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Educating BartCop

The Daily Growler Quote of the Day: Henry Miller, The Tropic of Cancer, 1934. There is trouble in India; Ghandi's returned and is laying ground for a breaking with Imperial England and a forming of an independent state of India. Miller wrote, "India's enemy is not England, but America. India's enemy is the time Spirit, the hand which cannot be turned back. Nothing will avail to offset this virus which is poisoning the whole world. America is the very incarnation of doom. She will drag the whole world down to the bottomless pit." Henry was warning us 72 years ago; sounds like he's right here in the room with The Daily Growler.

An Open Answer to a Question Raised by Bartcop
Yesterday, Bartcop was writing about how he couldn't understand with all the exposed shennanigans, secrets, baldface lies, stealing, ineptnesses, idiocies why the Democrats weren't dancing already on born-dumb Georgie Porgie's political grave.

Bart lives and works out in what I call Tallshit, Oklahoma (that's Tulsa to us Okies--I'll qualify my expertise by saying I spent some growing up years in Enid, Oklahoma, right in the heart of the Cherokee Strip). First of all, I am not meaning to trash Bartcop because he works out of Tulsa; he's done a phenomenal job with early Website management and success and now up to the level of having a radio show, which though not making him rich, is at least keeping him afloat so he can continue his harrangue, and harrangue is just what the Yahoos in this numbskull country need. But Bart's question and the passionate confusion he expressed in it, led me to start considering just where Bart is broadcasting from. It's just that out in Tulsa, Bart's a few miles outside the city limits of Amurikan reality. He's never breathed in the fumes of people and buildings burning and collapsing and the ashes smoldering for days afterward and his city turned into a police state and a bull's-eye target for future "terrorist" to aim at, with an asshole billionaire mayor who wants to defiantly build in the place of the old WTC a skyscraper that not only will be an architectural hunk of junk but also a taller than any building in the world "bird" pointing up defying the Saudi boxcutter-carrying flyboys to try another attempt at blowing NYC away.

So before I answer his question about what he calls the "pink tutu wearing" Democrats and their cowardly ways, let me take some potshots at Tallshit (Tulsa).

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an old oil boomtown founded by good, good white people who were imprinted with such good Christian values--oh yeah, they love their precious Jesus in Tulsa--they solved a racial problem they had back in those oil-rich good ole days (1921) by burning down the whole black community of Greenwood, 35 blocks of black businesses and homes totally destroyed, and, too, of course, with great white compassion, lynching, burning, and just flat shooting men, women, and children at will, 36 was the official white number of dead but everyone knew many more than that died, and, of course, due to the extreme compassion of the white system of extreme justice (remember, Justice is symbolized by a BLINDFOLDED WOMAN) the good, good, Jesus-loving white citizens went jacking-off crazy with IMPUNITY.

Tulsa dumps its shit on a stepping up of foothills that lead up past Miami (a Native American name), Oklahoma, and trail on up into the holy home of Amurika's Elizabethan yodelling hoedown hillbillies, up in the Ozarks in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas (the holy headquarters of Wal-Mart--yee haw! Actual Hillbilly Heaven right up the trail at Branson, Missouri--double yee-haw! Missouri, the first state to pass an unConstitutional state law making abortions illegal--triple yeeeee-hawww!).

Originally, Tulsa was settled in 1836 by the Creek, Cherokee, and Choctaw Native Americans who survived the Trail of Tears and reached this place on the Arkansas River in what was then called Indian Territory and set up a camp they called Tallahassie, yep, same as the town in Florida, these tribes's native lands being in northern Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Alabama. The first white man to set up shop in this bend of the Arkansas was Lewis Perryman, in 1846. Soon covered wagons full of white families and gold-seeking out-of-work eastern and southern white men, soldiers of fortune, hunters, trappers, and weirdo religious kooks started coming down the Trail of Tears out of St. Louie and Joplin, on down across the sagebrush to tumble into Lew Perryman's trading post. Some of them stopped and tried to set up businesses and homes around Lew's bend in the river and they named it Tulsey Town, surely an Anglosized version of a Native American word. (For your info, "Oklahoma" is a Choctaw word meaning, "Okla"--"people" and "Homa" "red"--so Oklahoma means "home of the red people.")

Tulsa remained a pissant village until a day in 1898 when across the Arkansas River from Tulsey Town at Red Fork what was called the Glen Pool Strike came in big time, oil gushing up, natural gas flaming off. By 1905, Tulsey Town had become Tulsa, Oklahoma Indian Territory, and was given the handle, "Oil Capital of the World."

