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thegrowlingwolf Taking a Leak in the Street

Foto by tgw, New York City, November 2010
A The Daily Growler Extra: If you want an example of just how fucking DUMB and illogical these jerky rightwingers can be, here's the perfect Website for you. Check out the reason this ignorant Black man gives for extending tax cuts for the very rich (remember, these birds make up about 1% of our total population--we recently read where these tax cuts affect approx. 350,000 families. Plus, for extra-scare, read the comments on this site. The truth of the matter is, these rightwingers and this Black fool are right about this bullshit going on back to Calvin Coolidge--yeah, and what happened to the economy after Calvin Coolidge (a former District Attorney) left office--READ: "the stock market crash of 1929," which happened during a Republican administration under Herbert Hoover, a filthy rich puff-jowled well-fed goose of a man. We have a progressive tax system in place based on the less you make the less taxes you pay and vice versa, the more you make the more taxes you pay--and that is taxes on your EARNINGS (the rich used to pay higher rates the more money they made--in England, the filthy rich were taxed almost 100% at one time--that's why the Beatles and Rolling Stones and Brit actors and entertainers came to this country for their biggest successes--they paid taxes under our laws and not England's--the real reason John Lennon wanted to be an American). Except we've so chopped this progressive system up with loopholes and accepted deductions it's no longer progressive but oppressive, not to the rich, but to the poor, who, and I don't give a shit what this Black fool says, pay more taxes out of their earnings than any rich bastard pays out of what he puts down as his "earnings." Like rich people get to take their yachts and the upkeep of them as deductions--that's why rich people have so many yachts and limos and Hummers and jet planes and collector planes. I had a boss on my last job who not only owned a jet plane, but he also owned a WWII fighter plane he'd bought already restored, and he collected helicopters, of which when I knew him he had two. He belonged to a club of his wealthy buddies (they all lived amongst themselves up in Connecticut) who also owned WWII airplanes. And once a year, this club held mock air battles out over the Atlantic Ocean. And, yes, all these men also owned yachts--and I don't mean 40-foot sailboats either; I mean full-blown captained and staffed and maintained yachts. This boss used to sail his yacht from Connecticut down to his summer home in Florida and take along a gaggle of his friends and they partied hearty all the way down there--one time having a special dinner delivered to them by helicopter from shore. This all going on while I was working my ass off so he and his executive partners in the business could keep making such huge profits it gave them the pleasure of counting those yacht trips and WWII mock dog fights as business related and thereby deducting the whole blessed fun messes from their personal taxes, as well as the company deducting such trips from its taxes, too. When I started to work for this boss, we got 6% raises every year. When I left there 12 years later, our raises went down every year until the last two years we got no raises and our salaries were frozen. In an e-mail, the company, and they were so sorry, explained these measures were due to the economy slumping--and this was under Bill Clinton, folks, the man who claims he left office leaving behind a substantial budget surplus. And how did Bill do this?---it was a miracle really, a miracle which should get Willie Jeff sainthood same as British Petroleum is up for sainthood due to the miracle of the suddenly evaporating worst oil spill in US history. I mean President Obama found out what a miracle that Willie Jeff budget surplus was after he hired on the Slick Willie goons, Larry Summers, for one, who did the creative accounting in the coming up with that surplus (one aspect of it was estimating the future income from US Mint issuing special collector-oriented coin sets or the same from special-issue collectible stamp sales). Anyway, here's a Website that should scare any transcended thinker in terms of the ignorance of most of its statements and especially the comments from its willing-to-goose-step commenters (tormenters). Did you see in the news where one Repugnican idiot says the soldier who leaked the first leaks to Wikileak--the ones showing how corrupt both these insane wars are, especially the Afghan-Paki War (now called "Barack Obama's War," something which Obama seems to proudly accept)--should be tried and EXECUTED as a traitor! Can you maybe see a lot of executions coming in the next Congress? Anyway, take a look at this wonderfully logical rightwinger wingding boing-boing DUHHHH site: www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=40289
Ignorant Beliefs (Fundamentals) Ruling Over US (which spells "Us")
Ignorance is bliss. Right now We the People of the USA are falsely blissful, as full of false hopes as a tightly tied burlap sack of kitties about to be thrown into a swift-moving stream. We live under the fable that We the People of the USA are in all ways invincible. We, in other words, are TOO BIG to FAIL. We can't understand why other people don't necessarily believe this and are intent upon bringing us down. I think the World Trade Center buildings stay hooked in the memories of hinterland Americans as looking like football goal posts.

