Monday, April 14, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor Hell!

My Neighbor
My neighbor is an ex-VietNam War vet. He's in the hall a lot. He's in the hall a lot at very odd times during the day and night. When he's in the hall, he mumbles to himself, a constant griping to himself about something you can only guess at until you put your ear up to your door and then you can hear that all he's saying is ", motherfucker...fuckin', wha' the fuck, motherfuckin'...." That's all he's saying. Over and over again, punctuated occasionally by a swooshing out of air followed by a long whine or sometimes even deep-throated growls, "Errrgh-owww, motherfucker, fuckin', arggggh-rrrrr-u fuckin' motherfuckin' motherfucker..."

I saw on an anti-McCain blog the question: "Shouldn't McCain have a mental examination to see if he's mentally capable of handling the torturous stresses of being president of the USA?" Why waste millions on examining this bastard, hell yes he's mentally unbalanced. Let us put you in a tiger cage and torture your ass for 5 years and see if you come out whole hog or kind'a ruptured and enraptured--I mean, folks, they pulled all of this poor flyboy's teeth one at a time--they pulled all his fingernails and toenails out by the roots one at a time--they let him bake in a tiger cage placed in the middle of a barren ground exposed to that blistering bright-Agent-Orange-colored jungle sun for weeks on end--dehydrated, having visions, eating wormy rice, maybe getting pissed on for water if he was lucky. Boy the bitter tales that son of a bitch could tell. How about giving him a bold dose of truth serum and let's find out how many demons are beckoning unto him to join them in turning the earth into hell and to bringing all of us along with him down to that hallowed kingdom under the legendary Pluto's bitter (over a woman) reign. On one blog, too, I saw McCain's go-go boot-wearing wife called "The Beer Queen" (because her old pappy was the biggest beer distributor in Phoenix at one time).

I noticed, too, that most of the political blogs I checked in on are totally behind Hillbilly Hillary and totally anti-Obama, one Bartcop fan even bringing in the old confusion of "Osama" for "Obama" again--and Bartcop himself so anti-Barack and using those old Oklahoma embedded racist quips and jabs at this puzzling man who really is shaking up the white folks now that he's maybe beating Hillary's large ass, whiteys who at first might have thought it "cute" to bally-hoo for a charismatic black man who looked a little white but then when he got to winning and capsizing Hillary's streamlined cigarette boat race for the Dumbocratic presidential candidacy, the white scoundrels turned back to Mother Hillary, a woman, and I know some men will find me as nutty as John McCain when I say this, but, Hillary is a woman who is sexually attractive to a lot of men--she has a simpleness and a hint at vulnerability to her that makes men think they could bully her into sucking their cocks--you understand? Sorry I'm so realist with my words--I mean, come on, people don't talk or think like Shakespeare or Samuel Beckett--oh, sorry, that's right, some of them do, don't they?

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Nutjob McCain is proposing this morning doing away with gasoline taxes this summer. Sure, do away with We the People's money in the meantime the oil companies get to keep gouging us silly, knowing full well that once a bimbo or bubba that owns a car is gonna keep driving that car no matter if gasoline goes to $5.00 a gallon (like cigarettes going to $7.50 a pack hasn't done away with cigarette smoking) and that especially includes Chinese bimbos and bubbas, now, too. Hey, these people have put a lot of spondulix into their gas-guzzling SUVs, the bigger the more status. You'll have hell keeping carowners out of their cars--they love their cars--superstatus symbols especially in poverty-ridden areas like China, which while it has say 2 million new Capitalist pig millionaires and some billionaires scattered amongst them, has 2 billion people in utter poverty (still driving ox and pony carts or riding bicycles or carrying 200 pounds of stuff on their sloped backs) dependent upon the Commie government for their ideas (visions), food, progress, and fair treatment--the Chinese government calls them peasants or "pissants"--and there are now fabulously filthy rich people in China and they are enjoying the good life and have pissed on the pissants--and think of how Capitalistically powerful the Chinese economy is right now--recently the Commies announced they had a surplus of around 1 trillion dollars--most of that coming from the interest they are charging on the US debt they own and are holding over our heads (are Communist governments supposed to have surpluses?)--why Bush can't avoid going to the Beijing Olympics--he's obligated; he's put us in total debt now to a Communist country--that's the genius of G.W. Bush--or the evil genius of the puppeteers who have their hands hard working up Bush Junior's stupid ass--hands belonging to his old Pappy and his old Pappy's former dick-boy, Unka Dickless Cheney, and the multihands of all the Saudi-Arabians his family's sold their souls to (no, don't worry, I know there's no such thing as a soul)--as a quick aside: how good in bed can old Unka Dick be these days?--"Oh, Dick, you're so oil-rich and hard---oops, what's that alarm going off in your chest, Dick?" Time to pull out. And that's the problem with this US male-dominated society--these bastards don't ever pull out--instead we go ahead and support the little bastard juniors they create all over the world with the last of our worthless-now dollars--look out, is that the foreclosure dude coming up your sidewalk!

