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Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Foto by tgw, New York City, November 2010
They Have Lied to Us So Much...Why Stop Now? Hoovertown, Next Stop
Lies eventually turn into truths. If you lie so much you live a lie then you are telling the truth when you lie because you've come to believe the lies you are telling are in your way of thinking actually truths. Confusing? Imagine if you are a liar how confusing it is to you caught up in your lies mixed with other lies, their lies, the collective lies.

Right here stop and remember that Chaos is composed of a large universe of confusions. Confusions colliding. Abstract collisions.

For instance, here's a pack of lies I can't figure out. President Obama's handpicked committee to give him advice on how to bring the deficit down turned in its recommendations yesterday. Most of its recommended ways of cutting the deficit are via social issues and not where they should be. How can a committee made up of these "handpicked" hacks blame our economic downturn on Social Security and Medicare? It's idiocy. Two fucking wars costing us billions of dollars a week and this little gaggle of nincompoops blames it on domestic spending--but especially Social Security and Medicare. Of course these fools are talking about years from now--a future they have no knowledge of and a future in which at least this asshole Simpson will be 6-feet under.

This is the committee our compromising President chose to be headed by a couple of political parasites, one a truly insane old fogie from Wyoming; the other Slick Willie Clinton's ex-Chief of Staff and current high-salaried banker boardmember:

President Obama established the commission in February of this year, in response to growing concerns about the US government's budget deficit, which is hovering above $1.3 trillion for the second fiscal year in a row.

"These are tough times, and we can't keep spending like they're not," the president said. He appointed former Clinton White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles, and former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson as co-heads of the commission.

Followers of the commission's progress had been expecting something along the lines of today's preliminary proposals for some time now. In August, ex-Sen. Simpson was criticized for referring to Social Security as a "milk cow with 310
million tits!" in an email.

(the above is from yesterday's (Weds. Nov. 10) Washington Post)

Why those two creeps? I wish I could ask Obama that question directly, though he would simply pump out some appropriate bullshit answer, like: "I spent a considerable amount of time in choosing the members of this committee. I'm especially pleased that Alan Simpson has agreed to come out of retirement to co-chair this committee. Alan is a man with a 'tell it like it is' nature about him...." That's the kind of two-sided bullshit I would probably get from him on this matter. I mean, I've already written in a past post warning of this old slimy bastard, old Mormon fool, old ex-Governor's son with a privileged-asshole attitude about his life and other people's lives. He's from the George Bush school of "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps"--meaning the Federal Government, the government of We the People for the People and by the People, isn't a milk cow with 310 million tits that We the People can rely on to bail us out when we are on the brink of bankruptcy or on the verge of being hauled off to the poor house or, hell, on the verge of paying or dying. WE THE PEOPLE according to this sad sack are to blame for this economy tumbling into a shithole. This according to this old 80-year-old fart who has lived off We the People his whole worthless parasitical life...already I'm upchucking just considering this old bastard in any light. Even writing about this old fool makes me nauseous.

The other little prick of this vaunted committee is Erskine Bowles. Now you may be saying, "Who the hell is Erskine Bowles?" He is billed by Obama as being Slick Willie Clinton's ex-deputy chief of staff. In truth, Erskine is another political parasite son of a state governor, this time the Governor of North Carolina. Erskine was born in North Carolina--grew up politically privileged. Went to the University of North Carolina before transferring up to Columbia U. School of Business where he earned his "live and play with an MBA." After college, Erskine worked at Morgan-Stanley. Does Erskine begin to sound like...maybe a Wall Streeter yet? Erskine tried his hand at politics--he ran for the North Carolina Senate seat left vacant by the timely death of that old ex-hillbilly disc jockey and racist asshole Jesse Helms only to be beaten by of all people, Liz Dole, the babe who got serviced by her 80-year-old pencil-holding Viagra-taking Bob Dole. The second time Erskine tried his hand at politics was for the vacated Senate seat of Pretty Boy and Letch John Edwards only this time to be beaten by the Bush-backed Repug candidate, a man appropriately named Burr. This senate contest was the most expensive in North Carolina political history. Finally, after losing twice to Repug idiots, Erskine gave up and accepted the presidency of the U of North Carolina, a position he held until this year. However, don't worry about old Erskine being broke or chancing bankruptcy or losing his homes to foreclosure...hell no...Erskine does quite well for himself these days--why he makes close to a million-a-year serving on the Boards of General Motors (turning in a huge several-billion-dollars of profits this last quarter) and Morgan-Stanley (remember all that bail-out money We the People gave these pirates, which Morgan-Stanley used to pay out those BIG bonuses?--YAHOO, ain't life grand) and the North Carolina Life Insurance Co. Why, shit, folks, the good ole OLD SOUTH son of a politician is making his nest-egg monies from Wall Street, the bailed-out General Motors, and the insurance industry. So hell yeah, old Erskine is the man to team with that old Mormon politician's son, Alan Simpleton. What a pair!

