Monday, April 21, 2008

A Wolf Man on the Watch Again


Perspective From a Height

--looks to me like Hillary's the gal to win the Dumbocratic presidential nomination. She's successfully shot Obama in the ass with her old Arkansas-anti-black-Chicago pump-action shotgun--sure she was using rock salt instead of real shotgun shells, but what the hey, Hillary doesn't want to shoot 'im dead, she just wants to scare him off her property--don't you all see? The Clintons are invincible among the Dumbocratic uppercrusts, like Dr. Howard Dean, that phony asshole, and rich bitch Nancy Pelosi (one of the richest women in California, if not the richest), and certainly Billy Jeff and Hillary have the ability to twist the right party nuts to get a squeal of "uncle" from the big sluggers in the Dumbocrat manipulation ranks. Don't get me wrong. Obama has a pretty same-as-Clinton staff, full of big-money boy contributors, HMO contributions, MIC contributions, but like I say later, that might all be a sham of a kind. Obama same as Hillary is for keeping troops in Iraq; he's said he loves Israel and will keep propping up the Israeli government and military in spite of the horrible way they treat the original occupiers of that dead-dry-ass state, the Palestinians, once a great decent people who tolerated Jews among them; and Obama has said he'd attack Pakistan; and Obama is, like Hill, against a true universal healthcare for all of the USA, including those horrible ILLEGAL immigrants--those feisty Messkins who are invading our precious WHITE nation--oh, what's that, WEREN'T WHITES ORIGINALLY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in this country?--let's ask our Native American population about whose land this was when the bloody White man stumbled ashore over here after he was driven out of Europe because he was either a criminal, an debtor, a religious fanatic, or a political enemy to the tyrannical kings, especially Mad King George the 3, who reminds me more and more of Georgie Porgie Puddin' 'n Pie Bush Baby, our faux president, except GPPBB is too young yet to get the gout and get quarrelsome and make idiotic laws against the poor and in favor of the princes, dukes, and earls that ruled Merry Ole England in those long ago days that are still affecting allegiances in this country. I feel more and more that I am an illegal immigrant and so were my parents--I mean my family history goes right back to the shores of Rhode Island--as my dad used to say, "Our family came over on the Mayflower, except we were the ones rowing the damn boat." They were Wesleyans and Anabaptists following the good Roger Williams, a preacher of great heart and wisdom, except when it came to the Native Americans he was still an illegal immigrant as well as old slave ship fleet owner John Brown, for whom Brown University is named; Jesus, as well as the Big Poppa of this country, the man who I was taught could not tell a lie, Big George Washington, master of his slaves--yet, a fairly wise white man if you read his letters and speeches and shit, one to the White Congress (have you ever wondered just how many true Native Americans have ever held any kind of public office except on the Reservations?) warning about letting the military gain too much power--he knew way back then how whipping the clumsy assed British Army--supposedly the most powerful army on earth--didn't really mean we were then the greatest military power on earth--yes we should have a standing militia, but only to protect our borders from invasion and not as policemen of the world, which we've considered ourselves since WWII and the efforts of Allan and John Foster Dulles, one the founder of the CIA and one Eisenhower's Sec'y of State, both spoiled brat rich boys from one of those old-line-legal-reserve Yankee rich families--anyway, it was John Foster Dulles with the backing of his brother's very evil CIA (we know they killed Patrice Lumumba in the Congo and look at the mess over there today) who started broadcasting that we WERE the world's POLICEMEN and it was our patriotic duty to STOP the "surge" of COMMUNISM in the world but especially in Southeast Asia where Michael Rockefeller, a trained geologist, had reported to his father, Nelson, that there were huge oil reserves under the continental shelf and coral reefs surrounding--WHAAA! Indo-China! Especially this little country called Vietnam who the French had colonized and turned Saigon into the "Paris of the Orient" and yet, the people of Vietnam didn't want to be French, they wanted to be themselves, so they got behind Ho Chi Min, whose hero was George Washington, and who based the Vietnamese Constitution on the US Constitution using some of the same words and sentences and shit--this dude loved the US Revolution--the American Revolution--yep, folks, we WHITE folks did eventually rebel against our British BIG DADDIES, and we did it with the help of England's greatest enemy France and we did whip our forefathers's army's ass finally at Yorktown in the good ole first-family state of Virginny--where's my banjo, I feel like singin' some old Virginny songs, like old Tom Jefferson loved to listen to his slaves singin' down there behind Monticello in that row of shacks--did you know Tom had one slave he kept down in his wine cellar whose duty it was to grab a bottle of wine his master called for from the Monticello dining room, get on a little one-man dumbwaiter device, and then elevate himself up to the dining room where old Tom would open a little panel door and take the bottle from the slave so none of the diners had to see him--I mean, it was bad enough darkies were cooking the food and they were serving these Old Honky Virginny aristocrats, except they all noticed how Tom seemed especially amused by his pretty young black servant gals--some of whom seemed to resemble Old Tom--"Why look, a lot of 'em have red hair--and look at that darkie man over there, why he's the spittin' image of old Tom!"