And the gettin'-tons-of-hits pundit bloggers keep backing old Hillbilly Hillary all the way, the Clintons their golden politicos--Bartcop defies anyone who bad-mouths Billy Jeff Clinton, a hillbilly huckster from Arkansas, the state right next door to Bartcop's backward Oklahoma--he lives in Tulsa, the epitome-home of right-wing religious nuts and nutjob NRA guntoters, whose solution to a race problem back in the 1920s was to simply go into the black community and burn it down while shooting any blacks who tried to escape fires! Bartcop brags about the Glock he has by his bedside. As with any other whitey Oklahoma ballsy dude, Bartcop would shoot your ass should he look up and find you pilfering his Bixby corn crib or looking ga-ga at his overworked housewife babe. Hey, Bart's on the right side, he's just wrong about his view of the right side--though in picking a right side in this country may mean you have to abide with fools like Bartcop and BuzzFlash, who are just as protective of Barack Obama as Bartcop is of the Clintons and given to Hillary bashing four-star style. I mean you have to saddle up with whatever posse you can get to ride with you.

Like I've said in past posts, I'm supporting Chelsea Clinton for president. I like Chelsea; she's goofy as hell, looks like she's still wearing braces--she has big-gum smiles--and she has a better figure than her mother--and she's taller than her mother--and her ass is still comfortable looking and not giganto yet like it will be one day--like mother the daughter don't forget--but then I'm a male chauvinist wolf--though I must admit I'm pretty cool around Alpha female wolves. Besides, Chelsea favors old Billy Jeff and she'd look good in a blue business suit behind the Oval Office desk. Plus, she's not married yet so she could have all the hanky panky she wanted in the Oval Office--who'd care--I mean, come on, like father the daughter.

We here at The Daily Growler love being imps when it comes to this political bally-hooing, crowing, trumpeting, all-bullshit season--I mean no political candidate right now is interested in anything or anybody except whoever can get them elected--they are desperately wanting to buy into to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars (all candidate spending combined this year) the power that goes with being president of the USA--Georgie Porgie Bush has shown them that the president or faux president of the USA can hold the future of mankind in his or her nuclear-backed-and-military-industrial-complex-lined mitts--that's how the royals started thinking of themselves as divine--and this royal divinity shit started way back on the banks of the old Tigres and Euphrates rivers--way back to the Sumerian King List--right over there where Bush Junior and his Whacked Out-Burnt-Out Surge Forces are committing national suicide, yep, in Iraq (or Eye-rack, as the Bushes call it)--and Bush may soon babble out through the workings of those many hands up his ass that God told him after a meeting with a couple'a bottles of Black Label Jack and maybe a couple'a hits off Pickles' know, God told him he was DIVINE and therefore INVINCIBLE--why, only a silver bullet can.... And just transpose G.W.'s name into Emperor Jones's name in madman Eugene O'Neill's great play and read it again--like mother the son in this case, folks.

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A The Daily Growler Sports Extra W/marvelousmarvbackbiter
OK, OK, so the new Yankee Stadium looks more like a condominium complex than it does a baseball ballyard. I was just following the Yanks up at Boston's Fenway--and hell Fenway is still a righteous kind of ballyard, a true one, though the BoSox owners can't wait for that order that says it's alright to tear Fenway down and put up a First Boston Bank Park or a Fleet Boston Financial Stadium to replace so disgustingly an old-fashioned wonderful baseball ballpark. Why watchin' baseball in Fenway is how baseball should be watched--with all the tricky corners and the goofy positions of the fences and especially the beauty of the green monster--just a beauty of a ballpark. And the Cubbies are still playing in Wrigley, which is a later version of a cool ballyard--and, by the bye, Wrigley wasn't named after the corporation but old Phil Wrigley himself, the Cubs's owner for so many damn years--the worthless Cubs, by the bye--but then the Wrigleys were cheap bastards--chewing gum, come on. Think of how many folks's teeth Wrigley's chewing gums have ruined. I used to love chewing about five sticks of Juicy Fruit at once. Right up until about 10 years ago I was chewing Adams Dentyne gum (another Chicago gummaker) mainly for my breath after I'd staggered out of my noontime hangout--like the great old long-gone now Brasilia Restaurant on West 45th, just off Fifth--after a couple of cachacas--yep, I'd weave back to my office, dig in my desk for my Dentyne, and then chew tons of it until I felt I was purified by all that sugary minty chicle's cover-up breath-devouring odor.

Remember who brought chewing gum to the USA: General Santa Ana, once commander and chief of the Mexican Armed Forces at the Battle of the Alamo down thar in Tejas, which used to be Mexico, and then Santa Ana became el presidente del Mexico but had a lot of trouble and was deposed and moved to his private castle over the mountains from Mexico City where he became involved with the making of chewing gum out of the chicle found in that part of Mexico--and chewing gum is very popular in Mexico--and Santa Ana came to New York City and lived on Staten Island and peddled his chewing gum invention and got it patented--and that's how chewing gum came to the US of A.

