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Freedom on the March

Freedom WAS on the March Today in Manhattan, New York City, a Daily Growler Special Report

Congress is about to give the free Internet to the telecoms and cable companies, especially AT&T and Verizon, and these oligarchic cocksuckers want you to pay for every move you make on the Internet--even making you pay a fee on sending and receiving email--Did you read that right? They are taking over the Internet and turning it from a free highway into a toll road and if you don't pay the tolls, you travel on a dirt road (that's what they call them, too; the slow dirt road). These oligarchy bastards (Ma Bell, that conniving old motherly bitch, is back, folks) also will have the power to read all your emails, watch every move you make on the Internet, control whether you can enter a site or not and slow down your streaming if you aren't affiliated with a large corporation or a mega-server. Go to this site for information:

Freedom Was on the March Today in New York City; The Daily Growler Knows; We Were There
Hey, you're gonna read there were only tens of thousands there; bullshit, there were a million there before it was over. I know; I was right in the middle of it.

I got up early this morning and then a little after 10:30 walked up to 22nd and Broadway, where the march's Internet site said they were going to start the march. I got there and there was only 50 or so yucky lookers lumbering around as if they were chickens without heads. Broadway was empty, and 22nd had some people putting on character costumes, like one guy with a big papier mache head that looked to me like Richard Nixon, though it was supposed to be Georgie Porgie (our "president") tossing a huge blue balloon globe into the air and catching it, throwing it up again and catching it ahead a bit more. He took off down Broadway south. I decided to go over to Park and 23rd and get me a cup of coffee. By the time I got back to the march area, by God, things had picked up, a hell of a lot more people had showed up, and a group of Mexicanos Immigrantes formed a dancing circle and started sing-songing chants, getting louder and louder, and finally getting ants in their pants and rolling out into Broadway demanding to march. I got in behind these people, a large red-shirted contingency, and we started downtown. We got to 19th and the big-bellied tough-guy cops sent the immigrantes left into 19th, so I skirted around right and managed to get enthronged by a contingency of union folks, finally hooking up with a World War II vet, yep, a dude in his eighties, and he told me somebody told him the real start of the march was down on 17th, so I bid him adieu and headed down that way.

I got to 17th and ran into another gaggle of NOW women, but I didn't see Jesse Jackson or Reverend Al Sharpton, Cindy Sheehan, or any of those people. Another dude, with a sign that said "Fuck Your War," told me Jesse and Cindy and the rest of them were another block down on 16th, so I sidled my way down to 16th and just as I got there, the march began and, damn, there I was right in the front of Jackson, Sharpton, Cindy Sheehan, some folks I didn't recognize, a woman in Islam dress, a rabbi, and an Eastern Orthodox-looking dude. I snuggled my way in behind these dudes and we started up 16th to circle around Union Square to cross 14th and then move straight up the edifice-lined corridor that led up a hill toward the high-in-the-sky Woolworth Building far up Broadway just past where we were headed. By then the crowd was boisterous and full of song and screams and rebukes and pokes and punches and signs with monkeys and dollar signs and "NO MORE WAR" and a lot of "Impeach Bush" placards, and then big banners, and then some papier mache giant heads, one with Georgie Porgie with a huge scrolling out tongue on which all the dead soldiers in Iraq were listed. Georgie Boy was followed by big-headed Condaleeza Rice, Rummy, and Unka Dick all wearing prison stripes.

All the while we marched we were throwing the two-finger peace sign high into the air; I had a video camera and I was trying to focus it, keep it steady, keep it balanced, all the while shouting "Peace!" and "Now!" "Peace" and "Now!" or then busting into a hardy call and response thing: Call: "What do we want?" Crowd: "Peace!" Call: "When do we want it?" Crowd: "NOW!" A couple of young mad women were screaming impatiently trying to get the somewhat older greys around them to get loud with "Bush! Bush, you dirty whore, we don't want you're fuckin' war!" But the old folks felt too embarrassed to let the F word echo so loudly around those stone and brick canyon walls, much to the frenetic madness of the screaming young women. The crowd clanged and yelled, chanted, crowed, screamed, and shouted, banged on pails, rapped on drums, jangled tambourines, with three or four people blowing trombones and trumpets, one woman high up in a building window blowing a ram's horn, as we moved like a mad behemoth up to Walker Street.

At Walker we had gotten a third of the way up the hill that slopes slowly up toward the Woolworth Building and Foley Square, our destination. I turned the video around and found, WOW! you could see way back down all the way to Madison Square back at 23rd; then Jesse Jackson noticed it and stopped the march and everybody looked around and saw the block after block of curb-to-curb marchers, a million, god-dammit; I guarantee you there were a million people at this march, and damn, I could easily be short on that. There were a hell of a lot of marchers in Broadway today; of course, the news media is saying "tens of thousands" of marchers, the lying bastards! The rat bastards! They know there were a million people of like thought and seriousness in the streets of Lower Manhattan today, a solid battalion of the truly best and brightest soldiers for peace in this being-sold-to-the-rich great American amalgamation of people called New York, all the way, a flood of people from Madison Square, thirty-blocks of solid people flowing peacefully yet full of rage against the crooks in Washington, D.C. (District of Corruption), with signs everywhere, "Impeach Bush"-- a lot of those; and also "Stop the War NOW!" "NO LIVES FOR OIL."

I lumbered along for awhile with The Iraq War Veterans Against the War; hell, I had a right to march with army guys; I had served my time in the US Army as a looey JG back in those wonderful, happy, sane days of the VietNam Folly. Then I ran back and marched awhile with the VietNam Vets Against the War. I even had a hell of a thrill throwing the peace sign to a table and bullhorn manned four or so octogenarian brothers from the Lincoln Brigade of the Spanish Civil War. Praise the god-damn Republic.

Jesus Christ it was a nice affair. We were blessed by the heavens with a benevolent sun beaming charmingly out from the clearest of clear blue skies to rain down on us blessed marchers. I grew no hairs on my face and body through the whole march. The lucky old sun blotted out that f-ing full moon that usually grins meanly above me. Now the growling was unanimous! I was absorbed by a million people growling--a million Growlers barking out the growls on the crookedest most evil assholes in the history of this country as they try and force us or trick bag us over the brink, as though we are lemmings, as though we are still a nation of sheep--"Hey, all y'all fools, jump over the edge for yore 'president'--come on you stupid PR-controlled pricks, jump, jump, jump!" God how this government hates its people.
Finally we got to Foley Square. Holy shit, what a glorious day to be a human being, at least here in New York City on this great day in history. I don't know; tomorrow I may back to my frustrated growling, howling, ululating madly as a Mad Hatter at that big-eyed, roley-poley, FULL-ASS moon. Not today however. Today I'm full of piss and peace. F the government. F corporations. F you if you don't see it the way I do.

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Addendum: I must add that I heard the Reverend Jesse Jackson say there were 300,000 people at this march. I don't care if he is a "Reverend," dammit, there were at least a million people there. I see when the "big pappa" of the Catholic Church holds a Pagan celebration (Easter) in Vatican square the beancounters crow that "2 million faithful gathered in Vatican Square." Well, Praise the Big Daddy in the Sky, then, by god, I have the right to supernaturally say there were 2 million people at this march. I've raised my estimate. Holy. Holy. Holy.

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Damn, I wish I'd been there. What a scene. And fuck the media.