Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Hard Rains'a Gonna Fall"

Whatever Happened to Acid Rain?
Exxon-Mobil has convinced me that combustible engine emissions are good for the environment; why trees turn carbon monoxide into oxygen!! Hot damn, let's sell cars to the Chinese Commies!!! Even in Baghdad there are still cars and trucks on the streets.

So Hillary Clinton is a traitor--taking advice and money from Conservative advisors and Conservative backers. And why not? Hill, like her husband, Slick Willie, are Conservative Dumbocrats, more interested in Neo-Con ideas than she'd like for us to think--certainly pro-WAR same as Slick Willie and certainly for taking more of our rights away from us same as her husband, Slick Willie, and his infamous Patriot Act. I now see that the Neo-Cons see a big chance of stealing the election again if Hillary is the Dumbocrat nominee. They figure it'll be close as hen's teeth between Hillary and say Mitt "The Mormon" Romney and that way Cousin Karl and his Roving Election Bandits can rig the votes in those same ole traditionally wildass Neo-Con states like Ohio and Florida--with like chances, too, in the many hick states that will obvious let a lot of their legendary instincts keep them from voting for a woman or a Knee-grow.

Like we've reported in the past, Hillary was once on the board of Wal-Mart. Whose side do you think she'll be on when the dickheads that work at Wal-Mart want to form a union so they can get decent wages and health care and shit like that?

Obama also appears more and more like a Neo-Con puppet, too, the more I see him getting in the same-old political squirrelcage and running on the same old losing ways the Dumbocrats have been running on since 1972 when both parties then defied the wants of We the People --"Hell no we won't go" --and continued the war on in spite of us driving Lyndon out of office and getting rid of General Louis Hershey and the F-ing unfair draft, though I'm quite sure our new Chancellor and Forever Commander and Chief will reinstitute the draft in order to keep his Global Army taking Freedom on the March around the world where there's oil, like Iran, like Nigeria, like the Sudan, like Kenya, also mostly Islamic states.

How About Some Scary Reading From Harpers Magazine (

One of the telltale signs of the somnolent mainstream media is its inattention to the nation’s fiscal situation. Throughout the Clinton years, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page would raise the siren call of irresponsible spending and excess taxation, and broadcast media often followed suit. Now economic historians view this period as one of remarkably responsible fiscal stewardship – in which an impressive treasury surplus was built up and plans laid to bring down the historical deficit.

But those sirens went mute immediately upon the inauguration of George W. Bush. During his misadministration, staggering debt has been built up, and wasteful spending has far outstripped anything Washington has ever seen before. The era of Bush has been a revisiting of the Gilded Age – the era described by Mark Twain in his piece of that name from 1873, a mass of pretense, excess and corruption bent on the extirpation of everything that was ever decent about our country. The Bush era is marked by spending like a drunken sailor, as one of Congress’ few remaining fiscal conservatives – John McCain – likes to say, profiteering from it through earmarks and then covering it all up and lying to the public about the cost and consequences.

In today’s USA Today, Dennis Cauchon takes a look at the Bush budget process and lays out some very unpleasant truths.

The federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion loss last year — far more than the official $248 billion deficit — when corporate-style accounting standards are used, a USA TODAY analysis shows. The loss reflects a continued deterioration in the finances of Social Security and government retirement programs for civil servants and military personnel. The loss — equal to $11,434 per household — is more than Americans paid in income taxes in 2006. “We’re on an unsustainable path and doing a great disservice to future generations,” says Chris Chocola, a former Republican member of Congress from Indiana and corporate chief executive who is pushing for more accurate federal accounting…

Taxpayers are now on the hook for a record $59.1 trillion in liabilities, a 2.3% increase from 2006. That amount is equal to $516,348 for every U.S. household. By comparison, U.S. households owe an average of $112,043 for mortgages, car loans, credit cards and all other debt combined. Unfunded promises made for Medicare, Social Security and federal retirement programs account for 85% of taxpayer liabilities. State and local government retirement plans account for much of the rest. This hidden debt is the amount taxpayers would have to pay immediately to cover government’s financial obligations. Like a mortgage, it will cost more to repay the debt over time. Every U.S. household would have to pay about $31,000 a year to do so in 75 years.

Who’s to blame? A president and vice president who inhabit an alternate universe. Remember that when Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill raised the issue of deficit spending in the first cabinet meeting following the 2002 midterm elections, he was slapped down by Dick Cheney. “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter. We won the midterm elections, this is our due,” Cheney said. In his interview with Ron Suskind, O’Neill offered this distinction between his service in the Ford era and the age of George W. Bush: “The biggest difference between then and now is that our group was mostly about evidence and analysis, and Karl [Rove], Dick [Cheney], Karen [Hughes] and the gang seemed to be mostly about politics. It’s a huge distinction.”

The Bush 43 team is about short-term political gain. Full stop. Their indifference to the suffering they will leave behind, to their squandering of a nation’s patrimony, is unprecedented in American history. But not, evidently, much of a subject to trouble our pliant media.

Good ole Harper's -- they've stayed pretty fairminded over the years--good magazine, though I'm not sure who owns it--Murdoch?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

That What Soldiers Are Paid For These Days

Here's a Pathethic Memorial Day (Decoration Day) Statement to Our Brave Fighting Forces in This Occupation of a Nation That Did Nothing to This Country; Yet They Bare the Brunt of Our WRATH in Our Surge for Revenge for the 2900 Who Were Killed in the Successful Arab Nutjob (Mostly Saudis--No Iraqis) Airliner Attacks on New York City and Supposedly the Pentagon on 9/11; It's an Offering of Thanks to These Today's Soldiers, These Volunteers, Because If We Had a Draft, These Damn Millionaire Ballplayers Would Have to Go SERVE Their Country Rather Than Staying Here and Serving Their Rich Owners and Masters While Playing Kids's Games----------------------------------------------------------------------------


To the service men and women of the U.S.

Your day officially arrives on Monday. But we should thank you more than once a year.

Many of you were athletes before turning in a football helmet for a combat one, your Air Jordans for the Air Force, your cleats for an M-16.

Even now, from the cities and deserts of Iraq to the mountains of Afghanistan to the European theatre, you are following every piece of news about your Cleveland Browns or Florida Gators or New York Yankees or one of many other sports teams.

You are somewhere out to sea. You're at a listening post. You are walking the hermetic, barbed-wire zone between the Koreas.

You are a resilient, 'ain't got time to bleed, indefatigable American soldier.

Just wanted to show a little appreciation. That's all.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming of sports tirades and petulant posters and chants of "Barry sucks" momentarily.

Before then, thank you.

For watching all of our backs. For fighting for us. For making our love of sports even possible by keeping us alive and safe.

Now, back to sports.

How inanely stupid and uncaring and saying "F you, sisters and brothers, thank you for volunteering to fight this stupid war for this crooked as a snake at night phony "president" we have who we should be volunteering to fight to impeach rather than obediently going off to foreign lands and fighting these wars for these mighty and powerful rich world leaders and the huge corporate global marketplace they really represent, even down to the lowest members of the world's lowest parliaments or congresses or whatever--all bodies of politicians no matter where they are are simply after a piece of this big, huge, filthy rich promising Global Marketplace--I mean, come on, can you imagine selling automobiles to every living person in China!!!! Whoaaaaaaaa Nelly, look at the billions of bucks growing on that big old money tree that grows rich off the fertilizer of WAR--those dead soldier's blown to bit parts ground into good fertilizer for those money fields--like those oilfields in Iraq. How much you think those are worth to these birds in terms of dead American soldiers--forget dead Iraqis, our military gives not one shit in Hell for a dead Iraqi--nor do they really give one shit about just another dead dog soldier or jarhead platoon leader or Humvie machinegunner. That oil is worth more than if we gave every dead American soldier's family a million bucks--so far that oil is worth more than a couple'a trillion dollars--12 billion a day in Iraq?--Hell, you could give these dead soldiers's families 3 or 4 million a piece--then they'd gladly give up several of their other sons and daughters for the cause. Hey, the so-called Terrorists reward their soldiers with a free limo-trip to Islam heaven where they get 10,000 virgins to do with as they please.

Religions. What a waste of earth time and earth resources and human values and human future!! Religions. Take a look at a picture of old horrible-fat, pig-jowled, bloated Reverend Jerry Falwell right before the Lard called him home. Look at how fat and sleazily bloated his blubbery face is. He's a glutton. And gluttons die of massive heart attacks, god or no god.

Religions. Such foolish instinctual yearnings to die for--especially when you are only 22 dickhead years old. When I was in the army we used to talk about how we were fighting these wars for old fuckers as old or older than our parents--and we were rebelling against our parents after their war, WWII. We rebelled by saying "Hell no, we won't go." And by God that eventually got rid of Lyndon Baines "Big Balls" Johnson and his "We will not cut and run in Veee-ette Naam" puff-chested spewing though of course in defiance of the people of the USA at that time, too. Those Dumbocrats insisted on staying with the VietNam WAR and turning normally kind'a progressive old Wallace-type Minnesota Grange progressive Hubert "Pleased as Punch" Humphrey into a weakling, a stooge, a traitor--and Hubert was a sociologist I believe by college education--yep, the Dumbos had the ball in 1972 and they fumbled it into the greedy little hands of one Tricky Dick Nixon, who while bombing the hell out of the South Vietnamese and the Cambodians was pig-squealing his love of peace and ending the war, a WAR by the way based on the phony Bay of Tonkin incident, an incident, same as the Weapons of Mass Destruction aimed at us from Iraq, that was a total LIE, a BIG LIE, as We used to accuse Stalin of spouting--though Stalin did the same thing our Presidents do--he determined to have total control of his lumpenprolitariat, which were most of his people--remember, they were Socialists and everybody works for the government under Socialism, ok, the Communist form of Socialism, but so-what, still Socialist.