The new Mets stadium is named after CitiGroup or CitiCorp--and certainly not going bankrupt CitiBank--one of the financial institutions that got us into this mortgage foreclosure phenom that's got millions of Americans losing their homes to private investor groups, rich men who've pooled their money and are buying up mortgage debts from banks and then foreclosing on the poor old homeowners and property taxpayers and real-estate taxpayers and income taxpayers--but nobody gives a shit when it comes to...

Sorry, but I liked ballparks when they were named for human beings or after the team names and not these corporations--who contribute nothing to the fans who come to these ballparks to watch baseball and not to be consumers--though we are forced to be consumers no matter where you go--and going to see a baseball game in New York City now--forget about it--it's outrageous--and these new ballparks are going to be even more expensive than ever, ticket prices going up--$45 bucks a cheap seat in the new Yankee Stadium--$35 in the new Citi Stadium--which means if you take a date or your wife or your son or your husband or your boyfriend with you and you eat a hog dog or drink three or four beers--way over 100 bucks, way over, closer to 200 bucks now to see a baseball game--and, by the way, what was wrong with Shea Stadium now, I forget? I know the old Yankee Stadium was so poorly refurbished when the city rebuilt it way back when CBS owned the Yankees that it is probably a dangerous place to be--remember when a big chunk of concrete (Mafia cement used I'm sure) fell off one of the Yankee Stadium rafters and could have killed somebody--oh yes, too, the citizens of New York City are building these new stadiums for the Yankees and Mets--and there once were many "municipal" stadiums around the country, both in baseball and in football.

So am I still a Yankee fan? Yes. I'm watching them this year. Yes I'm pissed at the way they treated Joe Torre--they owed him more than that--but still, Yankee fans know as long as George Steinbrenner owns the Yankees we've got to expect constant shit like happened to Joe (it happened to Billy Martin; it happened to Bob Lemon; it happened to Dallas Green; it happened to Bucky Dent; it happened to Yogi Berra) and we ain't gettin' rid of this old reprobate even after he dies because the Yankees are the money-est-making team in baseball--I mean the Yankees averaged 51,000 a game last year--and George just turned the team over to his two worthless sons, one isn't even a son, and everybody knows how the sons ruin the creations of their fathers--but Yankees fans are used to George and his antibaseball tyrannical way of overbossing the Yankees, interfering with his managers, and hiring and backing general managers who are spin-the-wheel-types of baseball player purveyors--like Brian Cashman his current general manager dickboy--Brian Cashman does not know baseball nor does he know baseball players--I mean come on, given the Yankee payroll, anybody could be general manager of that team and with a great manager like Joe Torre and we hope Joe Girardi remembers what baseball Joe Torre taught him and becomes at least half as good a manager and some of the greatest baseball players in the world, why it should be easy--yet, the Yankees are already struggling this year--again yes it's hitting--the big guns aren't hitting yet--but again and this is the Yankees's Achilles heel, the Yanks have unreliable pitchers, though they are doing the best they can this year--afterall, Brian Cashman and George have saddled Joe Girardi with the same young pup pitching staff they saddled Joe with last year--and most of them have no experience in triple A ball, coming to the Yankees and forced on Joe Torre last year directly from double A teams--Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Jabo Chamberlain--these young pups are still rookies--and then Cashman stupidly hires these pups's double A pitching coach as the Yankees's pitching coach. Wow, what a promotion, and this guy's no better than Ron Guidry, come on! This guy hasn't put together a winning staff yet. Mussina's an over-the-hill bum. Pettite's another over-the-hill bum. Wang's their best pitcher, but you can't rely on Wang--he let them down in the playoffs last year--and there were no bugs attacking him when he gave up 6 runs to Cleveland in the first game of that Joe-Torre-wacking playoff series. La Troy Hawkins is on the Yankees now and I say so what--and tons of young pup players like this Gonzales dude--but anyway, here we go again, and yes I'm sticking with the Yanks--and I'm still backing Willie Randolph at the Mets except they've got the same problems over there, too; a son of the owner taking over the team and a general manager who has big fat confidence in himself and yet he hasn't come through--bad move now it looks like buying an American League pitcher and expecting him to adjust to National League "Billy Ball" type baseball--it's different for pitchers--and Santana is adjusting--but if he doesn't adjust? Then the Mets are in big trouble this year--especially since hey aren't hitting for shit either yet. Poor Willie. Look out, Willie, you may be moving to L.A. Joe Torre will want a bench manager if he ever gets the Dodgers on track--and that's gonna be tough, but I'll bet Joe keeps 'em in contention--they're under .500 right now but that's a tough division they're in so good luck, Joe, you're gonna need it. Can't wait for Dodgers to play the Mets. I may go to that game--last year in Shea, too--I always liked Shea better than Yankee Stadium.

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