Thursday, January 15, 2015

Existing in New York City---The Fascists Are in Power

The higher immorality can neither be narrowed to the political sphere nor understood as primarily a matter of corrupt men in fundamentally sound institutions. Political corruption is one aspect of a more general immorality; the level of moral sensibility that now prevails is not merely a matter of corrupt men. The higher immorality is a systematic feature of the American elite; its general acceptance is an essential feature of the mass society.

Of course, there may be corrupt men in sound institutions, but when institutions are corrupting, many of the men who live and work in them are necessarily corrupted. In the corporate era, economic relations become impersonal-and the executive feels less personal responsibility. Within the corporate worlds of business, war-making and politics, the private conscience is attenuated-and the higher immorality is institutionalized. It is not merely a question of a corrupt administration in corporation, army, or state; it is a feature of the corporate rich, as a capitalist stratum, deeply intertwined with the politics of the military state. [C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite, 1956]

Since the 60s
Since the days of the hippy rebelion against the stupid Vietnam War, we eccentric oddballs have been yelling our heads off about this country going Fascist.  When you worship the rich and famous like we do in this country, you lose a sense of reality, a reality where everyone can't be rich.  In fact, there must be poor people for there to be rich people.

I'm already watching the Fascist Republicans going about actually ruining our Federal Government.  They want to privatize the world---global dominance.  A privatized world means there are no regulations at all protecting world citizens.  The Republicans want us all poor don't you see because royals and feudal landlords and the privileged (those who practice conspicuous consumption ---read Thorstein Veblen for an explanation of "Conspicuous Consumption") need the poor to clean their shitcans, to prepare their meals, to wash their clothes, to wait on them hand and foot, to raise and pamper their worthless offspring (those who inherit their wealth).  It's a revolution alright, but a right-wing revolution, our betters enslaving us so that we'll do their bidding because in poverty men and women are desperate; the Capitalist Pig way of thinking, sees desperation as opportunity to enslave.

The trouble is, Americans worship rich people.  The poor hate them, but that hate stems from jealousy and not from self-defiance and rebellion.  We see the wealthy constantly peddled before us as our mentors, as those who are blessed by the god Moolah with wealth, privilege, and power.  Though these Power Elite are criminals, they will never be convicted of a crime because they are God-blessed and the myth surrounding them is that these criminals are needed in order for our economy to grow.  Bullshit!  Our economy isn't growing and will die more than grow in the coming four long years because we refuse to tax the Power Elite and the corporations they get their Power from.  We are allowing our rich and their corporations to jerk us around by the nose.  I figure in a few years, we'll build chapels to the Power Elites where we poor slobs can go pray to their God, Moolah.  Can you imagine a Koch Brothers Chapel on Park Avenue in New York City (this is where they live, not in Wichita) with a shrine to the three disparate brothers?  Or how about the Donald Trump Chapel where we all can go in and worship the bankruptcy champion of the USA as he basks in a wealth he inherited from his real-estate mogul father?

The Fascist Republicans are already at work trying to destroy our lives as we dream of living them.  They are already denying future payments to the disabled.  The Fascist hate the disabled because they suck money out of the system and contribute nothing to it.  This cut will also include disabled veterans. Fuck 'em, right?  That's how we treat our "military heroes" once they get their poor slob asses out of combat and intrigue and return home to nothing but fuck yous from our Fascist government while hypocritically they are praising these poor slobs as heroes.  Only fools join the military these days.  Fools with no hope after they get out or don't get out of high school of landing any kind of good-paying job so they go join the army to save their asses.

I love a certain ad on television that's been running lately in which the jest is that a soldier coming home without any legs is now better off than he was when he had legs---for you see, the example they give is a guy who is now a champ in the disabled Olympics as a wheel-chair racer.  Hey, how 'bout that!  What about truncates?  Heroes who lost both arms and legs?  You don't hear much about them.

These Fascist Republicans are so cruel, they're seriously advocating doing away with Social Security (it's the Americans workers' money but not according to these Fascist assholes), Medicare, and Medicaid.  Can you imagine such gall?  Millionaires who have the best health-care taxpayers' money can buy; millionaires who are set for life even if they lose their next election because they continue to get paid on into the future---and these old fossils live forever---look at the aging Koch Bros., look at old grizzled Mitch "Fuck You" McConnell.  This son of the Old Plantation South hates the workingclass, a class he's never known in his life.  Now these old bastards are going to try to drive us down to a Third World nation, the very thing the Neo-Con Manifesto called for back during the Reagan years.

I worked in New York City advertising (telling lies) for tons of years.  Every year I paid into Social Security and after I turned fifty, I started paying into Medicare.  It's my money, god-dammit, and I can't see, though fools they be, the American retired (seniors they're called) workers letting these assholes get away with what they plan: the privatization of Social Security.  If these workers allow this, then the American people are stupider than I think they are now.  Remember, the American people elected these assholes to office.  The fact that these assholes got millions of Power Elite and corporate money in their campaigns didn't get them elected as our media trumpets; the voters had alternatives, but, no, they in their stupidity voted the worst assholes into power.  The Blacks and Latinos didn't elect these draconian assholes.  The racist Whites put them in power...and don't forget that when these Fascist fools start fucking with you.