[And speaking of 9/11, check out the Existentialist Cowboy's post on Lucky Larry Silverstein--there's some interesting accusing going on by the Cowboy in this post:


Are We the People basically ignorant? That's hard to know. Yes, our politicians seem to represent idiots over understanders, but that doesn't mean we're all idiots. But certainly We are suckers. Well, since we are suckers, that means We are also ignorant, doesn't it? And, yes, suckers are idiots to the Power Elite that is deciding who of us will have a blissful future and who of us won't.

Like New York City's billionaire mayor believes that the public school education one receives in New York City is totally inadequate and the education We the People of New York City are receiving from these schools isn't the right kind of education he personally feels we and our kids need (he is a father; his daughter is his ambassador to the UN (do you believe that NYC has an ambassador to the UN and it's our billionaire mayor's billionaire daughter?). A Liberal Arts education is no longer the preferred education. Therefore, this billionaire's solution to the problem is to privatize the New York City school system--he's a big backer of charter schools (privatized schools). Our mayor's solution to the PUBLIC school system is to turn education into a profitable business and to do so, this Plutocracy mayor is putting a businesswoman (a cute dishwater blonde, the kind our ladies-man mayor is attracted to (he was the subject of many a sexual harassment suit while he was running his Bloomberg LP)) in charge of the NYC public school system, one of the largest in the world, and certainly with a budget of 24 billion dollars a prize in the eyes of the corporate elite who believe a person with a financial/managerial (accountancy) background has the solution to every problem we have no matter its depth and breadth. Our billionaire mayor knows a foolish person with a teaching certificate and graduate work in education and educational administration would spend those 24 billions of dollars on improving the public schools, like maybe improving the buildings in which NYC's mostly black and Latino students (80%) attend classes (overcrowded classes due to a lack of teachers)--rather than closing them down and firing teachers, like the mayor is doing.

Note: recently several New York City schools fell victim to the current bedbug epidemic that is running rampant throughout the NYC hotels and businesses, including the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and Tiffany's. This bedbug epidemic is blamed on We the People of New York City when all of us true New Yorkers know it's due to the millions of tourists, both foreign and US, that are piling into NYC these days thanks to our mayor's overpromoting of tourism as New York City's biggest (and in ways our only) industry (in 1950, New York City had 16,000 factories that employed over 1 million workers (at that time probably the fashion industry was our leading industry--fashion and publishing)--like the tourists who flock to my neighborhood to patronize two cheap-ass ($175-a-night for a single room; $250-a-night for a double; plus a 14% city hotel tax and other added on state and Federal taxes--in New York City, we pay three income taxes: city, state, and Federal--triple taxation, which is unConstitutional , though who the hell cares?) Indian-operated bedbug-ridden hotels--both of which are just up the block from me--one of which had a huge bedbug epidemic a few years ago where they had to trash all their mattresses and replace them with new ones. For days the garbage in front of that hotel consisted of hundreds of single-bed and double-bed mattresses (there are no alleys in Manhattan so all the garbage goes out in front of the buildings). Plus, the streets around these hotels are strewn with garbage 24/7. Fifth Avenue, once so elegant and snotty a street of privileged shops and haughty residents, is now from 42nd on down to 14th an open cesspool of disposed of aluminum carry-out containers, soda cans, vomit, paper sheets and wads of all sorts, paper and plastic sacks, discarded gum, piss (big piss stains against a lot of the niches in buildings--I mean there are very few public restrooms in NYC--a wino has to piss somewhere), and a new crop of flying rats (pigeons) congregating in the areas where there's a lot of edible garbage--like half-eaten sandwiches or curried rice leavings from the Indian restaurant that sits behind the garbage-producing Dunkin' Donuts/BaskinRobbins/Subway fast-food joint on the corner, a favorite with tourists--especially those staying at the two bedbug emporium hotels. These tourists are too financially stretched after paying outrageous hotel prices and airfares and such to eat in the big fancy restaurants, most of which are run by the rich-overnight money launderers--like little Wall Street broker brats who take their millions of dollars of bonus monies and start their own chi-chi, hip, trendy, Euro-trash-style restaurants and bistros and specialty bakeries and ice cream parlors and pizza joints (you should see some of the pizza combos these phony trendies are promoting--there are a hell of a lot of phony Naples-style pizzerias around this town now run by young Jewish guys, or guys with Italian-sounding names who end up being from Queens or Brooklyn and who have never been to Italy). Phonies all of them. And this is a city of phonies, i.e., pretenders. NYC houses some of best phonies in the world; Donald "Urban Hick" Trump, for instance. A city of constant acting.

