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Doin' a Little Nautch Dancing

Foto by tgw, New York City, November 2010
Our President in the Land of the Fakirs
President Obama in India. After taking a drubbing in the mid-term elections, President Obama, frustrated, feeling let down by his party, now realizing the Clinton assholes and the Bush assholes he relied on for "unity" (remember Abraham Lincoln, the Union man, is one of his idols) totally let him down and (in order to pave) paved the way for Hillary's run for President in 2012. Yes, I think Obama now realizes he was bamboozled by the likes of David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel (Emanuel's brother was Michael Moore's agent) and General Gates and that idiot General Betrayus and John Brennan and John Negroponte and Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke...anyway, you catch my drift.

Then the Teabaggers came along and dangled their balls over Obama's shocked face. Plus, Obama's hair is turning gray. It happens to all Presidents. They come into office with good hair and leave solid gray. It's the two-facedness of being President and trying to kowtow to the feelings of hypocrites that turns their hair gray (unless you use henna like old Ronnie Raygun to keep your hair senior-citizen orange).

We here at The Daily Growler, me in particular, have been saying for months now that India is key to our future War Plans.

Well, here's the truth about why Obama's in India (and he took along 270 (sic) CEOs, two of whom were the CEOs of Boeing and General Electric--remember, We the People are now under Corporate Control): he's peddling US weapons of mass destruction. Remember, here lately our arms-sales people have been bitching about how our arms sales have dropped off drastically. The arms hustlers have been going about making deals, a 60-billion-dollar sale of jet fighters to Saudi-Arabia; a 12-billion-dollar (sic) Blackhawk helicopter and hi-tech surveillance equipment deal with the Democratic Republic of Pakistan, India's devout enemy. So here we go, a The Daily Growler question: "Who is the largest buyer of military weapons in the world?" If you said "INDIA," you are correct, sir or madam.

India's military used to buy its warfare toys from Russia. Now those weapons are becoming obsolete. India's military needs retooling. Obama and his Military Industrial Complex buddies are in India to sell them jet fighters and heavy-duty hi-tech surveillance equipment. Obama's insincerity was shown in his speech before a combined Indian parliament when he talked about how Gandhi (he called him his Hindi name: "Gandhiji") had inspired him as a young man and how Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, visit to meet Gandhi back in the '60s had also inspired him, blah, blah, blah. Kissing Indian ass. And he had to kiss India's ass. In the streets outside where our President was speaking, the Maoists, Indian farmers, and Bopol disaster victims were protesting. The European arms sales people were in town, too, to try and get some of that filthy military weapons lucre from the Woggies. Oh, have the Indians forgotten how the Brit Colonizers called them Woggies?

Nor did Obama mention Kashmir in any of his ass-kissing speeches to the Indian hierarchy, not the people. Nor did he mention anything about an American citizen being the big leader in the attack on Mumbai, India's Wall Street.

Interestingly, another CEO along with our President is the CEO of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They want to start making Harleys in India. Who the hell in India can afford Harleys? Why the fucking rich, that's who. And, yes, there are plenty of overrich assholes in India. Of course, living outside the center of things (like Mumbai) in the Indian population (a huge one, too) are some of the poorest people in the world. Outcasts to rich Indians who still miss the old Brit Colonial rule. And, yes, India is facing serious problems with its poor. It can't continue to ignore them. Ownership of water alone is a good reason for poor Indians to start a civil war--the rich Indians selling off India's water to big corporations like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Or how about the poor Indian farmers who are losing their lands and farms and crops to the invasion forces of the US's Monsanto, a chemical company same as Union Carbide, a murderous corporation that is now hiding under the skirts of the DuPont Family. Monsanto is going about the world banning heritage seeds in favor of their one-time-only-crop seeds, those genetically laced with Monsanto's evil Roundup weedkiller.

Obama's desperately out to prove he's gonna create jobs...oh how dumb our leaders are. Obama has no sense of Economics whatsoever--he proved that by keeping Larry Summers on to revitalize our free-trade policies and unregulated banking and financial policies--the "You broke it, you fix it" attitude. Dumbass stuff really.

Of course, I'm conspiratorial enough to believe Obama's on a war strategy tour. India being the country whose fly-over space we'll need if we start World War III in Pakistan-Afghanistan. Our goal in this World War will be to takeover Pakistan's nuclear weapon supply--now perhaps also involving Indian troops in this effort. We need India in order to fly our huge bombers from Diego Garcia straight over India to eventually drop their megaton loads on Pakistan. Or perhaps we could bring our aircraft carriers from Diego Garcia up into the Bay of Bengal...oh, there are so many possibilities within this scenario.

What if President Obama never came back to the USA from this trip? What if he declared the White (Man's) House was now aboard Air Force 1 and Air Force 1 would be perpetually flying about the globe...I know, it's a ridiculous idea but then what ideas are these birds proposing that aren't ridiculous?

