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Our DUMB Leaders

I Was Sittin' Here Thinkin'
Watching commercial television is like going through a huge pile of garbage. It's all garbage though if you're lucky you might find something of value somewhere within it. It's a huge pile of garbage--comparable to the Manila garbage dump where thousands of people live and make their living searching for valuables among that Manila trash mountain.

This morning while going through the garbage of commercial television I decided, "HOLY CRAP, the people who are 'leading' us (leading us like the lemmings we are) are pretty damn dumb when it comes to their intellects, their cultural contributions, their thinking, their educations, their improving what knowledge they have (if any in the case of GW Bush), their reading (or "their blogging" I guess I should say now)--and, important to me, what kind of music turns them on, you know, what music sets them to dancing! One lone hope you have with Obama is that he picked up that solid polyrhythmical movement-encouraging musical gene from his African father and not the monotonal up-and-down-movement-encouraging musical gene from his white mother--in other words, you hope Obama can dance! I'm sure his wife can dance and hopefully maybe she taught him some steps--he acts like Bill Clinton around women, I've noticed that--he knows women like him--even that planted white woman, the ex-Hillary lover who's going around saying now that Hillary didn't get the nomination she's voting for John "Nutjob" McCain, even she has sexual fantasies about Obama! GW Bush, I guarantee you, can't dance for shit--nor can Pickles dance for shit--though I'm sure Georgie Porgie and Pickles both spent plenty of long-times slugging down long-neck Lone Stars in a hell of a lot of yeehaw white's only dance halls in their partying days--especially Pickles who went to Southern Methodist in Dallas where I'm sure she spent plenty of college-day nights out on Greenville Avenue at one of those rip-roaring big dance halls that has lined that avenue since time began in Dallas, grindin' and pushin' in loose-body, drunken-sloppy, Yahoo dancing with those big-old-bowlegged-macho Texian whitey drugstore cowboys (like the man she eventually married) or those groping, lusting, humping SMU frat rats--drunkenly and cokeheadedly whoopin' it up hell bent for getting laid later.

OK, so Obama and Hillbilly Hill have Ivy League degrees and as we all know, that means they're privileged according to their diplomas! Then how come they are both so dumb acting when it comes to common sense, Thomas Paine's measuring device for a true free people in a true democracy (I know, I know, there's no such thing as "common sense" or a "true democracy" and I'm toying with these concepts like a cat plays with a mouse before it devours it and puts a Cheshire cat smile of satisfaction on its face--but since this is all fantasy--it doesn't matter).

Like why is Obama so wanting to please the white, wild, fundamentalist Christian right-wing? Does he really believe he has to prove his "whiteness" to these fools? These people who let a big Jewish fairy tale rule their lives--I say, Fuck 'em, and I yell a hearty "hurry up and leave us behind!" out to them. Why can't Obama see it that way? By the bye, this fairy tale the nutjob Christians put all their faith in is the same fairy tale that's found in many cultures, especially in the desert cultures, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, really all the same religion with the same Big Daddy (Yahweh/Allah), the same racial poppy, Abraham to the Jews and Gentiles, Ibrahim to the Muslims--and Gentiles is what Christians really are--even their precious Joshua ben Joseph of the Nazareth slums who they call Jesus Christ spoke in terms of his being a Jew and following Jewish laws except he was an Essene (a Judaic sect); Jesus never called himself a Christian, NO, he stayed Jewish, but a reformer type who was really rejecting the OLD TESTAMENT (the Torah) and its archaic laws based on the Ten Commandments, basing his reformist views on what he'd learned reading the Torah and the rabbinical interpretations of the many rabbinical scribblings in the margins of the original Torah, the rabbinical interpretations of the many rabbis who came before and after this reformer Jew Joshua ben Joseph whose message was one of simplicity: rather than being subject to harsh laws--like the laws imposed on the Jews by their old wrathful God or their Jesus-time's Roman captors--the best way to repel these harsh captors was not through "vengeance is mine" but through loving them as you wanted to be loved--dig it? And this means loving old Yahweh/Allah the same way--do unto Yahweh/Allah as you would have him do unto you. It's the same thing Gandhi preached. It's the same thing Martin Luther King preached. React to violence against you by showing your peaceful side--"turning the other cheek," as Joshua ben Joseph put it--Jesus is simply teaching the Golden Rule, the ancient template of cooperation: "Do unto others as YOU would have THEM do unto YOU." It's as simple as that. That's what the Hippies preached, too, with their peace, love, and tie dye mantras! PEACE is the answer to all our problems; yet, like Noel Coward said, we'd rather be deceived than to know the truth about things--reality is too real and that's what scares most DUMB asses to the point of believing anything that "guarantees" them they can avoid death simply by putting their faith (their survival mode) in a fairy tale--in a cruel way, and here's the deceit of these fairy tale salvations, death is the only hope for most Christians--death is their release the same as it's anybody's release--the same as it's a jihad Muslim's release--the same release a Buddhist monk gets from setting himself on fire--like they did when the USA invaded and tried to occupy VietNam--that's why suicide is so scary to most Christians--it's so dramatically real time--in other religions, suicide is rewarded by great favors when they eventually all tumble into their heavens! Christians don't commit suicide--supposedly. Christians sacrifice their lives in place of the lambs the Jewish priests used to demand be brought for sacrifice during feasts of atonement, like the Passover season--the "blood of the lamb" goes over the doorjam--this was before some trinket maker invented the mezuzah as a substitute for writing shema in lamb's blood. I think it's easy to catch my drift.