Such bullshit. And I'm so tired of it. Cindy Sheehan expressed her tiredness this morning on Amy Goodman's radio show--Cindy is amazed how Bush can just get anything he wants no matter what We the People want and We the People have no representation in Washington now and certainly not from the Dumbocrats who are hook, line, and sinker involved in fishing for gold in these wonderfully abundant WAR waters the Neo-Cons have created--Exxon-Mobil this quarter will turn in such record-breaking profits you'll be amazed by them. They'll leave Wal-Mart spinning in the middle of the Global Marketplace highway like an empty beer can spins when tossed out the window of your car while going 85 say out on one of those well-paved Texas highways headed out toward New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Notice too, Exxon-Mobil stock dropped on the market yesterday, which means, once the profit report is in, it'll shoot up 10 points and the rich investors will make 6 or 7 million, enough to buy some IBM stock, which is pretty cheap now at around 100 bucks a hit.

I'd load up on Exxon-Mobil stock though. Might send one of the curtainclimbers to college or pay to keep him or her out of the Army when the draft comes back in, and don't worry, it's a comin'.

from somewhere in Iowa
For The Daily Growler

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Letter of Resignation

thegrowlingwolf Resigns

Dear The Daily Growler,
I've been busting my wolf ass now for over a year posting like that newsboy in London named Grimes delivered his two Globes and a Post and I like Cindy Sheehan am giving up. Blogging is a great idea but it's getting boring. I mean, I was pulling the sheets back and showing the double-backed beast that is screwing all of us in one fell incubus swoop a year ago, talking about how all wars we've participated in since time began have been based on lies and deceits and rumors and spins--and now, son of a bitch, this dude Norman Coleman has put out a DVD giving the whole history of these lying presidents and their needing wars and starting wars and using the same cliche phrases, like "we will not cut and run," or fear phrases like "better a few dead from bullets today than a whole people dead from a mushroom cloud later." All bullshit. And like Cindy Sheehan, I, too, have been writing for over a year that we are bound to WAR, we hate PEACE, peace means harmony and happiness and shit and that means a citizenry hard to control, hard to round up and keep tabs on--whereas in a constant WAR atmosphere there is only fear and trembling and gnashing of teeth and praying to our long list of phony gods we've made out of the legends of our instincts. I, too, like Cindy Sheehan, have been writing for over a year that the Dumbocrats are all phonies--they're all in the same boat with the Repugnicans, vested interest in war stocks and oil stocks and making millions off speaking engagements and bullshit seminars and stupid nonsense books and how many millions of bucks did Slick Willie and good ole Pappy Bush skim off the top of all those millions they so-called "collected" for the tsunami victims in the South Pacific? (Remember the tsunami?) Like how many millions did Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani skim off his 9/11 fund that the survivors say they never saw a dime of? Check out these guys's Cayman Island offshore bank accounts. They're all loaded; they're all rich bastards; they know all the rich bastards of the world; they congregate; they all dance and drink together all year round, party, party, party, and oh we know her and we know him and ohhhh how privileged we rich bastards are. At least the NYC firemen are standing up to Rudi and calling him a hypocrite and a chickenshit when it came to his 9/11 bravery and leadership--Rudi who stiffed the cops and firemen his whole two terms was NYC's worse mayor ever though the rich New Yorkers loved his ass since he got the blacks rounded up and shipped upstate to Mario Cuomo's big new prison system that saved those upstate New York yokels who lost all their industry to the global marketplace and Slick Willie's putting us in all these free trade agreements and NAFTA and GATT.

You see what I mean? I'm getting wobbly. I write all this shit and so what. Randi Rhodes is still praised to high heavens and I've criticized her over and over.... See how pissed I'm getting?

So to hell with it. Blogs mostly suck except for the two The Daily Growler promotes over in our link section. These are two blogs that at least show creative thinking and reasoning and opinionating--not dunce corners where giggly poet-teases talk about Starbucks, how sexy George Clooney is (he looks like Rosemary Clooney to me and I never thought her pretty at all--therefore, neither is he pretty to me--he's probably hairy as hell, too, girls--his hair full of dust mites and living bacteria and shit--maybe even some fecal matter stuck to his shirttail), and how brilliant Sir Elton John is and how so talented Harry Connick Jr. is--that talentless jerk--sorry, Wynton's father taught him how to play jazz so if Wynton gives him credence I guess that makes Harry a Hall of Fame jazz artist--much more into jazz than say the extremely boring Norah Jones--God she gives me the willies!

So to hell with posting now. It's nonproductive now. Oh several of my posts I'm very proud of--they're full of genius, but most of them are rabid palaver--poison pen notes--and raw growling with the intent to eventually go for the throat.

In the meantime Bush is having a field day getting his way with his F-ing WAR and his Surge bullshit and now his threatening Iran--Why not another WAR? Look at that Stock Market, folks; it's busting 14,000 as soon as that Iran War gets going. You know war spelled backwards is RAW.

Make love not War. Yeah, sure, when you have a little penis for a brain, you can't make love, you can only make WAR. WAR is for men and boys with little penises.

I'm truly resigning, dammit. I'm going off to my hotel room on the riverfront in Davenport, Iowa, killing myself drinking Keokuk corn liquor, killing myself drinking in Davenport the same as Bix Biederbeck killed himself there.

Empty bottles lying all over the room.

Here LIES thegrowlingwolf --Truth no longer is interesting.
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Massage

Mothers and Fathers So Proud Their Sons and Daughters Got Blown to Bits in Iraq
Does it disturb you to see parents smiling full-tooth smiles, putting their hands over their hearts, at the White Man's House "War Memorial" Celebration, with the Commander in Chief coming out and putting one of those very expensive wreaths all presidents have dragged out onto the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in great honor to our sacred war dead--a number that seems to always grow no matter the bravery and sacrifices made for this precious "freedom" what seems like now ever 10 years? I mean and then they interviewed this little kid whose father got blown to bits in Iraq just that week and they handed the little trooper the flag and the little trooper saluted back--what a shame--a poor little dumbass kid child being traipsed out in order to promote this horrid and now totally foul War on Terrorism a war being made by a very dull-looking but I've decided now he's dull like a dull knife and a dull knife can still kill your ass especially when wielded by a spoiled-brat rich daddy's son seeking revenge on the American people--listen to me NOW, I'm'a breathin' heavy like a renegade Holy Roller flim-flammer spelling out the nature of his financial needs--and'a that--er-ah, means YOU and ME, folks...YA HEAR ME? And this dull knife's revenge is gonna cut deep and the wound is gonna be corrupted by the dullness and then the infestation sets in, the wound pusses up, and soon the maggots will busily eating away the rest of the FLESH of this country as we are all being offered up as sacrificial lambs to this little son of a bitch's God, whoever the hell he is; you know, the Bigger than Pappy Bush Big Daddy Up in the Sky that Bush says speaks to him and tells him how righteous he is. Holy shit, I'm scarin' myself.

There are still a hundred thou or so WWII vets still kicking--most of them though are just fading from the scene the way old asshole General McArthur said, "Old soldiers never die...they just fade away." Plus we have tons of veterans to replace the old WWII dudes, you know, vets from the Korean Police Action, the VietNam debacle (a war we lost and as losers we treated the VietNam vets even more shoddily than the Bush Babies are now treating these poor volunteer suckers having to do their "sacrificing" in Iraq and Afghanistan), the War on Grenada by Commander and Chief Ronnie "Where Am I, Mommy?" Raygun, the Pappy Bush's War on Panama to save his drug-dealing buddy Noriega (remember him?) and then the big moment in Little Georgie's life when his wimpy father led this country's forces to that great victory he called the Gulf War (whatever happened to Gulf War Syndrone?--I'll answer this one easy, the same thing that happened to talk about Agent Orange in VietNam--a brother of a friend of mine is just now collecting on the lawsuit these guys won and that coming just in time as he was diagnosed with the cancer Agent Orange causes)--the Persian Gulf War--Pappy's big moment on the white horse. A stupid war--except Pappy charged his war to the Japanese and to the Euro-Union--he made them pay--and he probably took a little Saudi money in the deal--I mean the Saudi Royal Family let him use the holiest of Islamic land as a gathering base for a full attack against an Islamic nation--an abomination according to the interpretation of the Koran that one Brother Osama Bin Laden had at that time--a time when he turned on the Saudi Royal Family and they promptly kicked him out of the country, though they allowed him to keep his own family fortune income--you bet Osama still gets a big fat check from the Saudis every four months. Oh, but Georgie Porgie Bush's God doesn't see it all this way. Remember, even though Pappy trumpeted how he'd made up for our losing in VietNam by winning this big victory over his old pal Saddam Hussein--oh yeah, he and Pappy and Rummy Rumsfeld and Big Dick Chain-gangy were very well acquainted (remember Rummy shaking hands proudly with Saddam back in those good ole days). [Didn't the Iranians claim they got Ronnie Raygun elected in 1980 after secret deals were made--if they'd release the hostages and Ronnie Raygun got credit for it, he win the presidency and then we'd give Iran a military force and some American generals to train the Iranian Army--or some such Iran-Contra-like deals being made--always in secret--always without the dumbass We the People knowing until we read it in the headlines the next day. You cannot win with a "World Ends Tomorrow" campaign--like Al Gore's attempting to do with his environment dog and pony show [why didn't he do something about the environment when he was vice-president? because unlike Little Georgie Porgie has his Unka Dick's hand up his ass pulling the strings, Slick Willie and Miss Hillary told Al to take his dumb ass to the back of the podium and sit there quietly--even pass out for all they cared, and by God that's just what Al did. Of course, Al's star-crazy wife tried to impose her morals on the record industry--but that petered out, too. Poor filthy rich; they find life so boring. Can you tell how bored Georgie Porgie Bush looks these days. Shit, he wishes it were over so he could be playing golf with Prince Bandar down on his Crawford golf course, but nope, Unka Dick and the Saudis have given him a mission and, by God, just like he accomplished his first "Mission Accomplished" he's gonna soon announce his second "Mission Accomplished" this time from the deck of a carrier in the Gulf of Iran and then announce how God's given him another mission to accomplish, the destruction of Iran as we now know it.

