Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who's Dumber? Us or Them?

"I wanna cut his nuts off"
Yes, I'll bet Jesse Jackson does want to cut Obama's nuts off--literally! You know how many black dudes are jealous of half-black Obama? Sure Jesse wants to cut Obama's nuts off. Hell, Jesse's own wife--ask her about Jesse's fidelity--worked for Obama while Jesse was sniffing Hillary's big butt. Now Obama's got Hillary's big butt in his domain and Jesse's pissed. Yes, Obama stupidly tried to upgrade himself with the White Man (who is still in control of this country, which Obama will soon find out)...(cont'd immediately after Mr. Ed's reminder)

[Mr. Ed. May we here at The Daily Growler once again remind all our fans and enemies that one of the rottenest assholes to ever be shat out of an Old South Miss Anne womb, Jesse Helms is DEAD. May we say that again, "Jesse Helms, smelly rotten as a half-buried gut-exploded mule (I'm a horse remember) to the very end--dyin' sipping on a mint julip and horse-whipping a black servant boy after a colon-wrenching Old South supper of two kinds of ham, with a crock of red-eye gravy on the side, a mixing bowl chocked full of fried chicken, all breasts the way Mister Jesse LIKED his chickens, with a huge gravy boat floating full of white gravy with chicken innards swimming in it accompanying the breasts, a big mother's-boy bowl of whipped potatoes with a side urn of brown gravy, another same-kind-of bowl of collard greens (fried in the ham fat), another same-kind-of-bowl of turnip and mustard greens mixed, a stone jug of buttermilk--the kind with chunks of butter fat floating in it. And after the black boy had thanked Massuh Jesse for giving him the whipping he deserved, old sorry Jesse said, 'Bless you, boy,' then turning his old demented face toward the black woman administering to his dying needs, he said, 'Now, Mammy Nancy, if you'd tuck old Jesse in this one last time, I'd sure 'preciate it. You is a good knee-grow, long's you all been with us now?' 'Eighty-five years, Mistah Jesse. I was heah when you was borned. Why you sucked on my titties for life, yo mama's little white girl titties couldn't make no milk.' Then Jesse, with big teardrops in his old fading eyes, said, 'Mammy, you all's right, right as rain. I do owe my life to you--so, I have a confesshun to make, a confesshun I hope will make you proud and famous when the press gits 'hold of this humane decklarashun--I feel like old Strom must'a felt as he was goin' on to Glory--Mammy Nancy,' his old quivering voice was full of passion, 'Mammy is my daughter!' 'Git outta heah, Mistah Jesse, you got it back'erd.' 'What you all mean, Mammy?' 'I ain't yore is my SON, you dumb white bastard.'" Sorry, I'm a horse remember--sometimes I like to gallop full blast when I get let out of my barn--so I get a little carried away--all I really had to say was that Mister Jesse Helms is finally DEAD. As to the other, hey, I hope you had a little horse laugh over it.]

[Obama was trying to impress the White Man] by saying he was going to make the black man a better father--and he's going to cut his nuts off if he doesn't shape up! No, Obama did not say that, but he did say the black father had to get himself in shape and start being a model father, and Jesse saw that as Obama talking down to black people, though that statement wasn't the one that's making Obama dream about cutting off Jesse's nuts tonight--no, not the "talkin' down to black people" statement--that didn't bother Obama; he knew what he was doing making that statement--he was showing the white man what a responsible father he was--I mean he trotted out the very camera-ready daughters--I mean this guy is the perfect black man--he'll either inspire black men or piss them off with his light-skin-smart-ass-dichty attitude--and that's why Jesse wants to cut Obama's fine nuts off--so some sneaky sleaze-loving program director at Fox News, of the Rupert Murdoch-created Australian Empire, put a directional mic on old Jesse while he was whispering his feelings to some black correspondent dude and soon it was all over Fox News and then suddenly it had gone out over the networks-program-sharing network and then it was the top story on all the local channels at once and then the commercial network news casts got it and ran with it and soon Jesse was apologizing to Obama and Obama said he accepted Jesse's apologies but fuck meeting with him--in other words, "I don't need you, Jesse"--and Jesse getting the indication: Obama was telling Jesse to keep his god-damn black-ass mouth shut and kiss my black ass. Jesse will become hurt and pissed off for a while, like Bill Clinton after he had to apologize to Obama for hinting that Hillary could beat an N-worder's ass because she could get more white votes than he could. And old Arkansas Traveler, Mike Huckabee, had to apologize to Obama for talking about shooting his ass at an NRA siegheil convention. How many white politicians will have to apologize to Obama before he's in the White House?