And We the People of the USA are so phony, too. We are also champion hypocrites. And now with the Wikileak leaks, We are shown to be world-renown liars, deceivers, and threateners. We truly believe our system of government is the only true democracy in the world, though it isn't a democracy at all and never has been. Yes, through amendments to our Constitution (now almost 250 years old and moldy and outmoded and obsolete) we've tried to make it a democracy but it's still a republic not a democracy.

From lexrex:

"It is important to keep in mind the difference between a Democracy and a Republic, as dissimilar forms of government. Understanding the difference is essential to comprehension of the fundamentals involved. It should be noted, in passing, that use of the word Democracy as meaning merely the popular type of government--that is, featuring genuinely free elections by the people periodically--is not helpful in discussing, as here, the difference between alternative and dissimilar forms of a popular government: a Democracy versus a Republic. This double meaning of Democracy--a popular-type government in general, as well as a specific form of popular government--needs to be made clear in any discussion, or writing, regarding this subject, for the sake of sound understanding. These two forms of government: Democracy and Republic, are not only dissimilar but antithetical, reflecting the sharp contrast between (a) The Majority Unlimited, in a Democracy, lacking any legal safeguard of the rights of The Individual and The Minority, and (b) The Majority Limited, in a Republic under a written Constitution safeguarding the rights of The Individual [Mr. Ed.: Why the Supreme(ly dumb) Court made corporations individuals] and The Minority...." (to continue reading:

And this Wikileak business. It's hard to tell the difference between Condo-leasing Rice and Hillbilly Hillary Clinton (has she dropped the Rodham?) when it comes to defending all the bullshitty bullshit going on in those many many back-room, closed-session, top-secret meetings--like the Saudi royals and the Arab Emirates royals, all along suppliers of money and arms to Al-Queda--so maybe it is truly a Sunni jihadist militant arm of the Saudi-Arabia royal household in cahoots with our CIA--Duh, where's Bin Laden from? Duh, who was Prince Bandar Bush? You don't hear much of anything about the Prince these days. Oh and how the god-damn Bushes are SO involved in all this shit. The Wikileak leaks aren't shocking to me. I worked at the large Big 8 accounting firm (now they're called management-consulting firms, but in reality they are simply still accounting firms) involved in the BCCI scandal. My company came out of that smelling like a rose--revelations uncovering the fact that the BCCI bank boyz had kept three sets of books--and that's why I call these accounting firms bookcookers (they call it "creative accounting")--and my company claimed they were responsible for the "correct" books and didn't know about the cooked set. Check out the BCCI scandal. It's the same cast of characters being thrown out of the closet by these Wikileak leaks: Saudi-Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Dubai...oh yeah, the same old bunch. The BCCI boyz were supplying money and arms to Al-Queda and Bin Laden and keeping up his tiger-hunting camp in Pakistan...and getting him bucks to keep up the rent on his villa in Peshawar--and we suppose they keep him in up-t0-date dialysis machines.

You see, the Afghan-Paki War and what's still going on in the Iraq War (US troops killed an engineer at a Baghdad Airport
(once called G.W. Bush Airport) U.S.-manned check point that caused all the airport workers to shut the place down yesterday with a general strike) are all about wealth and mineral rights and territorial rights--

And how about that ongoing war in Korea? It's all about a country being wrecked and torn in half by the USA in its false/ignorant belief in John Foster Dulles's "Domino Theory" of Soviet Communist gradually taking over (not Chinese at first) the former colonies of France and Britain in Southeast Asia. And John Foster Dulles (Allen "CIA" Dulles's brother) was one dull motherfucker; but deadly dull--many an American soldier and many a poor Korean lost their lives due to dull Dulles and his theories of rampant Communism takeovers across Southeast Asia--a remnant of Dulles's invention: the Cold War. Remember when Commie China and the Soviet Commies had border disputes? For years they were threatening to go to war over certain borders. Remember when Mao turned against Stalin and Russian Communism? Yeah, we conveniently forget all these pieces of the world jigsaw puzzle.

President Barack Obama when elected had a chance to bring peace (are at least a momentary peace) to the world had he busted the right move. Think about the power this man suddenly had after that cost-overrun inauguration. He had all the Blacks, most of the Latinos, and all progressive Whites on his side. He had college students on his side. He had We the People on his side but...and these kind of buts are the buts that hurt...but, though Obama had We the People behind him, he knew who really had their hands full of toilet-paper cash up his ass working his mouth and programming his decisions. The Power Elite. The Global Marketplace boyz. Wall Street. K Street. Check out all the sleazy PR firms the Obamaites hired. As corrupt a bunch of finaglers as you are going to find in the world.