"Next stop...Eye-ran!!!" Country Joe, get out your guitar it's time for "Gimme an F...gimme a U...gimme a C...gimme a K."

Wow. It was a solemn day for War and the memories the hundreds of thousands of old US war vets told over and over again all day with tears in their eyes and all kinds of memories of the guys who didn't make it back. One of WWII pilot on the aircraft carrier Lexington had to bail into the drink of the South Pacific six times, each time he was luckily rescued. God how he loved talking about that.

Then there was this goofus-like kid whose brother was just blown to bits in Iraq and he was rushing down to sign up so he could go take his brother's place. That was sad to me.

Then the story on teevee about the Iraq War female returnee who lost one of her arms in combat and she was talking about how she was proud of her service in Iraq and losing the arm was simply a chance result of that service and the missing arm made her even prouder of the service she'd done. And this was a pretty young woman, too, except she had only one arm, which made her look as freaky as Sir Paul of the Beatles's last wife when she took her prosthesis off.

How sad. That's all I could feel for these old soldiers and these new soldiers, now including women. Over 100,000 of our troops have lost limbs in these Iraq and Afghanistan messes of destruction and death we have caused as revenge for a handful of mostly Saudi religious nutjobs knocking down the World Trade Center's buildings and killing almost 3,000 mostly Americans, yes, but with some Arabs and Irish and English and other foreigners in there. Revenge.

And there these patriotic fools were crying their patriotic eyes out while this election-stealing, treasury-raiding, war-mongering "president" is mourning the poor kids he's sent to their doom with his normal insincere smirking lyin' out the side of his mouth shit. Surely some of these vets are pissed that this little snobass richboy born into the "privileges" was able to use one of those privileges to actually go AWOL from his military obligation in the Texas Air National Guard. These richman's privileges are the real "freedoms" these underprivileged mostly men and women are fighting for in any war they're fighting--yep, like Smedley Butler said, the US Army fights under contract to the US Corporations and goes where these corporations need them to defend their properties--same as Blackwater, except Blackwater is a corporation itself.

At the same time Bush was ballyhooing and boohooing--praying to this God of his--the news was announcing we were finally having diplomatic talks with Iran.

So sad. So cartoonish about so serious a subject. A mankind-ending subject at one end of the human race continuum.

And yes, folks, the Yankees lost again today. They've now lost 8 of their last 11 games.

That too is sad.

Joe Torre will be fired as Yankee manager any day now.

It's all too sad for me.

for The Daily Growler

A MUST READ: Article By Michigan Sociologist From Kalamazoo Newspaper

U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq creates training zone for terrorism

Sunday, May 27, 2007 By Ron Kramer

President Bush, U.S. Sen. John McCain and other supporters of the war on Iraq continue to deceive the American people by mischaracterizing the situation there. War supporters argue that the war in Iraq is the central front in a war against ``terrorism'' and that if we don't fight the terrorists there we will have to fight them here later. This is a ludicrous assertion.

This falsehood goes back to the lies advanced by the Bush administration in the propaganda campaign to market the war that Iraq was involved in the Sept. 11 attacks and had operational ties to al-Qaida. There was no evidence of such ties or involvement.

We must understand the violence in Iraq is not caused by ``terrorists'' but by the American military occupation. Our presence there does not prevent violence -- it causes it. The ``enemy'' we are fighting in Iraq is the Iraqi people who are resisting the belligerent occupation of their country, as many of us would do. The ``insurgents'' are various Sunni and some Shiite militias who are resisting the American occupation and the puppet government that the United States is attempting to impose.

There are a small number of foreign jihadists, including some members of al-Qaida, who have come into Iraq since the U.S. invasion. But they are a very small presence, only 1,000 to 2,000 strong according to the Iraq Study Group. A February report of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency noted that ``attacks by terrorist groups account for only a fraction of insurgent violence.''

According to most experts on the Middle East, this small group of foreign terrorists has no ability to come to the U.S., no ability to take over the Iraqi government and will be driven from Iraq as soon as the U.S. leaves. As University of Michigan Middle Eastern history professor Juan Cole points out, ``Turkey, Jordan and Iran are not going to put up with an al-Qaida stronghold on their borders; nor would Shiite and Kurdish Iraqis.''

Rather than fighting terrorism, the invasion of Iraq has caused more terrorism. In a recent report, the Oxford Research Group noted that ``treating Iraq as part of the war on terror only spawned new terror in the region and created a combat training zone for jihadists.'' Thus, continuing this war makes us less safe from future terrorism, not more.

Again, it is critical to understand that the central source of the violence in Iraq is the illegal United States invasion and occupation. The invasion and occupation has caused the deaths of an estimated 650,000 Iraqis according to the best scientific study published in The Lancet. It has resulted in more than 3,000 American deaths.

Sunni insurgents resisting the brutal actions of the occupation and its administration attack U.S. forces and Shiite collaborators. Shiite militias take revenge on Sunnis. Many of these Shiite militias are a significant part of the Iraqi army and police force. In fact, as Tom Hayden points out, the new de facto U.S. policy in Iraq is ``to support, fund, arm and train a sectarian Shi'a-Kurdish state, one engaged in ethnic cleansing, mass detention and murder of Sunni Arabs.'' U.S. support of this Shi'a-Kurdish state allows the current Iraqi government to avoid compromise.

The violence will continue until the American occupation ends. As Cole argues, ``The key to preventing an intensified civil war is U.S. withdrawal from the equation so as to force the parties to an accommodation. Therefore, the United States should announce its intention to withdraw its military forces from Iraq, which will bring Sunnis to the negotiating table and put pressure on Kurds and Shiites to seek a compromise with them.''

Furthermore, as it withdraws its military forces, the U.S. should work cooperatively with the United Nations to convene a regional conference, that must include Iran, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, for the purpose of developing a security, stabilization and reconstruction plan for Iraq along the lines suggested by George McGovern and William Polk in their book, ``Out of Iraq.''

Some commentators think nothing can be done to salvage Iraq at this point. That may be true, but ending the occupation offers the best chance to stop the violence and give Iraqis a chance to determine their own fate.

Ron Kramer, of Kalamazoo, is a professor of sociology at Western Michigan University and is a founding member of Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents of War (KNOW).

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vile Vehement Anger Doth Not Befit The Daily Growler

Vile Vehement Anger
Due to the above there was no The Daily Growler post yesterday. We should have known. thegrowlingwolf and his sidekick marvelousmarvbackbiter went to the Yankees-Angels game yesterday. And they were babbling about how after the Yankees won, they were going to create a masterpiece post on how the Yankees had finally circled the wagons and were fighting back like great pioneers against the renegades from California--oh it was going to be a masterpiece of prose in the Mark-Twain manner--you should have heard them around here (The Daily Growler sky-high offices in the old Alpo Dog Food manufacturing plant in a secret location--and believe us, from the smell around here, it must be close to Bayonne, New Jersey) drinking and talking about how this and that has now been effectively corrected, blah, blah, blah.

When these two numbskulls returned from the game, the Yankees lost 3-1--they couldn't hit for shit--they not only had stopped off at the neighborhood Irish pub but they had drank Jameson's Gold, too, at 10 bucks a pop--and they seemed to have drank about a hundred bucks worth a piece on the Jameson's because they were sloshed to the gills and full of vehement vile--why we've never heard such vulgarities as these two were throwing around the room, cursing the sacred ground of Yankee Stadium--why they were even talking about Donnie Baseball's mother--oh no, and thegrowlingwolf was growling something about Larry Bowa being a nutjob and A-Rod should be fined a million bucks every time he strikes out and how Bobby Abreu should be sent to Trenton in Double A ball because there he'd be right at home--"Imagine that sorry bastard striking out with men on base twice."