Like this piece of garbage I found amongst the morning commercial garbage deliveries: Obama this morning puts his two-toned foot in his mouth again by saying he will continue Bush's faith-based initiative program--letting the churches in a community take care of the social services (to Conservatives, social services means: "Free handouts to lazy blacks, illegal Mexican immigrants (most Messkins are considered lazy by legend-making Whiteys--you know, the Mexican wearing the big sombrero sound asleep against an adobe wall right in the middle of the day when the smelly, sweaty Whiteys are being frustrated bosses--"Si, si, El Patron, es tiempo siesta--no trabajar!"), Puerto Ricans living interchangeably between the USA (like Newyoricans) and Puerto Rico, South Americans looking for free handouts through nanny jobs for the lazy women and dirty-work construction jobs for the lazy men, and of course those lazy, drunken Native Americans ("Injuns" to whiteys) getting to live free on whitey's land and driving around in free pickups, and, oh yes, for fairness's sake, white trash whiteys are included in this Conservative view of welfare--those who used to be tenant farmers in the time when the old plantation was Whitey's gift to US industry)--you know, what "welfare" means to Conservatives: blacks driving big fancy cars ("Yo, whitey, where's my Lexus? I don't drive no Fords, sombitch, I want my Lexus!") and wide-screen television sets being given to them by the government social services programs. The right-wing Christian nutjobs call this "secular humanism."

Obama for some strange reason thinks he has to appeal to Conservatives! Why, for God's sake? He represents an opposition, not a compromiser! Yet, when he revealed his admiration for Ronnie Raygun Reagan's economic theories a few months back, I wondered, just how dumb is this Harvard Law graduate?! He sure does talk damn dumb occasionally and certainly in this morning's morning-news garbage he's talking real dumb saying he will continue Bush's faith-based intiative program, with the news pundits suggesting he's really not appealing to Whitey Christian votes but to his fellow black voters because black communities are so dependent on their churches for social services, drug counseling, etc. Come on, you stupid dicks, blacks are gonna vote for Obama because they know already that faith-based initiatives or not, Bush is a racist, his policies are antianything that ain't WHITE and RICH and already PRIVILEGED (like Condo-Leasing Rice, for instance, and ex-military Uncle Tom, Colon's Pal, or that great supreme legal mind, Clarence "Yassuh, Boss, I'se'a Dancin'" Thomas who was foisted on us by Georgie Porgie's own racist pappy, Old Pappy Bush himself--remember Clarence's "electronic lynching" accusation?). The reason this is such dumb talk? Because god-dammit we're supposed to have a government separate from our fairy tale religious beliefs--religion has no place in government! Come on, Obama, you're supposed to be a law genius--a debater--where's you intelligence? Keep your religious beliefs out of politics. Politicians keep us divided along superstitious lines--united we'd throw their greedy asses out and put a true government by the people for the people in their place--like why isn't any candidate talking about the Bill of Rights! You notice none of these goons ever mentions We the People's rights under the Bill of Rights!

