Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nina Simone

thegrowlingwolf has been nonstop playing this YouTube vid of Nina Simone singing her 1969 tune "Revolution," which she wrote with Weldon Irvine --

The Wolf Man says it was the band bed that woke him up to this--he heard it on one of those "progressive" radio programs he listens to, then went Googling for it, and found it on YouTube. We here at The Daily Growler hereby pass it on to you (four or five) who are our faithful visitors--it is a pretty kicky tune and a fine message, too:

thetotallyhungoverstaff (staff party last night at the Dub House)
for The Daily Growler
Nina Simone


Language said...

Listening to it now. Thanks, that kicks ass and takes names. Gee, I wonder why it didn't get heard more?

Marybeth said...

WOW. How did that get lost? I've listened to a lot of Nina Simone and never came across that one. That was great. Thanks.