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thegrowlingwolf Wondering Why Honesty Never Pays

Foto by tgw, New York City, March 2011
Warning: President Ronald McDonald Obama is getting We the People of the USA trickbagged into yet another executive-ordered WAR--but a losing WAR--tomahawk (Chief Wahoo makes them) missiles cost 1 million bucks a piece--We the People's Navy shot 135 of those at old Moronmar Kha-Daffy over the past several days--I read where this involvement has already cost We the People 500 million bucks. And what good did it do? NONE. Kha-daffy's forces are back on their deadly move--driving back the, as they are described by our press, "ragtag rebel forces."

Our president's foreign-policy goals (the same ones G.W. Bush was driving us toward) always have something to do with the U.S. military's presence in an oil-producing country. In his holier-than-thou speech on the subject of our involvement in Libya, our president said we were getting half-a-billion-dollars involved in this civil-war action because of his and his administration's concern for the massacring of civilians, something WE, according to our president, can't tolerate; therefore we're lobbing 135 tomahawk missiles at Tripoli and surrounding neighborhoods, killing, "We don't have those figures," with Kha-Daffy claiming We the People's tomahawk missiles had killed scores of innocent mothers and school children--the air full of bullshit and tomahawk missiles (made by the Great White Fathers of the Military Industrial Complex, i.e., Lockheed-Martin-Marietta, from Good Ole Newtie Gingrich's hometown (Lockheed and Martin are leftover World War II military aircraft builders--the very military industrial complexes Good Ole Ike Eisenhower warned We the People who are totally politically deaf of--and, of course, We the People didn't hear what he said much less understand it--talk above their heads, as Queen Victoria ordered)). In the meantime, 60 innocent civilian Iraqis were mass murdered yesterday in our New Democratic Republic of Iraq--and at the same time, our tin soldier unmanned drones in Afghanistan "accidentally" killed 6 or 7 mothers and school children and injured something like 40 other mothers and school children who happened to be gathered in a square around these people--an "accident" for which our Scandinavian-accented NATO commander had to apologize to the already-sick-and-tired-of-We-the-People Afghanistan people (We the People of the USA, by the bye, pay all of NATO's bills and supply them with all their weapons and equipment and fuels and a headquarters set up in a Kabul mansion or confiscated luxury hotel--and most of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops just happen to be over 150,000 of our stupid and insane young men and women who went along with the army recruiters in their hometowns who promised them they'd be generals in a matter of weeks plus be coming home by the next X-mas and all the while be getting all this instruction in modern technologies, like the computer-controlled launchings of tomahawk missiles from the missile tubes of a U.S. Navy destroyer and a U.S. Navy submarine--hey, President Obama is creating jobs by continuing G.W. Bush's wars and Reagan-designed wars (this Libya bullshit can be traced directly back to Ronald "Bad Actor" Reagan's ruinous times). In the meantime, our GOP-catered-to Congress is fixing to hit We the People hard in our guts by machete-whacking away at domestic programs and Medicare and Social Security (neither of which have anything to do with our crashing economy), at our public school systems and its teachers, at our state-owned colleges and universities and their teachers--intending to privatize them--intending to privatize our highway systems--intending to massacre all Unions and people who are currently dues-paying members of Unions--intending to reverse all of the New Deal policies that are still hanging around. Yet, these bastards who have the backing of several old-men billionaires are deliberately trying to drive us down to a Third-World status--REMEMBER, THE MAIN AIM OF THESE CONSERVATIVE ASSHOLES IS CHEAP LABOR--that's all this corporate takeover bullshit is about--driving the workingclass in this country down to a level where it can successfully compete with the Chinese workingclass who are working for US$3.75-an-hour (or is that a day like in the Mexican-border maquiladores wages?)--though most Chinese workers still labor in sweat mills and sweatshops--locked in workplaces where Chinese girls and children sweat over constructing electronics items like motherboards and hard drives and complete computers that will then be shipped tariff-free to this country--and WE the People of the USA invented computers--we invented television--we invented the finest ways of manufacturing our own necessities--we gave the world the finest music systems--STEREO--dual-track tape recorders--175-track soundboards--we invented electronic instruments--and YET look at us now! What do we produce now? WARS. And yet President Obama is wracking his executive-ordered brain trying to get us involved in yet another WAR--as this president continues the policies of the WORST UNELECTED HONESTLY PRESIDENT (a faux president in whose first election he lost but was then appointed president, first time ever, by the rightwing nutjob Supreme Court (12 old US White men and Uncle Tom Thomas most of whom were put on the Court by G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush), and who outright STOLE his second-term election) this country has ever known--the Neo-Con-controlled handpuppet of his father's New World Order of One Thousand Points of Light! G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush who the Existentialist Cowboy (Len Hall) says in his currently running post (see our Blog List) was standing in front of the schoolbook depository building as Kennedy's Lincoln limo passed by that building that day JFK was assassinated--G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush who was once head of the CIA (how quickly we forget) and was once our ambassador to CHINA! I'm pretty much convinced that President Obama is being totally dominated by the Bush Family--Bill Clinton, too (I just heard a journalist say that Bill Clinton was now worth over 200 million bucks)--I'll bet Hillary could spill some smelly beans in terms of Slick Willie's and Obama's being tied to (shackled to) the Bush Family and its Saudi-Arabian-Arab-Emirates collective plans for a Bush-dominated Global Marketplace and luxury Paradises for the Extremely Wealthy (Mayor Mike "Billionaire" Bloomberg is currently taking over Manhattan Island and giving it away to the world's richest people).

You say I'm nuts and I'll say, nope, pal, you're the nut in this scenario, not me. I've hated the Bushes since I was a kid growing up just down the road from where old Pappy Bush, due to his total failure as a Family-backed captain of the oil industry, started his political career--Pappy was the first-ever Republican elected to the Texas House of Representatives--and why, because of the rampant racism that erupted in the 1948 Democratic Convention when Strom Thurmond and his racist Southern creepy degenerates walked out on the Democrats (labeling them "Nigger-Loving Liberals" as they did (Truman was integrating the US Army) and formed the Dixiecrat Party--which led in 1952 to most Southern Democrats becoming Dem-IKE-crats--backing Republican candidate Dwight David "Dumbass General" Eisenhower, which then led to most Southern Democrats switching over to the Republican Party.

Yep, there is truth embedded somewhere in our history--if we could just keep track of it--but, we're too dumb to keep track of anything but our own personal woes. Just think, while you're worrying about how you're gonna pay your mortgage this month or your doctor bills or your credit-card debts, not one god-damn Congressman or Military leader or our President is worrying about such petty issues--their hearts are in the Highlands of the WAR Economy. In the meantime, Ben Bernanke (a G.W. Bush man) is simply printing up more and more billions of worthless US paper and spreading it by the bales all around the world, which should be a big question thrown at President Obama--what the hell are you and your Wall-Street-Warmonger pals gonna do when the dollar is declared worthless?--remember when they were telling us our 100-dollar bills were too easily counterfeited? Remember when Ronald "Alzheimer's Poster Boy" Reagan declared 100-dollar bills "drug money"? Reagan's the one who decided if you deposited more than a certain amount of cash, you were subject to be investigated by the DEA and the FBI. Remember Nancy "Second Wife" Reagan telling We the People of the USA who were presumably hooked on all kinds of dope to "Just say, 'No,'" all the while she and her Alzheimer's Poster Boy husband were doped up like hell on pain pills and Tylenol Codeine and Oxycontin?

So get ready to HURT, folks--and pay for the sins of your Great White Fathers--one Great White Father in Congress recently put his filthy foot in his mouth when he spewed Whitely out that American Indians benefited more from government aid than any of us. Chief Wahoo lives among the Great White Fathers.


General Electric Pays No US Taxes
"Honesty is the best policy." Hah. How about a Hah-Hah? How about a Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah?

[Here's a true believer in US corporations doing no wrong explaining why GE, though they paid no US taxes and got a refund, really did pay too much taxes and why US corporations are leaving the US--they can't afford to pay taxes and make gigantic profits at the same time--this Yahoo gives you the perfect GE answer (a deny, deny, deny answer):

Randall Breneman Mar 28

"I'm not a tax expert " [This is what the blog-journalist who Mr. Breneman is jiving on wrote in his article on his tax filing compared to Caterpillar's (they are threatening to leave Illinois because the state is thinking of imposing an added 2% tax on Caterpillar's enormous profits) and GE's]

This should have been the first and last thing you said. GE didn't a $4bn tax refund. They didn't pay taxes because of losses suffered (GE Capital). The tax rate for GE's industrial side of the house was 17% last year, but normally pays well over 20%. (IIRC, GE gets a lot of tax credits for green technology. How terrible!) Pre-financial crisis, GE's overall income tax rate was in the high teens to low-20s. GE also pays payroll, property, sales, use, & VAT taxes. If the financial market improves, their income taxes will go up. They accounted for a tax "benefit" of $3.2bn. The tax benefit was from them realizing they wouldn't have to pay as much in taxes as they expected to from previous years. No money was refunded to them by the govt. That $3.2bn will probably all end up going to an anticipated increase in their tax burden for coming years. ]

When is a lie the truth? The truth is NOT self evident; therefore, lies are truths and truths are lies. I know I'm speaking in chaotic terms.