These birds were in no shape to post anything--

Here's a sentence we saved from the garbage--"George ss steinbrenner, you goofball dumbass bastard, you geek, why don't you move the Yankees to Tampa--have two MLB teams in Tampa plus that Yankees rehab minor league team you have down there--Tampa Bay Devil Rays--ohhh how scary these devils are--they're in the basement in the Eastern Div right now--the two teams deserve each other--and hire Lou Pinella to manage both Tampa MLB teams..." It degenerated from there to an outright slanderous attack on the whole Yankees organization and their mothers.

There will probably be no post today either as these two fools have separate events to attend where there will again be liberal drinking and over-the-top bullshitting going on--

So, we're mellowing out here at The Daily Growler. We'll sit back, sip some cold Heinies, and watch the political truths on network television--where George W. Bush is being praised as a great WAR president today--his surge in Iraq is working--more US troops killed in May than ever in the WAR--like 150--at 150 a month, the grand total of US soldiers "sacrificed" in this Crusade of the Fools this year could top 4,500, dying in revenge for the 2,900 good folks killed in the 9/11 successful attack, this WAR of the Fools, the WAR that could escalate into the end of mankind--who gives a shit--we all are goin' to Heaven anyway, aren't we? Will you be left behind with US?

The WARs go on. We love murder. We love rape. We love decapitating young women. Or we love burying them alive. Or we love strangling them and dumping them into ditches. Or we love torturing them for several years before we finally snuff them out. All of these things were on network television #1 shows (the CSIs, Law and Order, that ilk) this past week. So sordid this Nation of Fools. So on a course of self-destruction inevitability.

Enjoy your best Death Wishes, folks, because some of them are about to come true.

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NOTE: Yesterday's missed post was a first for The Daily Growler.

And remember, watch for that Blackwater tank to appear on your block sooner than you think maybe--check out below:

And For Relief of Your Many Fears About the Terrerists From Iraq Coming Over Here and Taking Us Over--Don't Worry, We Have Two Armies Fighting For Us in Iraq Now--Let's Here It for the Brave Soldiers of the Blackwater Army Who Are Making Sacrifices in Iraq, Too, Even More Successful Than Our Own Army

U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad

Blackwater Employees Were Involved in Two Shooting Incidents in Past Week

Washington Post Foreign Service
Sunday, May 27, 2007; Page A01

Employees of Blackwater USA, a private security firm under contract to the State Department, opened fire on the streets of Baghdad twice in two days last week, and one of the incidents provoked a standoff between the security contractors and Iraqi forces, U.S. and Iraqi officials said.

A Blackwater guard shot and killed an Iraqi driver Thursday near the Interior Ministry, according to three U.S. officials and one Iraqi official who were briefed on the incident but spoke on condition of anonymity because of a pending investigation. On Wednesday, a Blackwater-protected convoy was ambushed in downtown Baghdad, triggering a furious battle in which the security contractors, U.S. and Iraqi troops and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters were firing in a congested area.

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Wah, Wah, Wah, I Want More Revenge for 9/11"

Repugnican Dumbass Senator Cries Like a Wimpy Baby Because He Wants to Kill More Towelheads and of Course More American Soldiers and Innocent Iraqis and the Bleeding Heart Liberal Dumbocrats Want to Bring Our Troops Home and Leave the Mess to the Iraqis--We Mean We Made the Mess...HOLY SHIT, We're Crying Like Babies Here at The Daily Growler, Too. Praise the Lard and Pass Us Falwell's Corpse and a Handful of Rich Bitch Pelosi's Money; We Need Power, Too
Here at The Daily Growler we love natural-born losers who mean well but who get shat upon no matter their situation. So, before we begin attacking the idiocy of our Senators, both Dumbos and Repugs, let's honor this The Daily Growler Natural-Born Loser Award of the Month--

Wayne Schenk

Last December, Wayne A. Schenk received some grave news. Doctors told him he had lung cancer and only 12 to 16 months left to live.

A struggling tavern owner and longtime smoker, Schenk didn't have any health insurance. Since he served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1976 to 1980, the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Syracuse, N.Y., agreed to provide him with radiation and chemotherapy.

Schenk needed more aggressive cancer treatment in order to survive, and the VA's resources were limited. He requested a transfer to cancer centers in Pennsylvania and New York, but both were out of the VA's network and required patients to pay $125,000 upfront and have $250,000 in reserve. Schenk simply didn't have that kind of money. Although he considered selling his tavern, the Orange Inn in Naples, N.Y., Schenk knew a real estate deal would take too long and may not net enough money to pay for the specialized medical care he needed. With nothing to lose, he decided to play the New York State lottery.

Surprisingly, the long shot paid off.

On Jan. 12, Schenk won $1 million from a $5 scratch-off ticket in the lottery's High Stakes Blackjack game. The odds of someone Schenk's age developing lung cancer are roughly 1 in 5,000; the odds of winning the jackpot in High Stakes Blackjack are 1 in 2,646,000.

Unfortunately, the sudden windfall did not solve Schenk's health or financial problems. According to lottery regulations, the prize money could only be paid out in 20 annual installments of $50,000. Schenk didn't have 20 years ahead of him. He needed the lump sum award to even have a chance at staying alive.

As his health continued to decline, Schenk turned to friends, family, financial institutions, the media, even a N.Y. state assemblyman for help -- all to no avail. Legislation to create an exception in Schenk's case would take years to pass, and lottery officials refused to bend the rules for him.

In the final days of his life, the Canandaigua, N.Y., native married his girlfriend, Joan DeClerck. He was so ill during the wedding ceremony that he had to breathe through an oxygen tank. Before the disease weakened his health, he enjoyed traveling, ice fishing and hunting.

Schenk died on April 23 at the age of 51. He left the remainder of his lottery winnings to his wife. [From "The Blog of Death"]

And Now Back to Pissing On Our Senators--Those Vested-Interest-in-War Jerks
And these imbeciles are really twisted logically when it comes to this stupid, illogical war, this swindle, this travesty of International law and fair-mindedness, this preemptively struck War in Iraq and the preemptively struck War Against the Terrerists of all sorts, even imaginary ones, and in the end this social travesty will leave Iraq unrecognizable to Iraqis; it will be divided into 4 states, the Kurdish Zone, the Sunni Zone, the Shi'ite Zone, and the Saudi-US-Brit-joint-occupied zone--the zone around the oilfields. This is what we've been after all along, we dropped into Iraq to occupy it and to steal its oil--Oh, that's right, the crying Senator wants to be able to "go get those bastards who killed 3,000 Americans--I don't give a shit how many stupid soldiers have to die to do it; hell, I just barely got my wimpy old scaredy-cat ass out of having to go to Nam--shit, soldiers are scumbags anyway--dumb hicks from my home state--and hell, we're paying their asses good salaries over there and besides, when they get their asses blown to bits for the surge of Freedom on the March, their undeserving families get 10,000 smackeroos, and that ain't hay, folks--and the injured ones--hey, troopers, them's the hazards of war--besides blame the bleeding heart-half-commie Dumbocrats for wanting to bring you brave troops home before you're mission's accomplished. Hell, we know those towelhead bastards will follow us right on over here in our own backyards--why I saw a towelhead-looking terrerist in my backyard the other day delivering pizza to my hot wife--oops, that wasn't my wife, was it? Oh shit, here I go crying again."

Here's the Crybaby in Action--Thanks to BuzzFlash

John Boehner Breaks Down Again, Weeps Openly On House Floor During Iraq Debate

Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) broke down on the House floor today, sobbing uncontrollably as he urged his colleagues to vote in favor of the $100 billion Iraq war spending bill.

“Members on both sides of the aisle feel differently about our mission in Iraq and our chances of success there,” Boehner said, pausing to compose himself. As he continued, Boehner began to weep openly, crying out: “After 3,000 of our fellow citizens died at the hands of these terrorists, when are we going to stand up and take them on? When are we going to defeat them?” Watch it:

Boehner needs to channel his bottled up emotions towards a more worthy end — changing the course in Iraq rather than defending the status quo. Despite expressing limited patience and angst over Bush’s Iraq strategy, Boehner has been unable to put principle above party and demand a change in course.

In mid-February Boehner wept as he spoke about the need for a “solemn debate.” He then went to the House floor and proclaimed that escalation opponents were taking the “bait” of al Qaeda and using Iraq to “divide us here at home.”

A flashback to his last breakdown:


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UPDATE: The Politico’s John Bresnahan writes: “While the issue was serious and somber, this is getting to be something of a habit for the Ohio Republican. One of his GOP colleagues noted that Boehner cries more often later in the day.”


BOEHNER: I know that there’s this — I know there are differences in this chamber. Members on both sides of the aisle who feel differently about our mission in Iraq and our chances of success there. I know when I came here and every two years since I’ve been here on the opening day we all stand here, we raise our right hands and swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. There are a lot of my colleagues have heard me make this statement that I didn’t come here to be a congressman. I came here to do something. And I think at the top of our list is providing for the safety and security of the American people. That’s at the top of our list. After 3,000 of our fellow citizens died at the hands of these terrorists, when are we going to stand up and take them on? When are we going to defeat them? Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, if we don’t do it now, and we don’t have the courage to defeat this enemy, we will long, long regret it. So thank you for the commitment to get the job done today.