And why is Obama so scared of White Christian evangelicals anyway?--all nutjobs; all more left-wing than any progressive Dumbocrat because Christianity is a form of Communism! Think about that! Faith-based initiatives? Isn't that a form of socialism! That's like huge tax breaks for huge profit-guzzling corporations--it's called "corporate welfare."

I'm curious suddenly as to why the price of crude oil is suddenly constantly high-flying-ALWAYS-going-up! Since when has oil production been so hard hit all of a sudden!? Could it be GW Bush's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq (and Afghanistan, too) has depleted all our oil and gasoline reserves?--did you know the military has its own oil and gas reserves?--remember the Teapot Dome scandal? The armed services supply their own fuels--nowadays the military is depending on private contractors to provide those fuels--and at market prices--whatever the OPEC Royal Families want--the Sheik of Oman needs another couple'a hundred yachts with bowling alleys in them, dammit!--the Sheik wants bowling alleys in his yachts, to hell with the slaves he's using to pump that oil and to service his yachts! I mean Hugo Chavez says he has plenty of oil in Venezuela--oil's no problem for him! Saudi-Arabia has no problem with oil. Russia has oil. The Caucasians have oil. Iran has oil. Even Iraq has plenty of oil. Who doesn't have oil? You guessed it, the US and China--the two countries who now hold the future of humankindness in their hands.

Remember when the Washington pundits were praising Georgie Porgie Bush when he was first elected as being the first president who got a "live and play with a BBA" degree instead of a law degree? Finally, a businessman in the White House. Plus, Georgie Porgies privileged-boy college degree was an Ivy League degree, too. Why, hell, folks, like his old Pappy, GW has a Yale degree! Why, so does Hillbilly Hill! And we all know what a great job GW did with all the businesses he started and managed over his long successful life as a businessman. He has a 100% record in his handling of his businesses--a 100% record of failure: his oil company with his Saudi-brother-buddy (a guy who was later found shot dead) was a failure! During his time of owning the Texas Rangers (set up by old Pappy Bush's oil-rich compadres) he put that team in financial ruin! His managing of the State of Texas when he was governor! Check it out! The only thing GW was good at as governor was ridding the state of 157 mostly black men (one Messkin woman was in the mix) via executive execution thereby keeping these worthless bastards (most of whom were really never really proven guilty beyond any doubts) off the Texas nonexistent welfare roles. The last book GW ever read: you guessed it if you said My Pet Goat. GW, by the bye, rigorously maintained a low-C-average at Yale. You or I couldn't even get into Yale with a low-C-average. In my college career--I have a Masters of Arts degree in "Sociological Theory"--to get it I had to have at least a B average--and I didn't go to Yale, though I had mostly Ivy League-educated teachers in the colleges I attended--an exception was most of my Sociology professors were from the University of Chicago.

Changing the Subject
I just heard a dude on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now this morning saying the countries in the world that have nuclear weapons have no fear of the US attacking them--an Indian dude said Indians and Pakis have nuclear weapons as a defense against being attacked by the US. Countries that already have nuclear weapons: Israel, Great Britain, China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Russia--know that the US will not attack them! If you don't have nuclear weapons, you are subject to an attack by the US on your country--for your wealth--stealing the wealth of nations--that's why Adam Smith entitled his book that--wasn't it originally titled, Stealing the Wealth of Nations? This dude on Amy's show says US government thinking says that the new frontier for battlefield (military) technology including nuclear weaponry is now outerspace! The US sees space as theirs to rule like they rule the seas! like they rule the air! At the same time, this dude says, the Defense Department has lost interest in nuclear weapons and is letting our nuclear weapon supply go straight to Hell in a leaky canoe.