Those who are determined to "drag us down to the bottom" (the idea first sprang up in the Neo-Con Manifesto written by Paul Wolfowitz) are the staunchest of honest liars. The current champion honest liars are the Libertarians. They are champion honest liars because they promote the lie that this country is based on "rugged individualism." That the true individual is the person who "pulls himself up by his own bootstraps" (Social Darwinism), and that was the motto of the G.W. Bush Administration--G.W. Bush who was Unka Dick Cheney's hand puppet. Remember when Unka Dick shot the American people the finger and told them to fuck off? You see, he wasn't lying then--that was Unka Dick being honest.

Human beings are a lie within a lie.

The Universe is a mixture of the visible and the invisible. Lies are visible; truths are invisible. [By the bye, only 5% of the Universe is visible to we human beings.]

I.F. Stone said: "All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."

Governments by nature of their secrecy policies are forced to lie by their own codes. They believe right off the bat that truth causes PANIC. Governments believe truth leads to anarchy.

Like WARS. All wars are based on LIES.

Robert Anton Wilson said, "
Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence, and every war is sold to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs, as a Holy Crusade to save God and Goodness from Satan and Evil."

Like here's a lie: "All nuclear power plants are perfectly safe." Our president honestly says he honestly believes this statement to be true. Then it was revealed this past week that US nuclear power plants lie about their current conditions. Recent records show they've been lying about their current conditions since the nuclear power craze (based on lies) took off back in the late 1960s until the late 1970s.

Three Mile Island was a meltdown; yet finding out the truth about what corruption this plant's meltdown caused is next to impossible.

General Electric (it paid no US taxes this year--unless you, too, like Mr. Breneman above are a true believer in the falsely premised "trickle down" theory) makes huge profits off its nuclear power plant constructions; it and Westinghouse Electric (whose nuke division is now owned by Tokyo Electric). Chicago Con-Ed is another big promoter of nuclear energy. Where's President Obama from? David Axelrod is in the hip pocket of Chicago Con-Ed. And do you remember who David Axelrod was?

Truth is a matter of connecting the ever-flowing dots.

Like here's a lie: electrical energy is forever!

As kids we learn to use lies before we learn anything about what truth is. "Tell the truth...," our parents shout at us--yet we lie before we tell the truth. How many times do I remember my father saying, "Do I have to beat the truth out of you?" I used lies (denials) as a defense against getting my ass whipped.

As kids we lie kids we are born with a sense of truth (a trial and error method of discovery). As kids we must sift for the truth within the lies perpetuated by our parents. We must deduce whatever truth there is in the thousands of lies protecting our school curriculums--we get handsful of huge lies at "houses of worship" (tax-free institutions--we have no way of taxing the gods)--we get lies fed to us over television 24/7. All advertising is based on LIES (or twisted truths). Truth in advertising! It's there but usually in such fine print you need extreme magnification to read it.

The problem with truth is finding it.

Like the lies the big pharmaceuticals tell us to keep us believing that very toxic prescription drugs will extend our lives no matter how totally and ignorantly we have fucked those lives up--by eating junk food; by craving high-fructose corn syrup soft drinks; by continuing to get fat; by continuing to believe the lie that doctors are dedicated to saving our lives! Hah. Hah-hah-hah. Hah-hah-hah-hah...pardon me...while I laugh.

One of the 20th-Century's most powerful men, Adolph Hitler, said: "
Great liars are also great magicians."

And a dude named Orson Scott Card said: "
You who speak languages, you are such liars."

I went on Orson Scott Card's Website ( to find out something about this dude and discovered, interesting to me, his site's list of the 25 most influential books of the end of the last and the beginning of this century, starting with Cormac McCarthy's The Road (I'm already thinking a rip off of Kerouac's "road" literature) and I once started reading The Road and yes I found it fascinating, though why I didn't finish it I can't recall--like, I don't even know what happened to my copy of the book). The 2nd book on this list was The Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk--the movie I've heard of but the book! However, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th picks were books I have never heard of. Number 3 on the list is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. Number 4 is Alex Garland's The Beach. And number 5 is White Teeth by Zadie Smith. I stopped there.

I am totally obsolete when it comes to up-to-date reading (and therefore thinking)--how the "new" generation, the twentyish crowd, those who are free as birds, think and how they put their thinking into words has totally left me spinning in the middle of an ancient dirt road like an empty beer can tossed from the window of a car going 100 mph. I'm stuck empty of worth in a literary ditch (except nowadays a beer can in a ditch may be worth a recycling penny or two).

I can recall the revered books the Hippies put all their literary hopes on, like Herman Hesse's Siddhartha. I read it but I don't remember a damn thing about it except it was trying to make a Buddha out of a character--I was much more intrigued by Thomas Mann's Transposed Heads.

I remember when Bob Dylan tried to write a novel. Tarantula. It was horrible. Oh the critics tried to glamorize it but put all the make up on it you could and it was still a terrible book. The Beatles also tried to write can't tell musicians--writing songs (having a knack for clever doggerel) is totally different from writing novels or even serious poetry. Like Patti Smith. I never understood her literary fame. Patti Smith looks like a man these days--moustache and all--what an ugly woman she turned out to be.

My generation was into the Beats and the post-Beats--and Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still alive out in San Francisco--the City Lights Bookstore--and I have here on a table beside me a copy of the City Lights Pocket Poets Series Number Four, Howl and Other Poems, Allen Ginsberg's young masterpiece. And it's dedicated to "Jack Kerouac, new Buddha of American prose...creating a spontaneous bop parody and original classic literature." And I understand talk about "spontaneous bop parody." I am a be-bopper. No "Be-bop-a-Lula," that's another genre--that's the bop that appeared in early rock 'n roll ("The blues had a baby and they named it Rock 'n Roll"). No I'm a classic spontaneous bop parodist.

The first line of Howl (the poem dedicated to the true madman, Carl Solomon): "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness. starving hysterical naked/dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix/angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night...."

I understand all of that. I myself have been on those negro streets at dawn looking for that angry fix (whether in culture or drugs). That's the generation from which I emerged--pecking my way out of the confining shell.

Gertrude Stein; Ezra Pound; Ernest Hemingway; T.S. Eliot; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Virgil Thomson; Aaron Copeland. The expatriates. They went out into the world to test American spontaneity against the rest of the world. I read their reports and I went their way--a way out of the tightly knit way of conformity, the conformity of the Protestant Ethic--"Fuck the Protestant Ethic," we hollered and blew into our horns the complicated ways of reasoning we had open to our adventurous minds.

Nonconformity. And there were those who berated us--who denigrated us--"Nigger lovers" we were called because a lot of our loves, woes, and hopes were in the Black community, our fountainhead--but not Ayn Rand's fountainhead--the fountainhead of conformity.

And it was Ayn Rand's fountainhead that attracted the staunch conformers--the "I pledge allegiance to" crowd. The "live and play with a BBA" crowd. A crowd of accounting minds. Minds trapped inside a bookkeeping mentality. But a "creative" bookkeeping reality. The big lies always cooked into the books. Like the General Accounting Office of We the People's government for the people and by the people. Did you know the Pentagon hasn't been audited in decades?

And now, folks, what if Japan, its economy being wrecked by this earthquake, tsunami, nuke meltdown catastrophe, sells all the US debt it owns? Say China buys our debt from them for pennies on the dollar...Japan will be desperate for money...remember, We the People of the USA gave Japan our banking system after World War II--when General Douglas MacArthur thought he was the New Emperor of Japan.

I was listening to this Afghanistan woman raving wildly on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now this morning--Anjala Kamat's her name--and Miss Kamat was raving herself hoarse as she was trying to wake up the dumbass American people to the fact that they have allowed We the People's military to take over from the Soviet Union the act of bombing and killing and murdering her people back way before the Stone Age to the fact that We the People are letting our LYIN' BASTARD president and Congress and the Pentagon dole out billions and billions of good old Ben Bernanke-printed up bales of billions piled high on wooden palettes that are dropped off US cargo planes--all those billions upon billions of dollars being stolen by the Karzai government and Karzai's dope-dealing brother and the Afghan Mafia and the Taliban and the ruthless tribal lords--and then Anjala Kamat starts rattling off rapidly the names of men in the Afghanistan government, We the People's puppet government, and she rattles off thirty or forty names, saying as she does these birds are thieves, dope dealers, murderers, rapists, child molesters--anti the Afghanistan people--and certainly anti Afghanistan WOMEN.

And Anjala Kamat is asking the same question I'm asking: why can't people see the truth of these matters based on lies? Why do they continue to believe LIES to be facts?--like that pencil-necked geek General Betrayus constantly saying we are making great gains and ground in Afghanistan...and just yesterday, here we go again, our military both-sides-of-their-lying-mouth spin doctors had to say they were sorry when one of We the People's murderous drones had wiped out 30 or 40 "enemy combatants" who turned out to be mostly women and children--another same-old same-old oft-told story in this truly EVIL war--and I don't believe in good and evil but in honest deduction--and like Anjala Kamat, I ask what thrills do killing Afghan women and children give these foreign occupiers? (These foreign occupiers are of course mostly US Armed Forces--even if over here they are referred to as NATO forces--the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces fighting in the mountains and deserts of a Central Asian sovereign nation that's never had a chance at ruling its self--deciding its own destiny)(and now the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces are in the Mediterranean getting us involved in another Obama invasion and occupation--a country where we once had a Wheeler Air Force Base--a military outpost on the African continent--and it was G.W. Bush who started the African Command unit--based now in Germany because no African country wants a U.S. base on its soil--so why not take over Libya and case closed, our African Command unit moves to Tripoli?)

And why are we in Libya? Truth up: for OIL, of course. For Libyan OIL!