What a shameful display of true-believer ignorance and Hillbilly backward reasoning--revenge for the 3,000 Americans killed in 9/11 by those MURDERERS--oops, first of all, Senator, it weren't 3,000, it was more like 2,900, and all of those weren't Americans--a lot of them were Arabs and Irish and English and Saudi--not all good Freedom Loving Patriotic Americans like yourself. Besides when does revenge get solved? We mean we've killed, Johns Hopkins U says, over 650,000 towelheads in Iraq alone and displaced 2 million of them--how many more must die or be left homeless in revenge's name? And the Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11 anyway. Now ain't that just too damn bad for them. That's the price of Freedom, you stupid sand you-know-what's. How's that for baldass ignorance?

And what about the innocent who are dying daily in our occupation of Afghanistan, another country who did nothing to us?--the Taliban were put in power by the CIA to fight against the Russkies, who warned us that if we went into Afghanistan we'd run into the same dead-end trouble they ran into there--and we put Bin Laden in Afghanistan and he's a CIA agent anyway, even NOW--and Prince Bandar Bush is behind all this recent Saudi involvement in our involvement in Iraq and Lebanon--it has to do with being a Sunni or a Shi'ite, or a Wasabe or a Jihadist or why not a world contemporary in terms of rethinking all our religions and their determination to make the world the eviliest place in this whole vast unknown and unexplored Universe, a Universe so much bigger than our petty gods, a Universe that cares not one speck of ice in Holy Hell about human beings or even about this Earth--Hey, our fellow human chimps, THIS EARTH IS OUR ONLY PARADISE! WAKE UP, DUMBASSES!

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The Polls the Dumbocrats Never See

NYT poll: Opposition to war at all-time high.

“Americans now view the war in Iraq more negatively than at any time since the war began, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. Six in 10 Americans surveyed say the United States should have stayed out of Iraq, and more than three in four say that things are going badly there — including nearly half who say things are going very badly, the poll found.”

A large majority of the public — 76 percent, including a majority of Republicans — say that the additional American troops sent to Iraq this year by Mr. Bush have either had no impact or are making things worse there. Twenty percent think the troop increase is improving the situation in Iraq.

A majority of Americans continue to support a timetable for withdrawal. Sixty-three percent say the United States should set a date for withdrawing troops from Iraq sometime in 2008.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Hey, Honey, I'm Home"

Al Queda's Back and By God, They're Bigger and Better Than Ever Now
Of course, you all know I believe Al Queda was invented by the CIA, just as I believe Osama Bin Laden is a CIA agent--Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent--Luis Posada is a CIA agent--John Negroponte, the inventor of the South American death squads is alive and well and running his death squad operations in Northern Lebanon now--a renegade Islam Jihadist group claiming to be Palestinian and led by a Palestinian, but made up mostly, they're saying now, of Saudis and Jordanians--the very people now backing the death squads along with Georgie Porgie "War Pie" Bush Baby (spoiled rich brat AWOL skunk who obviously now after recent revelations stole both the 2000 election and now too obviously the 2004 election and I've even read an analysis of Karl Rove's vote-stealing plans and these bastards are liable to steal this election, too--how would you like to have Mitt "I Had 6 Wives" Romney as your president?

Did you know some of the founders of Blackwater, the private military force that's arising fully packed and ready to kill (with a fighting force made up of South American troops--from Chile, from Peru, from, you know, those Willing to Die Coalition dumbasses who've since dropped out of the Willing to Die Coalition, called their troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan only to have Blackwater recruiters come in and hire up these already trained and Iraq-War experienced and now to the tune of a 20,000-force army. Louis Posada, I think, did some advisory work for Blackwater. Ken Starr's one of their top attorneys (Ken Starr stole 42 million dollars from We the People trying to convict Hillary of stock market manipulation and land-dead swindling and then saying to Slick Willie, "Yes, you did have sex with that woman."

Remember Chandra Levy? Anybody remember when they found her murdered body in the Washington, D.C., park and it was obvious that Rep. Gary Condor (I kid you not) of California had killed her since he'd been bangin' her and she was very young and got serious about it and poor old married and 3 or 4 kids Gary (his wife booted his murderous ass out of the house right after Congress kicked his ass back to California) had to kill her or she was gonna ruin his ass--well, hell, she ruined his ass anyway. Why do these beautiful young girls fall for these lying, cheating, murdering politicians--what a total population of total scumbags politicians are--and I mean all of them, not just Gary Condor--and I mean that murderous, too. Remember Machiavelli advised killing your own grandmother as a way of gaining political power! And how about Hillary and that guy Foster who blew his brains out in was it that same Washington, D.C., park? She was supposed to have been "having sex" with Vince out behind the White House. [By the bye, have you noticed how Hillary's campaign spokeswoman is dressing and cutting her hair to look like Hillary? And by God she does really look like Hillary. Like Saddam Hussein and his look-alikes. Remember that tale? How we know Bush didn't hang one of the Hussein imposters? That, by the bye, hanging Saddam, was out and out murder! That'll teach you to try and kill Georgie Porgie's sweet old Pappy!!

F 'em all.

Them's my sentiments.

War against Iran is coming. Anybody remember the Iran-Contra scandals during our interfering in the Nicaraguan Civil War--John Negroponte was there--Luis Posada was there--remember the dude whose Contra plane was shot down by the Nicaraguan Army--and it was full of weapons for the Contra and the guy admitted he was a private contractor flying cocaine from South America up to Mena, Arkansas, oh yes, Hill and Bill were in the Arkansas State House at that time and exchanging the cocaine there for arms and ammunition? Gore Vidal's right when he calls this country the United States of Amnesia...2-minute memory span some wit used to say. All these things tie in if you go back in history and weave them all together and get the huge panorama of connections between the Bushes and this whole Middle-East mess--starting with the CIA's overthrowing the legitimate government in Iran back in the 70s--then the same interference in Iraq--the same interference in Afghanistan, where the Taliban and the Mujaheddin and Osama Bin Laden come from. It's all the same big picture. Like what happened to North Korea? All's quiet on that front. How come we can peacefully settle that dispute but settling the dispute with Iran can only be done by bombing them back to the Stone Age and once again involving more and more of our troops in yet another hopeless intervention into a sovereign nation's affairs with the idea of splitting up the country, dividing it, you know the old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall" don't you? Hey that's one of our country's mottoes, that and "Don't Tread on Me" with a Snake Symbol on that flag giving it meaning--the USA is a "snake in the grass" country.

We love WAR. WE LOVE VIOLENCE. Violent car racing. Violent extreme fighting. Swordfighting if it were legal. White Americans love guns and using them to kill with. White Americans also love making bombs. White people made the atomic and hydrogen bombs not people of color.

Now you see why I'd rather identify with wolves than men?

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Here's Bush Lying Again--His Lies Go Totally Unchallenged. Read This Bullshit He's Spouting and Tell Me How Long Before Some Blackwater Tanks Will Be Entering Your Street? Shouldn't Somebody Be Challenging These Lies That Could Believe It or Not Lead to the End of Mankind If He Gets His Way With Where These Lies Are Leading Us. Read This Unbelievable Crap This Idiot Is Spewing!!


Bush tied Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program to a question about U.S. reasons for invading Iraq and toppling Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

"It would have been a really dangerous world if you'd had the Iranians trying to develop a nuclear weapon and Saddam Hussein competing for a nuclear weapon," said Bush. "You can imagine what the mentality of the Middle East would have been like." (Read more about Iran and its claim Thursday that atomic work has peaked)

A report issued Wednesday by the United Nations' nuclear watchdog -- the International Atomic Energy Agency -- said Iran has not only ignored the call to halt its enrichment of nuclear materials but has also increased its activities.

Iran insists its nuclear program is meant for peaceful energy production. However, uranium enriched to a high degree can also be used for weapons grade material.

Bush accused Tehran of "constantly ignoring (the world's) demands" and called on allies to "strengthen our sanction regime."

"I just spoke to (U.S. Secretary of State) Condo-Leasing Rice, and we will work with our European partners to develop further sanctions," Bush said. "And, of course, I will discuss this issue with (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, as well as (Chinese) President Hu Jintao."

The president also criticized Iran for the recent arrest of four Americans with duel Iranian citizenship. (Read more about the arrests of U.S. citizens in Iran)

"We've made it very clear to the Iranian government that the detention of good, decent American souls who are there to, you know, be beneficial citizens is not acceptable behavior," Bush said.

What a pile of crap that last statement by Bush is. How dare this fool speak for We the People of the United Snakes of Amnesia.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Am I Wrong But Isn't the Next Presidential Election Over a Year Away?
So why are these fools running for president running NOW? Why are we having these staged debates NOW? Why are these candidates raising all these millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars NOW--Hillary has raised 30 million; Obama has raised even more than she has!!! My dog's bigger than your dog!!!! Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani has even raised 30 million. And so amazingly has old Drunken Joe Smith-follower and plural-marriage advocate Mitt Romney even raised millions of bucks and leads the Repug polls going into the earliest of the early primaries (what a joke the Primary system is), the Iowa primary.