So ho, ho, ho, Hillary's winning the old-fashioned WHITE way--shooting from those big hips, shooting to scare that N-worder off her property: the Dumbocrat presidential nomination. Come on, Obama, Bill promised Hill he'd make her Senator of New York State and he did, you know, seeking forgiveness for that famous blowjob and cigar-f-ing incident with Monica Lewinsky (how's she doin', by the way?--wonder what the Clinton's paid her to get rid of her ass from the scene?--she's probably a big fat cow now anyway) and now Bill's gloating over the fact if he pushes Hill into the ALL-WHITE HOUSE, how not only will he be forgiven for his sins by Mama Hill, but hell, he'll be back in District of Corruption politics again--hot damn, though watch for Bill to have another heart attack soon. As a little aside here, you all remember one of the governors of Arkansas before Billy Jeff was a New Yorker, yeah, Winthrop Rockefeller, a stone drunk, such a drinker, John Rockefeller, Jr., shipped his ass to hide him down to a little ranch property the family had in Arkansas--thanks to Standard Oil, folks, there were Rockefeller chillin' or goons (property owners and lease owners) in every state in the union and still are if you check (John Rockefeller in West Virginny), first in every state looking for oil, and they found oil in Arkansas--that's the reason for the town of Eureka, Arkansas, the center of the biggest oilfield ever in Arkansas, the oil field by the way that made H. L. Hunt rich enough to eventually slant-drill and oil-lease-steal his way to becoming for a spell the richest man on earth! And at the time, being the richest man in the world was pretty common around Dallas, Texas, where H.L. ended up living in a replica of George Washington's Mount Vernon out on White Rock Lake. Two of H.L.'s sons went on to take control of his fortune when he died--they spent his fortune wildly, one time trying to corner the silver market by buying up all the silver in the world--it backfired on them and cost them millions but it didn't matter to the Hunt boys, they kept their rank among the top of the world's rich in spite of blowing a lot of the old man's original wealth--one Hunt boy founded the American Football League--owning the Dallas Texans first--and when there was a lack of interest in that team in Dallas, Hunt up and moved the franchise to Kansas City where they became the Kansas City Chiefs--yeah, the "wah-wah-wah-wah" kind of chiefs--white people love using Native Americans as mascots. A lot of white people from my neck of the woods used to brag that they had Native American blood in them. My ex-wife, my wonderful tri-mixed-blood wife, proudly claimed she was 1/16th Choctaw thanks to a mixed-blood great grandpappy or something, though her name was in the Choctaw registry up in Choctaw, Oklahoma--I've seen her copy of the tribal list. My mother's brother used to claim he was part Fox Indian, though my grandmother, his mother, said that was impossible--she said his father was as Scotch as that bottle of the best he was always taking a little nip from and that her father was as Scotch, too, as the whiskey he drank himself to death with. Alcoholic proof Uncle was all-American.

Obama, and I hope I don't offend anybody, may be being treated by white folks like he's a minstrelsy show or something--Mr. Bones--and Mr. Bones is running for the president but Hillbilly Hillary sez to not take Mr. Bones seriously--his campaign is a joke really--I think that's what Hillary means--this joker has no idea what he's gettin' into--that she and her husband control the Dumbocratic Party.

I see nothing wrong with these two bashing each other. They are running AGAINST each other so why not Hillary sling some mud old Obama's way? She's pretty safe doing so since the White Dumbocrats run the Dumbocratic Party, like Dr. "WaHoooooooo" Howard Dean--he wasn't sane enough to be president of the USA but he's sane enough to be the Dumbocratic Party chairman. He'll control the convention, won't he? Will the Dumbos totally ignore Boring Gore and Scary Kerry at the convention in Denver, Colorado?--why are the Dumbos having their convention in a Repugnican state--why wouldn't you want your convention in a state that is a Dumbocrat state?