And now President Obama is hinting at maybe We the People should really support the lyin' dictating bastard who the people of Yemen want thrown out with his relatives onto the next shipment of garbage out of Yemen--because he's been so cooperative in helping us search and destroy what's left of the raggedy al-Queda mystery army--already We the People's famous death-dealing drones are perhaps being flown over--well, who the hell knows? That's all "state secrets" and you know how many secrets are really LIES!

Where's a truthteller among us? Bernie Sanders tries, but, hey, he's still an elected official in debt to the fundraisers who back him come reelection time. And there's Dennis Kucinich, but he's a wimpy Democrat whose own party nabobs are ashamed of--and there are journalists like Greg Palast--but then the other day I heard Greg say he wasn't opposed to nuclear energy--yes, he admitted that to Gary Null the other day--and Gary Null, at his down-his-nose best, dressed old Greg down for admitting such a foolish stance. So, you see, folks, you can't trust nobody--but especially those who write our books and give forth their backwards-thinking opinions in glowing doublespeak.

Is Orson Scott Card correct in saying, "You who speak languages, you are such liars"?

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thegrowlingwolf Enjoys the View From Pompey's Head

Foto by tgw, "Moon at 4 AM," New York City, March 2011
Say Goodbye to Fellow Right Thinker, Joe Bageant: Joe Bageant, 64, American novelist, columnist and social commentator, cancer
The View From Pompey's Head
After Pompey was stabbed to death as he was getting out of his boat thinking he was going ashore in Alexandria, Egypt, seeking asylum, Ptolomy sent his severed head in a box to Caesar thinking Caesar at the time was thinking of Pompey as his enemy. Caesar instead got pissed off when he saw Pompey's (once his son in law) head in that box and it disturbed him to the point that he wept.

I remember being in my brother's bookstore in 1954 when on the store's NYTimes Bestseller List table there appeared a novel. It was The View From Pompey's Head by a writer from New Orleans named Hamilton Basso. I just read a Boston Globe article of a few years back on how obscure very successful writers can become--that fame as a writer has nothing to do with your success as a writer. Basso wasn't a first novelist; he had already published a novel on the Civil War--I saw his novels descirbed as "comin' back to" novels. Also, he'd been an associate editor on the New Yorker. Critics panned Basso's new book; however, The View From Pompey's Head fooled the critics and turned out to be one of the hottest bestselling books of all time, staying on the NYTimes Bestseller List for 40 straight weeks. The book was so popular, Basso was paid $100,000 for the movie rights.

The title of that book intrigued me back then--BUT, I've never read the book. I was the bookstore janitor when the book came out--a teenager not into reading anything but books on hunting tigers in India, playing golf, and faithfully reading Down Beat and Metronome jazz magazines--though I do remember the local literati types, including my at that time unpublished brother, discussing the book--a New Orleans-born New York lawyer "comin' back to his hometown" to defend a famous writer...blah, blah, blah. The book "sensationally" dealing with that oh-so taboo subject at that pre-Civil Rights time: miscegenation. That's all I remember about it. Hamilton Basso? I tried to remember his name--my intentions to read the book were honorable. Like a whole lot of southern boys who aspired to be writers grew into writing idolizing the best of the southern writers--and you read southern writers--Faulkner the top dog, but also for me there was Little Truman Capote; or there was Robert Penn Warren (and All the King's Men is a great southern novel--a journalistic crime novel long before Little Truman wrote In Cold Blood--about the life and death of "Huey Long"--the King in the book). And I, instead of reading Basso, discovered big Thomas Wolfe (not the little white-suit-wearing fop from Richmond), who knew damn good and well nobody could ever go home again...and if they did they were going to be disappointed and probably depressed and god knows into what kind of trouble, especially after back home found out they'd been living in New York City for many years...and to then go home to North Carolina (Catawba to Thomas Wolfe) didn't work for his protagonist in Look Homeward Angel and then again in his huge long boxcar-length novel that Maxwell Perkins tried to trim down to a readable tome, The Web and the Rock, there was big-time trouble for the revisiting Gant brother from the get go. And there was Carson McCullars and Eudora Welty and Faulkner's brother John (Dollar Cotton), and now I'm drifting around remembering southern writers I read and liked--I tried to read Walker Percy one time but couldn't finish him...that was when I lived in New Orleans.

When I think of New Orleans now it's like standing in an ancient corridor that is echoing with a long way-back past being whispered to me like an old Movietone News soundtrack sputtering away in that almost-forgotten past--memories bouncing off the tiled-tunneled walls--so many years ago now--all the players on that stage with me down there mostly lost or probably gone--my ex-wife (gone); Henry the Voodoo Man Lewis, Nap Bonaparte, and Miss Aggie (surely gone), the feisty and Scarlett O'Hara-type, Lovely Ava (certainly lost); or the asshole Paul Longeret (lost), who I called Paul Lingerie, an appellation he didn't mind--which was made perfectly clear to me later when I saw him half naked wearing women's panties and marching in a Mardi Gras parade--though my old and most dearest New Orleans pal, Frankie L, who at the time I worked with him was just out of the military police with a social worker degree and without a sou in his pocket--living in the Y over by Robert E. Lee Circle, is still alive and doing well in California--and here I started rolling out barrels of memories of my New Orleans good times: on the Lake eating boiled crabs; on Bourbon at Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar; on Bourbon in the Bourbon House sitting writing at a table behind which was a plaque stating that Faulkner had sat at that very table writing in long hand on his first novel, Mosquitos--and there I sat and wrote in my notebook on my novel (lost) at that very table under that huge oil painting that I really can't remember the subject matter of--though I think it was of the discovery of the Crescent City by the Frenchman LaSalle.

Today all day I've been trying to escape by reading and rereading Freud on the devil-possessed German artist who sold his soul to the Devil--then trying to write a new song--and then I decided to take a coffee break and I turned on the Gary Null show on WBAI-FM, the Pacifica radio station here in Manhattan and the next thing I know I'M DOOMED.

Gary first played an excerpt from a Bill O'Reilly teevee show where Shanty Irish Bill was interviewing Superrightwing Babe, Ann Coulter. Now I know who Bill O'Reilly is--he's a sex maniac who had to pay off a chick to keep her from filing rape charges on his slimy ass a few years back--I think he was high on cocaine at the time--and this truly backward-thinking Irish Catholic boy who lucked out and found his fame through being asshole-like controversial...and Ann Coulter, I've never heard her talk before (she talks like a truck driver in drag), though again, through the "progressive" on-line press I know to progressives she's a true nutjob--and to rightwingers she's a hot-to-trot blonde talk-show whore who claims to be a journalist.

Let me tell you the truth, folks, old Gary Null played an excerpt from Bill and Ann--and Ann was saying, really loud and sure of herself, that she'd been researching the government's figures on what were safe levels of low-level radiation the human body could take without reaping any negative health effects from it were way too low. She said she had during her investigation of this matter come across scientists and scientific studies that showed low levels of high radiation were actually good for us. She cited studies that showed women in a high tuberculosis area of the US after multiple X-rays checking to see if they had tuberculosis found these same women had low rates of breast cancer after such X-ray exposure. Lusty Ann even found one doctor (scientist) who believed it was good to live around nuclear sites--even those leaking low rates of radiation--and this "doctor" had studies that showed women who lived around nuclear plants had low rates of cancer. I stood amazed listening to this total BULLSHIT!

And this Coulter woman, a total fool, a mush-brained fool, this insane woman, kept on with this shit--going on making insane-woman statements like she stated it was insane that some of US believed that our nuclear plants should be shut down because of their being a danger to our health. She ended by saying nuclear power was vital to the recovery of our economy.

I was thinking...don't We the People own the airwaves over which these insane people are spewing out this dangerously false information? Truth is, absorbing low-levels of radiation over a several-day period will fucking kill you--look how many people die of cancer in spite of intensive chemo and cobalt radiation treatments.

Sorry, this ignorance is so depressing to me. To hear totally insane radio personalities spouting totally unscientific illogic in such matters to me is criminal--though they do have a First Amendment right to free speech. The trouble here is, these birds are not screaming fire in a crowded theater, they're screaming "Stay where you are, though the theater's is on fire, you are in no danger."

Ann Coulter's and Bill O'Reilly's truly deadly advice wasn't the part of Gary Null's show that doomed me. Oh no. What triggered the doom was an excerpt from a nuclear physicist's analysis of the state of radiation things back after the Three-Mile Island meltdown in which he prefaced his talk by talking about the history of nuclear testing here in the USA, a testing that began back in the dawning of our atomic bomb program out on the Trinity Flats in southern New Mexico. This scientist was talking about how the fall-out from those early tests were still blowing in the winds and living in the soil from New Mexico east across West Texas, the ground on which they were exploded totally soaked in radon or hot plutonium waste...and, whoaaaa, that stopped me in my tracks. I was born in West Texas. I was born as the head of World War II was pushing out of its war mother's womb. As a wee child I recall (I've been remembering since I was two years old) listening to radio broadcasts of the first Trinity Flats atomic bomb explosions. I also remember the two Fat Boy A-bombs when they were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima--bombs that flattened the centers of those cities--burning 300,000 Japanese civilians into photo negatives, some imaged against the sides of buildings, filmed as they were cooked by the fire storm created at the epicenter of these blasts. Harry Truman said the killing of 300,000 Japs (that's what we called them then: Japs, Nips, Tojos) in this horrendous way was necessary in order to save the lives of 2 million of our brave stupid fool young men who We the People conscripted as soon as they were 18 to go fight our continuous wars for us.