Let me clarify this plural-marriage shit: men get to marry as many babes as they want and not vice versa--Mormon men rule the roost, girls, and they carry a big stick to prove it. Men, I don't know about women, can carry concealed weapons in Utah--Oren "Nuts" Hatch is a Mormon from Utah--Execution by firing squad was still legal in Utah when they blew away that Executioner's Song dude Norman wrote about in that huge but good Mailer-babble and well-written to boot--and Mormon men love their women young and in a plural marriage under Mormon blessing, you're allow to bang your daughters as young as you like 'em and like I said, Mormon men like 'em young, and pale white and blonde, too, right Brigham? This issue believe it or not has split the Mormon Church in two in modern times--in the 70s when the Mormons were shooting each others ass in contention for leadership of the church (blacks are still considered "savages" by the Mormon doctrine--they believe they're the Lost Tribe of Israel--a fictitious tribe to begin with but don't tell the Mormons that--I mean they believe bullshit over common sense and scientific evidence anyway--you know it if you ever try to read the Book of the Mormon--I've read at the damn thing, in a motel room out in Pendleton, Oregon, one of their strongholds--they're all over that neck of the woods--there's even a lot of Mormons came down into Texas in the 30s and 40s with their missionary boys wearing their Jewish-style black suits and black fedoras--HOW DAMN STUPID ALL RELIGIONS ARE and the people who believe in them--by the billions--are STUPID, TOO--think of it--intelligence is up against billions of boobs who still believe magic, voodoo, prayer, trances, HOLY SHIT, SUCH BULLSHIT!!

Oh, and I forgot, just like the media has forgotten John Edwards--well, hell, he's a poor little spoiled brat rich boy so F the people he can use his own millions to back himself in his "populist" movement (bullshit, folks!)--Old John better collect millions--his wife's cancer treatments are probably being charged to We the People.

Have you noticed how the media has given moment-by-moment coverage of the Repugnican candidates, especially their favorite Rudi Mussolini, and pretty much have ignored the Dumbocrat candidates--well, they do mention Hillary in passing ways of sort of throwing doubt on her campaign and treating Obama's campaign like he was Jesse Jackson or worse, the Reverend Al Sharpton...just another star-seeking black man trying to score his millions before the Global Corporations put him back on the old Plantation again with the rest of US cheap labor human resources.

What a sordid cast of characters we have running for president in 2008, too. Not a worthy constituent in the whole mess of them. I say throw all the bums out and vote for Cheeta (Jiggs the Chimp)--I got it, how about writing in Chelsea Clinton for president and Cheeta for vice-president!!!--a totally winning ticket in my political book!!!

And what's this!!! Osama's back. At least that's what Yahoo (Yeehaw) News is reporting this morning. It seems this old uncatchable rascal is now ordering the destruction of the whole damn world everywhere now but Iraq. I guess he's claiming victory in Iraq. So what does Osama being back foretell? Does it mean our "president" like Rudi Mussolini tried to convince us after 9/11 happened during his mayoralty (that's not 'morality,' folks) will start saying since Bin Laden is declaring an al Queda victory in Iraq and now threatening the rest of the world, well, hell, here's Bush Baby, let him tell you himself: "I, the Great Decider, have decided--heh-heh--I like the way I that the right word?...but anyway, let me make this perfectly clear and I don't mean read my lips either--how 'bout readin' this middle finger of mine I'm shootin' your way--but, by God, people, you scumbags, I can't give up the presidency at this crucial time in this nation's God-fearing history. I feel obligated by a promise I made to the Great White Holy Father, the Man, baby, and one he's told me he's blessed, too, by God, I aim to follow this dude in his instructing me to keep my power as executive chief of this nation--I don't give a Christian fuck who you all elect, whether it's that big hipped Hillary bitch or that half-breed black or white man whatever the hell he is, that Obama bin...oh no, I'm not going there, folks--heh-heh-heh--that name reminds me of another name, that's all, folks--heh-heh-heh--but anyway, so to hell with all you bastards, I'm keepin' the presidency--it's mine--FOR LIFE, GODDAMMIT--we're at war and I won't release the presidency until MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and you all know it's an unending mission I'm trying to accomplish. There you all go, the Great Decider has decided--didn't I, Unka Dick? I did decide that, didn't I? Didn't I cousin Karl? I did good didn't I Mammy Babs? And my dear old Pappy who you all called a Wimp and Saddam tried to kill--and you all see what I did to Saddam--how'd you all like to end up like that? You all better watch what you call my old Pappy!!! Praise the Lard and pass me a platter of those Exxon-Mobil stocks overheah. Iran here I come. By the bye, did you all see how I jived Congress with my surge figures--how I've increased troops in Iraq way over my splurge figures and the damn wimpy Dumbocrats wimped out when I threatened to veto their asses right out on Pennsylvania Avenue...Wimps, all of you."

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is quietly on track to nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year, an analysis of Pentagon deployment orders showed Monday.
When additional support troops are included in this second troop "surge," the total number of U.S. troops in Iraq could increase from 162,000 now to more than 200,000 — a record high number — by the end of the year.
The little-noticed efforts to reinforce U.S. troops in Iraq are being carried out without the fanfare that accompanied President Bush's initial troop surge in January. (The Arizona Star)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Dogs of the Middle East & Hillary on Wal-Mart Board

Palestine: Once the Name of the Holy Land; Palestinians: Now the Dogs of the Middle-East...Everybody, Jew, Arab, Muslim, Islamic Jihad, hate the Palestinians
Yet, at one time, before 1948, Palestine was a very mixed country--32% Jewish!

In 1920, the League of Nations' Interim Report on the Civil Administration of Palestine stated that there were 700,000 people living in Palestine:

Of these 235,000 live in the larger towns, 465,000 in the smaller towns and villages. Four-fifths of the whole population are Moslems. A small proportion of these are Bedouin Arabs; the remainder, although they speak Arabic and are termed Arabs, are largely of mixed race. Some 77,000 of the population are Christians, in large majority belonging to the Orthodox Church, and speaking Arabic. The minority are members of the Latin or of the Uniate Greek Catholic Church, or--a small number--are Protestants. The Jewish element of the population numbers 76,000. Almost all have entered Palestine during the last 40 years. Prior to 1850 there were in the country only a handful of Jews. In the following 30 years a few hundreds came to Palestine. Most of them were animated by religious motives; they came to pray and to die in the Holy Land, and to be buried in its soil. After the persecutions in Russia forty years ago, the movement of the Jews to Palestine assumed larger proportions.[78]

By 1948, the population had risen to 1,900,000, of whom 68% were Arabs, and 32% were Jews (UNSCOP report, including bedouin).

That some Palestinian refugees in Lebanon as I type this are getting bombed back to the Stone Age by the Lebanese Army (from where do they get their military support?) because a group of Islam Brotherhood dudes robbed a Lebanese bank and then ran back to the Palestinian refugee camp in Northern Lebanon where they were hiding out and shooting back at the Lebanese troops. The Lebanese are saying these dudes are well-armed (they have rocket and missile launchers--HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET SUCH WEAPONS INTO A PALESTINIAN REFUGEE CAMP? Don't they check all the trucks that go into the camp? Wouldn't it be easy to spot weapons and shit and the tons of ammunition you need to power these weapons--including missiles capable of hitting Tripoli twelve miles away from this camp?). The Lebanese are also saying these dudes are al-Queda sneaked into the Palestinian refugee camp by the filthy dirty dog Syrians. So far I heard, and I heard a report right from the front on Amy Goodman's morning radio show today--from right outside that camp, this dude say the Lebanon police were saying these dudes were Jordanians, Saudis, even some Iraqis, and even, they say, one Afghani.

Wait a minute, I'm growling, growling low, too, as if I'm being handed a wolf ticket--wait a god-damn minute, don't we send "terrerists" on these secret CIA torture flights to Syria to be tortured? Since I believe al-Queda is an invention of the CIA--and if it does exist it exists with the CIA's permission and I believe Osama is a CIA agent, why couldn't these dudes be CIA-created agents on a mission to help Israel rid the world of these Arab dogs--who at one time--1948--were 32% Jewish. So why couldn't these terrerists we take to Syria to be tortured, why couldn't those dudes be turned into say Manchurian Candidate-type agents--I know, I'm growling Star Trek logic now--conspiracy logic--but, hell, man, where are these sudden revivalist al-Queda gangs coming from? I thought we'd pretty much gotten rid of all of al-Queda's hierarchy, except Osama, of course--there was a recent car bomb explosion in Pakistan--nobody seemed to find it curious--it was barely reported at all in the American press or teevee--controlled by large corporations making big war bucks off all of this intrigue and deceit and spy crap and undercover crap and torture and dungeon detentions for life, approved even by a dude like nutjob John McCain who had to endure Holy Hell torture in North VietNam during that unnecessary war imposed on us by the OIL barons, the Rockefellers especially who were convinced because of reports of untapped oil pools under the Indo-China reef, a huge reef shelf that runs all around Indo-China and especially VietNam from Nelson's geologist son, Michael, who was later eaten by cannibals in Papua New Guinea where he was also searching for oil and YES, VIRGINIA, there is OIL in Papua New Guinea and in Indonesia and god who knows how much oil is under Antarctica once we melt that big pile of junk ice--they'll melt it gradually and sell it off to the drying up areas of the world like Saharan Africa, the Rain Forests of Brazil, the deserts of Central Asia and Mongolia, and the drying up certainly of the Middle-East--hell, the drying up of Southern California, as far as that goes.

What a screwed up world.