Fox is such a sleaze bag network (it's Aussie to the core--and remember the all-white-bossmen Australians recently had to apologize to their Native Australians (black people) for trying to wipe them totally off the face of the earth; and that's the totally imperial attitude Rupert "Aussie" Murdoch has in power-position thinking and in his goals of universal news and information domination--thinking that will eventually lead to us dumbass Americans electing him president.

I don't watch Fox anything so I didn't recognize the black Fox reporter dude or even what show it was on that Jesse got caught with his nuts in his mouth--No, I do not even watch the Simpson's--sorry, but I gave cartoons up back when Chuck Jones started drawing the WB cartoons (Merry Melodies and Loony Toons) in the 1950s and made wimps out of Bugs and Porky and Daffy--characters developed by the rather dry witty Fritz Freeling with so much sarcasm in his animations--and Mel Blanc's real Brooklyn voice for Bugs--then the Dodgers left Brooklyn and the Brooklyn bums like Bugs the Brooklyned-voiced wiseguy faded into history--that's when I gave up on cartoons--as a teen I was into Pogo and Mad Magazine up until I went to college and all that went out the window, replaced by "the classics"--Huckleberry Finn became my Brooklynese-speaking Bugs Bunny replacement. So anyway, in a confidential, Jesse thought, aside to this Fox black on-air dude, Jesse said sometimes he felt like cutting Obama's nuts off. I'm sure it's already the most hit-on video on YouTube. About which: how about Viacom getting the right from a Federal court to search through every hit on YouTube anybody makes--checking on every time you watch a video on YouTube getting to check to see what it is you are watching at anytime during every day and if it is one of their copyrighted products--like the old I Love Lucy shows--then I suppose they'll want to send you a bill for using their product even though it's free through Google who owns YouTube--and they own when will Microsoft want to own Google! Young kids invent these super Internet search engines and then after they are superrich and have become lazy and no longer innovative, the filthy rich through their corporate investment funds, like Bill and Melinda and Rich Uncle Warren Buffett, come along and offer them 80 zillion dollars to sell, they sell, and there goes what the original Google was meant to be--or the original was supposed to be. I haven't switch from XP to Vista yet--I love XP--and I hear Vista ain't so hot, like all Windows products when they first come out. And Microsoft is trying like hell to buy Yahoo--think about that--getting control of that vast Yahoo search-engine empire--I only use Yahoo for email but I've had nothing but good times with them so far.

Oh how dumb our leaders are! Look at Iran! Why the hell are those bastards playing right into the hands of OUR murderous asshole leaders? Why do these suicidal desert religions so want to wipe out the world? thegrowlingwolf introduced me to the wisdom of Paul Bowles the American writer who lived among the Muslims in Morocco for over 40 years--and it is Paul's deduction that all these religions causing all this world turmoil (and they've been causing turmoil and world disorder for centuries now) are desert religions--in fact, they are all THE SAME RELIGION with three different priest-class interpreters: 1) the Judaic rabbis; the prophet Mohamed; and the Judaic Essene reformer who never wrote a word, which means Joshua ben Joseph's "Way of Holy Life" was then interpreted mainly by a Greek Jew named Saul, from Tarsus, at first a Christian persecutor for the Jewish high command--and then he was hit by lightning on the road to Damascus and when he came to he had changed his name to Paul, going on to become a Jesus freak full time--Paul became a Jewish follower of Joshua ben Joseph of the Nazareth slums and Paul preached in synagogues and what he preached and wrote down has become known as the Pauline Doctrine, the Holy Doctrine that most USA Christians respect in terms of its interpretation of the desert religion that is Jewish but which Charlemagne made Christian--Catholic really; Roman Catholic--and, yes, Catholicism and Protestantism are reform types of Judaism--we here at The Daily Growler follow the reasoning of nutjob Christian warehawker, Michael Rood, the fundie Christian who lives in Jerusalem and calls himself a Judaic-Christian--he follows Jewish traditions--you know, the ancient Hebrew calendar and its ancient feasts--its festival seasons, like Passover--and Michael Rood says Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) followed that calendar and participated in all its festivals as a Jew and as a rabbi he did not denounce them but faithfully respected them--and that includes keeping the Sabbath on the right ancient day and not the Sabbath that comes from a modern Judaic calendar, which M Rood says is a secular calendar and not the real ancient Hebrew calendar--Brother Rood, I guess we could call him Rabbi Rood, says he's restored the ancient Hebrew calendar as best he could and he'll send you one along with several of his DVDs explaining his reasoning for the right righteous offering--$35 minimum offering, I think the Rabbi adds at the end of his commercials)--and all three factions of this same religion are desert religions and as Paul Bowles so clearly put it, they all look to the skies for salvation since nothing from the deserted earth can save them! Their God (their Yahweh/Allah) is a God of great wrath toward the MAN he supposedly created and then this MAN wanted a WOE-man--Adam saw all the animals in the Garden of Eden pairing up and exercising their abilities to fornicate with abandonment and so much glee, Adam got jealous--"Hey, Big D, how about giving me a mate to do whatever those lions are doing over there now, look, Big D, that looks like paradisaical fun to me--I want to do that!"