After the Japs surrendered, I remember the further testing of an Atomic bomb on Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific--a huge explosion that left the Bikini Atoll totally contaminated and almost blown out of existence.

And later I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when out on the Yucca Flats in Nevada they began frequent above-ground and underground atomic and hydrogen bomb testing--and this scientist on Gary Null's radio program was talking about how the fall-out from these tests had totally blown over the Vegas area--had contaminated huge acres of Nevada soil--particles blown high up into the wind currents, carried off across Arizona and New Mexico and then the Rockies to be windswept over the flat plains of West Texas.

The DOOM; I've been subject to nuclear contamination all of my life--from growing up in West Texas, to later living on the slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Santa Fe, facing that Las Vegas west; later I lived near the Livermore Labs in San Jose and Los Gatos, California. Plus, yes, I visited Las Vegas one summer--a summer I now remember my wife's uncle who owned the Vegas Holiday Inn talking about how these nuclear tests rocked Vegas when they went off and the dust storms that blew over Vegas then. [My wife's uncle's Holiday Inn was built like a stack of 45 rpm records on a turntable--Holiday Inn was founded by Sam Phillips with the money he made selling Elvis Presley to RCA Victor records.]

Lord Chaos loves nuclear fission. Lord Chaos, who is a neuter, loves the fact that contamination is the result of human life--human monkeys are shitmakers deluxe; human monkeys are contaminated by a deep-seated death wish. So get ready to face that big red glow that one day will signal the end of MANKIND--with the planet shouting "HOOORAY" as all humans disappear--melted into the contaminated soil--a cremated race.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

thegrowlingwolf Computed, Confused, Kapooted

Foto by tgw, New York City, March 2011
Bulletin: Is President Obama Insane? I just heard 2 news items on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now that I can't believe are true. First: While the Japanese nuclear reactors were blowing (and now a spent pool of 20 tons of nuclear waste is at the boiling point there today (Tuesday, March 22)) the US Energy Commission--can you believe this?--gave approval to restarting the deadly and ancient (60 years old) Vermont Yankee nuclear plant--this is the reactor they had to shut down because it was leaking nuclear poisons into the ground on which it sits, leakage that also was taking its leak into the Connecticut River, over which the plant sits--they build them close to water because they need water to boil to make the steam and water to cool the core--lots of water--radiated water that has to be drained off--and of course it's drained off back into the waterway from whence it came. You heard of acid 'bout radiated rain? Old Bernie Sanders couldn't believe this one either. Democrats can't seem to explain these ANTIthings that are going on with their own man. Even Hillbilly Hillary is getting tired of apologizing for President Obama's continuing to implement every goal and ruinous intention G.W. Bush's evil administration had--as if President Obama is the Bush Family house boy--son of a bitch; why can't this man smell the fucking coffee?

But the most insane thing I heard was that President Obama visited Chile yesterday--and, by the way, in spite of protesters who wanted him to apologize for the role the US played in backing Pinochet (remember, our CIA assassination squad along with the Chilean Army (whose equipment and money to exist on came from We the People of the USA) murdered the democratically elected Salvador Allende to get Pinochet into power), he refused to. (How do we know whether Obama is under CIA threats of assassination (like they surely had a hand in assassinating Kennedy)?)

Our president's being unable to apologize for We the People backing so cruel an asshole as Pinochet (he gave himself a military title)--the protest that met Obama at the airport was led by one of the organizations of those mothers and wives and sisters who lost family members to Pinochet's mass butchery after the CIA put him on the Chilean throne (remember how Pinochet's goons packed all those revolutionaries in that soccer stadium? And all those people disappeared or were admittedly executed?)--nope, our President couldn't apologize for our role in that tragedy because his White corporate backers don't allow him to apologize for our backing one of their boys back those many years now--remember, Obama, anyway, after he was elected said he wasn't looking backward, only forward--besides, not apologizing is in the White man's code.

Instead of apologizing--why else was he in Chile? LISTEN TO THIS: the two-faced, doublespeak-babbling fool of a corporate lawyer we have for a president--and I'll call him that to his face--was in Chile making a deal to financially back the building of two NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS in that tilting-on-a-major-fault nation. This admission is more insane when you remember that Chile just had a 7.0 earthquake about a year ago--Chile is in the "Land of Smoke"--the tailend of the Andes volcanic mountain range that runs jaggedly down the western spine of South America through Chile to fall off into the Magellan Straits across from Cape Horn--most of Chile is sitting high atop a high-risk earthquake zone. Our President, who just appointed the ex-CEO of General Electric (they build nuclear power plants) to head his jobs advisory commission, is peddling nuke plants in South America. One Chilean woman was asking the question about how could this US president even think at a time like this of selling nukes in that part of the world; thereby bringing the threat of nuclear disaster to not just Chile, but the whole of South America?

Simply an amazing set of stories--Vermont Yankee back on line and our President, during what will turn out to be the worst nuclear melt down in world history (the cost to Japan at the moment from the earthquake and tsunami is set at 300 billion (that's right, folks)--which is something like 13% of the Japan GDP) is peddling 2 nuclear reactors to the poor people of Chile (I think We feel we own Chile--and Peru). Now President Obama is on his way to El Salvador. Why's he going to poor ole war-torn, rich-ruled, peasant-Indio El Salvador? I suppose he's selling 'em weapons maybe.

Again in 2012 We the People of the USA will have a choice of two dangerous corporate-money-backed-greedy men to choose from (or maybe Obama's opponent will be a dangerous woman--women rulers have not proven to be more peacemaking than men; in fact, Indira Gandhi proved to be one tough mean bitch--it got her assassinated, by the way).

Can you imagine this guy is a father of those poor young girls--look at the disastrous future he's willing to commit those daughters to in order to get his ass a backdoor entrance into the White Man's Power Elite--a political move that has already made our President and his wife millionaires. I sense our wealthiest bastards, all men, feel they are like the Emperor Jones, invincible against nuclear fallout--I suppose Donald Trump and his type feel safe as bugs in rugs in their above-the-clouds NYC penthouses--idiots--when an earthquake hits New York City, it'll bring their castles in the sky tumbling down--or if Indian Point blows up, if the Donald doesn't get in his executive Lear jet and fly off to one of his distant Trump Cities, that nuclear rain will rain straight down on his parade...oh BOO HOO. Fuck all these death wish bastards!
Computers Now Essential to Life (a short and punchy bit of reportage, like Larry "Liar" King's newspaper columns used to be):
Are computers working in the earthquaked, tsunamied, nuked area of Japan?

Does Haiti have a computer system set up and running? [I still have not read one article in the US media about Aristide returning to Haiti. Does the US truly hate Haiti?]

Will computers being made in Japan right now be contaminated? How would we know? Will we all have to have radiation-measuring devices on us at all times in the coming high-radiation skied future? Like a diabetic, will we have to check our radiation count several times a day--letting us know when we have to have another iodine I. V.? [Iodine pills don't work.]

Does Qaddafi have his laptop up and running?--or at least his blackberry? or at least his new iPhone?--like is he doing any texting? He must feel like Salvador Allende felt when the CIA-led assassination forces hit his palace that day he was assassinated--tanks were shelling his apartments like Qaddafi's now getting battered by tomahawk missiles fired from We the People's Navy, that which is on every sea in just about every port in the world.

We the People have 50,000 armed forces in Japan at this minute. Are we asking, are these young fools going to get contaminated?--our US Navy, if you recall, was detecting radiation out a many-miles distance from the exploding reactors the day they were blowing up.

