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From the Fetid Depths of Lake Flaccid, New York, Comes
No, Not Toxic Man, But the The Daily Growler jots&tittlesman, Barabbas Munn-Dayne, From Lake Flaccid, New York.......................................................

It's moose hunting season up here in Lake Flaccid, though there hasn't been a moose seen in this area in 100 years at least. Still the moose hunters come. Yep, they're out prowling the woods around here, looking for the nonexistent moose. Are they meese in the plural? I know, junior-high joke or an old moose-hunter's quip. The last man to shoot a moose here in Lake Flaccid was Sinbad Shultz. He shot his fellow Moose Lodge member, Shorty Spleever, down at the Moose Lodge over a pool game. Sinbad's, as far as I know, still doing life without a chance at parole over at Attica. I attended the court session where Sinbad said he couldn't tolerate a cheat, especially a cheat at so serious a game as 8-ball for high stakes (that could be $5.00 to a dumbcluck like Sinbad), so he had no regrets at blowing away Shorty, at one time Sinbad's best friend and asshole buddy. "I'll serve my time with pride," Sinbad yelled as they took him off to the big house.

Still no word or hearsay about the whereabouts or condition of Lake Flaccid's most famous citizen, Cecil the Dog-Faced Boy III. His house sits lonely and dull and boarded up with the weeds and vines taking over his yard. There are squirrels or pack rats or raccoons literally eating away his cedar-shingle roof. Cecil has disappeared. I've tried to Google him but all I get is the Freak site, the North American Freak Association site, notifying all of the upcoming big Freak Show--yep the annual event in Miami that Cecil was a judge at last year. It was after his return from that Freak Show that he disappeared. Maybe it's a stunt. I'll just call it a stunt and let it go at that. DAMN. Some high-powered-type bullet just whizzed through my screen porch to end up punching a hole in my kitchen window just missing me by a couple of feet. Moose hunters. Shooting at something they thought was a moose. Maybe my cabin looks like a moose from a distance.
Jots & Tittles

Elaine Has Died:
--The latest in superviruses: Puumala serotype of Hanta indian super virus (PUU)

"This Indian super virus spreads primarily in the feces of bank voles. People become infected while cleaning up of garages and basements, but also at work in woods and gardens through inhalation of contaminated dust. Person to person transfers the virus itself is not. Prevention could be mainly by when working on location or locations of mouse droppings and contaminated urine port, a surgical mask. A vaccine does not exist.

When interviewed at the US CDC , researcher Mike Littoris stated that 'This bug has every bit of potential to nearly wipe out mankind.'"


Reading this whole article scares the hell out of you--the only people who will survive this supervirus if it becomes of worldwide epidemic proportions will be people living in isolated areas--like back in the jungles. Sixty-to-90% of North Americans and Europeans could be wiped out by this disease. It is antibiotic resistant. Big Pharmas have mostly stopped dealing in antibiotics--putting most of their research and development into finding new ways of dealing with cancer, now a billions-of-dollars-a-year profitable industry.
--Paul Krugman has called the Tea Party (we here at the Growler call 'em Teabaggers) not conservatives but revolutionaries! Good for you, Paul. Paul's been writing good Economics from his comfy professorial job and his NYTimes column for many years now. The problem: though Paul Krugman, Joesph Stiglitz, et al., have been writing good Economics, solutional Economics--in my way of thinking--a middle-of-the-road way of Economics thinking, NO ONE takes them seriously. And certainly not President Obama or anybody in his administration. Krugman I know has testified before Congress and I'm sure Stiglitz has, too, but Congress has ignored all of their solutions to our Economics problem in this country. And, yes, I think Paul has hit on something important by declaring the Tea Party a revolutionary party. Same as the Neo-Cons are revolutionaries. And that's the problem on the Left. The Left has no revolutionaries in it. The unions have no revolutionaries in their movement either. The Democrats are becoming the conservatives now.

---BEWARE: President Obama is going to give the Medal of Freedom to GUESS WHO? GEORGE W. BUSH. What is with Obama? What? Is this man insane? Is he actually a Token Tom--a rightwing asskisser, this admitted admirer of Ronald Reagan--and especially his Economics? But all our hopeful hopes are still pinned on this guy. We can't give up on him; yet, he's self-defeating. President Obama is his own worst enemy. Or perhaps President Obama is a revolutionary. Maybe he's trying to..., but, no, I can't make the accusation I almost made there. But, yes, it's true, Obama is actually going to award G.W. the Medal of Freedom, whatever the hell that is--a piece of Chinese-crap medal maybe? Now that it's crossed my mind, our government is probably the largest purchaser of Made-in-Communist China goods in the world. Are our military uniforms made in Chinese sweatshops? Like are the linens in the White Man's House made in Communist China? Mrs. Obama's new collection of designer gowns and dresses--is it filled with Made-in-Communist-China labels? Funny how far the imaginative mind can be taken--and in all sorts of directions.