Anna Deveare Smith
Then Amy (whose lookin' damn good these days for a 50-something-year-old Harvard grad) had this babe, Anna Deveare Smith, on. I've heard of her before; she's always here in New York City doing her "performances"--she, like Whoopi Goldberg before her, does multicharacter voices--put together from innumerable interviews she does with different types of Amuricans--it's a thing with talented black women who by desire are actresses! Let me explain--I lived with a black actress once--black women, even beautiful light-skin, whitey-preferred black actresses have hell getting their pretty legs in the doors of the whitey-controlled acting industry--I know, you're thinking, wait a minute, Halle Berry gets plenty of roles! Whitney Houston went from singer to Oscar-winner-type actress (though she couldn't act for shit)! But, with one million or so black women thinking of themselves as actresses--you see, there are tons of weekly auditions listed in Back Stage for the whitey-preferred blonde skinny bitch actresses--tons of roles--but for a black actress, there aren't many calls to go to and once they get to these auditions there are 600 look-alike black actresses competing for say one role--where a white actress may be auditioning for a play with all white women parts--dig?--except soap operas now have a lot of black actress roles these days--a lot of black television actresses who shot their wads on teevee (like this really and truly beautiful and totally sexual actress Victoria Rowls (she made her name as a pathologist/detective on Dick Van Dyke's last-hurrah teevee show--his comeback show from his recovery from alcoholism--Diagnosis Murder) who now has a big starring role on one of the soaps) are now finding roles in the soaps--getting to be the mistresses and lovers of white actors, too--that's a big afternoon thrill for the sordid gaggles of bored women who get their thrills from these shoddily written, filmed, and produced bags of teevee garbage--there's no better thrill to a white woman as seeing a truly handsome (though probably gay) white male actor heating up a hot little black minky--stripping her down to her bra and panties after she's ripped his shirt off and left him topless (it's OK for men to go topless on teevee--ain't that ironic? Do men's breasts turn gay dudes on?) and just as he's throwing her back onto the bed with the intentions of pounding her good there's a fade to commercial! That's why Whoopi Goldberg revolutionized Broadway for black women--one-woman shows where these very talented black actresses can play many roles in one show--and that's what this Anna Deveare Smith does. She calls herself a performing artist--and that's what she is--she has one show where she impersonates Studs Terkel doing a radio interview (her high-squeaky-voiced Studs sounds like Studs on helium)--she has Studs talking about Mark Twain and Huck Finn and Jim on the raft when the white slavers holler up at Huck and ask him if there's someone on the raft with him and he says yes and they ask "Black or white?" and he says "White" because you see Huck's confused about why Jim is considered a slave and not a human being like him--and also Anna does a Korean (male or female I can't tell which) from South Central L.A. who lost everything during the L.A. riots when blacks destroyed his business and his home and then bragged about how they'd rid South Central of its real problem, Korean business owners!

I'm gonna be honest--I find Anna's impersonation of the Korean victim of the L.A. riots hypocritical. What say a white woman actress used a black accent like Anna's Korean accent?--and I live in a building full of Koreans--and especially Korean women, like Anna Deveare impersonates in her act (or is it a Korean man? it's hard to tell)--her Korean accent does capture that distinctively certain childish way of speaking English Koreans have but then it slips to me off into a blackish sort of irreverence when she's making this Korean character get pissed off at blacks--and I'm sayin', like I guess to Anna all "yah-yah, if I did that" white critics of her performances are hypocrites, that her Korean accent becomes mockery to a Korean the same as a whitey actress speaking like she thinks a black woman speaks, "Yeah, girl, you go now!" is mockery to a black woman or man. Like the Spice Girls--only one black in the group--but they all wanted so to be identified as a "soul" group, which we know here in racist America means "black" group--and a lot of white girl singers mockingly try so hard to be accepted as black in their styles--and Mariah Carey who's half-black sounds white-as-hell to me! How did Mariah Carey get to be a superstar? Does anyone remember? Maybe by marrying the president of her recording company?

