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Here We Go Again

Foto by tgw, New York City, October 2010
Clyde King, "Steinbrenner's Spy," has left the field of dreams:
Clyde King, 86, American baseball player and manager (Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds)
[Note: on BuzzFlash today there is a post entitled "Here We Go Again"--subtitled "How the Republicans are going after Obama...." Seems somebody's reading The Daily Growler--even BartCop, the Liberal Okie, is using photographs to open his Website now. Ah, sweet copycats!]
Let's All Put Our Diapers On; We're Fixin' to Get "Mom-ed"
Old Crusty backwoods-state representative, John Bonehead, is beside himself this morning. He's as feisty as old Bob Dole on Viagra. He's now the House Majority leader and thereby Speaker of the House (goodbye to Nancy "Poor Little Rich Girl" Pelosi); he takes over the House though Nevada wimp Harry Reid was hoisted back into his Senate Majority leader seat when he won the Nevada Senate race over Teabagger Sharon Angle by a hair-thin margin. John Bonehead is jumping up and down for joy--because he's got POWER again. He smiles a big cat's ass smile and speaks, "We put the nigger in his place, boys," he shouts as he continues jumping with glee around a room packed with White male geeks holding up nude centerfolds of Sarah Palin while they stroke their limp dicks in masturbatory celebration, all grinning and primping and posing. Why look, there's old Mitch McConnell (he's the Senate minority leader--from old Kaintuck--same as Rand Paul--Mitch and Rand hate each other, by the way) over there, big smile on his pig-fatty-pig-jowled face. Bonehead continues his POWER speech to the Good Ole Boys, "Yep, we put the nigger in his fucking place all right. Plus, boys, though we didn't win back the Senate, we made enough in roads into it the nigger boy ain't gonna be able to do much more than make speeches and take his losses. You know what, boys?" "No, sir, your majesty." "We've made Barack Hussein Obama the White Man's House house nigger now. It's a good day for White America."

And that it is. White Americans are feeling a lot better this morning. They've gotten their voice back. "We don't have to kiss no Black man's ass anymore. How degrading that was--and it was a smelly ass--you know, Black people don't wipe like White folks do..." [Much laughter rings around this cigar-smoke-filled room.] "...and another good side: we don't have to pamper those creepy little bedbug-ridden Mexican assholes who illegally come to this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave to sponge off the White Man's generous nature. Now these little illegal pepper bellies will get the message, Whites are the only people who count in this great nation. In fact, let's make that our motto, 'Whites Only Count.'" [A low barrage of "Amens" is heard snaking lowly around the room.]

Warren Buffett and Billy Boy and Melinda Gates are sleeping late this morning. They don't have to worry about anybody taxing their greedy asses fairly now. Oh no, as a matter of fact, these low-life bastards now have a Free they will collect $200 (millions) every time they pass Go. In cahoots with our corporations, who are now individual US citizens. And NOW, yes, the Power Elite pretty much owns us all--they own our jobs, our land, our homes, our wealth, our government, our future--they now own our children--oh yes, they do. Our young open minds are now in the hands of the corporate educators. First graders will now be taught advertising skills; they'll be taught basic accounting and bookcooking; they'll be taught how to penalize your customer base with fines, fees, extra-charges, increasing interest rates, luring those who are afraid into more and more credit schemes and eventually freezing all bank accounts--they will be taught how to steal money using the laws of the land to do it. Yes, our education system will now be privatized. Look for the privatization of most government agencies. Look for an amendment to make English our national language. Look for House attempts to put Christian prayers into this privatized school system. Look for a new imaging of God and Jesus as American citizens. Yes, why not make God and Jesus naturalized US citizens? That way they can hold onto their Israeli citizenships...but, wait a minute: would Israel allow Jesus X. Christ a citizenship? And how 'bout the Christian God Jehovah? And, again, let me reiterate, OUR Big Daddy is the same Big Daddy the Muslims call Allah and the Jews call Yahweh and the Hindus call "the path" and the Chinese call "the way"--like in the Holy Babble of the Christian faith where Jesus X. is called "the way, the truth, and the light."

We the People of the USA sincerely believe that this country is under attack from this character We the True People of the USA call Satan...the Devil, Old Ned, Lucifer--the "other side"--the side in which President Barack Hussein Obama looks like the Anti-Christ!