--Haiti is still suffering from the wrath of the almighty Christian God--Jehovah he used to be called--what is it now? Elohim? Yahweh? Now this vengeance God has brought cholera on these poor helpless people. It is said Nepalese troops brought this cholera to Haiti. Why are foreign troops--they're with the UN--being used in Haiti? Why can't they hire and train Haitian men and women to do that sort of work? Why can't Haitians distribute the aid goods being sent in there daily to its own people? Hey, didn't Obama appoint G.W. Bush as our appointed coleader of Haiti along with William Jefferson Clinton? Shouldn't those two phonies be down there in Haiti now helping those dumbass Black peasants...and that's how both G.W. and Slick Willie feel about Haitians. "Let 'em eat cake." Yeah. Bush is too busy peddling his book to worry about wooly-boogers in Haiti. A book chocked full of G.W. Bush excuses...his whining...same as he whined as his mother's apron strings while his dad was down in Mexico buying up oil leases with his family's excess monies and fiddlin' around with those hot Mexican babes.

---The Top Ten Largest Corporations in US (per
10. AT&T

We here at the Growler talk about British Petroleum being a sanctified corporation due to the miracle they performed in making the US's largest-ever oil spill totally evaporate over night. I mean, they are still cleaning up that Exxon Valdez spill up in Alaska, but the Gulf Coast spill: EVAPORATED. Case closed. Back to drill, drill, drilling as usual. But now, General Motors must be considered for sainthood, too. Only, what was it, two years ago, General Motors had so overinvested in their foreign markets, and their loan division, GMAC, had so overinvested in the primary lending market that the whole shebang was on the skids so bad it was skidding not only out of the bounds of bankruptcy but skidding directly towards the corporate junk pile. GM was going out of business...UNLESS! And Obama did what he should have done with the financial industry and the banks, he NATIONALIZED General Motors. Not all the way, but We the People owned shares in General Motors after We the People bailed them out. Just this week it was announced that due to the performance of GM stock recently, We the People were able to cash in our GM shares to the point where GM is now back as a private company and now relisted on the stock exchange. The The Daily Growler financial advisers have been telling our few readers lately to invest everything they own in GM and General Electric and any oil company. AT&T is another company that has throughout US history managed to stay afloat. Think about AT&T and what they control. They own all the land lines in this country--other phone companies lease those lines from AT&T, which is also in the cell phone transmission business and cofunds various cell phone brands as well as their own brand. Plus, AT&T through Bell Labs is the largest research and development communications firm in the world.

---David Einhorn, the little genius Jewish kid who went to Cornell and graduated cum laude and who became a big-time poker player and then while still in his twenties became a multimillionaire by getting into the big-time money game with his own hedge fund, Greenlight Capital. Little David, his mother and father proudly naming him David after the Judean King David (there's really no proof he ever existed) who is notorious in Jewish legend as "Little David the Giant Killer," same as the Jack and the Beanstalk story. And Little David Einhorn was looking to the be king of something and he found out how to do it through buying short and selling long--or vice versa, everything having two sides to it and guys like Einhorn have learned to make money off the stock market going up or down, it doesn't matter to these birds. And Little David went to another New York City bright Jewish kid for advice, a Jewish kid from the Rockaways who had risen to be a giant killer in the hedge fund game, Carl Icahn.

I pause right here to say just how god-awful intrigued I was in reading about guys like Little David and Big Carl and Mike Milken--corporate raiders they were called back in the 80s and 90s--they were also junk bond hustlers--Milken had to serve a little prison time for his greedy manipulations through corporate raiding, where if you own enough shares in these big corporations you can actually pool your shares with your Wall-Street-stooges's shares and that way go to corporate shareholder meetings and buy votes and get on the boards of some of the biggest corporations--or in the case of Carl Icahn, Jesus, you talk about a greedy son of a bitch--it's amazing reading reading about the big-time corporations Carl Icahn has managed to take controlling interest of--from Trans-World Airlines (which Carl put out of business) to Blockbuster Videos (now out of business) to Marvel Comics (which Carl sold against the wishes of the original Marvel owners to Walt Disney)--I mean check out this slimy dude's Wikipedia entry:

So Little David Einhorn learned the ropes from Uncle Carl. Little David's first giant-killing: Little David got pissed at a hedge fund called Allied Capital, who he eventually claimed were frauds. Allied's stock first went on a bumpy ride and then suddenly one day plummeted--I mean fell through the roof. The winner? Little David Einhorn and his Greenlight Capital hedge fund. The next giant Little David slung some stones at was Lehman Bros. Again, Lehman Bros. went bankrupt--and the bringing down of Lehman Bros. was the beginning of the whole financial crisis downfall, the collapse of the housing market...well, anyway, you know the rest of this story. "Too big to fail." Bailouts. The saving of Goldman-Sachs, Bank of America, Chase Bank, CitiBank/Corp, Deutsch Bank, AIG, Morgan-Stanley, Merrill-Lynch, etc.