I'm ramblin'--but my point really is this: Anna Deavere Smith is making herself a definer of the arts (and when she uses the word "artists," she basically means performing artists--actors--stage actors and film actors--Anna had a part on West Wing, though, hey, come on, man, Anna's also an AUTHOR--yep, she's got several books out--books just like Studs Terkel's books where he went around interviewing Americans all over America--nothing original about Anna! is that what I'm saying?). She made one statement that really grabbed me by my white balls. She says she met with Wynton Marsalis--and somehow Wynton has set himself up as about the only expert on jazz music left in America--jazz musicians get kind of sick of Wynton, he flip-flops a lot--like he once had a big argument with Herbie Hancock over where jazz should be going--saying jazz had to stay according to New Orleans standards and not let itself be corrupted by taking it into other genres (meaning rock or heavy metal--sweet popular music--but not classical music, oh no, Wynton can play Mozart and make a recording with an opera singer trying to sing jazz--it never works!) like Miles did at the end of his career (like playing Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder covers) (though Miles did come back and play a remaking of the "Birth of the Cool" idea when he was dying by playing straight-ahead once more--and straight ahead to Miles was like he titled one of his albums, "Miles Ahead"). Trouble is, Miles stayed cool to the end--but Anna Deavere Smith has decided we've had the Birth of the Cool and it didn't work so now, according to her, it's time for the Death of the Cool. Artists, she says, have to stop being cool and start being aggressive! In her big summit meeting with America's only jazz expert, she says she got Wynton to agree with her in her "Death of the Cool" ambition even though Wynton is named after one of the coolest piano players who ever played cool piano, Wynton "Winetone" Kelly--and Winetone was a child of Miles, too--like all of the musicians Miles picked to "lead"--like teenage pianist Herbie Hancock! And teenage drummer Anthony Williams. Anna says, fuck the cool, it's time once again for HOT art! You see, I'm way ahead of Anna--I'm going back and relistening to the oldest jazz recordings I can find, back when jazz was critically broken down into the HOT and the SWEET--you see, "the COOL" developed out of the HOT! The HOT got shuffled off into White Dixieland music--and finally died a cold death in the mid-forties--killed a bit by WWII. You see Anna has no real history of jazz in her--a lot of black people look upon jazz as staid and too white-dominated (like Norman Granz and Irving Mills and types like that)--plus, it's still the Devil's music to a lot of blacks--the music of being oppressed, the music of singing the blues because of that oppression--that slavery mentality--though historically, blues was the music that told blacks how to shake off their troubles, shake out of those irons, shake loose and depart out of the South--to take that Illinois Central train straight up to "Sweet Home Chicago"--"Come onnnnnn, baby, don't you want'a go?...come onnnnnn, baby, don't you want'a go?...back to that sweet state like California, Sweet Home Chicago!" I love that song. My first acquaintance with it was Herman "Junior" Parker's very successful recording of it in the late 50s--though, of course, Robert Johnson did the definitive version of it, though Roosevelt Sykes would later claim he wrote it.

Oh, would you like to check out what Anna Deveare looks like? Here ya go:
It's hard to deny a black woman like this anything she wants! I know, I've fallen prey to several of these extremely beautiful and talented creatures! We're all the same beneath the skin!

So Anna Deveare Smith is successfully setting herself up as the spokeswoman for all American Art now--music, acting, painting! Her latest project is a book telling artists how to succeed in this world! She tells young artists, you gotta respect The Man's (Whitey's) power and react to it not with cool disregard but with aggressive power that artists have but don't know how to use--Anna's gonna tell ya how to use that power, artists! Look for Anna maybe one day to take Whoopi's place on "The View," that pile of lady-glittered-up television waste. [Barbara Walters is such a twisted piece of crap, a totally untalented daughter of a New York City playboy and nightclub impressario--boy, did old Lew (the Jewish way of spelling Lou?) Walters kiss a lot of Mafia ass in his day.]

Whew! I'm as exhausted as a garbage man at the end of his day's run! Plus I feel as dirty and smelly as a garbage man fresh off the truck!

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