Here's the Roodman's Website if you're interested: he, like anything Growlerites find hypocritically interesting, is a certified nutjob--you are warned--hell, we atheist-anarchists here at The Growler find him entertainingly amusing--and we don't take him near as seriously as we take our official pastor, Pastor Melissa Scott.
If you've got to be a nutjob and believe in old Jesus Christ, which above rabbi would you drather? Old Rabbi Rood on the left there or Pastor Melissa Scott on the right there? Case closed.

So the Right Reverend Jesse Jackson has put his big 13D in his mouth again--his last episode in public was admitting he had had sex with a woman who wasn't his wife--and that there was a little Jesse running around all over Chicago or Atlanta--wherever Jesse lives these days. Remember when Jesse admitted when he worked at Burger King or one of those joints he used to spit and blow his nose in the white man's hamburgers?

Jesse's really a dumb guy. Come on! And Obama's dumb, too. Obama's idiotically actually campaigning against John McCain! Why? He could just flat ignore John McCain, which is what I would recommend, except he's got a whole passel of Dumbocrat machinemen running his campaign--I mean what viable knowledge would Caroline Kennedy have about picking a vice-presidential candidate? Her father hated his vice president--her whole family hated Lyndon Johnson. And what was she, three years old at the time her father was president? So what the hell knowledge can this daughter of a president know about a damn thing? Yes, I've seen the photo of Caroline walking topless on a South of France beach with her high-rolling Mom after Daddy was offed by who we'll never know--I vote for the Mafia! They got JFK elected so they got him unelected, too. Caroline's daddy was screwing the mob moll of the head of the Chicago mob! How bold is that! No wonder his back was out all the time all the screwing around that man did, that man who thought he was the handsomest and most powerful son of a bitch in the world--and then the world showed him he wasn't so powerful afterall. Hey, a brilliant idea just hit me, why not make Uncle Teddy Obama's vice-presidential nominee?--get the Kennedy sympathy vote--then when Uncle Teddy kicks the bucket, who'd be next, Nancy Pelosi?

As an added attraction: the dumb bastards in Washington, District of Corruption, today took away most of our rights to privacy while using telephones, cell phones, the Internet--and search engines like Google, Yahoo, electronic sales places like eBay,; our representatives sold us all down the river--and it is just to cover G.W. Bush's ass--the telecoms can't be sued now--so that takes away any wrong-doing in the illegal actions they did under orders from our executive-privileged president--the law then also clearing GW of any illegal doings--what a win for loser Bush. Bush is beaming tonight. He's jacking off in the White House bathroom he's so pleased with himself. Congress caved. Yes, Obama talked down to all of us by voting yes on so wrong a bill. I mean, think of this, Congress today gave a free pass to spy on American citizens to the dumbest-ever president, the most worthless president ever, the lyingest president ever--and that's a hard title to obtain--the president who has literally given away our Treasury, wrecked our economy, ruin our armed forces, allowed a major US city, New Orleans, to still lie in ruins now totally forgotten by the president and Congress for 3 years now--left to rot by even the members of Congress who are from New Orleans--this president who has gotten us involved in two folly wars--not wars, but invasions and occupations of two sovereign nations--wars that are losing We the People billions of dollars a day--think of the money these insane invasions and occupations are costing us! Think of how totally impeachable this phony president is, this certified nutjob, AWOL Texas National Guard officer--yes, he had to be an officer to be in flight training, this man who is the number one dumb wonder of the world--I mean, WHY WON'T OUR CONGRESS IMPEACH THIS ASSHOLE? HE'S TRYING TO START WORLD WAR THREE AT THIS VERY MOMENT--and when little boy George gets WWIII started--hey, he will use executive privilege to stay in office, "Fuck that N-worder knocking my WHITE (MAN'S) HOUSE front door saying he's the rightful resident. In fact, fuck all you all, I'm movin' the White House to Dubai."

What fools those mortals be!

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Enjoy these we think "fine" photos by you know who:
It's called "Blue (w/) Moon" 2006
It's titled "Homage to Brick Feagle"--an old pianist with an interesting history.
This one is "Untitled"--this building is a brand-new almost-70-story edifice called The Epic--and it is now right in the navel of TGW's neighborhood world. He fotographs a lot from rooftops.
This one's titled, "a destination"--from 2005.

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