[A Bracketed Aside: Did you ever notice, like in the case of these tomahawk missiles, how White Men love naming things after their concept of just what an American Injun (and I use the White vernacular pronunciation of the British-English word "Indian") symbolizes?--I think these White admirals in the Navy arm of the Pentagon thought naming a missile "tomahawk" made clear its savagery. Don't you think that's how the White Man thinks when he names his muscle-items after American Injun terms?--like his athletic teams: like the Kansas City Chiefs, for instance. These "Chiefs" are mostly Black men with a few superstar White guys at quarterback or at center (did you ever notice there aren't many Black centers in Pro (White) football?) or at the wide end positions--I'm sure there are and have been American Indian football players in the Pros (yes, Jim Thorpe played pro football), still there aren't that many--so in what sense did the White owners come up with naming them the Chiefs (the original owner of the KC Chiefs was Lamar Hunt, son of aboriginal-White-Trash moron, H. L. Hunt, at one time the world's wealthiest man--the man who bragged about quitting school in the 3rd grade (when he was 21, his dissenters jibed) and said he proved, "Yew'ins don' need no ed-gee-kay-shun to git rich")? These players are Chiefs same as the Cleveland Injuns's baseball team's (again a team of mostly Black, Latino, and White guys) Chief WaHoo is a Chief in the ridiculous sense of the word). Or the Washington Redskins--a White Man-owned team that's representing We the People's capital (isn't there a Redskin atop the capitol dome?). And check out the Washington Redskins--again a bunch of Blacks mostly, salted with a few superstar White guys. What's red skinned about 'em? Again, I think it's because to the White Man, American Indian icons stand for "savagery"--these White owners want their teams to be savage. Same as the U.S. Navy admirals want to imply the savagery of their tomahawk missiles by naming after the weapon the American Indian supposedly used to hack off the tops of White Devils's skulls. White racism, of course, but, hey, since the USA still thinks like a White Collective, it's not racism, even though the nation is turning Brown. Like the White's used to joke during one of Mayor Ed Crotch's reservoir-low-water-level crises, "If it's yellow, let it mellow; but if it's brown, flush it on down"--anybody in New York City should remember that phrase floating around the air in NYC apartments and lofts back during Mayor Ed Crotch's (I have no respect for that man) high-and-mighty term in office when here in NYC we were always having "water crises"--our reservoirs were drying up, according to Mayor Crotch's water commissioners, so We the Citizens of New York City every year of his mayorhood had to conserve water--to the point where one of Ed's political campaign contributors talked the City Council into forcing all NYC landlords into installing low-pressure shower heads and low-flush commodes in all their apartments, which they did. Same as recently one of Mayor Bloomberg's private hedge-fund investors came up with a warehouse full of Chinese-made radon detectors he needed to get rid of. Soon our landlords were sending around notices that radon detectors were being installed in our apartments whether we liked it or not and that we were also going to be charged $25.00 cash on the barrelhead for these plastic pieces of crap--and they run on 3 expensive Duracell batteries, too. I've lived in my apartment without a radon detector for 25 years and I don't ever remember anyone dying of radon poisoning in this building--I can't remember even reading about any deaths in NYC due to radon poisoning--though I am sure New York City air is probably full of radon poison--my God, one living in this city really doesn't want to know what he or she is breathing in day in and day out. Forget the emission fumes from the millions of cars and trucks and underground trains running 24/7 rampant up and down and all around this town; forget the tons of poisons being spewed out by all these huge-ton air-conditioning units atop every building in NYC; forget the sewer fumes coming up out of those sewer exhaust pipes atop those same buildings; forget the tons of electro-magnetic radiation and toxic poisons being spewed out by the thousands of cell-phone transmission towers that are on the roofs of every building all over this city, especially the buildings lining both sides of Broadway--there's one directly behind my apartment on the roof of that building--and my building has a huge one on the roof of the oldest building on Broadway. Looking out the hall window the other day I noticed they have put several transmission towers facing my building on the roof of the building on the catercorner of Broadway from us. Plus, we can't forget those "Cancer Corridor" poisons blowing over us from the chemical plants and oil refineries in New Jersey--just across from poor ole Staten Island. (An aside within an aside: My apologies to the Woman Trumpet Player, but my girlfriend and I were down in Battery Park the other day and I asked her if she'd like to ride the ferry over to Staten Island and have lunch and she replied, "God, it looks so gloomy over there," so we didn't go. Poor ole Staten Island--I've lived here now 40 years and I've only been to Staten Island twice--and that was on the ferry over to the S.I. ferry terminal, staying on the ferry both times--my nephew the photographer was with me on the last trip and we went to Staten Island on the ferry because he said the ferry coming back to Manhattan was the perfect platform from which to shoot panoramic photographs of the magnificent New York Harbor--and New York City does have one hell of a great harbor--one of the best in the world--no brag, just fact.)]

What a fucking horrible mess human monkeys are making of this beautiful planet.

Scientists. Fuck 'em. Why aren't they creatively led to find harmonic paths for us to follow rather than this insane earth-destruction mode they are currently in.

One reason is most scientific research nowadays is being funded by the big corporations under whose New World Order we now live--just think of the huge bonuses our nuclear industry offers brilliant physicists and chemists to lure them into nuclear science--rewards like the pharmaceutical industry offers the biochemistry majors it needs to keep its toxic chemical formulae contemporarily patentable--all drugs after 7 years revert to their generic state--like at one time I worked on both Zyrtec and Claritin antihistamine drug accounts--now both Zyrtec and Claritin are over-the-counter drugs. One way these big pharmas keep their drugs from becoming generics after seven years is through tweaking the original formula just a tad so they can then be reintroduced as "new formula" drugs--"New and Improved Urincorex" [my own made-up drug]. They need the best and brightest of biochemists (a lot of Asian women are biochemists) so they go to colleges and not only support biochemistry research programs but offer the grads at the high end of these programs sign-on bonuses of $100,000 with a guaranteed starting salary of $80,000-a-year. That's almost as much as a high-school drop out who goes to work on Wall Street as a floor broker can take down in his first year on the Exchange.

We have several computers around the Growler office here in the lower depths of the Gowanus Canal (the "anus" part of Gowanus is accurate--the Gowanus Canal is the site of the largest oil spill ever until BP's shoddy well blew up and turned the Gulf of Mexico into a large petroleum product (Obama's administration just today also released news that they are allowing Shell to drill, drill, drill, 3 3,000-foot-down wells--WHERE? Why in the Gulf of Mexico, 130 miles south of the Louisiana coast--doesn't that sound familiar?)--I jest, of course, about our offices being in the grimy depths of the Gowanus (it could be mistakenly spelled "Cowanus"); in fact, they are no where near Brooklyn or Gowanus Bay.

Like we have a new iMax G5 we recently purchased. Running the latest Leopard on it, too. And first off we had trouble with it falling asleep the minute we powered it up. This eventually led to it going to the deadly blue screen where the cursor froze and the devilishly hypnotizing whirling pizza wheel started vexing its hexing evil eye at us. That was fixed when a cleaning lady accidentally deleted all the ATI-prefixed extensions on the damn thing and now it works just fine. We don't have time to watch movies on a stupid computer anyway--trashing all those ATI- extensions deactivated the DVD player or our ability to download pay-for movies and shit like that.

Our trouble now is Firefox 3.6. It sucks. I notice they are working on 4 in Beta. 3.6 is damn fucking slow--sometimes it will not open our Yahoo mail page--just hangs about half way there giving out error messages that declarations are being rejected.

I personally, outmoded as I am, still use a G4 PowerMac running Panther 3.3 and the old version of Firefox 2.6--but I swear, even in its totally unupgradeable state, it's still faster than Firefox 3.6.

When I'm home, I use a Toshiba laptop I love--though it has a bad video-graphics card in it, too.

Future shock is now continuous.

The world is in the midst of total chaos. You better be prepared to "take up thy bed and walk" at any given moment. There is civil war brewing in the Ivory Coast. There is serious rebellion going on in We the People's al-Queda-terrorist breeding ground--the native home to Osama bin Laden--Yemen, a country we totally support with billions of dollars annually--and we've got CIA assassination squads working 24/7 in that US-puppet-dictator-ruled nation of Arab peasants--beautiful women, the women of Yemen. Oil-rich and sheik-ruled Bahrain is in the throes of revolution, too. They are also protesting in Damascus. And there's trouble in Iraq, though we're not going to hear anything about that. In Pakistan we continue to drone kill men, women, children, babies, grandmothers, grandfathers--we've tagged 'em all "The Enemy" therefore we kill them--60 the other day--and the Pentagon assholes boldly stood proud and military erect with their chests beaming with stream after stream of battle ribbons and medals and said all they killed--even the babies--were proven enemy combatants.

Lord Chaos is tough to please. He's like Saturn when it comes to gobbling down humans; and, yes, like Saturn, he does eat babies.

The Power Elite of the World are partying--especially the new billionaires in Moscow--especially the filthy rich new billionaires in Hong Kong, Macao, and Beijing--especially the billionaire dictators who control more nations than there are FREE DEMOCRACIES. American Bullshit, that's the democracy we kill for.

Amazin', amazin', amazin',

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Say Goodbye to:
Pinetop Perkins--97 years old (1914)--Pinetop lived through almost the whole stretch of the blues as it came to life in the USA, playing his pianos and keyboards--making tons of records--backing the greats--with his head full of blues riffs going way back to the beginning of the blues--the days of the American greats: as a kid going even back to when Robert Johnson was still alive; and certainly back to the beginning of the electric blues/Chicago blues: and he played with 'em all, especially McKinley Morganfield...there aren't enough words in me to praise old Pinetop. Pinetop Perkins, 97, American blues musician.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

thegrowlingwolf Goes Wondering

I Was Just Wondering Here During the Fullest Moon Possible
Spring begins tomorrow--that is if this is Saturday--and whether it says it is or not in the blog head, it is Saturday. A Saturday morning the day before another spring arrives. And it is windy today here in the middle of Manhattan Island, as I, a peasant, am engulfed by the castle walls of the wealthiest people on earth, including the Honorable Michael "Napoleon" Bloomberg, my honored mayor who would love to root me out of this apartment and send me packing to anywhere except Manhattan Island.

I'm lucky to be alive. I'm lucky to be an American. I'm wondering if the Japanese are subconsciously (historical memories) blaming all nuclear devastation on the USA? Isn't it ironic that General Electric built that temple to Lord Chaos whose four reactors could blow up the Japanese Islands? There's the connection. And Tokyo Electric owns Westinghouse's Temples to Lord Chaos division.

I'm wondering why President Obama flew off on a family-vacation/official business trip to Brazil of all places? A five-day family junket around South America. He said in his best doublespeak voice it was to round up some jobs for the US. What jobs does Brazil have to give us? Brazil and Holland just bought the Annhauser-Busch Brewing Co. I guess that's what the President means--he's selling off some of our failing businesses to the Brazilians? I'm wondering.

Seems to me like if I were President, I'd be personally going around inspecting all the nuke plants in this country--fuck how old they are--going around with the intention of shutting them down--put the nuke-plant workers into wind-power training or solar-power training--doing away with nuclear science--make it a banned subject matter.

I was watching a video shot in Chernobyl. Did you know that they put a hangar-shaped concrete-slab shield over that Chernobyl plant and that to this day workers are inside that hangar still trying to contain the radiation? Radiation inside that hangar is so high, these poor slobs can only work 3 hours a day in there--even wearing radiation-proof suits.

