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The American People Have Had Their Say
I haven't watched the election returns tonight but I sense that the American people had their say. They appear to believe only those who "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" are the deserving ones--everyone else is anti-American and should be hauled off to a foreign country and tortured until they confess they're a Communist or a member of Al-Queda, back bigger than ever now in Yemen--to the point President Obama has just ordered CIA assassination teams into Yemen to try and murder off as many of them, innocent or not, as they can (remember the "search and destroy" missions in the Vietnam fiasco that left 2 million Vietnamese dead?)--so, yeah, Obama starts another war in Yemen--what then? Are these New Republicans suddenly going to be for ending the wars? They appear to favor the elimination of all taxes. They appear to approve of pay-or-die health insurance--and fuck you if you can't afford it. They appear to approve of the total castigation of any one who is poor or a senior citizen especially those depending on the government for their incomes and healthcare (that is unless you are a member of Congress on on the Executive payroll or working high-up in the Pentagon, etc.). These backward-thinking living dead appear to approve of the defense of Israel even if it means the end of mankind. They appear to approve of Christian prayer in both our public and private school systems. They appear to agree that our public school system is better off privatized. They appear to approve of giving anyone who is rich a free ride. They appear to approve of White supremacy. They appear to approve of deporting all Mexicans whether legal or illegal from the United States. They appear to approve of giving up all their rights to privacy in favor of "if you ain't done nothin' wrong, then what's you got to be afeared of?" They appear to approve of both of G.W. Bush's immoral and illegal unwinable wars and the continuing spending of billions upon billions of dollars in our war efforts--though if they do away with taxes, where the hell are these billions of dollars to support these killer wars going to come from? They appear to collectively hate Barack Obama and certainly want him out of the White Man's House--and there are some who want him DEAD. They appear to be now convinced that most Democrats are leftwing, almost Communist, and certainly bringing this country down to its immoral knees. They appear to be convinced that President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats are to blame for all our problems. They appear to be convinced that this is a White Christian nation. They appear to be convinced that Muslims are evil, antiChristian, antiAmerican, antiJewish, and should be wiped off the face of the earth--perhaps in the coming months of Nazi takeover of this country the Muslims will be our Jews. So American Muslims, look out, We the People of the USA may be building some concentration camps--complete with the latest in mass-killing ovens and a huge stock of Zyclone B.

I sense all of this. Like I say, I'm not watching any televised election results. Nor am I going on the Internet to check. I'm sure the Republicans are taking over Congress again. They've done it in the past. They did it to precious Slick Willie Clinton, who proved during this campaign he's pretty much washed up as a Democratic saint--his rushing around to help Democratic candidates got little or no attention from the media or the people of the states he campaigned in. In all of the states where Barack Hussein Obama rushed to help Democratic candidates, those candidates lost to Teabaggers.

So in the morning (Wednesday morning), my fellow Growlers (and you other folks who stumble across this blog), we will find ourselves in the VERY FEW category--in the Left Behind bin. I don't give a shit. I have lived through tons of years of Republican destruction. They've been the majority party in this country since Strom Thurmond and the New Republicans left the Democratic Party in 1948 over Harry S. Truman desegregating the US Army. Yep, all of this shit is about White backlash racism. The first thing this New Republican Congress will try and do will be to find a reason to subject President Obama to much Whitewater-type investigations--wanna bet? Perhaps they'll electronically lynch him, like Clarence "Wanna See My Big Black Dick" Thomas (what an embarrassment to the Black people of America) said the Leftwinger-Liberals were trying to do to him when George H.W. "Pappy" Bush went out to his Old Plantation slave quarters and found Clarence out there and put him up for a Supreme Court justiceship.

Like I said, don't be surprised to see Jeb Bush suddenly appear as though he's snoopin' around the Democratic chicken coop maybe wanting to be the Repugnican fox in the henhouse come 2012 when the White Power Elite will absolutely crush Obama if he decides to run again.

Oh well, or Orwell as I could say, this changing of the guard doesn't surprise me. It's the Republicans still pissed off at Roosevelt cleaning Herbert Hoover's clock back in 1932--and then they are also pissed at Lyndon Johnson for trying to bring Rooseveltian New Deal solutions to our Civil Rights and poverty problem back in 1963-64-65--and then whipping Barry "In Your Heart You Know He's Right" Goldwater so bad most pundits thought that was the end of the Republican Party.

So here we go, folks. We are entering the first phase of We the People now being under the bootheel of the New World Order Corporate State. The rich will devour us. The rich will drive us back out into the fields--they'll drive us into cleaning their shithouses--they'll drive us hard and push our noses far up their rectums demanding constant asskissing from anyone who wants to make it in this Capitalist Wonder Land.

How disgusted were you when you read this morning that British Petroleum was back on the profits track again?--showing profits for the first time since they (in cahoots with Halliburton of Dubai (and Dubai is broke, by the way)) dumped millions of gallons of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico--oil that evidently Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Holy Father Jehovah sucked up personally out of the Gulf--a fucking blessed miracle that those millions of gallons of crude have just suddenly disappeared--and right now, British Petroleum has definitely gotten itself in line to become the first corporation to be declare a SAINT in the Holy See in the Vatican. Saint British Petroleum. Look for BP to get the green light from our New Republican Congress to drill, drill, drill to hell and back all over the Gulf of Mexico and all over our Alaskan wilderness. And also gas drilling by hydrofracturing will be approved and soon the drinking waters of Upstate New York and Pennsylvania will have an oily taste to them.

Also, the wonderful good-ole-boy crooks (pirates) at AIG have sold off some European holdings they say and now by God they can pay back fully the bail-out money We the People gave them so they could get back on their feet. My question is, why weren't they forced to sell off those assets when they were crying bankruptcy and ruin?

I think I'm returning to being a Cynic...I know, they used to masturbate in public in ancient Athens...OK, so you'll soon see me wanking myself off to beat sixty on the corner of Broadway and 34th Street in New York City.

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