Sunday, December 28, 2014

Existing in New York City, Where Our Police Can Do NO Wrong; Where Only the Citizens They're Supposed to Protect Are Criminals

New York City Police (Under Guiliani-Appointed Dumbass Police Commish) Cry Foul
Two NYPD officers were ambushed (or "bushwhacked" as my West Texas friends would say) and killed by a man with a Muslim-sounding name.  Now the NYPD is crying its eyes out over this incident.  Plus, they're crying foul.  Who committed the foul?  Why the protesters of police killing of unarmed Black men who have been tying up traffic, blocking tunnels, bridges, protesting in front of police headquarters, city hall.  G.W. Bush's piece of crap administration started all of this by stamping the asses of protesters against Baby Bush's two illegal and economic destructive wars (both illegal since neither Iraq nor Afghanistan had a damn thing to do with 9/11, one of the great military invasions of all time, where 22 fanatic Islam drunken nutjobs (my psychiatrist niece castigates me for using such vicious slang) using only box-cutters took over airliners and crashed them into various "political sites" (World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the White House) around the USA in payback for Pappy Bush (is he near to meeting his maker?) using Saudi-Arabia to launch an attack against a Muslim nation, which pissed off Bin Laden and the Saudi Wahhabists to the point they sought revenge against the US attempt to control the world's marketplace with the intentions of forcing US ways on what we call savage nonChristian nations.

And now, oh my God, all the NYC news flunkies are with tearfilled eyes talking about what a tragedy this is,  It's OK for cops to shoot and kill Black boys and men but when one of them goes berserk and kills policeman, HOLY SHIT, the whole citizenry is blamed.  Here's how our big phony Liberal (liberal, hell, he's a political hack just like all of 'em) Mayor DeBlasio had to politically word it:

"When a police officer is murdered, it tears at the foundation of our society. It is an attack on all of us," said de Blasio, who has had a rocky relationship with rank-and-file police officers over what they see as his lack of support. "When they are attacked, it is an attack on the very concept of decency."

Oh, poor old political hack.  He forgets NYC is a Republican stronghold---hell, the Koch Brothers live here; it's a billionaire/playboy heaven now---full of dictators out looking to take away all our Constitutional rights and our long-now-dead Bill of Rights.  My question is, how does the killing of a police officer tear at the foundation of our society?  Does that mean when the cops kill an unarmed teenage Black boy or a choke a Black man to death they are building UP the foundation of our society?  "When THEY are attacked, it is an attack on the very concept of decency."  Wow, that's a powerful backwards way of thinking.  If the cops kill unarmed citizens, they are really being decent about it, is that what DeBlasio means?

Our local teevee stations telecasted live and stayed throughout the long cop-honor-B.S. and Praise the Lord service for slain cop, Raphael Ramos (they did not televise Eric Garner's funeral).  And according to the teevee narators, you would have thought Ramos was Jesus Christ as they emphasized how tough it is being a policeman here in NYC and how harassed they are by protesters like the sorry low-lifes protesting the legal killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner on Staten Island.  Michael Brown, according to our teevee mourners, cockily defied the Ferguson cops and deserved being blown away even though he was unarmed and committed no crime---he was killed because he was a Black man.  Or they said Eric Garner was a sorry bastard of a Black man who deserved to be choked to death because after all he was selling loose cigarettes, which meant the sorry bastard was not paying taxes on these cigarettes.  I agreed wholeheartedly after my teevee "newsspeakers" explained the cops side of that choking that led to this criminal's death and gave the boyz in blue a big tip of the hat, shouting, "Good job, men.  Blow the fucking Black bastards away at will.  I confess my Communist leanings and renounce them to now favor a FASCIST state where the police are meant to protect the rights of the rich and blow away any aggravating and protesting lefties, and that includes all Blacks and Latinos as well as Hippy Whites---blow 'em away with impunity.  Amen.  The cops are RIGHT and WE the citizens of NYC are WRONG.  Case closed.