Karl Grossman, the investigative journalist who has been harping on the con-side of nuclear energy for over 30 years now--especially trying to get the Indian Point (decrepit) nuclear plant shut down--this the leaky reactors just 30 miles north of where I live in Midtown Manhattan, was interviewed this morning on the CBS local news show (our NBC channel here in NYC is owned by General "NUKE YOU" Electric so you know we're not gonna to get any truthful reporting out of those birds) and oh the Yahoo responses the local yokel talking head gave to Brother Grossman--everything Grossman said the T-Head countered with a dumb-shit rightwing-corporate spin on the subject--like he said at one point, "Hey, when a plane crashes we don't shut down flying," [Mr. Ed: the Wolf Man not being a reliable comedian got this one wrong. What the T-Head said was, "When a plane crashes we don't stop building planes."][tgw: I thoroughly disagree with this editing horse--the T-Head definitely said "shut down flying"--so back to that bale of hay down in your living quarters.] to which Grossman replied in an astonished voice, "You're not serious in that comparison are you?"

The doublespeak news from Japan is that these poor slob workers--now totally exposed to life-threatening levels of radiation and plutonium-polluted air--are still working frantically to bring a power line in to where they can start the water-coolant pumps, though we know those old outmoded diesel pumps can't pump water into these cores fast enough to cool them down to any salvation levels. The Japanese are now appealing to us for help.

President Obama sez don't worry, no radiation from Japan is coming over here and if it does it will be so minute (I remember when Christy Todd Whitman told New Yorkers that the air down at Ground Zero was perfectly safe to breathe). Yeah, yeah, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. If any of those cores blow, it will shoot plutonium high into the atmosphere--and that's shit you don't wanna be breathin' in even if as our LYIN' President says it will be so minute....

And the bullshit goes on as Congress takes a break and Speaker John Bonehead and the President play political sword-fighting with our lives and our future.

Has anybody mentioned today is the 8th anniversary of the start of the demonic Iraq War? If there is such a thing as immorality, we have loads of it in our ruling class, in the Kings of Industry who are now our rulers; those who worship at the feet of the Great Lord Chaos, now the true ruler of the whole world.
I was Hillbilly Hillary saying she'd had it with politics--and does this mean she's gonna run against Obama in 2012? thedailygrowlerhousepianist says she no longer wants to be president--that she can make a good living writing books and going on speaking tours--remember, she's well heeled as a government worker--she gets her senatorial pension from her carpetbagger role as a Senator from New York--she still gets her privileges--secretary, office space--as the former first lady--plus now she gets her Cabinet member benefits--nice pension there probably--certainly the best healthcare available for free thanks to We the People, we who are fools and Yahoos and self-destructive and weak of spirit and hope.

I was also wondering why I hadn't heard any follow-up news on Aristide returning to Haiti after seven years of US-forced exile (twice We the People ran him out of Haiti)? Also, the Haiti tragedy was much worse than the Japanese earthquake in terms of 300,000 Haitians dying in a matter of seconds.

No telling how many people finally died in Hurricane Katrina; what was the government-lyin' official figure, 7,000? That must mean at least 15,000 people died in that disaster that could have been avoided if our President and his administration had of had their minds on anything except starting World War Three. World War Three is referred to in a lot of prophesying literature as the First Nuclear World War.

Lyin' bastards. All of our privileged few are lyin' asshole bastards. And I'd call 'em that to their fucking pig-jowl fat faces, too. Warren Buffett, you asshole (his Moody's stock rating company was giving out false ratings--Warren, of course, said he knew nothing about it). Bill fucking Gates, you're an asshole, too (Bill, a Harvard dropout, is big-time behind privatizing our public school system). I mean you rich assholes could bail this country out of all its problems overnight if you were taxed fairly--if you didn't get so many tax loopholes through which to dance through hoops over our dying bodies. You bastards. Like Exxon-Mobil, those creepy bastards; making the most profits in Capitalism History and yet only paying 1% taxes on them. To me that's insanely pompous and anti-American. Like why can't we nationalize all these oil companies?--plug up all their wells?--we don't need oil and gas and coal anymore. Go to Hell with those forms of life-destroying fuels. Why the hell are they in the belly of the earth to begin with? What right do we have of drilling them out of that belly?
Looks like we're getting involved in another war...the fucking colonial French air force in cahoots with a U.S. Navy destroyer and submarine attacked Tripoli today--We the People's Navy firing several tomahawk missiles they reported at strategic air-strike facilities around Tripoli. A CBS reporter in the center city of Tripoli, standing outside in the dark with obvious city lights and traffic in the scene behind him, said it was a calm peaceful night with a lot of traffic on the streets and people going about business as usual. He said if the US shot missiles at Tripoli he'd not heard nor seen any evidence of it--so he suggested the missiles had fallen in a zone outside of Tripoli.

I'm wondering, why would We the People's President head off to Brazil with his wife and daughters, risking a possible plane crash over the Amazon jungle, during so important a crunch time in the world?--I mean, doesn't this fly-happy lyin' bastard need to be in his office in the District of Corruption working for the rights of the people who elected him the first Black president--instead he's leisurely visiting Brazil, Chile, and Peru--where he's actually making further free-trade deals with these countries. Didn't Chile have a 7.something earthquake a few months ago? You don't hear a damn thing about that now.

Still all day long I've not heard one damn word about Aristide coming back to Haiti.

And Congress is home taking a rest. Poor bastards. It's strenuous work wrecking our economy, destroying our Social Security and Medicare systems, eliminating services to the poor, cutting taxes on the filthy rich, privatizing our public education system--once the greatest in the world, outsourcing our factories and back-office jobs, and catering to the whims of our Power Elite, the source of the millions upon millions of dollars these worthless pieces of crap politicians are gonna garner up when they all crawl out of the woodwork to pretend to run for President in the upcoming months. Hell, Mitt Romney'll need a half-a-billion; Mike Huckabee, the Arkie Idiot, will try and run again--garner say 12 or 13 millions of campaign bucks from his faithful to squander; or how about Newtie Gingrich garnering maybe even 100 million on his fruitless attempt at running for president; then there's John "Failed Mission" McCain--he'll garner several millions of bucks for his next run for the brass ring; Sarah "Paleface" Palin is surely in line for half a billion in campaign bucks--maybe if she'd give one of the Koch Brothers a good long blow job they'd back her all the way to the White Man's House; and on the Dumbocrat side, Obama alone will need a billion for his campaign (don't worry, he'll get it); and whoever on the Dumbo side challenges him--they'll garner millions of bucks--do we truly believe these corrupt bastards don't offshore bank account a few of those millions these creeps garner when they pretend-run for president? Bastards. Low-life scum.

But hey, I'm wondering if anybody will stand up to these devastatingly dumb and backward fools?--the blind leading the blind.

In the meantime we once again can find plenty money for the military--plenty of money for WAR.
I was wondering why we don't have free health clinics in our larger cities? Why couldn't some of these successful for-profit hospitals and HMOs put some of their profits into providing free clinics in especially poor neighborhoods, but in all know, free blood-pressure checks; free shots and vaccines; free generic drugs; some diagnostics; utilizing registered nurses and interns, etc.
The photos on this post are from my time of birth at the beginning of World War Two--army items from my hometown. My toys as a young boy were military models of planes and ships used to teach future pilots at my hometown's air force base, where my dad worked as a Civilian Service warehouseman, how to spot enemy as well as allied planes by outline, by fuselage differences, by cockpit differences, by wing shapes, etc.--beautifully made hard rubber models--black without markings--and the ships were masterpieces of modeling in wood and metal--big battleships, destroyers, sub-chasers, submarines, etc. When I moved from New Orleans to Mexico City in 1965, I gave all these real military toys to my compadre in Social Work's son, his eyes beaming as he said, "Wow, are you really giving these to me?" Every X-mas during that war, I got cardboard (die stamped) toys, one X-mas a complete U.S. Army camp complete with hard cardboard soldiers and a half-track and a small tank and some big 16-ton trucks and howitzers and the big puller trucks and tents, etc. But also one X-mas in a peaceful sense, I got a cardboard farm set--same as the Army Camp except with animals and the farmer and his wife and a tractor and hay bailer and fences and meadows and barns and chicken coops.
I'm wondering, would I survive an earthquake should another one hit the New York City metro area? If Indian Point explodes, will I die of radiation poisoning? Or will I be crushed to death under the collapsing of the 160-year-old building I live in? I'm now wondering how I will die? I want to die of natural causes. I don't want to end up a truncate, or an undeveloped photographic negative on the wall of a NYC building, or maybe eaten by rats before I'm dead say trapped deep beneath the rubble of my Midtown area should something worse than 20-plus Saudi-Arabians flying American Airlines planes into the Empire State Building--or the new hi-rise luxury condo that's going up down near City Hall where the rent's going to be 15,000 bucks-a-month minimum. Disgraceful really. Anyone who can afford to pay 15,000-a-month for a place to live should be arrested as he or she signs the lease. People with so much extra money they can waste it with glee around the globe--Thorstein Veblen called it "conspicuous consumption."
Keep 'Em Flyin'!
Kilroy Was Here,

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Say Goodbye to C&W Legend: Ferlin Husky.
Ferlin Husky, 85, American country music singer, heart failure

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lord Chaos Tries to Wipe Out Human Race
YAHOO! The Rising Sun in the West Is Coming to Get Us All
Lying conniving bastards! That's what the Japanese nuke nuts are (Tokyo Electric, which by the way owns General Electric Nuke Division). We are witnessing one of the most horrendous nuclear disasters in the history of human monkeys--in the history of all animals. Three explosions at one plant, this Fukushima Daiichi plant these lying conniving bastards built close to the sea in a proven earthquake-prone zone--several nuclear testers and consultants warning them against building it there back in the 1970s--but, oh no, Japanese nuke-building know how is superior to USA nuke-building know how--Japanese scientists are the smartest in the world. I mean look at the great teevees and computers and cameras and cars they make. Solid state. Same with their nuke-building know how. Why, hell, these lying conniving bastards were bragging this Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility could withstand whatever earthquake you threw at it. "Oh, velly velly safe...velly velly safe noo-cree-el prant."