Plus I read something today that is alarming--about a certain search engine and the power it has over those of us who use it regularly. I'm alarmed that it has stored information on every site we enter and how long we spend on these sites no matter what they are, etc. This search global corporation now has enough information collected on us individually that in case we have entered a site that later proves to be a "criminal" site and we have done business on that site we could be subject to being subpoenaed--that don't sit right with me. This Internet is getting like the streets of Baghdad these days--you never know when you make a wrong turn and end up in a questionable part of town being asked for "your papers"!

How did the smart Jews know when to bail out of Germany? Aren't the same clues currently present in this country?

Dammit, I just can't take life seriously anymore though now's when I certainly should....

It's a cartoon world, folks, but, it ain't a funny cartoon world anymore--nope, it's not the Looney Tunes or the Merry Melodies anymore--now the background music to this cartoon world is "USA, USA, Uber Alles!" Ach die lieber, Jack!

Hillary RodHAM Clinton was once on the board at Wal-Mart, the big hillbilly chain store whose headquarters are in the heartland of the Hillbilly World in Bentonville, Yeehaw, Arkansas. Hillary is a fraud. No wonder Slick Willie Jeff cheated on her. She's a cold-hearted woman. No good for man, woman, or beast.

I've always said I'd prefer Chelsea Clinton to Hillary. I'd vote for Chelsea. Like I used to like Amy Carter, I always dug Chelsea--so Chelsea Whatever Her Name Is Now for President; Amy Carter for Vice-President. While Slick Willie is constantly getting glittery praise from the Media poor old Jimmy Carter is currently getting the Media's furrowed brows and serious shaking of the head reporting; he's getting slammed for telling it like it is about this administration--Right on, Jimmy.

I can't see anything worthwhile with both Clintons--Bill gave us NAFTA and GAAT and he gave us Somalia, he got us involved in Bosnia and Serbia, and he shot missiles at Afghanistan--he hit a school and said it was Osama's training camp--destroyed (yeah sure!)--and Slick Willie kept alive the embargo of Iraq and he shot missiles into Baghdad without warning and the US Air Force was constantly flying over the country doing surveillance, bombing occasionally--remember the infrared jet-camera photos showing the missiles blowing away al-Queda encampments--OOPS, turns out they weren't encampments, one was a pharmaceutical labortory--oh hell and one was an artists neighborhood--yeah, that was Slick Willie while he was commander and chief--and also Slick Willie was the imposer of the Patriot Act on our asses--he took away more rights from us, including habeas corpus, folks, than any other president before him--and that includes the absolutely crooked Tricky Dick "Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?" Nixon and the absolutely senile Ronnie "The Alzheimer's President" Raygun. Slick Willie cost this country tons of jobs plus he promoted the communications bill that opened up our presses and broadcasting media to the highest bidders no matter their nation of obligation--like Rupert Murdoch the Australian--Slick Willie's the president who allowed one or two companies to own 100% of our nation's radio stations--Infinity here in NYC and Clear Channel (owned by a G.W. Bush asshole buddy) in San Antonio--Infinity becoming so big it turned CBS out of the red and into the black and then became even bigger and eventually teamed with Paramount to own the broadcasting world! Despicable, isn't it! I sound like Jerry Colona. Anybody remember Jerry Colona? "On the Road to Mandolay!"

Everyday I wake up wanting peace, quiet, and loving words and I get none of those--except for the Yankees. Beat the BoSox last night!! Another game tonight!! Yankees on a roll. Praise the Lard and pass me those concession stand profits overheah, laddy buck.

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Silvertone Thin Twin Vintage Guitar

Monday, May 21, 2007

Nothin' Changes No Matter the Mirrors

Malcolm X Would Have Been 82 on May 19th--"Sorry, Malcolm, But Nothin's Much Changed Since You Were Assassinated Up in Harlem That Day--'A Long Time Passing'--Nope, Nothin' Has Changed; the White Fascists Are Still in Control of U.S."
THE NATION - "DEMS SELL OUT ON TRADE": In a scathing editorial, The Nation magazine tears apart the handful of senior Democrats who negotiated the trade deal with the Bush administration in secret. "When Democratic and Republican leaders announce they have fashioned a 'historic' bipartisan compromise on trade, put your hand over your wallet," the editors write. "It probably means somebody has been sold out. In this case, we think it's the broad coalition of citizens--labor and environmental advocates and others--who want to reform corporate-led globalization. That includes all those voters who, last fall, elected new Democrats who promised to confront the multinational establishment." The editorial goes on to look at different pieces of the deal and urges populist Democrats in Congress "to push back--hard--and defeat the agreement if they can."

It's Ho-Hum Here at The Daily Growler
These politicians know they can lie and tell the truth at the same time and no one knows the difference, you see? Like Hillary is running for president, but why should we think Hillary is telling us the truth everytime she writes a book or makes a speech. She has been pro-War from the beginning. Her husband was pro-War all during his terms in office--or orifice in case you're Monica Lewinsky--remember her?--"I did not have sex with that woman." Now who would you believe saying that, me, thegrowlingwolf, or Slick Willie Jefferson Clinton, Hillary's husband, the ladies's man, the charmer, the dude who made us all believe he was a great Democrat in the old-time Democrat tradition, which was buffalo chips, of course; Lyin' Willie--"I did not show my dick to tht Paula Jones--OK, maybe I felt her titties, but that's not sex."

So why should we believe anything Hillary says? Barrack Obama, too? Why should we believe him? Who the hell is he? Where did he come from out of nowhere? Of course Reverend Al and Dick-worshipping, Hymietown Jesse "Spittin' in Your Hamburger" Jackson are the only other presidential-type characters among the blacks and their reps are pretty low even among their own people now--'cause Jesse couldn't keep his dick in his pants and Reverend Al defended crazy sweet Tawana Brawley--now a Minister Lewis Farrakhan assistant, isn't she? And does Farrakhan still have cancer? Nobody ever continues reporting on what they report at the moment--followups--no followups--like the guy who supposedly went to prison in the Dakotas or some god-awful Neo-Con safe state, for telling the "burning bush" joke? Remember that? Back right after 9/11 when it became like blasphemy to say anything negative about Bush, his brothers, his Mammy Babs (George Washington with breasts), Pappy--old line legal reserve crook G.W.H. Bush, his Unka Dick, his brother Prince Bandar Bush...oh shit, it's such an old story. Twenty-eight percent of We the People still back this bum wholeheartedly, they don't give a shit what an F-ing liar he is and how this fool has stolen all their privacy, too, and he's sending their fool sons and daughters to Iraq to fight and maybe die and probably get wounded for life and this two-faced bastard is getting away with his lyin' and his cheatin' We the People, stealing our money, stealing our privacy, stealing all our records, stealing our secrets, stealing our souls--and certainly stealing our ways of making a living and sending them off to CHEAP LABOR ECONOMIES and stealing all our oil and our reserves and backing the cruelist regimes against any humanitarian attempt to bring peace to the world--NO PEACE, PERPETUAL WAR--WAR IS GOOD--WAR BRINGS IN THE BUCKS. SO WHAT 3,600 American soldiers have been killed; so what 900 private contractors have been killed; so what perhaps 650,000 Iraqis have been killed; for sure over 2 million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes and are living as refugees in lands that don't necessarily love them--in fact, hate them, the Jordanians, the Syrians, the Iranians--where the hell are they supposed to go? and over 100,000 American troops have been wounded, some severely, and all have been mentally reworked and will be as crazy as hell when they ever get back to this country and their homes to find there's no work in their communities anymore and even if there are jobs they don't have much to do with military expertise--operational or mechanical--I mean pumping gas in a serve-yourself gas station-- or working in a liquor store on a major highway and getting robbed and threatened with death six or seven times a night--or maybe managing a 7-11--"Hands up!" It's sad, folks, very sad.

But It Ain't Sad in Yankee Stadium Tonight
I told you so yesterday after the Yankees beat the Mets so wonderfully. I said I thought they were back and were going to clean Boston's clock tonight--and right now as I'm typing this the score is 6-1--A-Rod has hit his 18th homerun and 42nd RBI; Giambi has poled one; Cano has caught fire tonight--it's wonderful. It's why Yankee fans don't even get concerned when they hear the fat lady singing. It's why we're so damn pompous and confident. Plus we love baseball and the Yankees play damn good baseball year-in and year-out and even when they're losing they're exciting, much more exciting than Boston has been this year. The Mets, now they play exciting baseball--check out their games--always exciting right down to the 9th inning bone.

I like exciting teams--teams with flare--the Yankees have the flare I've liked for many a years now, though at one time way back F-ing when, I briefly was a Red Sox fan--when they had Birdie Tebbitts, Eddie Stankey, Bobby Doerr, Vern Stephens, Dominic DiMaggio, Al Zarick, Walt Dropo, Billy Goodman, Matt Batts, Ellis Kinder, Mel Parnell, and, of course, the Splendid Splinter, Ted Williams [remember, Ted's head is on ice waiting for the right eggs to create the greatest baseball clone that ever lived]. But that was the only year I was a Red Sox fan. Right after than I became a Yankees fan, through high school, then in college, then after I was married, and certainly since I've been in New York City. Anyway, I'm getting the big head.

See y'all tomorrow.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dumbocrats Link Arms With Bush and Neo-Cons, The FOOLS!

Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi Lick Georgie Porgie's Filthy Ass
I heard it on good ole Brother Bill Moyers new PBS show and though I had predicted it many moons of growling back, I still couldn't believe it. Charlie Rangel (big bloated high-blood pressure beaucoup powerful and rich (the worse kind, too, since he didn't come from wealth and putting his nose in the white man's ass)) and Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi (the richest woman in California) have joined hands with Georgie Porgie W. Bushwhacker, our phony "president"; a criminal actually who should be on We the People's most wanted list. His crimes? There are too many to list here--you know them all if you just go back a few feet in history--how about lying us and autocratically forcing us into a totally unecessary and now proven to be catastrophic war in Iraq--a nation that never did a damn thing to this country except suffer from constant bombing of its outskirts by US Air Force planes or having surveillance drones flying over you constantly and sometimes missiles would be fired into center city Baghdad (Slick Willie, remember, shot a couple'a missiles into Baghdad and one of those missiles killed one of Iraq's greatest artists, a woman painter, and also I believe destroyed a pharmaceutical lab that was the only source of anitbiotic drugs and antiseptics and things for Baghdad's embargo-starved hospitals and clinics--Iraq has had one of the world's highest infant death rates for years and since the embargo especially)?

You see how easy it is to prosecute this phony president--and yet, Charlie (Uncle Charlie?) and Miss Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi are smiling heartily and counting up the millions of thirty pieces of silver that will come tumbling into their political-ambition coffers--what am I talking about? A Free Trade bill, a secretly put together bill the Dumbos are claiming is a bipartisan agreement on Free Trade, the Dumbos trading away fees and shit on our big importers like Wal-Mart and surcharges and shit on Wall Street for the Repugs promising (yeah sure!) to raise the minimum wage and have better health and safety conditions in the workplace, blah, blah, blah. Yet, what's not evident by this bill is that it is simply another NAFTA-like bill, full of bullshit, full of big breaks for the big global corporations--like Wal-Mart, like Archer Daniels Midland, like Nike, like...oh, Jesus, do I have to list them all?--like Bill Gates and Warren "Junk Bond" Buffett and these new finance investment conglomerates that are forming in efforts to buy up all our corporations--like Monsanto is still under-the-table trying to control the world's food supply through its own designed seeds. All this secretly conceived trade bill does is guarantee the Neo-Con corporations like Wal-Mart access to the cheap labor markets of China and the other Pacific Rim countries or Latin American countries like Peru that sends all it's cheap construction worker force up to this country--I have a couple of platforms of Peruvian brick workers hanging over my apartment window as I'm typing this--and this is after all all Conservatives really stand for, Cheap Labor Economics!!!--that's the severest of Capitalist trick bags--the cheapest form of labor is, of course, slavery. The Neo-Cons's pressure-down theory, you know driving out the so-called middle-class, which is actually what we used to call the workingclass--a term, as Studs Terkel points out, we no longer use, using instead "middle-class" and under that is, of course again, the POOR--and the poor have no class. They used to have class--they were the lower class or even more raw they were the low-class! The poor used to could be proud, but not any more. Soon our poor will have to wade the Rio Grande (the Rio Bravo) to get jobs in the maquiladores Juarez and Tijuana.

So, again as I've lately had to admit, as Nader says, the Dumbocrats are taking off their progressive masks and showing themselves to be no different than the Repugnicans--showing that they are all about money and making money by the barrelsful for their campaigns, figures that stun the public, stunning amounts of money in an effort to get a job that pays what? 250,000 a year? Probably it's up to $400,000 by now, I don't know since I have no interest in being president of anything except my own talents. The Dumbocrats are still scared to death of being tagged Liberals and HELL NO they don't want to be known as Social Democrats!!! ugh!--anything with social in it is antisocial to the Dumbos-- and I never understood that--aren't social issues the most important issues there are?

Of course, down on the old Plantation there was only one class--yep, the Massuh's class. And, yes, there were privileges--say, a young pretty gal who was willing to shag old Massuh or feed him mother's milk for his health could sleep in the hall outside the dog's room up in the Big White House--or maybe Old Uncle Tom has said "yassuh" enough times in his 70 years with old Massuh to earn butlering at the front door of that Big White House and also getting to sleep in the hall by the dog's room--but up the hall from old Massuh's young gal mistress--old Massuh doesn't want her having no black babies on his ass.

Do folks still read Mandingo anymore or is it politically incorrect to read so rancid a book?--I loved Mandingo as a kid. I found it brought me more in line with African-Americans and how my white interests would be better served by my getting along and interacting with the black community, F my white peers and ancestors and dullard folk like that--and I still feel that way since I owe so much of my life's appreciations to African-American rhythms, beats, melodies, lines, riffs, singing, syncopation, heartbeat tempos--controlling the heartbeat through dance and trance and romance and my deepest love has gone to one African-American woman who doesn't exist except in the many conversations with myself, but anyway, I'm prejudiced when it comes to love, let me put it that way--I even like the way the African-Americans talk, their many languages within my language, my American English, my Texian English, my verbalizations, my wit--

How can the Dumbocrats make a pact with such a Devil of a Human Animal?--a fifth-rate failed spoiled rich boy whose a ninth-rate politician as big a failure as a politician as he is a businessman--who through lying about its necessity and then force marching us into this Iraq Shame has caused the death of multiple thousands of not only Iraqis, but Americans, too, 3,500+ American troops, 100,000 of them wounded, another 100,000 psyched out and gone totally nuts from the Catch 22 this Iraq War has put our armed forces into--you serve a year--then you are recalled and serve now a year and a half--then you're recalled for a third round, this time two years--the war has lasted going on 5 years now--YEAH WAR. WE LOVE WAR. WAR MAKES WEALTH. WAR MAKES POWER. You wanna get rich, buy WAR STOCKS--INVEST IN THE WAR--THAT'S WHERE ALL OUR MONEY IS ANYWAY--our tax monies, our Social Security monies, our Treasury's monies, inflating our money against the advancing power of the Euro Dollar. Yep, and now invest in Wal-Mart if they get this Free Trade sham! Invest in Shanghai stocks--some workers in China make at tops 25 cents an hour. The products they make are shipped to Wal-Mart stores now going all over the world like McDonald's (did you ever wonder where the McDonald's in Beijing gets its hamburger meat? or their fried chicken (spelled "SAARS" in Chinese)?) who then marks 'em up 100% and We the Dumbass People think we're saving money buying these cheap Wal-Mart and Home Depot and K-Mart goods when it actuality we are going broke buying this crap that we no longer no how to make nor do we any longer have the factories to make it in anyway, a lot of those factories having been dismantled and shipped whole-hog to Communist China or Malaysia or Indonesia (an Islamic stronghold we prop up (isn't that ironic? us propping up the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world--we forget about the good ole Democracy of Indonesia. Ask the East Timorians about the Democracy of Indonesia and how the Indonesian US-monied and supplied Army massacred over 300,000 East Timorians simply because they wanted their natural-born-and-given freedom from Indonesia who had annexed East Timor against its wishes many moons back because of the vast amounts of oil supposedly under its lush jungles. Yes, folks, Indonesia has OIL.

Did you know that NAFTA cost this country 500,000 jobs?

I have given up letting the Yankees's record losing get to me. I've turned it into an adventure; can they lose again tonight--I mean the odds are slowly rolling over into my favor. If they lose tonight--and they sure might because their starting pitcher is a Double A wonder--pitching his first game ever in the Majors--starting a game for the New York Yankees! That's amazing to me. If this kid does win, he'll be in the rotation until a line drive breaks his arm...

In fact, David Wright has just hit a solo homer off this poor young fool (Tyler Clifford's his name)--so I leave you with the score 1-0 Mets. I'm going off into tonight's Yankees Soap Opera Baseball episode...[REJOICING: The Yankees Won--Amazing!!! It was the turning point game, folks--look for the Yanks to explode for the next 6 games--that's all they need. How's that for being a tried and true Yankees fan? Hotcha! and Hot Damn, I can't wait for tonight and the BoSox--F you, Manny; F you, Big Poppy! We're gonna murdah ya bums tonight!! See why most baseball fans hate Yankees fans?]

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Here's Some Good Reading For Y'All

But even if the spying is aimed at political opponents, and even if it has been successful, the White House cannot possibly have dirt on every Democrat in Congress. If Bush had that kind of information, would he allow so many scandals and indictments of Republicans in Congress to go unmatched by Democratic downfalls? I think we can be confident of these three things:

--Bush and Cheney do not have any secret pull on most Democrats in Congress.

--Most Democrats in Congress know that Bush and Cheney are using a wide array of illegal methods to cheat and steal elections, with a great degree of success, without which the Democratic win in 2006 would have been significantly larger than it was.

--Most Democrats in Congress are acquiescing in attacks on their power and hoping that future elections (or at least their own individual election) can be won by a wide enough margin to defeat any chicanery.

The main reason we need impeachment is, of course, to restore limits to the offices of the presidency and vice presidency for the future. But Democrats who put electoral concerns ahead of such long-term and selfless thinking may well be mistaken on their own terms if they fail to press for impeachment. If we do not impeach, remove from office, and try these criminals in court, we will have to abandon the idea of free and fair elections from here on out. And we know where this road leads.

Read the rest of this David Swanson article: