Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Another John McCain Sunday!

Every Sunday, According to the Media, John McCain Gets Closer to Being President

Vietnam War - Senator John McCain of Arizona Biography - U.S. Navy Lt. Commander. John McCain (now a US Senator) suffered severe injuries in 1967 from bailing out of his A-4 over Hanoi and being beaten by a mob. A prize hostage because of his prominent father, he rejected offers of quick repatriation.
War Hero John McCain III
They've already started--as early as 6 am this morning on local teevee (NYC teevee) there was a big 4-pundit teevee show on one of the silly-ass channels (Fox, Universal, and the old WB are now under Rupert "Bringing Australian Television to the USA" Murdoch control) discussing a recent "poll"--the poll wasn't really ever identified--this phony poll (it's probably from the Pentagon embedded journalism department) says that 74% of Amuricans versus 44% believe John "Nutjob" McCain would make a stronger Commander in Chief than Barack Obama! Come on, where the hell can you find 74% of any kind of American people who want John McCain for anything--maybe Tucson dog catcher! We are wondering, since when did being Commander-in-Chief have anything to do with choosing our presidents? This is the first election we remember ever hearing such concern over a stupid-ass dickhead man's ability to be Commander-in-Chief or not! What qualified G.W. Bush to be Commander-in-Chief over John "Vietnam Nutjob" Kerry in the 2004 stolen election? In that particular election (stolen by Bush, by the way, or have we said that already?--our new elections depend on who controls the digital voting machines now), Kerry's war record was attacked and kicked and beaten and ridiculed all over the place--even though G.W. Bush went AWOL from his military service, he still badmouthed old John Kerry, a fellow Skull and Knucklehead member, too; and Kerry volunteered for Nam duty but was called a fakir by Bush, called a poor, little, rich boy playing toy soldier for political reasons--remember they implied Kerry's injuries were rigged and really just scratches he got while scratching his ass in the middle of a jungle wondering what the hell to do? Remember when G.W. Bush said John McCain had gone crazy in Nam? Hell, Bush even said Max Cleland, the guy who lost both legs and an arm in Nam, was faking his heroism--he was nothing but a bum that let himself get shot up he was such a clumsy soldier? But based on how to measure a Commander-in-Chief according to our commerical networks, G.W. Bush, the AWOL boy-pilot, is a great Commander in Chief! --HEY, we announced yesterday WE HAVE WON THE WAR IN IRAQ! an illegally started war that now seems to be highly approved by the Amurican people even though the election of 2006 that gave Congress a Dumbocratic majority proved the Amurican people wanted us out of both these foolish wars on Terrerism--2 years later the Amurican people now accept both Afghanistan and Iraq as blessed wars? We don't believe that. We don't believe 74% of the Amurican people believe John "Nutjob" McCain is good at anything except maybe picking the right woman to dump his first wife over for political reasons--the Tucson beer-baron's daughter! The go-go boot wearing Mrs. McCain! Why not bring up that John McCain's wife has more money than both Barack Obama and his po'ass black wife put together! Hey, there's a point! Maybe Mrs. McCain can be Nutjob John's secretary of the Treasury--maybe she can loan the USA some bucks so we can pay off some of the trillions of dollars we owe the People's Republic of China, a Communist country who now owns the USA lock, stock, and barrel--isn't that amazing! Shouldn't that be an area of concern for the American people--the debt our current Commander-in-Chief got us into--and in debt to a Communist country! That would have been an impeachable offense during the Eisenhower (Idlehours) years when John Foster Dulles and his stupid brother, Allen, ran the USA.