There will be I'm sure (and already are) other Black men and boys gunned down by cops probably before the end of this year and certainly all during 2015.  Cops are not guilty of any crimes because they have a 007 attitude about why they carry powerful sidearms and AKAs and tear gas and pepper spray.  They truly are taught they have a God-given right as cops to blow away anybody they suspect of being a threat to them.  Our poor police.  I think we should let them rule us.  Afterall, cops are there to PROTECT US and SERVE US.  What mythical bullshit, eh?

Our national hypocrisies go marching on.  We live in a mythical world.  There's nothing real about it except human beings are through the human race's death wish trying to kill the real world with their mythological belief systems.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Existing in New York City: Is That Anarchy I Smell in the Air?

In the Still of the Night
I was already in bed reading Lawrence's The Plumed Serpent when a sound outside my opened window caught my attention.  You know how you hear something and at first you know what it sounds like but you're not quite definite about it yet?  That's what happened with me.  I heard this sound and knew what it sounded like but thought no that can't be what it sounds like.  Then, as if on cue, I heard a helicopter flying low and noisy over my building--I'm on the top floor so I got a bird's eye view of it with its exhaust belching out its annoying presence. And then it hit me.  It was what I thought it was.  It was the noise of people in the streets, of people chanting forcefully in that inspiring unison that then I knew was ringing all about my neighborhood as these protesters marched up Broadway toward Times Square.  I immediately turned on the 11 o'clock news (news I normally don't ever watch except during catastrophes or mass protests, those sorts of things).  I was wide awake to first a fairly fair reportage by the local CBS news of what was going on (the local NBC news was sarcastic and pro-police in their reportage).

This all started when Al Sharpton (I don't call him Reverend...that's a bullshit title) announced a televised press conference in which he was going to discuss the day-before exonerating of the cop who choked poor old Eric Garner to death with him hollering "I can't breathe" eleven times--it was all captured on an i-camera by a dude standing right at the edge of the action.

No problem, saith our pious police.  This big Black devil was selling loose cigarettes trying to make a little street money to support his wife and 6 kids.  Tough shit, Black man.  The NYPD can't tolerate such law breakers.  Why not shoot this crooked son of a bitch?  Cops know nothing's gonna happen to 'em if they shoot someone in the "line of duty."

Since I've lived in New York City, almost every few weeks the cops shoot and kill someone, usually, a Black man, though, hell, if you remember Mrs. Bumpers (she was wielding a butcher knife for protection when cops broke down her door and invaded her home), they'll shoot to kill women, too.

Here's a Huffington Post article on a history of the New York police shooting unarmed black men.

Cops are basically cowards.  Cowards carrying high-powered sidearms, wearing bullet-proof vests (they have to buy their own), harnessed in huge leather attire that holds handcuffs, billy club (nightstick they call it), automatic pistol, bullets, pepper spray, and their intercommunication devices (if they are in their SWAT paraphernalia then they are in military garb carrying AKA assault rifles) .  When watching 9/11 on television, while the NYFD did their duty and marched into the falling straight down World Trade Centers 1 and 2 to their possible doom, the big fat overloaded cops were running like hell away from the falling buildings.  Cowards, don't you see.

And, yes, it is dangerous to call an NYP officer a coward.   Yet they are.  Why, for instance, does it take five or six officers to take down one human being who if he or she resists arrest or asks the wrong questions about why they're being arrested or they turn and run when they see the cops, they get blown away without their side of the story or a chance to defend themselves in court)?  Remember back to the famous Rodney King case how 5 or 6 LAPD beat the living crap out of the man and then said he resisted arrest (those cops were cleared of any wrongdoing by a bunch of White jurists).