It's all so disgusting to me. So petty. And now, Obama, rather than again standing up and admitting that what's been revealed by these latest Wikileak leaks is peace-wrecking bullshit, the bullshit of a Military-backed ruling Plutocracy. I mean, just look at how much power the Pentagon has both in money and control of the President, Congress, and us. (For instance, why would Bin Laden or Al-Queda or the Israeli Secret Service have tried to bring down the Pentagon during the fun and games we now refer to as 9/11?) Look how these generals are so eager for war. It is their jobs. The military is their careers. Without war what good are generals?--troops, yes, to guard our borders, but generals? It is with the same cynicism I say the big pharmas are not interested in prevention or even cures of diseases but rather in keeping people sick. Sick people with pay-or-die insurance policies are kept alive until their policies run out and then the insurance companies tell the HMOs to pull the plug on 'em--"Let 'em die."

[Note: Another thing about New York City in 1950. It had free basic health care and free hospitals like Bellevue for every New Yorker. I mean we had neighborhood clinics where you could drop in and get blood workups or general check ups or even emergency treatments. New York City's college and university system was free--City College, Queens College, Brooklyn College, Lehman College, etc.]

I just listened to Robert Gibbs and Hillary Clinton giving us a lecture on how Wikileaks is as evil as Al-Queda...hell, hey, let's call it an enemy combatant. That's what Republican nutjob Lindsay Gramm is saying. He wants
Julian Assange picked up by the CIA and immediately charged as being an enemy combatant and sent to Guantanamo and put away for good. Lindsay went on to say anyone who aided Julian Assange in any way, like being his attorney, would be subject to the same condemnation and would join Julian at Guantanamo, a place Lindsay went on to assure us the Repugs would never vote to close down. Guantanamo is forever.

How embarrassed is Obama and Hillary and the Warmonger Generals and the Pentagon and our Diplomat corps? Silly assholes. They know nothing about computers and the ability of these logic machines to hack into illogical sites and unveil them. They know nothing about anything except perpetual campaigning and the millions of dollars flowing in and out of those campaign coffers.

Think of how easy these sleazeballs hand out our money while We the People are...well, 10% of us are jobless; 20% of us living almost in poverty; 90% of us are in debt or on the brink of destruction. But the US government, what the hell do they care? Hillary said she and Obama had been working hard to seal relationships around the globe with our PARTNERS! Like who made these countries our partners? Our partners in what, sharing in the filthy lucre being handed out freely by our State Department and our Treasury Dept.? Oh shit, they hand out billions all around the world. An investigation just recently revealed that British Petroleum and other big drill-drill-drill oil giants got hundreds of thousands of safety exemptions in terms of drilling procedures and environmental protections from the Obama Administration. Plus, and I hope this is wrong, it seems the Obama boyz are pumping millions into BP in the form of stimulus monies; helping them overcome their debts; for BP, even though they are a British corporation, has been sanctified by the Pope as an actual living Saint (based on the miracle of the evaporated oil spill), Saint BP.

Just think about all the billions upon billions of dollars We the People are pumping out in tax breaks for our own rich (and this tax-break bullshit bill affects only 345,000 of us--a handful of pricks so filthy rich now they don't know what to do with all their money) and for oil giants, and bailout monies for Wall Street crooks, and billions for saving banks from bankruptcy, and billions in foreign aid (like the Afghani politician who walked into a bank in the Arab Emirates with millions of bucks of good ole worthless US dollars in a couple of suitcases) and the monies we're blowing maintaining 150 military bases around the world. Just think how only a fraction of that money could bail out We the People. Why not big chunks of stimulus money to We the People individually? I'd be happy with a lousy hundred-thousand worthless US dollars. A piss bucket of bucks compared to the bucks being carried on pallets inside Air Force supercargo planes. But, oh no, We the People have to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps like all our billionaires have done. We the People foolishly cry we want nothing from our government; in fact, most ignorant Americans agree with the Teabaggers and Sarah Palin that we should do away with the federal government altogether.... I mean stop right there. I can't believe that anybody, even those creeps who are promoting Teabagger ideas, would consider a woman like Sarah "Paleface" Palin for the presidency of the USA. This is a semi-ugly woman who is constantly checking herself out in mirrors and who hasn't knowledge enough to know much of anything outside of moose hunting and keeping an eye on her horny daughter and her illegitimate grandchild and, by the bye, where's her truck-drivin' husband these days?

