally Chaos.  Civilization is man-made and is therefore unnatural.  The direction of all man-made civilization is entropy (or Chaos).  Progress progresses but at some point enters into that realm old Economists called the law of diminishing returns.

It is interesting to see that some astute pundits are now beginning to agree with me that the American people are the dumbest people in the world, and a lot of the credit for the dumbing-down of us is thanks to the wrecking of our public school system and selling it off to the Charter School gang of hedge-fund pirates.  Charter schools are corporatized to the point their main concern is mediocrity.  The mediocre rise up to become our managing class.  In other words, if you want to succeed from now on you must learn to be totally mediocre.

The mediocre could be said to be the new working class.  And, listen to this, I include the military in this new working class configuration.  Killing the enemy is an industry.

We the People of the USA are fools.  We allow criminality to be rewarded.  We allow our Bill of Rights to be deleted from Constitutional existence.  We allow our military to murder people at will.  We allow our local police to shoot children holding aluminum candy wrappers.  We allow ignorant right-wing goons to shoot young black guys wearing hoodies with impunity.

And Speaking of Chaos
As we continue to impose our world-policeman role on the rest of the world and after we devastated Iraq and Obama declared us victorious as he pulled our haggard and beat up and maimed troops out of there though those of us who are messengers of the Great God Chaos predicted after our terrorist-fearing fearless leader did such a thing, Iraq would revert to civil war between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites, which is exactly what is suddenly going on over there.

We love disrupting countries.  Since WW II look at the countries we've divided: Korea (this is a war that has never been resolved); Vietnam (we tried, but we lost that war badly); Pappy Bush's Gulf War (the war Pappy claimed was our first winning war since WWII), Clinton's big war in Bosnia and Serbia, and finally the two longest wars in our warring history, Afghanistan and Iraq (both as far as I'm concerned EVIL wars; stupid wars; illogical wars; economy-ruining wars), both countries that we've militarily ruined, Afghanistan and Iraq: neither country was a threat to our safety; yet, we gave these two helpless countries (with cultures we don't approve of), a taste of our brand of overseen colonizational democracy.

President Obama continues to amaze me with his trick-bagging.  And I'm also amazed how he still has true progressives apologizing for him; yet, on historical paper, he looks worse than Baby Boy Bush (the sorry little worthless piece-of-shit (Grandpa Al's term) ex-faux president who's currently living the good life of a privileged Lord, he and Lady Pickles, down in Dallas near his echo-emitting presidential library).  He's certainly hasn't brought any peace to the world.  He's not done much in terms of diplomacy; he's accepted all of Bush's puppeteer military people and all of Bush's financial people and a gaggle of Wall Street criminals in high-paying advisory why in the Holiest of Hells would you put at the head of the FCC a Wall Street clown who once championed doing away with Internet neutrality--and now, of course, this sleazebag and his FCC cronies have recently down away with Internet neutrality in favor the the corporate-criminal plan to tier the Internet.

Well, what do I expect of a country ruled by backwards-thinking wannabes and Power Elitist gluttons and graspers of pots of Yankee dollars at the ends of their many fabled rainbows.  Doesn't it piss you off to watch teevee and see a Wells-Fargo (one of the biggest criminal banks in terms of foreclosures) commercial where they're praising themselves for creating jobs and making this country so great and how everything is rosy and bright in the criminal dens of the Wells-Fargo pirates.

I know I'm wailing against a wall with no reverb about this open crap that's ruining not only We the People of the USA but more seriously murdering, maiming, displacing hundreds of thousands of war-torn peoples running for their lives especially in places where We the People of the USA's armed forces and CIA/FBI insurgents have started wars or instigated wars or made preemptive strikes against countries that pose no threat to the precious (and so pious) United Snakes of America.

Chaos rules.

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