Now Little David is going about promoting himself as the giant killer on a more political basis. Little David is saying he knows what is best for us Economics-wise. Now Carl Icahn was a Philosophy major at Princeton. At Cornell, Little David earned a degree in Government. What knowledge of Economics David has he learned from playing world class poker, which is how he runs his Greenlight hedge fund now, using poker styles--the bluff--the risk-taking in terms of being able to fortunetell what cards are likely coming up, blah, blah, blah. This is quite a common thread among these little crooked-by-nature pricks--T. Boone Pickens was a world-class poker player, too--T. Boone, the Texas wiseguy who is putting billions into promoting natural gas drilling (fracting) and natural gas consumption--and yes T. Boone is heavily invested in natural gas and now in wind farming--anything these guys say is self-promotion.

Is Little David Einhorn perhaps a Wall Street Messiah? Don't bet on it. We've found some good criticism of Little David at by Mark Mitchell, proprietor of the Mitchell Report:

"I received an email a while back from Jim Brickman, a crony of short selling hedge fund manager David Einhorn, demanding that I post the Securities and Exchange Commission inspector general’s report on the commission’s investigation of Allied Capital. According to Brickman, the report proves that Einhorn was right about Allied being a massive fraud. Moreover, says Brickman, the report definitively establishes that Einhorn did not seek to drive down Allied’s stock price. The report, which I gladly post below, does nothing of the sort. I will discuss the report in further detail, but first a little history.

"Eight years ago, Michael Milken, the famous financial criminal, appeared in the offices of a top Allied Capital executive. “You know,” Milken told the executive, “I already am quite a large shareholder of your stock – but my name will never show up on any list you’ll see.”

"This might have been a reference to a practice called 'parking stock' (owning stock but 'parking' it in the accounts of friends with whom one has made under-the-table arrangements), a practice that figured in the high-count indictment that sent Milken to prison in the 1980s. It appeared to the Allied executive that Milken was fishing for inside information about Allied and threatening an attack. For a variety of reasons, short-side stock manipulators in the Milken network often accumulate large numbers of shares in the companies that they seek to destroy."

To read the rest of this, here ya go:

---President Obama Breaks Another Campaign Promise. Just a moment ago President Obama agreed to compromise with rather than fight these utter ridiculous Teabagger/Repug nutjobs tooth and nail over deciding to not after all raise taxes on the filthy rich--who, by the way, already get a 1000-times more tax breaks than the "middle class" (I thought we'd lost our middle class) and the "poor"--now most Americans. This in order to save extended unemployment insurance benefits for folks whose unemployment is running out right around Christmas Time. OH, WOW, what a trade off. Seems like raising taxes on the rich made sense to me. But, hell, what do I know? So far President Obama might as well denounce the Dumbocrats and become a Repugnican. And what happened to our Dumbocrat majority Senate? Why don't both parties join and become one party? As Ralph Nadir has always been saying, there really is no difference in these political parties. Everything is all about MONEY. Everything. Even poverty is about money.

---A Little Truth From
"Both parties say they want to do things to get the economy back up and running like the good old days a decade ago. Ain't gonna happen.

"Both parties and Wall Street instead glom onto any shred of positive data and declare, "the economy is getting back to normal, but slowly." Which is true, if slow means never.

"First of all, "normal" is probably the most tentative word in the world. Normal is only what's been happening recently-- very recent. (i.e. being unemployed is currently "normal.") But when it comes to macro-economics there is no normal... there's only what's happening now and where it's leading us. And what's happening now is the collapse of everything we considered normal; pensions, retirement age, manufacturing jobs, a vibrant and growing middle class,

"Most of you long ago figured out where the global warming deniers are coming from. But be also aware of Pied Pipers playing "the economy is recovering," tune. It is not "recovering" because dead things don't recover. They are replaced by something else. And I'm still waiting for that something else to emerge. When it does, I predict, it will be a mashup of various old and new ideas, a dash of capitalism, a dash of socialism a dash of - who knows.

"In the meantime the collapse continues apace. As we plummet, the lip of the cliff now fading from sight, we will pass, like an archeological layers, the old-normals." Stephen Pizzo, Sunday, December 6th,

--BCS Bowl Picks: TCU over Wisconsin; Connecticut over Oklahoma; Virginia Tech over Stanford; Oregon over Auburn; The Boys From Hell over Jesus & Moses U.

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