President Obama just an hour or so ago said he was quite optimistic after meeting with the Repug opposition. He says alas these assholes a willing to work with him on compromises. Oh fuck you, Obama. Quite insulting We the People by kissing these ignorant jerks's asses, bending over backwards to kowtow to them. Unless, and this surely could be a fact, Obama has been given a serious death threat. He's acting scared like maybe that's the case.

I mean, come on, folks, this warfare starting up in Korea again--how utterly insane is that? And our privileged-and-power-pumped-up leaders are going ahead in the name of We the People with these provocative war games with the pitiful South Korean army and navy--we're probably going to announce soon we're selling South Korea some weapons of mass destruction; surely some Blackhawk helicopters; surely some jet fighters; and by all means some hi-tech surveillance equipment. Or how about some drones? And don't forget, Obama sent a fleet of warships and several thousand U.S. Marines into Costa Rica--pretending we're helping Costa Rica fight the Mexican-US-Colombian drug dealers who use the mountainous wilds of the Costa Rican-Nicaraguan border to haul their drugs from Colombia and Panama through a jungle route that runs directly into southern Mexico.

Oh well. Tis the season to be jolly isn't it? So, ho-ho-ho, will Santy Clause come this year and bring us lots of cheaply made Commie Chinese lead-filled and formaldehyde-soaked goods? I bought a Made in China cotton teeshirt the other day at K-Mart--hey, it's a nice looking tee, nice thick cotton, but when I got it home and held it up to the light, it had three pencil-eraser-size holes in it. I took it back and exchanged it and I went back to get a new shirt and I held up five of them before I found one without holes in it or splitting-open seams. What a shame. New York City and New York State used to be where our clothes were made. When labels didn't have to tell you what country they were from unless they were bragging that they were imported and therefore better than our homemade goods.

Ah, but just think of the fucking profits the Commie Chinese manufacturing Capitalists and K-Mart made (doesn't Sears own K-Mart?) selling this crap. And oh how happy all those 5-to-10-year-olds who made all those goods must be with their big year-end cash bonuses. Yeah sure.

How depressing this depression is. My parents survived the Great Depression--it lasted over a decade--but it wasn't fun--having your electricity turned off--having your gas turned off--cooking your meals out in your backyard. Potatoes the cheapest form of food, so you bought eight big spuds and you made potato soup every night--my mother's mother had 'em throw a couple of stones in that thin soup--and some wild onions and dandelions to add some flavor. As Woody Guthrie sang, they were eating soup so thin you could read a newspaper through it.

Is World War Three inevitable? I think so, but then I'm a growler, a hungry wolf-man hybrid meanly pissed off enough to go for the throat of these worthless bastards who have control of me now and in my near or distant future--our Congress now a Millionaires Club!

Want some more depressing news? The George W. Bush Presidential Library (yep, that's Georgie Porgie Bush, our two-stolen-term faux president) is going to cost We the People 300 million dollars--it's going to be in Booger's new home, Dallas. What in the name of hell is it going to contain? Maybe all those Wikileak leaked diplomatic cables that show how involved Bush and his administration were with the royal Saudis and the royal families of Dubai and the Arab Emirates and how hooked into Halliburton and KBR and Raytheon and Dimecorp and the Carlyle Group and the Bradley military vehicles they are.

Why all this secrecy and confidentiality? It's OK for these foreign heads of states to be in the know of all this chicanery going on; yet We the People who are paying dearly for these world-war schemes are left out in the cold and when we break into their secret files and find out the murderous tomfoolery these traitors are committing all around the globe we will be subject to being labeled enemy combatants and sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (how ironic is it that our most barbarian prison is in Communist Cuba).

And speaking of Guantanamo Bay, I saw a tear-jerking documentary about the Cuban boat people of many years back now--remember them?--those who neither Castro wanted in Cuba nor we wanted in this country. How the US Coast Guard and Navy would go out fishing for these desperate human beings on homemade stick rafts and innertube rafts and oil-drum rafts, some with as many as forty men, women, and children, including babies, on board. And our Coast Guard and Navy fished these people out of the water (fuck the bodies of the ones who had drowned along the way) and hauled them off to Guantanamo Bay where they were incarcerated. How ironic is that, people escaping Cuba picked up by our Navy and taken back to Cuba, except this is We the People's little permanent part of Cuba? Remember, it was Michael Moore in Sicko who went down to Guantanamo and tried to get medical treatment for several people he had along with him who needed treatment but had lost their health insurance in the US--emphasizing that our enemy combatants had better health care than We the People had through our pay-or-die health insurance industry.

Are we ignorant? Are we stupid? Are we neurotic? Are we psychotic? Are we doomed?

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