Sunday, April 20, 2008

God Is at Yankee Stadium Today

Exorcising Yankee Stadium
I mean, isn't a sporting arena a part of the Devil's Playground big picture? Yet, Benedictis the Idiot doesn't let that stop him from bringing his game right into the middle of the Devil's home field. Which reminds us that the Devil Rays baseball team did take the "devil" out of their name. Praise the Lawdy Lawd. They still can't play baseball for shit, Devils or not. Why not the Tampa Jesus Rays. Wake Forest, a Baptist college, doesn't find calling themselves the Demon Deacons blasphemous at all. Again, Praise the Lawdy Lawd for his (always a man) great understanding. The Duke Blue Devils--yes, that's appropriate since Duke is a college built on tobacco money--yep, money made from tobacco plantations that used slaves and later sharecroppers to harvest their crops--making their fortunes off the backs of "unpaid" labor--so, hell yeah Duke is a Devil school and they're proud of it. Ever notice how Duke's biggest stars are tall white boys?

So the Pope is out in Yankee Stadium with his bowing and scraping and asskissing faithful, all looking up at this fool with tears in their eyes and hopeful expressions on their faces that are pleading with this HOLY DADDY to recognize just them--to take away all their cares! Poor bastards! Even men crying. And young people babbling about how important HIS visit was and how important they felt for one day--yes, Benny loves little children--I mean, come on, didn't Jesus X say to bring your little squirts unto him and he'd blow away their sins?

And our Billionaire Mayor is beside himself with pride and pomp and kissing the old decrepit pope's ass. They're both proud to be helicopter pilots! So what, Brother Kenneth Copeland, a yeehaw Holy Rollin' Fundie who thinks the Pope's really the Devil in disguise, pilots his own Lear jets, fuck helicopters. Take that you ninny helicopter pilots. Of course, We the Citizens of New York City graciously provide our billionaire devil-may-care mayor with a helicopter, the motor running as long as Hiz Honor is in his office--in case they need to whisk him outta here should something like 9/11 happen again--he's precious, you know.

And as I type this and the Pope is bullshitting his faithful with his blurred Nazi-like English the billionaire mayor has given Harlem back to White People--going on ahead with his whitening up of 125th St--a 50-story hotel (whites only)--headquarters of Major League baseball--over towards East Harlem where all the Latin players come from--and Latin players seem to be dominating MLB teams these days. Harlem once one of the capitals of Black America is soon to become an all-white part of Manhattan again. Prior to WWI Harlem was white-Dutch. My own step-grandfather was born in Harlem--and he was a Dutchman--same as the Rockefellers, and now Whiteys are headin' uptown by the droves to gobble up all that land up there, tearing down all those tacky affordable housing units up there, driving out black families who have lived in Harlem for generations--Mayor Bloomberg says, "Hey, it's too bad, but Harlem has to come along with the rest of Manhattan into the new flowing of Capitalistic progress"--which means, higher taxes, excessively high rents, high-as-holy-hell buying prices, more cosmopolitan (which means urban white) in the nature of its restaurants, its bars, and a denigration of its culture, the total whitening up of Harlem. Why, they'll probably change the spelling back to Haarlem.

A lot of blacks love the Pope, though. Oh yeah, tons of blacks and of course Latinos were in Yankee Stadium, they were crying, waving their hands toward the sky (where salvation comes from), weeping when looking upon so holy a human animal wearing a big ball gown and that big top hat (as thewomantrumpetplayer said, "Beware of men wearing hats")--wow, how could you not be swept away by such splendor, such pomp and circumstance--just like a Roman circus! Bring on the clowns! Oh, sorry, I see they're already there.

Religions are so stupid. They're all based on our instincts. Our raw instincts. Our cowering in fear at rumored doomsdays a'comin' because we have no FAITH in ourselves!

Fuck the pope and the popemobile he rode in on.

In the meantime, though you'd never know it from our news sources, it's fun and games as usual in Baghdad today, I mean nothing worth reporting, what was that 9 US soldiers killed today--hell, who's counting? Certainly not Unka Dick. Like he said, these are volunteer soldiers; it's their jobs to die for this country's nutjob rulers. Volunteer army. Volunteer slavery. And Afghanistan? Where the hell is that and what's that got to do with anything? And the US troops fucking around the Iranian border with Afghanistan, oh hell, boyz will be boyz. In the meantime, the Pope scored big in his pompous, down-his-Nazi-nose visit to Catholic New York City. I shrink back in disbelief. I never knew there were this many fools in New York City who admitted they believed all this ancient Roman shit. Don't the same white Americans who hate blacks hate Catholics, too? Anyway, tomorrow, Catholics or what, we'll be back to scrounging our ways to enough bucks to pay the bloody rent coming due in a week or so--or hell, Jesus, the mortgage payment is past due--or oh, Jesus Jehovah Joseph, the god-damn IRS is auditing us. The bullshit has been shoveled back over to Rome.

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Pope Joan

From Wikipedia:
"John Anglicus, born at Mainz, was pope for two years, seven months and four days, and died in Rome, after which there was a vacancy in the papacy of one month. It is claimed that this John was a woman, who as a girl had been led to Athens dressed in the clothes of a man by a certain lover of hers. There she became proficient in a diversity of branches of knowledge, until she had no equal, and afterwards in Rome, she taught the liberal arts and had great masters among her students and audience. A high opinion of her life and learning arose in the city, and she was chosen for pope. While pope, however, she became pregnant by her companion. Through ignorance of the exact time when the birth was expected, she was delivered of a child while in procession from St Peter's to the Lateran, in a narrow lane between the Colisseum and St Clement's church. After her death, it is said she was buried in that same place. The Lord Pope always turns aside from the street and it is believed by many that this is done because of abhorrence of the event. Nor is she placed on the list of the holy pontiffs, both because of her female sex and on account of the foulness of the matter." (Martin of Opava, Chronicon Pontificum et Imperatum).

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