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The Daily Growler's Perspective on the Mid-Term Elections

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Looking Forward to the Most Idiotic Congress in Idiotic Congressional History
Since everything you see and hear in the media is mostly lies, then mostly all day Sunday on commercial teevee the lies centered on predictions of the results of tomorrow's mid-term elections around the USA. While President Obama was out whipping up his crowds with his lies, his idiot opponents were getting the most attention, especially Sarah Palin. Amazing Sarah Palin. A total walking and talking idiot and yet all day yesterday the teevee pundits were showing clips of her making idiotic statements and then they were following those up with serious discussions of her influence on these elections and her presidential chances in 2012. One statement the Amazing Sarah kept harping on, a Repugnican-Teabagger anthem in these Mid-terms, was the fact, according to her, that now the American people were finally going to get their say. Continuing in her dull and wildly self-centered off-the-wall reasoning saying that Obama had had his chance and he had failed. And now the American people were going to show his Black ass just who's boss. Yahoos shouting Yahoo praises for this Yahoo woman from a Yahoo state, this Sarah Yahoo Palin...I mean it is amazing how much "liberal" press this truly dumb woman is getting. She has to be a Repugnican male sex object. Is she the perfect Repugnican woman? Amazing. Idiots beget idiots.

In the meantime, the dumbest of our teevee rightwinger millionaire pundits are predicting a retakeover of Congress by the very people who took us toward the bottom and were the reason this rookie politician Barrack Obama came out of nowhere to beat Hillbilly Hillary in the Iowa Caucus vote and then to go on and whip John "Blown Mission" McCain and the Amazing Sarah Paleface Palin to be put up in the catbird seat of this imploding nation by an uncontested majority of ideal-eyed and true-believing progressive Americans. But all Sunday morning these commercial teevee crowing cock-of-the-walk millionaire fat-jowled teevee show hosts were giving estimates of these degrading Teabagger-influenced clowns winning 30 seats--then one crowing cock-of-the-walk arches his pig-fatty neck and coughs up figures giving the Yahoos 50 seats--hell, why stop there, one topdog predictor, with his leg cocked and pissing into the wind, said the Yahoos were going to gain a 60-seat advantage over the failed Dumbocrats in Congress.

These hayseed assholes are lying like the dogs they are. There is no way the American people will allow these assholes back in no matter what disguise they're wearing, not after what they got us into. And, yet, President Obama, for whatever strange unholy reason he has for his actions, refuses to attack these crybaby assholes as his enemies (he like Abe Lincoln is facing a dividing nation). He won't call his opponents (and that's who these assholes are--antiObama nuts) pig fuckers; yet they call him everything from a pig fucker to a Muslim to a nonAmerican and yet he refuses to defend himself and call them worst-than-pig-fuckers--these twisted sisters who don't know which end of a pig to fuck--pig fucking to them means fucking Sarah Palin and her hairbrained getting bloaty fat daughter, Bristol--oops, is she knocked up again? Those are the pigs the Repugnican-Teabaggers love to fuck or fantasy fuck.

I watched the World Series last night (Sunday). They were playing last night's game in that fabulous new stadium that Baby G.W. Bush foisted on the poor people of Arlington, Texas, with those folks finally having to foot the biggest portion of the bill for this playboy's palace of a baseball stadium. This stadium happened when the Texas Rangers were owned and almost wrecked by this same G.W. "Baby" Bush who has wrecked everything he's touched in his spoiled brat life. The Rangers eventually went into bankruptcy (the way spoiled rich brats cover their losses--like Donald Trump, the bankruptcy billionaire)--Nolan Ryan was able to buy the team with some of his rich asshole buddies out of bankruptcy. So, I watched the game--I watched as the San Francisco Giants's young pitcher, Madison Baumgartner, left the poor helpless Texas Rangers trying to hump with limp dicks. He eventually threw 8 innings of shut-out baseball and gave San Francisco a 3 to 1 lead in the best-of-seven-game series. One more win and the Giants will be World Champs this year. So how irritating was it to me when a Fox camera found the following political parasites sitting in three of the best seats in the house that Little Georgie built? Why there they were: Pappy "Mr. Thousand Points of Light" Bush and next to him was the magnificent Mammy Babs Bush and, son of a bitch, next to her, there he was, sitting next to his mommy, Little Georgie Porgie Bush himself--the little asshole weasel who should be in jail but is instead enjoying the World Series this year from the best seats in the Arlington baseball stadium that he foisted on the people of Arlington, Texas, and bankrupted the god-damn team. I thought it interesting that while the camera was on these three most dangerous Americans the announcers didn't say anything. I was so pissed. This little prick and his fucking old rickety father--sitting there in great splendor watching the team the Bushes left for dead on the outskirts of Fort Worth--Pappy and his buddies bought the team for Georgie Porgie to play with. The little prick who caused the dilemma President Obama was elected to fix is running around free as a fucking bird, enjoying life to the hilt, the good life, too, not some petty life, a life of good times based on bucks stolen from We the People--Georgie Porgie the only president ever appointed president by the US Supreme(ly Dumb) Court--two faux terms (stolen elections) as the WORST PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY. And now we are to believe the American people are so fucking dumbass and ignorant they want to put his crowd back into power! Holy Modal Fucking Rounders! The Repugnican-Teabaggers are now blaming President Obama for everything they foisted on us--the two Wars--though the Teabagger nutjobs have conceded that the Iraq War is over (Hah-Hah) but they are now calling the Afghanistan War Obama's War--yet the little prick who started both these wars is having a good ole time with his Pappy and Mammy attending a World Series game sitting in the best seats in the house.

And Barrack Obama was out on the campaign trail while Georgie Porgie was nonchalantly enjoying (though he had that same ole dumb-ass deadpan look on his pale face) a fucking baseball game. And Barrack Obama was out on the campaign trail DEFENDING HIMSELF and his policies and not attacking these clowns--I mean, come on, Mister Debater, these clowns are idiots, and yet you can't attack them as idiots? One problem is, you really like these creeps. Why I keep reminding people that Obama after meeting G.W. Bush said he wasn't a bad fellow at all; in fact, the two got along peachy keen. If Obama had of thrown the cuffs on G.W. when he met him and arrested him on the spot.... Sorry, I'm letting my "ifs" takeover the reality I'm trying to write about.

The reality is that no one knows how the American numbskulls will vote tomorrow. Yes, if you only look at Teabagger candidates constantly and never at their opponents perhaps that will influence enough middle-of-the-roaders to sweep these destroyers back into power. For instance, I have no idea from watching the commerical-pap teevee pundits yesterday who the Dumbocrat candidates are--though I know every Teabagger candidate fairly thoroughly. And then I saw Dick Armey trotted out, the Dick of Dicks ballyhooing about how finally the American people are going to have their say--as if Obama's sweeping win in 2008 wasn't the American people speaking. We assume if the American people had their say in that election, they will have their way in this election, too. But that's something I can only take on faith. And really, I have no faith in my fellow man.

Keep your fingers crossed. Believe in luck. Though don't get neurotic when you wake up Wednesday morning and the clowns are back in power and soon we'll all be out looking for cotton-picking jobs or jobs cleaning the shitcans of the filthy rich who will now own us all lock stock and barrel.

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Marybeth said...

SF Giants won the Series and I'm loving it. My father was a big Giants fan and never saw them win after they left the Polo Grounds, though he followed them religiously. I watched the final game for my father. I was sure they would take the Series in the fifth game, and they did. I was celebrating inside, I was celebrating my father. Sometimes these things mean more than what they seem to mean.