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What! The Fourth of July a Pure-dee Whitey Holiday!

Frederick Douglas's Fourth of July Speech
Within the now-famous address is what historian Philip S. Foner has called "probably the most moving passage in all of Douglass' speeches."

What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sound of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants brass fronted impudence; your shout of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanks-givings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy -- a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.

You can read the full speech here:

So while you're slobbering over all that barbecued pig meat--"Man, I can't eat all'a this, but I can damn sure try"--while you're gnawing on that overpriced ear of gasoline-producing corn, all sloppy with pure creamery butter (ever wonder where that creamery is now?)--"Pass the salt, please!"--while you're wasting food like mad--while you're slugging down several cases of now overpriced and now overtaxed beer, the world is melting and Chaos is approaching fast (a bottle of Heineken here in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, now costs in a deli $4.50 a 12 oz (or maybe they have trimmed 'em down to 11.5 oz, I haven't checked lately) bottle--then when you get to the register, the foreign dude or chick says, "Four-eighty and be quick about it." "Four-eighty!" you scream in protest. "I thought it was four-fifty." "Thirty-cent tax! You pay now." You pay tax on a bottle of beer at a deli now. How crooked are our politicians--they are thieves and we condone their thievery! Look how our little-man billionaire mayor has sold Manhattan right out from under the established citizens of New York City--selling it to whatever best-friend-real-estate-developer wants it--all these baseball stadiums our mayors gave huge tax breaks to are now begging for more money--cost overruns in the millions upon millions, and these bastards want New York City to foot the bill for the extra-costs. Seems like the contractor on the new stadium We the People of New York City are building for the New York Yankees and that subsidized owner asshole George Steinbrenner is someone's close relative--I recall hearing or seeing some such statement. Construction has stopped on the new Mets stadium right now--the Mets are claiming they need some millions of dollars, too, in cost overruns! Building these new stadiums--only people with high incomes can even afford general admission tickets to these new super-slick-luxury-boxful-mall-like ballparks--$45 at the new Yankee Stadium--and $35 at the new Mets stadium. Both teams, by the bye, are playing lousy sloppy worthless baseball--seems our own marvelousmarvbackbiter was right all along--didn't matter who managed these teams, what mattered was who owned them and who these owners put in as general managers, two goofball dudes who know absolutely nothing--NADA y NADA--about baseball--they only know "trading"--trading their slaves back and forth year-in, year-out--their slaves getting so fucking rich it takes away their reasoned playing of the game and puts in its place their hot-shot-all-star-type of playing, where every hit has to be a spectacular home run and every defensive play has to be one of those slip-sliding-away-type catches or one of those snagging an infield ground ball and then doing a 360 wheelie in the air--like Derek Jeter in yesterday's Yankee farcical loss to the Boston Red Sox (who had just been swept by the new Devil-free Tampa Rays (I think they should be named the Tampa Reds--for the great guitar player and not the Cincinnati Reds)), doing one of his trademark leaps in the air and firing--spectacular looking but this one ended up in the Yankee dugout--so goodbye Yankees--Red Sox ate 'em alive, 7-0--Andy Pandy Pettite took the loss. You can't win with bad pitchers! This is what the Yankees and the Mets general management just can't get in their heads. Take the current Tampa Bay Devil-free Rays--a rookie hitter is leading this team, but that's not the reason they're winning--it's their pitchers; their pitchers are pitching their asses off! Joe Torre knew this--he begged for good pitchers and Brian Cashman and Steinbrenner gave him a worn-out and worthless bunch of has-beens (like Carl "Gold Brick" Pavano) including the Big Unit, Randy Johnson (still Randy managed to win 19 games one year with the Yanks), and then dumped a whole busload of Single A minor-league pitchers on Joe's ass--in spite of how bad these dudes were, Joe managed to limp the Yankees into the playoffs--at one time sweeping five-in-a-row from the BoSox to actually take over first place for a brief moment before they went to Tampa Bay and lost 3 in a row and then went to Baltimore and lost 3 more in a row; yet, they still made the playoffs. Now Joe's having a ball in Los Angeles and they run a great commercial here in NYC where Joe is surfing--then cruising around L.A. in a convertible! In the meantime, A-Rod, the most overpaid baseball player in baseball history--who may be the greatest player playing right now--is trapped between Madonna's legs--what a life, huh? How would you like to just play a kid's game for 3 or so hours a day--a kid's game mind you--and get paid more money than you could ever possibly need whatever your lifestyle?--and as a bonus, you get to fuck Madonna--which has to be expensive--Madonna's the material girl remember, you don't fuck her for free! They say Madonna gets horny and just calls superstars up and says "Get your ass and your dick over here fast, you're fucking me tonight." Married and a mother, too, right! You know if a low-class American peasant woman acted like Madonna, she'd not only lose her kids for damn sure but she'd probably have to serve a little time for drug possession or prostitution or something! Our celebrities do as they please. Robert Downey, Jr., a dude who has defied the law several times, overblowing coke, carrying guns openly, getting into bar brawals, waving his guns at people, busted, even did a little jail time--and I just saw him on some infomercial-for-celebrities talk show, Jay Leno maybe, and oh hey, he's so talented, he's so into his acting, he's so great, he's so Academy Award material--fuck him, I say--there are dudes sitting in prison doing 25-to-life for lesser things than that prick did! Naomi Campbell finally didn't get her way and look at the tantrum she started and got busted for? You think she'll do any time? OJ murdered his wife and her young boyfriend--It's OK, OJ! Robert Blake murdered a woman he fucked and knocked up and had an unwanted baby with, so Robert, being Baretta for one last comeback show, blows her head off--NOT GUILTY--cried a jury of Bob's peers! Phil Spector--he just nonchanlantly shoots a bitch who maybe refused to suck his dick--who knows--Phil don't remember--is Phil doing any time yet? It amazes me. If, during my career, I had come to work stoned on coke and toting a piece and waving it all over the office, what'a you think would happen? Would I get promoted? Or say I threw my cellphone at and hit in the face a hotel desk clerk? What do you think would have happened to me? Madonna--how many men has she fucked? Madonna has no talent beyond being a fairly good girl softrock singer a couple'a moon's back now. These girls are highly sexed; their whole acts are enticing men to get the hots for them so they'll buy their videos or download their hits--like if Beyonce don't show no titty and some big ass, who's gonna buy her same-old girl-singer shit music?--however people dig music these days, which I don't know, not having come into the iPod age yet. Madonna is a terrible actress. Her movies all suck, especially her fantasy movies like Truth or Dare. Come on, folks, Madonna is a poor little dumbass Catholic girl from the Bronx who connived her way to the top--she interned at rock radio stations here in NYC and slept on the floors at those stations and then fucked all the staffs so they'd push her records! I liked "Material Girl," but I thought Cindy Lauper was a more talented same-type performer!

Who the hell knows if Madonna's a great fuck? We are led by the press to believe she must be, all these hot men who tumble over themselves to get in her bed--and it's been a pretty active bed, too, like Marilyn Monroe's bed used to be filled to capacity all the time, too--and with a couple'a Kennedy brothers, let's see Madonna top that--unless she gave some to Bill Clinton--no that was Barbra Streisand he had the hots for--and still at the end of Marilyn Monroe's life she told her best friend, after the best friend found Marilyn in bed with a plumber she'd called to fix her pipes (The Mighty Sparrow used to sing about that in his "Big Bamboo"--"I'm a plumber, not an entertainer...."), that she'd never had an orgasm in her life. I'd be willing to bet one day Madonna admits that, too. A man can't satisfy a privileged young hot chick making millions of bucks every day like these girls--no matter how handsomely masculine Hollywood makes these otherwise "pretty boys"--and we know the young white boys have little dicks probably--"young chickens," as Tennessee Williams called 'em when he was in Hollywood--I mean do you know how many celebrities have clothing lines! Justin Timberlake has a clothing line. I saw Cindy Crawford the other day advertising her furniture designs being sold at Wal-Mart or K-Mart somewhere like that (Cindy is a furniture designer!). Cindy's highest claim to fame was as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (jack-off material for teenage sex maniacs--especially those first issues where they let their nipples show and some of 'em did a turnaround and showed their asses spilling out of their thongs). All those girls got rich--most of them got fucked by rock stars, too--Rachel Hunter actually landed and married old pathetic Rod Stewart--who still fucked around on her after he knocked her up a couple of times and she won a couple of Mother of the Year awards, then Rod dumped her for a younger model and poor Rachel had to settle for 20 million or so support--that's pocket change to Rod. Or how 'bout the celebrity making the headlines right now, several-times married and abused Christy Brinkley--what's her claim to fame? Why, Christy was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model--holy shit--poor little Christy--she's worth millions now--hey, she made a bucket of bucks off poor old drunken and used up has-been rocker Billy Joel (hey, I'll admit it, Billy wrote some cool stuff--but the women, the booze, the money, the big cars, have given old Billy holy hell--'cept even old Billy manages to keep himself in new models every year). What great lives! Free love; free anything; do whatever you please if you're rich. Something sick I saw yesterday on the corny Okra Show (that's Oprah to you folks)? How about Maya Angelou's 80th birthday party at Donald Trump's playboy Miramar Mansion down in old-line-legal-rich-ass-crooked-bastards-reserve Palm Beach, Florida? Oh what a sick affair. What does Donald Trump have to do with Maya Angelou? you think he's read even a paragraph out of any of her books?--except I can't stand Maya Angelou though I respect where she comes from, Arkansas, and I respect her achievements, but I can't stand her in person--plus, I don't blame her for letting Oprah make her rich and famous--why not? And then when Donald Trump showed up unexpectedly (yeah sure) on Okra's show, the stupid, dumb-cluck, thirties-forties somethings (mostly white) in her audience went absolutely Holy Roller wild--I mean, some of these women had grimacing faces, eyes full of tears, sending out such love to this big phony ignorant pompous asshole Donald Trump whose idea of intelligence is diddling some Miss Universe and not getting caught! What a sham!