So what happened when a 9.0 on the Richter Scale earthquake hits this invincible nuclear plant? Followed by a tsunami blowing ashore going over 150 miles per hour? The damn son of a bitchin' worthless piece-of-shit plant started blowing sky high--first one explosion..."No wolly, velly ritter ladiation, no probemo!" Then there was a second explosion. "Ah-so, stirr no wolly...ritter ladiation, brah, brah, brah." Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. I've stressed on this post that everything a government tells you is backward to what the truth is. If the Japanese nuke hounds and the Japanese PM are saying they have the problem under control and the radiation is minor, etc., then you know for sure this is one hell of a nuke disaster, much worse than they are letting on. And then, this morning, there was a third explosion at Fukushima Daiichi. Followed by fires. Exposed plutonium rods. Storing plutonium rods--made from the nuke heads of old Russian weapons--over the cores of the reactors. Thanks a lot, you lying conniving bastards. Now when the huge mushroom cloud arises from this plant when its core explodes, it will contain particles of plutonium. On top of this nuke plant rendering itself loyal to the Great Lord Chaos, another nuke plant just up the road from this Fukushima Daiichi plant had an explosion and a fire this morning also.

Harvey Wasserman is the US nuke investigative reporter who has been railing against our go-ahead with our love-affair with defying death as a collective by allowing nuclear power plants to be built all over the US back in the 70s--when this Japan power plant was built. Harvey Wasserman says we have no idea how bad this nuclear shit's gonna be when it hits the proverbial fan. He says if the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi blow, that yes there will be a sky-high cloud--and, yes, that cloud will have plutonium in it (plutonium, in case you've forgotten, is one of the deadliest substances on earth)--and, yes, that cloud will contaminate the whole of the Japanese Islands--and, yes, Tokyo will have to be evacuated--and, yes, that nuclear cloud will rise high into the atmosphere--and, yes, once up there it will be blowin' in the wind--and, yes, some of those variable winds will blow toward the California coast. It took only about a week for Chernobyl's cloud to get to California--due to which 13% of California's bird population fell from the sky knocked-down dead.

In the meantime, the irony in all of this is: the Man of Nobel Peace and the Promiser of Change, President Obama, is, I'm sorry to say, a lying conniving bastard. He, in spite of this nuke catastrophe going on before our very eyes, this shiftless skunk, is going ahead with giving this very same nuke construction bunch, Tokyo Electric, billions of We the People's money to build two nuclear plants in Texas--and not just in Texas, but on the Gulf of Mexico--at sea level. YES, this is fact. Tokyo Electric and General Electric (General Electric built Fukushima Daiichi) have been given multibillions of dollars, US-government guaranteed dollars, to build two Gulf Coast nuclear power plants. Obama, Greg Palast claims, is in the belly of the beast--that one of his biggest backers in his rise to political fame was Chicago Edison--a big nuke-promoting power company--on whose board sits one David Axelrod--old Pro-Nuke Dave--that bastard; and Obama's nuclear power administrator is the former CEO of General Electric (remember G.W. Bush traded General Electric giving India nuclear secrets for mangoes?--a deal that President Obama continued on with).

Freud said mankind had a collective death wish--and look how we all ridiculed Freud over that statement. We all live under a death sentence. We're all from the time we're birthed on Death Row. Some of us don't even live much past our leaving the womb; others, of course, can sometimes easily live 80 years--on up to around 113. My problem is, I'd like to have a chance to die of natural causes and not from a nuclear rain.

However, my dear readers, at least we can all gang together in a bar and sing "Nearer My God to Thee" while we are being radiated to death.

What do you think? Japanese revenge for nuking 300,000 of them at Nagasaki and Hiroshima--in order to save 2 million of our young stupid dumbass boy troopers?

By the way, nobody here in New York City believes anything like this can happen to them. The hot trendy Old World foodie joints ("foodie" being a new word in New Yorker language that I first heard used on the PBS kids show Cyberchase where they had a character named Chef Foodie) are packed with the twentyish crowd out looking to get laid (the men) or looking for Mr. Right (the women)--they are iPhoning like worker ants; they are texting; they are Twittering like a tree full of sparrows; they are laughing, joking, making out, not a care in the world--"Here, put my troubles on my credit card." Hell, so Japan blows sky high--we here in New York City aren't concerned--why we're a million miles away from it--except, oh, hell, the Tokyo Fashion season has been postponed. WHY oh WHY, the New York City fashionables are crying.

From Death Row, I remain,

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Say Goodbye to:

Melvin Sparks:
the great blues and jazz guitarist. Melvin Sparks, 64, American jazz and soul guitarist, heart attack.

Marty Marion: as a young kid learning to play baseball, I remember the guy I played sandlot baseball with, Charles Young (his father called him "Chinky"), always called his team the Saint Louis Cardinals to my Boston Red Sox. I quickly learned who Marty Marion was--a great Cardinal among great Cardinals: Del Rice, Red Schoendinst, Stan Musial, etc. Marty Marion, 93, American baseball player and manager, National League MVP (1944).

From C. Wright Mills (The Power Elite, 1956):

In all modern societies, the autonomous associations standing between the various classes and the state tend to lose their effect as vehicles of reasoned opinion and instruments for the rational exertion of political will. Such associations can be deliberately broken up and thus turned into passive instruments of rule, or they can more slowly wither away from lack of use in the face of centralized means of power. But whether they are destroyed in a week or wither in a generation, such associations are replaced in virtually every sphere of life by centralized organizations, and it is such organizations with all their new means of power that take charge of the terrorized or-as the case may be-merely intimidated, society of masses.

The institutional trends that make for a society of masses are to a considerable extent a matter of impersonal drift, but the remnants of the public are also exposed to more 'personal' and intentional forces. With the broadening of the base of politics within the context of a folk-lore of democratic decision-making, and with the increased means of mass persuasion that are available, the public of public opinion has become the object of intensive efforts to control, manage, manipulate, and increasingly intimidate.

In political, military, economic realms, power becomes, in varying degrees, uneasy before the suspected opinions of masses, and, accordingly, opinion-making becomes an accepted technique of power-holding and power-getting. The minority electorate of the propertied and the educated is replaced by the total suffrage-and intensive campaigns for the vote. The small eighteenth-century professional army is replaced by the mass army of conscripts-and by the problems of nationalist morale. The small shop is replaced by the mass-production industry-and the national advertisement.

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thegrowlingwolf Enjoying Watching the Yahoos Shoot Themselves in the Foot
Alfred E. Newman and the Demon Dumbass Behind the Deficit (courtesy

Oh Those Crazy, I Mean "Tea Partiers"

How great is it watching these clown shows going on in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, those great progressive states?--I mean, come on, Wisconsin is more famous for and proud of Senator Tailgunner Joe McCarthy than it is for Senator Robert LaFollette--they voted out Senator Russ Feingold, the most progressive senator in the District of Corruption, in favor of a millionaire Teabagger--so what the hell did they expect when they elected this idiot, Scott Walker, as their governor?--you see now how Wisconsin is a typical Middle-American/Silent-Majority state full of politically schizophrenic (divided) citizens?

And Michigan? Come on. I don't ever remember in my lifetime Michigan leaning way left, in spite of it being the home of some of the nation's largest and most powerful unions, including the United Auto Workers of America once under the leadership of a tough old auto worker, Walter Reuther. I mean I know Michigan as the home of the American Libertarian movement--Holland, Michigan--I know now that Michigan has had the highest numbers of foreclosures in the country--I know, too, that Detroit, Michigan, is still one of the most depressed cities in the USA--having three good friends natives of Flint, Michigan, from them I know that their once all-American hometown, once home to General Motors plants where they made Chevrolets and Buicks, is now a relative ghost town, a wild town, so wild there are parts of Flint the cops refuse to enter--and last week, the new Tea Party Michigan House and Senate, duly elected to power by the idiot citizens of the Yahoo State of Michigan, passed into law a measure that now gives them the power to takeover a failing Michigan city or town, like DETROIT maybe, and like Flint for sure, throw out all the duly elected officials--including the mayors and all city workers--and sell that city to a private management corporation. There ya go Michigan! Ironies galore in all of this Chaos...and it is Chaos, folks, and in Chaos there is anarchy before there is a new world order.

I marvel at how dumb our most gifted pundits are in terms of history. All these Teabagger assholes are doing is wanting to revert this country way back to the 1880s and 1890s when the Generals and Commodores and Captains of the Capitalist Industrial Revolution rode roughshod over us--with the help, I might add LOUDLY, of the US Government. The Industrial Revolution that started in England and was brought to this country by our new Power Elite, especially the Rockefellers, the Harrimans, Andrew Carnegie, the Melons, the Fricks, J.P. Morgan, Commodore Vanderbilt (he was a commodore in the sense he owned a yacht--believe me, that asshole never was in the U.S. Navy), Mr. Goldman and his son-in-law Mr. Sachs, Henry Ford (our first billionaire). They were ripping us off so god-damn ruthlessly, the aristocrat Teddy Roosevelt had to go after them with his Trust-busting big stick--an act that got his aristocratic ass thrown out of the Republican Party and his name besmirched forever by the Republican Party Machine.