So on and on it will go today on the corporate media--and that includes the New York Snob Times and the Washington Jackasshitching Post--the bullshit will fly high and go on and on about McCain this and McCain that and how McCain knows WAR, and he's a WAR hero! Where was Obama when his country needed him? Yeah, take that you N-worder bastard! And this is all a subtle form of racism on the part of our corporate media (mostly owned by a handful of old-time white-big-house-bosses moneyed players--Paramount Pictures owns CBS; General Electric (a big Military Industrial Complex company) owns NBC; Rupert "Bringing Australian Television to the World" Murdoch owns Fox, the UB, and the old WB; and of course the Disney Corp owns ABC--and what wonderful puff pieces the Disney dumbasses did Friday and Saturday on sInsational Miley Cyrus's (they now openly call her her real name rather than who
Miley's Bareback Photo--we love those bedroom eyes! What's RFK got to do with Miley?
she really is, a Disney character called Hannah Montana) fabby career as a Disney child porn star--hey, 14-years-old and Disney already has her in Daisy Duke shorts shaking her ass all over the stage and bucking her little tight pussy out toward the camera with that hipplebuck thing the Disney hardcoreographers teach these little Minnie Mouse clones and doing those sort-of-nudie-cutie promo shots, those naked back, those bareback shots--a little tiny edge of one of her tiny nontitties imaginarily showing a little tiny Mickey Mouse kind'a way, you know, clean but still child porn! Oh surely some nudes of Miley at 14 will pop up down the road--pop up like the nudes Brooke Shields's mother had taken of cute little naked Brookie in her little bathtub popped up in Mom's effort to make Brooke and herself rich even though Brookie had no talent at all, same as she never had great boobs! Now she's a horsefaced middle-aged woman, big boned and homey looking, though she's still living well off the millions and billions she made over the years simply by being Brooke Shields (she's one of hose women whose head looks too big for her body)--nope, not a great actress at all--a child supermodel, yeah--lost her cherry to Dean Cain (whatever happened to him?) (Hey, Brookie went to Princeton, where did you go to college?), then tried a Christian marriage to dipstick tennis never-quite-an-ace player Andre Agazzi, divorcing his ass, has she married twice again since Andre? or once?--Agazzi prayed night and day like a motherfucker to his Christian God to let him get it up for fabby Brooke but, and God didn't even say, "sorry," Andre was unable to get his dick hard when Brookie beckoned him naked from the bedroom--or at least that's how rumor has it and we all know how true rumors are! And why isn't it child porn when Disney trots out its latest corny-cloney-teenage-phenoms and has them shake their booties in young boys's horny faces?--I mean Disney's given our culture an unfunny really Mickey Mouse, a cartoon mouse, a whole busload of bimbo teenage goofball actors, entertainers, singers, dancers, including the multitalentless white trailer trash stars like Justin TIMBER!lake, Christina Aquilera, Britney "White Trash" Spears (and her whole trailer-trash family), Ricky Martin (wasn't he molested when he was in Menudo?), J "Big Fine PR Ass" Lo--I mean, Disney turns 'em out faster than they are making animated movies of ancient white fairy tales over and over--that's why Disney's great The Lion King was staged by a white woman! Disney now, absolutely, controls Broadway here in NYC. They not only own several theaters but most of the shows running on Broadway now come out of their special Broadway production division headquartered in Times Square--whether revivals of old successes or cartoons turned into musicals or specialty vehicles with interchangeable stars--and oh God do we have to suffer a remake of Evita (with J Lo as Eva Peron) or Hello Dolly (staring Dolly "Big Tits" Parton)--or how about a musical based on the life of Walt Disney--"Slip Him a Mickey and Watch Him Draw Flies"? "Hey, Mike Eisner, when's the New World Uncle Remus coming out?, you know, the one staring OJ Simpson as Uncle Remus. "The world waits with bated breath for controversial star OJ Simpson's daring portrayal of the New World Uncle Remus, an Uncle Remus who takes no shit off nobody, 'Fuck the tar and feathers, honkey, bring on the white bitches,' in Disney's New World series of films on the remaking of American history, called the Colombo Crime Family project, led by Disney stockholder and new board member Shaq O'Neal (he's changing his name to Shrek O'Neal for this new role in his active play life)."

We are told that the CABLE teevee show called Mad Men is a hell of a show! It's about advertising in the 1960s--supposedly! I don't know if the guy who conceived and wrote the original series was in advertising in New York City in the Sixties, but anyway, we here at The Daily Growler have several contributors who were in the advertising game, and that includes our own thegrowlingwolf--who made a surprise comeback--a sneaking back in in the middle of the night--in yesterday's Growler post--The Wolf Man worked on Madison Avenue for many a moon--ended up found shot dead for lying on his cramped cubicle floor one morning after working all night on a failed miracle drug's reintroduction campaign--his last words were, "So it'll kill you after a while, so what, we're all gonna die anyway."

To keep or reject digital teevee--that is the question!

What's it like to be television-less?

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Marybeth said...

74 + 44 does not equal 100, but who knows? Maybe they polled more than 100 percent of Americans. They could do that you know.

And, yeah, we noticed old Growly sneaking one in there. (We like that.)