Sunday, December 28, 2014

Existing in New York City, Where Our Police Can Do NO Wrong; Where Only the Citizens They're Supposed to Protect Are Criminals

New York City Police (Under Guiliani-Appointed Dumbass Police Commish) Cry Foul
Two NYPD officers were ambushed (or "bushwhacked" as my West Texas friends would say) and killed by a man with a Muslim-sounding name.  Now the NYPD is crying its eyes out over this incident.  Plus, they're crying foul.  Who committed the foul?  Why the protesters of police killing of unarmed Black men who have been tying up traffic, blocking tunnels, bridges, protesting in front of police headquarters, city hall.  G.W. Bush's piece of crap administration started all of this by stamping the asses of protesters against Baby Bush's two illegal and economic destructive wars (both illegal since neither Iraq nor Afghanistan had a damn thing to do with 9/11, one of the great military invasions of all time, where 22 fanatic Islam drunken nutjobs (my psychiatrist niece castigates me for using such vicious slang) using only box-cutters took over airliners and crashed them into various "political sites" (World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the White House) around the USA in payback for Pappy Bush (is he near to meeting his maker?) using Saudi-Arabia to launch an attack against a Muslim nation, which pissed off Bin Laden and the Saudi Wahhabists to the point they sought revenge against the US attempt to control the world's marketplace with the intentions of forcing US ways on what we call savage nonChristian nations.

And now, oh my God, all the NYC news flunkies are with tearfilled eyes talking about what a tragedy this is,  It's OK for cops to shoot and kill Black boys and men but when one of them goes berserk and kills policeman, HOLY SHIT, the whole citizenry is blamed.  Here's how our big phony Liberal (liberal, hell, he's a political hack just like all of 'em) Mayor DeBlasio had to politically word it:

"When a police officer is murdered, it tears at the foundation of our society. It is an attack on all of us," said de Blasio, who has had a rocky relationship with rank-and-file police officers over what they see as his lack of support. "When they are attacked, it is an attack on the very concept of decency."

Oh, poor old political hack.  He forgets NYC is a Republican stronghold---hell, the Koch Brothers live here; it's a billionaire/playboy heaven now---full of dictators out looking to take away all our Constitutional rights and our long-now-dead Bill of Rights.  My question is, how does the killing of a police officer tear at the foundation of our society?  Does that mean when the cops kill an unarmed teenage Black boy or a choke a Black man to death they are building UP the foundation of our society?  "When THEY are attacked, it is an attack on the very concept of decency."  Wow, that's a powerful backwards way of thinking.  If the cops kill unarmed citizens, they are really being decent about it, is that what DeBlasio means?

Our local teevee stations telecasted live and stayed throughout the long cop-honor-B.S. and Praise the Lord service for slain cop, Raphael Ramos (they did not televise Eric Garner's funeral).  And according to the teevee narators, you would have thought Ramos was Jesus Christ as they emphasized how tough it is being a policeman here in NYC and how harassed they are by protesters like the sorry low-lifes protesting the legal killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner on Staten Island.  Michael Brown, according to our teevee mourners, cockily defied the Ferguson cops and deserved being blown away even though he was unarmed and committed no crime---he was killed because he was a Black man.  Or they said Eric Garner was a sorry bastard of a Black man who deserved to be choked to death because after all he was selling loose cigarettes, which meant the sorry bastard was not paying taxes on these cigarettes.  I agreed wholeheartedly after my teevee "newsspeakers" explained the cops side of that choking that led to this criminal's death and gave the boyz in blue a big tip of the hat, shouting, "Good job, men.  Blow the fucking Black bastards away at will.  I confess my Communist leanings and renounce them to now favor a FASCIST state where the police are meant to protect the rights of the rich and blow away any aggravating and protesting lefties, and that includes all Blacks and Latinos as well as Hippy Whites---blow 'em away with impunity.  Amen.  The cops are RIGHT and WE the citizens of NYC are WRONG.  Case closed.

There will be I'm sure (and already are) other Black men and boys gunned down by cops probably before the end of this year and certainly all during 2015.  Cops are not guilty of any crimes because they have a 007 attitude about why they carry powerful sidearms and AKAs and tear gas and pepper spray.  They truly are taught they have a God-given right as cops to blow away anybody they suspect of being a threat to them.  Our poor police.  I think we should let them rule us.  Afterall, cops are there to PROTECT US and SERVE US.  What mythical bullshit, eh?

Our national hypocrisies go marching on.  We live in a mythical world.  There's nothing real about it except human beings are through the human race's death wish trying to kill the real world with their mythological belief systems.

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