Anyway, that's that, folks--Hillary will be the Dumbocrat nominee. Let's see, she'll probably pick some Southern goon as her running mate, they always pick a Southerner. Old Pretty Boy Edwards has been awfully quiet lately and his cancer-patient wife is campaigning for Hill, so how 'bout a Hillary-Pretty Boy Edwards ticket? Against McCain and General Petraus maybe--how 'bout that for a patriotic Repugnican ticket, though Joel Lieberman has his big nose up John's old ruddy ass, deep in the crack, like maybe he's thinkin' he'll get a shot at the VP job as a turncoat Dumbocrat-Repugnican--who knows? Maybe The Shadow? Or what if McCain asked Pickles Bush to be his running mate? Hey, maybe I'm a political consultant and don't know it.

thedailygrowlerhousepianist Disagrees With the Wolf Man
The analysts all say that unless there's a miracle,
there's no way Obama can lose.

With the prevailing proportional allocation, her
delegate gains, even with a 10 point victories, will
not be anywhere near enough to catch Obama. By every
measure, popular vote, pledged delegates, and
superdelegates, he has an insurmountable lead.

If they catch him screwing a donkey or something,
Hillary will have a chance. Otherwise no.

The press wants McCain, so they want the Dem primary
to be as much a slugfest as possible. It saves McCain
money and he gets to look all presidential. Ergo,
they've been dumping on Obama lately, because if he
won big in PA, the writing on the wall would be
readable by everybody.

My 2 cents...
I like the "screwing a donkey" idea--kind'a like Lyndon Baines "BB" Johnson callin' 'em pig fuckers--I should think if Obama's gonna screw an animal it should be an elephant, right?

And speaking of strange animals, take a look at an interesting Internet article below by the guy who wrote the book on Johnny Boy McCain--watch out, John, that was an accident, dude--who you calling a CUNT, you PUSSY.

for The Daily Growler

Defending Against McCain's Accusation the Author Is Writing "Trash Journalism"

John McCain is not a very nice man. I have made that abundantly clear in my new book The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don't Trust Him And Why Independents Shouldn't. When I wrote it, I endeavored to write about the actual man, not the myth or the media legend. Perhaps that was where I crossed the line.

McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker accused me of trading in "trash journalism." Me! Can you believe it? But that was not enough, apparently. The McCain folk then decided they would smear me to try and prevent the truth from setting their man free from the all-encompassing grip of his faux "straight-talk" persona.

Another spokeswoman, Crystal Benton, dissuaded a major European newspaper from writing a review of my book, by accusing me of possessing a "a hate streak," and proffering that I was "known to make outlandish comments." For example, that time I said that we should be in Iraq for 100 more years. Oh wait, that was Senator McCain.

Ok, how about the fact that in earshot of others I have hurled expletives at Senators Domenici, Cornyn and Grassely, called my wife an unspeakable term for a female body part and have physically assaulted another Senator (the late Strom Thurmond) and a congressman (Rep. Rick Renzi). Oh, that's right, that was also Senator McCain.

I just don't get where all the "outlandishness" and "hate" comes from on the McCain side. I am only a humble author trying to do my job, sharing facts that are 100% sourced. It's not like I included in my book the account of a former AP reporter who recounted to me seeing John McCain wander off into the Red Light District of Hanoi in 1996 when he was there to normalize relations with the Vietnamese. Or that it was known among reporters that he used to disappear into that part of town alone at night. I never said that in my book. And why would I? That would supposedly be "trash journalism."

Or let's just say that a few reporters told me that the McCains don't really live together anymore, and that until the presidential campaign Cindy McCain was spending much of her time in San Diego with their daughter Bridgette, because her husband was just not Johnny-on-the-spot anymore. I'd never report such an unfounded charge, if those few sources could not provide any more concrete details. The New York Times stoops that kind of reporting, but not me.

You see, Mr. McCain, I have purposely chosen to rise above any "outlandishness." And instead, I relied upon pure, 100% all-American (at least pre-Bush) facts. I would think a "straight-talker" like you would have at least a modicum of respect for my taking that tack.

Consider at least that U.S. News And World Report didn't find my work to be trash journalism:

A new book by liberal writer and political consultant Cliff Schecter lays out a detailed blueprint for how Dems can mine presumed GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain's political and personal past -- including already well-documented incidents of his temper -- to defeat him in the fall.
AlterNet is a nonprofit organization and does not make political endorsements. The opinions expressed by its writers are their own.
Hey, John, I was just joshing, pal, though you did call my wife a cunt, you bastard.

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