President Obama continues to bother me. In a time when this country is going to hell in a fucking handbasket, this guy takes off on a Asian junket with not only the first lady along but also 200-plus CEOs (no workingclass people went along--no union people either). The Teabaggers howled wildly over Obama's spending a heap of worthless US dollars to go on this junket--he was in Korea yesterday and I think he's on his way to the land of the country that owns us, Communist China;yet, the Teabagger's icon, that pitiful excuse of a human being, G.W. Bush, stayed on Air Force One himself most of his two terms doin' a whole lot of traveling around the globe--so much so it wore him out to where when he got back to the States he had to have a month-long vacation down at his faux ranch in Crawford, Texas--this from a president who on the privileges he had as G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush's worthless son went AWOL from the Texas National Guard rather than take his flying school tests at a base in Alabama--by the way, all the records that revealed all of this shit were conveniently destroyed or lost--by the way, also, all the military men who were there when Bush Baby went AWOL all mysteriously died, one of gunshot wounds. G.W. Bush was an admitted alcoholic and coke head. The only foreign trips Georgie Porgie made before he was president were the trips he made to La Frontera as a spoiled little rich brat to score coke and dip his old gnarly dick in some Mexican whores--one of which he knocked up. Oh, but that's OK; he was still qualified to be a leader, according to the Liars of American, our fearless leader for two terms--our only ever president appointed such by our Supreme(ly dumb) Court, which Obama recently had a chance to give it some progressive justice clout and instead he gave us a Bronx, New York, prosecuting attorney and a woman from his own administration who had absolutely no court trail experience--neither of whom have been able to stop this silly Court from doing absolutely stupid unConstitutional things like granting Corporations US citizenship, thereby making them the same as you and me, except they don't have to pay the taxes you and I do, nor do they suffer bankruptcies or foreclosures or demands that they pay their debts like we do either.

Isn't it amazing how our presidents are now in Air Force One more than they're in the White House? Why isn't Hillbilly Hillary doing this Asian junket instead of Obama? Why put our president in jeopardy flying him all over the world during a time of global crises. I suppose al-Queda's air force hasn't acquired some jet fighters from our Arms Sales division yet--I mean blowing up planes, isn't that one of their specialized abilities?--also, keep in mind, We the People of the USA are the world's biggest arms dealers. I've already told the world that President Obama's Asian adventure is simply an arms-selling and free-trade giveaway trip. First he went to India, the world's largest buyers of arms and weapons of mass destruction. And sure enough, while in India, Obama made an arms deal--jet fighters and hi-tech surveillance equipment. He also made a big point of continuing G.W. Bush's amazing deal where he traded our nuclear secrets (a boondoggle for the General Electric Nuclear War division) for their mangoes.