Frederick Douglas is right! Besides, I have always admired John Brown as the kind'a white man I hope I am. I heard Howard Zinn say John Brown was actually successful in his efforts though his attack on Harper's Ferry spelled his doom--but the repercussions from that attack and the controversy over Brown's eventual hanging led to the start of the Civil War and the end to slavery (yeah sure) in this country.

Have a Happy Fourth--I'm going to--fuck those Iraqis and Afghanis who are gonna get blown to smithereens today--fuck the fact that Obama (oops, I'm like John "Nutjob" McCain, I can't get that name right)--Osama bin Laden--is supposed to be dying of kidney failure--we know Bin Laden's already dead--he was a fictional character anyway--and fuck the fact that people in Africa are starving to death--Darfur's women are being raped and beaten and shit--and Darfur's men are being butchered--even fuck our flooded Midwest--don't live so close to the Mississippi River, you idiots! Fuck 'em all! I'm shooting off some fireworks tonight here in the Land of the Spied-on Free and the Home of the Dumbass Brave. Like, what kind of human volunteers for an army that is losing in two wars?--come on, you young dunces, you know your chances of not coming back alive are 1 in a 100 or so missions--and your chances of coming back alive but wounded beyond belief are even higher, like 50 in 100 missions. In the meantime, the Blackwater Private Army are having a ball--they get to kill and torture with impunity--and those ex-Peruvian and ex-Colombian troopers are making more bucks than the stupid US volunteer soldiers!

Let the HOOPLA begin!

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Old race-baitin', black-hatin', white-trash, hillbilly-hick Jesse "Lynch All Niggers" Helms has up and died today! And on the Fourth of July, too; the great Whitey Holiday! Celebration time! Come on!

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