Who will be our Hitler?  Will it be Hillary?  Or Jeb?  After all, Jeb's family took care of Hitler's banking during his effort to conquer the world with his Napoleonic complex.

Oh well. I'm a voice in the wilderness, I know.  And my words are wasted on so stupid a people as those who elected this circus of clowns as our rulers.

World War III sits like a Cheshire cat on our horizon.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Existing in New York City: CHAOS Rules

"The suspicious mind believes more than it doubts.  It believes in a formidable and ineradicable evil lurking in every person." Eric Hoffer
The Arising Automaton Military and the Coming World War III
I watched a PBS Frontline presentation Wednesday (Jan. 7th) on future spying using high resolution cameras, cameras the size of the cameras we have in our cell phones that from 17,000-feet can pinpoint an area say of a city, like the corner of 34th and Broadway here in New York City, whence they can then zoom down to see every moving object on that corner---from cars to pedestrians---zooming in on a human being definite enough to see him waving his arms about.  I watched this Dr. Argus (yes, a mad scientist) creating these high-definition cameras and being so proud of his advancements on this form of technological spying.

Then the show moved on to the evolution of drones and the predicted coming of an automaton military.  Drones are still not completely controllable yet---they crash more than any other aircraft around today.  So the evil scientists at MIT (and other Ivy League government-money-grubbers) spending oodles of Pentagon free-flowing money (and now that the idiot Republicans are in office and taking us over, the Pentagon will be sluiced another billions or trillions of dollars) are designing and redesigning current and future drones, drones that eventually will attempt to complete the Ronald-Reagan-vision of world dominance through underhanded means (the New World Order, folks)(the 1000 points of light old Pappy Bush (he's getting near a chance to meet his maker) trumpeted---1000 points of high-definition spying---I'm sorry, when it comes to the Bushes, I go off my rocker.  How this sleazy Bush family and the sleazy Clinton gang have taken us over stunningly amazes me and how they are purposely leading us down a chaotic path of eventually human destruction makes me want to turn my back on the human race.  (A societal death wish being fulfilled by a gang of evil sociopaths.)

D.H. Lawrence (I'm currently reading The Plumed Serpent) hated science because he said science had no soul, had no gods within it (a Platonic reasoning), meaning it is simply a matter of mathematical "lifeless" conjecturing.  Have you ever watched a physicist writing out a complicated math equation?  It's like a first language with him or her.  Like the formula for quantum mechanics---that formula dominates the mind of the ladder-climbing physicist (like Bohr, Planck, Heisenberg) and he can quickly jot it out for you, an equation it took decades to invent.  And that's what these humanity killing scientists are up to, the eventual moving of the human world into a chaotic free-fall situation, a situation we are currently IN.

Intrigue is the key word here.  The human mind seeks intrigue in order to justify its existence.  Intrigue has led us from the most primitive of mankind to what we are today, a jam-pot mess of soon 8 billion people most of whom are India Indians or Asians.  Obama is on his way to India as I write this.  Why is he going to India?  If you recall, that idiot son of Pappy Bush's, G.W., traded India our nuclear secrets for their mangoes.  Sounds insane...and it is, but it actually happened.  So Obama, under orders from the Bush-Clinton gang, their hands are up his ass manipulating his presidency, is going over to bring India into his Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement, a trade agreement that some pundits claim will take away all nations' sovereignty and turn us all over to an International Body of Corporate Rulers and their own set of world courts ruled over by corporate lawyers all put in place and kept in place by Fascist military units.  There is no doubt in my mind that we are now definitely a FASCIST nation.  When's our Mussolini going to show his pompous face?

Turns out money really is the root of all evil.  A brilliant whiz-kid person studies hard and long in order to compete in this chaotic world.  The most brilliant of us get into science.  The ultra-brilliant of us, those genius scientists who are currently working on Pentagon experiments of automaton warfare, who will do anything to get ahead in their fields, to me are the most evil of us.  For prestige in their fields and with all that Pentagon loot under their control, they'll do anything they're told to do, like "We want you to devise a warring instrument that will eventually do away with the human race."  "Yassuh, Massuh," these evilly minded scientists will reply.

I truly believe these Republican assholes to whom the stupid American people have just handed their lives will eventually use nuclear weapons as a part of their world-dominance-New-World-Order agenda (the Neo-Con Manifesto).  Can you imagine a gathering of the evilest people on earth (and there are such gatherings going on 24/7) in order to program a genocide plan that will eliminate POOR people (those who suck from the system rather than contributing to it)?  And I'm just nibbling at the corners of this world-dominance plan.

I'm evilly thrilled about all this.  I love Chaos and entropy.  I've been predicting it for years now. Check my earliest posts (2006)---satirical in nature though they were, they were actually pointing the direction in which this bunch of criminal political goons is taking us---I said our true god is Chaos (in his material form as money) and that we will eventually be bowing down to him and sacrificing virgins to him and evangelically proclaiming him our true and only God.  God help us.  WE ARE DEFINITELY DOOMED.

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