I mean writing about this shit causes me to doubt my sanity. I see things so clearly. Why do these fools believe their job is to distort that clarity? To smokescreen the hell out of that clarity? To give an opaqueness to everything? I mean first of all when I think about reducing the deficit I think of those two unnecessary unwinable wars that G.W. Bush lied our ways into. These worthless little wars are blowing billions of We the People's money per week--upwards of 1 trillion dollars since they started. Obama claims he's ended the War in Iraq (it was actually an invasion and attempted occupation); yet our continuing presence in that country--especially the upkeep and management of the world's largest embassy (the Green Zone) with a staff of 2,000 and home to 100,000 private war contractors and Hillary's little private army and all the oil company representatives who are piling into Baghdad looking for that pot of free gold at the end of that Iraq Rainbow of Oil. And forget about what the Afghan-Paki War is costing us. Also, all these foreign free-trade deals Obama is also making as he junkets around the globe--making outrageous trade deals--like the one we have with Commie China--there is hardly any tariffs or taxes at all on Chinese crap goods brought into this country by company's like Walmart of China. Plus, the president is burning up a lot of that precious gasoline and oil we are so desperate for--while Obama's military adventures are also burning up all that gasoline and oil--our military the largest user of gasoline and oil on earth!

It is very clear to me that most of our government's foreign policies are what are the biggest drag on our economy. That and the fact WE ARE IN A MAJOR DEPRESSION, FOLKS. During a Depression, you don't cut domestic spending--NO, YOU INCREASE DOMESTIC SPENDING--as per FDR and the New Deal. Of course, truth up, it took World War II to really get us out of the Great Depression. One reason FDR didn't help the duly elected government of Spain in its battle with the military coup of Francisco Franco who was supported by Hitler and Mussolini. You see, if FDR had helped the Spanish Republicans with arms and planes and generals and shit they could have trounced Franco and sent him into exile in Argentina--AND, then there would not have been a World War II. Remember what C. Wright Mills wrote about the military not wanting PEACE; in fact, for answers to this path of corruption We the People seem to be being led down blindfolded, I return to my Bible, C. Wright Mills's The Power Elite--remember, this was written in 1956:

"There is still one old American value that has not markedly declined: the value of money and of the things money can buy--these, even in inflated times, seem as solid and enduring as stainless steel. 'I've been rich and I've been poor,' Sophie Tucker has said, 'and believe me, rich is best.' As many other values are weakened, the question for Americans becomes not Is there anything that money, used with intelligence, will not buy?' but, 'How many of the things that money will not buy are valued and desired more than what money will buy?' Money is the one unambiguous criterion of success, and such success is still the sovereign American value.

"Whenever the standards of the moneyed life prevail, the man with money, no matter how he got it, will eventually be respected. A million dollars, it is said, covers a multitude of sins. It is not only that men want money; it is that their very standards are pecuniary. In a society in which the money-maker has had no serious rival for repute and honor, the word 'practical' comes to mean useful for private gain, and 'common sense,' the sense to get ahead financially. The pursuit of the moneyed life is the commanding value, in relation to which the influence of other values has declined, so men easily become morally ruthless in the pursuit of easy money and fast estate-building.

"A great deal of corruption is simply a part of the old effort to get rich and then to become richer. But today the context in which the old drive must operate has changed. When both economic and political institutions were small and scattered-as in the simpler models of classical economics and Jeffersonian democracy-no man had it in his power to bestow or to receive great favors. But when political institutions and economic opportunities are at once concentrated and linked, then public office can be used for private gain."

So, there you go, folks. The answers have been around since the late 1800s--Thorstein Veblin's Theory of the Leisure Class was published in 1899--Thorstein Veblen was a home-boy Economist from the Cheesehead state--like I said yesterday, a very confused state collectively when it comes to politics--Thorstein Veblen being a Wisconsinite as well as Tailgunner Joe McCarthy and Robert "Fightin' Bob" LaFollette.

Here's a quote from Fightin' Bob from his time in the Senate (1920s--Bob died in 1925) that is oh-so appropriate in today's state of terrorist hysteria:

Let no man think we can deny civil liberty to others and retain it for ourselves. When zealous agents of the Government arrest suspected “radicals” without warrant, hold them without prompt trial, deny them access to counsel and admission of bail....we have shorn the Bill of Rights of its sanctity...

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Going to hell in a handbasket, indeed. It's all so sickening. (But then, it always has been.) Not a good animal, Homo sapiens. And that's a spoof on Koko the Gorilla's quote "Fine animal, Gorilla".