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was a sham anyway--and though it broke up say the Rockefeller's monopoly, Standard Oil, it didn't break up the Rockefeller pirating ventures--they still kept their oil companies--they simply turned them into Standard Oil of New York, New Jersey, Ohio, California, etc. Nor did it change these pirate bastards determined to throw buckets of shit on American workers who wanted to unionize for fair wages and safe working conditions and something as simple as good ventilation. The Power Elite Industrialists then took advantage of the rivers of immigrants coming here, especially from China, Ireland, Italy, and hiring them at slave wages--hiring them to build their railroads, to work their mines, to cut down the forests, to do their shit work--fleecing these poor bastards not only of their worth but in a lot of cases of their very lives. You see there were NO unions then--only Anarchists. Bosses could force workers to work 16-hours-a-day, 6 days a week...only giving them Sundays off because most of the swellhead robber barons claimed to be great Christian (except for Mr. Goldman and Mr. Sachs) men so they gave their workers time off on Sunday to go confess their sins and get the blessings of the holy church ("Work for the night is coming, when you'll work no more") so they'd have the strength to report at 5 am the next morning to begin their 6-day workweek again.

The first union to make any big noise was the International Workers of the World, the IWW, the Wobblies, led back in the early 20th-Century by Big Bill Haywood and promoted by Emma Goldman and Mother Jones and the legendary Joe Hill. And God-Almighty-damn how the Christian-Power-Elite Robber Barons hated the Wobblies. Next in power came John L. Lewis's United Mine Workers. And the Robber Barons hated John L. Lewis; and then they hated the Maritime Union, the Dockworkers Union, and later the AF of L and the CIO, and later the United Auto Workers union--and how better to hate them than to call them Commies. And there were Commies among these various unions, some high up in them, most of them coming into visibility in this country along a parallel line with the Russian Revolution. Yes, the unionists read Marx and they had their hopes built on the Russian Revolution that to them was a Workers Revolution, though now we know it wasn't a revolt of the workingclass at all but of the peasants. These American low-paid home-grown and immigrant workers were peasants though because they were in the USA--why, we don't have peasants in this country. No. Just pissants and poor folks and lower classes and "goldbricking lazy bums."

The Capitalist Pig bosses for most of their controlling existence have ridiculed the poorest classes, including the working class in this country. While Commodore Vanderbilt and his worthless family were building oversized mansions in Newport and New York City, the workers who made him and his worthless family rich (even building their mansions for them) were living in tent cities or labor camps or the sordid slums of the cities. Then the Great Depression hit...and the unions got themselves in an "I told you so" situation and the union movement swept into full swing through the twenties and thirties and the forties and especially during World War II. And it was the unions in this country that put their asses on the line, suffering horribly by being the victims of the many brutalities including maiming and death rained on them by the Robber Barons's private goon squads (the Pinkertons, etc.) that also included State Militias and National Guards and also US Army troops--the workers's tent cities and labor camps and labor housing were set on fire. And as the workers and their families ran from the fires, the goons and the Guard were shooting them--or the Robber Barons hired goons to infiltrate unions in order to murder union leaders and organizers. And the workers put their asses persistently enough on the line that they eventually got collective bargaining rights in terms of fair wages, safe working conditions, health-care benefits, life insurance, vacation time, sick days, pay for overtime, the 7-hour work day--the 35-hour workweek.

And oh how this Union strength and the Standard of Living it created--Unions created the Middle Class in this country--pissed off the Power Elite, the greedy rich, those Captains, Commodores, and Colonels of Industry. And they have viciously tried to put Unions out of business ever since. During Truman's administration, starting this movement during the last days of Franklin Roosevelt's reign (4-term President), the antiUnion uppercrust led by the fabulously rich Senator Robert Alonzo Taft of Ohio tried to stifle Unions again--ending winning big time with the passing of the Union-punishing Taft-Hartley Act in 1947.

[The Labor–Management Relations Act (Pub.L. 80-101, 61 Stat. 136, enacted June 23, 1947, informally the Taft–Hartley Act) is a United States federal law that monitors the activities and power of labor unions. The act, still effective, was sponsored by Senator Robert Taft and Representative Fred A. Hartley, Jr. and legislated by overriding U.S. President Harry S. Truman's veto on June 23, 1947; labor leaders called it the "slave-labor bill"[1] while President Truman argued that it was a "dangerous intrusion on free speech,"[2] and that it would "conflict with important principles of our democratic society,"[3] Nevertheless, Truman would subsequently use it twelve times during his presidency.[4] The Taft–Hartley Act amended the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA; informally the Wagner Act), which Congress passed in 1935. The principal author of the Taft–Hartley Act was J. Mack Swigert[5] of the Cincinnati law firm Taft, Stettinius & Hollister] From Wikipedia.
In Madison, Wisconsin, 185,000 rallied over the past weekend--the largest protest gathering in Wisconsin history; yet, self-centered prick with high-flown political ambitions, Governor Scott Walker (Wisconsin cheeseheads elected him), boldly, with a pompous look down his nose at his constituents, signed into law the bill that takes away government workers (includes teachers, cops, firemen) right to collective bargaining, which pretty much does away with what empowerments the State Workers Union had. The nutty Governor said he hoped this inspired others across the state...oops, er-ah, he meant others across "the nation" but he went on through with the slip--then he finally got it right when in his closing remarkable remarks he hoped this great piece of legislation that will wreck the infrastructure of the Wisconsin State government was going to inspire other states across the nation to do the same thing--and, trust me, "those" other states have already started following suit: in Michigan, in Indiana, in Maine, in Idaho, in South Dakota, in Texas. Worthless states in terms of jobs, safe homes, a chance to make more than just a living. States so dumb and with such confused populations, they rush to the polling places to shoot themselves in the foot by electing these cornball lying bastards who've got them so damn afraid of their own shadows they are willing to continue trusting these assholes for their salvation, when these Demons are actually taking them straight down the slippery road to Capitalist Hell. I heard that in one state, the Teabagger governor was trying to pass a law taxing seniors's pensions and savings accounts.

SENIORS: The Tea Party goons want you DEAD and out of the way (and trust me, so do President Obama and the Corporate-moneyed Democrats). Of course the irony here is the fact that all these Tea Party billionaire supporters are old farts in their 70s and 80s (like the Koch Brothers and that old decrepit asshole Alan Simpson). They "don't need no welfare," you see, because they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and "you fool senior citizens didn't, so FUCK all ya senior bastards!" Baby Boomers, by the way, hate their parents. Why? Because their parents covered their asses so well they don't know how to handle responsibilities--especially those involving handling money, marriage, sex, and the ability for them to pull themselves up by their fancy bootstraps.

A Big Lie Being Revealed in Japan As It Once Again Gets Nuked
Nuclear power plants...ah, come on, folks, you've nothing to fear if they build one in your backyard. Hell, with our modern construction techniques, shit, one of these new-fangled nuclear plant sons'a bitches can survive a 9.0 earthquake! And off goes the buzzer: WRONG!

SURPRISE! These new-fangled nuclear plants cannot survive a 9.0 earthquake. The poor old Japanese who should have known better than to be suckered into the nuclear power plant flim-flam after Harry "Ass" Truman melted 300,000 of them during WWII. But the Japanese are a pretty dumbass people--why continue living packed like sardines on these teeter-totting islands? I read where this earthquake shifted the Japanese islands 8 feet--though earthquakes are nothing new to the Japanese who suffer hundreds of tremors every day--same as Californians--and look for this same thing to happen in California--and surely there is a nuclear power plant built over the San Andreas Fault in California--but not to worry, it's perfectly safe.

Just like hydrofract gas drilling recently caused a series of earthquakes in what every one of those Arkies thought was earthquake-safe Arkansas.

I often ask the question of my geologist friends what the purpose of oil and gas is in the Gestalt of the World? This planet of plates and plate-shiftings as part of the balancing act that keeps this spaceship sailing at a steady high-speed pace in its orbit around the Sun, our only GOD should you be one of those "lost" souls looking for a Big Daddy in the Sky.
From C. Wright Mills (The Power Elite):

Americans like to think of themselves as the most individualistic people in the world, but among them the impersonal corporation has proceeded the farthest and now reaches into every area and detail of daily life. Less than two-tenths of 1 per cent of all the manufacturing and mining companies in the United States now employ half of all the people working in these basic industries. The story of the American economy since the Civil War is thus the story of the creation and consolidation of this corporate world of centralized property.


Check out our old compadre Nicholas Egon Jainschigg's new blog--over in our blog list. He's just returned from Russia and has his first post since returning of his impressions of Moscow, etc. Nick's as precise a writer as he is painter. Nick's one of the truly most horizontally and vertically broad in all-round perspective people I know (oh what an adjectival tribute!)--one of the great art minds, teachers, illustrators, and now painter in the US certainly.

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Say Goodbye to:
Drummer Joe Morello: Joe Morello, 82, American drummer (The Dave Brubeck Quartet).

New York City Radio and Club Personality Danny Stiles:
Danny Stiles, 87, American radio host