The Glen Pool Strike was just one part of an oil boom that echoed across all of Oklahoma south to across the Red River into northern Texas, crabbing horizontally to cross the Red River once again and going over into central Arkansas--around El Dorado, Arkansas, one time home of that self-learn-ed, pig-jowled, rapin', gamblin', incestuous, masturbating right-wing fool, slant-drilling-rich wildcat oilman, H.L. Hunt.

Before 1907, Oklahoma was designated an Indian Territory. You addressed your mail to Oklahoma, "Oklahoma Indian Territory." That means Oklahoma belonged to the Native Americans. As I've already shown you, Tulsa was in this Indian Territory--a sagebrush prairie that spreads out west past Enid and over by Perry, that area out there being the infamous Cherokee Strip, named because this strip of 226 miles across the top of northern Oklahoma and about 50 miles vertically on the map from the Kansas border to down below Enid around Guthrie was land stolen from the Cherokee Nation, among others, like the Pawnees, Osage, Kaw, Tonkawa, Nez Perce, Otoe, and Missouria Native Americans. Then came the Homestead Act of 1886 under President Grover "Where's your boy?" Cleveland (Grover supposedly had an illegitimate son by a mistress of his) and the oh-so good, kind, good-hearted great white father Amurikan government decided, hell, we're gonna let white folks have that land. We gonna have a little sport and let all the white trash rascals run out of the east and south 'cause they were most lazy, poor, worthless--former white indentured servants from over in the Piedmont, drifters, fortuneseekers, and they were so wild-crazed for this free land, they lined their wagons, buggies, ponies, some on foot, at one end of this Cherokee Strip and when the gun went off and the flag was dropped, these white scalliwags rode hellbent on settling on some free land.

Oklahoma belonged lock, stock, and barrel to the Native Americans because they got it as a gift from the good, sweet, and gracious white Amurikan government, with good ole kind and considerate friend of the Native Americans, Old Leatherhided Bastard Hickory, weird and scary, dirty, hairy, and full of fleas (I steal from that great old diddy, "The Bastard King of England") Andy Jackson, yep, the same dude the Democrats named their most-famous once-a-year fundraising affair after, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Yep, the kind Amurikan government gave the good Native Americans their own land. Oh, and I forgot, the good ole kind and considerate great white father Amurikan government also provided hundreds of thousands of Native Americans transportion from their native lands and over the Ozarks and down past Miami, Oklahoma, over the sage brush into old Tallahassee, Indian Territory, that sweet, kindly path the Native Americans, in jest I'm sure, called "The Trail of Tears." So, wonder of wonders, when that oil boom hit Oklahoma, all the oil was on Native American land, and soon all the Oklahoma Native Americans were rich they thought for life. And they were until the oil lease and mineral right swindlers hit town, all sharp-tongued white oil agents sent out by old Big Daddy John D. Rockefeller and his Standard Oil goon-types to cheat, gyp, swindle, rook, hook and crook and steal all that oil wealth literally right from under the Native Americans. The Native Americans in Oklahoma were left soaked, poor as Job's turkey, on short-sheeted "reservations" around the new oil-made white cities like Lawton, Ardmore, Altus, Oklahoma City (used to have an active oil well pumping on the capitol lawn), Edmond, Norman, Guymon. Penning up the Choctaw, the Anadarkos, the Cherokee, all of the former owners of Oklahoma. The Okla turned from Homa to lily white. Oklawhitey. And the Okies were born.

Tulsa today ain't no Oil Capital of the World anymore. Nope, now it's an aviation center with over 300 aviation companies in the area. It's still standing on stolen land, but who cares now?

Wow, I got that off my hairy chest, a fairly good series of growls, some that reached the higher pitches of a howl several times. Wow, the hair is receding from my face, arms, legs, but that f-ing full big-faced moon is still sailing over my reality, in spite of it being in the middle of a bright and sunny afternoon.

Finally Answering Bartcop's Question
The reason with all the felonous and traitorous evidence the Democrats have available to them the don't get off their pink tutued asses and revolt, Bart, is that, first of all, they've all been bought and sold and bought again and sold again and they are only in their offices or wanting to run for offices because of the power it gains them and the MONEY that they will accrue by being in the Washington, D.C. (District of Corruption) loop. As a New Yorker, it's hard for me to call Hillary Clinton "Senator" since she doesn't represent my poor tired ass in any way I can think of. Hell, she's a carpetbagging revenge-seeking numbskull Yaley lawyer, is in debt to the Democratic Party leader-hacks who choose who they will let buy their way in by proving they can successfully fundraise to own a nomination and party backing. Everything is based on how much money you can bring into the tax-free party coffers.

So, Bart, here's a Daily Growler set-in-stone rule: all Congresspeople, Demoncrats or Repugnicans, are bought by the highest bidders, which, by the bye is never the people they are supposed to represent. They represent themselves and their own desires, fuck the people of the US., and they remain loyal to where the bucks and power come from, no matter the "evilness" involved.

Remember, Bart, your hero, Bill "White Trash Deluxe" Clinton made $30,000 as governor of Arkansas (a Native American name, though it's never had a Native American governor), one of the poorest f-ing states in the union--yee haw. Clinton's Hope, Arkansas, boyhood home was certainly on wheels at one time I'm willing to bet. Let's say Hillary at best was offshoring a hundred thousand bucks a year at her crooked Little Rock federal money chasing law firm. So, this couple unable to make more than $130,000-a-year (an amount that couldn't get you a one-bedroom apartment in New York City these rich-taking-over days) back in good ole hoedown hillbilly Arkansas, left the White House , holy Jesus, worth 7 or 8 million bucks, and that's before they got their big baloney-book book deals from good ole gal genius Judith Regan, the hotshot celebrity book booker, last heard of when she made the headlines after it was revealed she had been wallowing in the dusts of the smoldering ashes of the World Trade Center in throes of mad passionate pig love with the great pig lover Bernie Kerrick, who Bush was ready to name Homeland Scare Tactic chief (god, another Native American reference). Judith said Bernie was the best pig lover she'd ever wallowed with in her whole unmarried life. Bernie being married and under Federal indictment didn't say anything about Judy-Judy-Judy's piggie abilities.

Besides that, Bart, these Loop insiders have had close eye-to-eye looks at Georgie Porgie, the "president"; Unka DickCheney; bitch puppy Karl Rove, and they've seen the insanity in those fool eyes. One zap from any of those 6 eyes is enough to scare the hell out of you, keep you from flying in small planes or watching out for the Swift Boat boys and their fabulous dossiers. They know from association that these guys are psychotic killers and that they have the ultimate power on their side; they have the f-ing poor battered military at their beck and call (the poor fools), the FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots), the CIA (Pappy Bush once ran it), a majority of dolts in Congress, and the whole raggedy ass insults to justice Supreme Court judges, and the lying "chief" wiretapping everybody and their dogs's asses. These freaks are Machiavellian as hell. They'd kill their grandmothers to get ahead. And, besides, Karl Rove might happen across a few hotel security tapes showing them or those they love in precarious situations. "Damn, is that Slick Willie not having sex with that little baby-fat Jewish intern?--I took her home myself and got some after meeting her at a party at Uncle Teddy's Georgetown digs. In fact, Uncle Teddy had some hot eyes on her himself, saying she, er-ah, reminded him of an intern in his, er-ah, sordid past."

Ask your soldier boy hero who dropped out of the Democrat senatorial race in Ohio about it? He has your answer, Bart. That's why you're right to keep them all in your pink tutus. Classy Freddie Blase would tell you these politicians are all cowardly lions with no hearts like a straw man and no brains like a tinman--he would tell you they are Pencil-Necked Geeks and pencil-necked geeks are total pathetic losers, easily pinned to the point they cry "Uncle," except the pathetic Democratic candidates will cry "Unka Dick, Unka Dick," or hell, Unka Dick might just let go an accidental shotgun blast right in their asskissing faces.

Impeachment is the answer. The Bill of Rights, written by old Democratic Daddy Tom Jefferson, says We the People of this United States of America have the right to overthrow any government that rebukes the people's will, which is according that same document, "the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness," protection from foreign invasion, why we have an army, and if they don't get that right, they have a right to bear arms, form a militia, and drive the rascals out of the White House. It will be up to the people of the US of A to join hands and put these assholes in jail where they belong--owing all the American people (especially including black people, Mexican Amurikans, and NATIVE AMERICANS), the Afghani people, the Iraqi people reparations--I mean fine 'em all enough to break the Carlyle Group and gain back the rights to the commonwealth our natural resources represent and not PROFITS for the Plutocrats these people really are.

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