And on top of that, isn't it amazing how G.W. Bush-Baby's memoirs were released the week of the Teabaggers dangling their balls over our president's mouth?

The Teabaggers are saying to President Obama, "Lick our balls or we'll kick your ass back to your native land, Kenya, in 2012." Remember, these Teabaggers are stone racists. Their Ace in the Hole is a White Ace of Spades.

One idiotic irony is developing out of all of this: the natural-born idiot, Rand Paul, is suggesting he'll propose Pentagon budget cuts in order to save us all 100 billion dollars--the amount the Teabaggers claim they're going to cut from the Federal budget in order to begin balancing that unbalanceable behemoth.

Such bullshit. Bullshit being slung from the far right at the middle of the roaders since there really is no Left Wing in this country, unless you call Ralph Nadir a leftwinger, which he isn't. The only real left-of-center Congressperson we had, Russ Feingold, got tossed out of office on his ass by his Cheesehead constituents, Wisconsin being such a confused state collectively--the home of such opposites as Tailgunner Joe McCarthy and Robert "Fightin' Bob" LaFollette--now regressing back to its Joe McCarthy days.

Progressives are left with having to depend on the likes of Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich, two rather ineffective left-of-centerites, both on the right track and loud of voice in the Senate but seldom listened to, seldom successful in their attempts to bring about sensible thinking in Congress, and in the end, like Kucinich, easily compromised by their Party potentates. Also, another puzzler is: why would the Dumbocrats want Nancy Pelosi back as their House leader? Why? She failed at her post. So did Harry "Casino Boy" Reid fail at his post; yet he's gonna be their Senate majority leader vs. Mitch McConnell on the Repugnican side.

Karl Rove, too, is back big time spouting out his total bullshit and trying to throw his monkey wrenches into the works. Just look at the human monkeys coming out of the woodwork now--pointing their arthritic fingers at President Obama, our first Black president. God how these White people hate Black people--or "outside agitators." These are the same people who once shouted: "America, Love It or Leave It," "Better Dead Than Red," "The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Indian," "The Only Good Mexican Is a Dead Mexican," etc.

So Obama flew off to India to get away from the gnashing of teeth here at home. White people are united at last. Our only hope at national salvation now depends on a coalition of Black people and Latinos and Asian-Americans unifying as a voting bloc--though, hell, in this country, where now divided we stand, unification is Bullshit. We are a totally divided country. We all are motivated by the White culture to stay in our own-kind communities--Whites live with Whites, though Whites are somewhat divided, too--Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Catholic-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans, Russian-American, Vietnamese-Americans, Indian-Americans, etc. The USA is becoming a Tower of Babel. A Tower of Babble. A Leaning Tower of a Crumbling Future.

I just saw a comparison of the USA's current civilization to that of the Greek civilization, which was crushed by the Roman civilization, which brought Christianity into world politics, which in turn caused the Roman civilization to collapse. Civilization, by the way, is a White concept.
An Indian Nautch Dancing Girl--these girls danced sexually explicit dances for the India rajahs and pashas to get off on. Indian girls were trained to please their men--these nautch girls's job was to entice erections and sexual promiscuousness among the Brahman Power Elites.

From C. Wright Mills' The Power Elite:

"To the optimistic liberal of the nineteenth century all this [the US military's position after WWII] would appear a most paradoxical fact. Most representatives of liberalism at that time assumed that the growth of industrialism would quickly relegate militarism to a very minor role in modern affairs. Under the amiable canons of the industrial society, the heroic violence of the military state would simply disappear. Did not the rise of industrialism and the long era of nineteenth-century peace reveal as much? But the classic liberal expectation of men like Herbert Spencer has proved quite mistaken. What the main drift of the twentieth century has revealed is that as the economy has become concentrated and incorporated into great hierarchies, the military has become enlarged and decisive to the shape of the entire economic structure; and, moreover, the economic and the military have become structurally and deeply interrelated, as the economy has become a seemingly permanent war economy and military men and policies have increasingly penetrated the corporate economy. [Emphasis, mine.]

"'What officials fear more than dateless war in Korea,' Arthur Krock reported in April of 1953, 'is peace ... The vision of peace which could lure the free world into letting down its guard, and demolishing the slow and costly process of building collective security in western Europe while the Soviets maintained and increased their military power, is enough to make men in office indecisive. And the stock market selling that followed the sudden conciliatory overtures from the Kremlin supports the thesis that immediate prosperity in this country is linked to a war economy and suggests desperate economic problems that may arise on the home front.' [Again, emphasis is mine.]

"Scientific and technological development has increasingly become part of the military order, which is now the largest single supporter and director of scientific research in fact, as large, dollar-wise, as all other American research put together. Since World War II, the general direction of pure scientific research has been set by military considerations, its major finances are from military funds, and very few of those engaged in basic scientific research are not working under military direction."

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite, Oxford Press, 1956: "The Military Ascendency."


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