No, all cops kill with impunity.  Watch the cop shows on teevee where during the course of an hour, these teevee cops shoot and kill upwards of at least 3 or 4 people per episode.  Some of these phony cops are brought to bear by what these shows call Internal Affairs if they've shot and killed a suspect.  But, praise the Lord, even these phony cops end up with impunity in killing the evil enemies of law and order.  Remember when the Republicans trumpeted "law and order" as their main concern while participating in local, state, and federal elections.  I remember when SWAT teams came into being.  Cop shows have always been popular, especially with males because males are taught to be competitive by playing imaginary games of good and evil, like "cowboys and Indians," "cops and robbers," "bad guys and good guys."  (Little girls are taught to want to be princesses and live in fairy tale kingdoms with handsome rich princes a la Disney's concept of Utopia.)

But get used to cops ruling the roost for the Neo-Con Capitalists for many years to come, Capitalism being our true enemy but like we can't deny a God, we can't deny Capitalism is a worn-out, unfair, British-designed, Imperialist economic tool.  Am I promoting Socialism or Communism?  Nope!  Not at all.  I'm promoting reality. I'm promoting thinking positively in a mathematical/dialectical sense.  I'm promoting studying history and how it never changes until the peasants get tired of being run over by the robber barons' carriages and whipped at the post by one of the boss's goons or beaten in an alley by an anti-union goon.  They revolt when they get beaten down enough.  When they start gathering in the streets...well, you get my drift.

So now do you understand why we need a militarized police force?

Our aristocratic Congress is voting on declaring war on ISIS.  Hot damn.  A chaotic world.  Obama speaks backward-thinking speak by being anti-Keystone XL pipeline on Colbert's teevee show, which to me means it could be approved any day now.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Existing in New York City: Gotta Learn How to Think Like a Republican

Into the Republican Mind
Hi, y'all.  I'm Crispy Chris Righteous (not my real name), a representative from the great Confederate State, what'd I say? Well, dammit, it is a Confederate State, by God, and I proudly call the great State of South Carolina a Confederate state.  That rebel spirit still lives on in our souls.  In our WHITE souls, I might also proudly add, 'cause after all, folks, it was rich White folks, rich White plantation moguls, rich conniving representatives of both Dutch and British private equity and joint venture companies that set this country on its amazing course to rising from a British colony that had been civilized by God-fearing and God-ordained Fundamentalist Christian exiles.  Like the brave and wily Puritans and Pilgrims and their believing that God had sent them to this great land to civilize it, to save it from the wildness of the savages who fought madly like wild dogs over the exploitations meant as a gift from the God Jehovah to the coming civilized and God-fearing humble but meanly sincere White, I don't mean to leave the gals out here, but as we men all know, some of the gals need civilizing worse than the worse savage Indian. [He waits for the guffawing laughter to die down.]

With the Republicans kicking ass in the recent midterm elections, I was swept to a big victory over my Communist-Socialist-Democrat-Terrorist-Asskissing opponent, that bitch, Mary Peeples, a lying dog protester who'll protest anything to get her mug in the media, especially on television where she tried to use her perky carnal appearance, and granted she is a perky little piece of charm, to make a monkey out of me, but with the help of God and the good White citizens of Poll Tax County, South Carolina, I put her in her place...and I wanna thank our gracious Secretary of State for removing 20,000 nigger, what'd I say now?  Did I say nigger?  I said 'Knee-grow'--in yore prejudiced mind I said nigger, but in reality I said knee-grow, a proper White way of pronouncing that designation...why, hell, folks, I gotta admit I likes knee-grows.  They can be very funny characters sometimes, but, on the other hand, they can be some contrary sons'a bitches, too...and, dammit, folks, I'm sorry, but if you see a knee-grow teen in one of them defiant hoodies, you damn right, you stand your ground just as our White hero George Zimmerman did, 'cause over in the great southern State of Florida you can legally carry a concealed weapon...hey, folks, I carry one, and so does my wife, and I'll tell you the truth, I wish I could give my two boys, 12 and 14, sidearms so they could protect themselves from these crazy Islamic bastards who under the edicts of Mohammed are out to kill all Americans.  So I say, if they're out to blow you away, you blow them away first.  That's the American way.  That's how the White people were able to conquer this savage land and civilize it.  Why, hell, folks, look how we civilized our faithful slaves.  Look at that snooty, dichty, nose-in-the-air Obama, a nigger, what say?  I said nigger.  My friend, what've I gotta do to convince you knee-grow sounds like nigger to you.  Let's change the subject anyway.