And, of course, the true believing Christians of the USA are happy as possums eating shit this morning. "God is at work." "We are a nation under God. God is taking back what is his." Ah, these Christians and their male identities. I think it's funny when I hear these Christian Women preachers giving Fundamentalist Christian powers to Women--Women who according to the Holy Babble of the Christian faith are lower than shit--Christian males can pray with Jewish males, "Thank you, God, for not making me a woman." And Muslim men pray the same prayer. And Christian women use SEX to get their messages across--yes, women are to give in to their men. There's first the Holy Father, with Jesus as his penis--Jesus the husband of all virginal Christian women, which is all Christian women whether they fuck 30 times a week and have 7 worthless tykes or abstain--women must be virginal under Christian law before Christ will marry them.

Oh how confusing our coming politics is gonna be. Wacky legislations will immediately start happening. These birds are first and foremost after Obama's Black ass. They want to nail his Black hide to a Deep South barn door. Next, you know for sure, these birds are going after Social Security and Medicare--they want to wreck them--to wipe them out of existence--of course, we all know why the Repugs are so insistent on privatizing Social Security, because G.W. Bush dipped into the Social Security pool to pay off some of the many loans we took from the People's Republic of Communist China--ironically, these same assholes (and remember, Pappy Bush was once our Ambassador to China--plus he had a Chinese gal mistress) who claim they despise Socialism, Humanitarianism, and Communism, are the first in line to sell our country's collective soul to the Commie Chinese. Of course, the ironies continue on here since China's political situation and economic situation is based on US dollars that really aren't there until Ben Bernanke, a Bush leftover, prints some more--which he is fixing to do any day now.

It is amazing how the Republicans gained mostly in Governorships and House seats in the tail-dragging states like Virginia--the Old Dominion, remember, a name it still holds onto--Virginia, where the White Man came ashore; where the Aboriginal Americans met their new gods and bosses--Captain John Smith--and this horny young Brit fop of an intruding colonialist fell for that good sweet Injun pussy--but you know the story. I can remember a time when Virginia Dare was an American heroine as the first White child born in the New World. The New World. That's what America was called by the European royal and noble fops. And that's where Pappy Bush came up with his New World Order. Neo-Con plans for conquering the world. Constant wars are now inevitable. Next war zone: Yemen. Eventually, yes, we will invade and try to occupy Iran.

And, yes, they are dancing the Rabbi dance all over Israel this morning. NetinYahoo is jumping for joy. More billions of dollars will be rolling his way soon. More military hardware. More sensitive spying equipment and a whole fleet of drones to set Israel up and ready to join with our U.S. Liberation Forces in going into Iran with the vengeance of the Judeo-Christian God--the God whose solution of world problems is the annihilation of the enemy (isn't it ironic that we name our missiles of mass destruction after Greek gods--Nike, Titan, Jupiter).

The Judeo-Christian God is an annihilating God.

So poor old Obama. He still hasn't figured it out. Now he'll have to be kissing Republican ass like he's never done before. He doesn't wear a hat, but if he did, the damn thing would be in his hands being held over his genitals now. A Black man having to bend and beg the White man for his salvation...for his freedom...for his chance at reelection.

Well, folks, all I can say is, Welcome Back to the Real America--the rightwing, military mad, fable-worshiping, idiot America (madmen, hustlers, pirates, crooks, deceivers, bifurcated tongued flim-flammers) who will follow along behind the Neo-Cons as they go about bringing us all down to our Orwellian knees. Get ready to discover that private little niche outside the view of the surveillance cameras that will soon be placed throughout our homes and apartments--that niche, a matter of inches, where our privacy will be driven. These Neo-Con freaks don't trust anybody but their sainted old mothers--and they're not so sure they can trust them really. All of us are now under surveillance (suspicion). Our back-room-dealing Santa Clauses are making their lists (enemies lists) and checking them twice. Make sure you're NICE.

John Bonehead was reduced to tears as he made his blowhard pompous boisterous bragging acceptance of HIS new way to go as he takes control of the magic wand of POWER as House majority leader and begins to try and implement what he's pledging to America--no more taxes, the saving of our small businesses (and just what are these small businesses these assholes keep talking about--all our local businesses are owned by big corporations--so what the hell are these fools talking about? The Walmart store in the new mall? Is that what a small business is to these backwards-thinking inflated-worth lowlife bastards?

President Obama in his best Uncle Tom stance called John Bonehead last night and congratulated him on his Big White Win. Yahoo, WE WHITE FOLKS are taking OVER. Hot damn! Hey, Molly, ain't you proud, damn your eyes.

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