Let's talk about why rich folks shouldn't pay one god-damn dime in taxes. [There are "Amens" reverberating through the audience.] Rich people are our mentors.  They are rich because they are smarter than the average Bubba and some of the best of them, like the Koch Brothers and Warren Buffett, both Middle-American, Silent-Majority true Capitalists, were Bubbas who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. These are the same bootstraps that the family of that great Neo-Con president, the great and spiteful G.W. Bush, pulled themselves up by...OK, so the family got beaucoup rich taking care of Adolph Hitler's finances.  Hitler, by the way, wasn't as bad a guy as the communists, socialists, secularists, and atheists have made him out to, my fellow White folks, there's no real proof there was such a thing as this so-called Holocaust.  Even if there was a Holocaust, the Jews brought it on themselves.  Do I hear an 'Amen' on that?  [Multitudes of Amens fill the room.]

Back in the glorious days before left-wing LBJ forced the Civil Rights Act on us, we called those left-wingers who came down to the South and tried to enforce that Civil Rights Act on us "outside agitators," which is exactly what they were.  All protesters are ninnies, cowards, left-wingers, communists, atheists, coming from another part of the country, usually the North, Yankeeland, New York City (Jew York City), to agitate against the things that made the South great.  First of all, the Old South had the cheapest labor there is in a Capitalist society: slavery.  You see, folks, there's nothing wrong with slavery when it's working.  Most great civilizations were built on the backs of slaves, mainly, knee-grows.  You see, folks, we White Christians know from reading and studying God's word, the Holy Christian Bible, that the Sons and Daughters of Ham, Noah's son who looked upon his father's nakedness, a mortal sin in those days, according to God's laws, which are the only laws I respect, would be servants to the White man for eternity.  They were banned by God to suffer living in what is now Ethiopia.  Old Christians used to call Niggertowns out of respect for Biblical fairness, Ethiopiantowns.

I got into Libertarianism after meeting Ludwig Von Mises in Alabama and what a great thinker he was.  On coming to the US, he was considered a liberal in Austria, but convinced that liberalism was too close to socialism and communism, he found retreat in the John Birch Society and the teachings of Ayn Rand and then especially after meeting her, promoting her philosophy as a companion way of thinking with Libertarianism, of which Von Mises along with Frederick Hayak were the founders.  I consider these guys next to God.

Libertarianism believes that governments are unnecessary except for maintaining an army and a navy.  Each individual, according to Libertarians, is his own government, his property being his domain, his regulations of himself being the only regulations and "laws" he needs, because in practice, only the laws of the God are the laws he follows.

I'll end my statement by saying, and I think the majority of Americans agree with me, since we have the greatest armed forces ever known, why aren't we using them to their full power? I mean, folks, stop and think about it, one nuclear bomb dropped on the borders of Iraq, Syria, and Iran would solve that crisis in a matter of minutes.  Remember, how tough the Japs were until we creamed 'em with a couple of A-bombs and think how many lives we'd save by eliminating that Middle-East cesspool of Islamic fanatics.  Just my thoughts but I think most Americans secretly agree with me.  I mean, why have these weapons if we're not going to use them?

I must admit, I'm a radical Republican, a Libertarian first, a Conservative always.  What's best for this country is discipline.  Why should an employer, for instance, be responsible for his workers' health?  Should the workers on their own provide their own health care?  And this Social Security mess, too.  Shouldn't old people provide for their own retirement?  Successful people don't need Social Security only the poor and unhealthy need it and I say, hey, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps; that's what made this country great. [A standing and long applause is heard throughout the hall.]

Crispy Chris Righteous (not my real name)
for The Daily Growler