Monday, April 21, 2008

Guns and God

You Talk About Bitter Folks
I was just reading in Yahoo news that there'd been 36 shootings and 9 homicides in Chicago over this past weekend. Hey, Obama's from Chicago. You think these are maybe some of those "bitter" folks he was referring to in his famous insult remark to Hillbilly Hillary's constituents? I'm beginning to think of Hillary now as the white Oprah--hey, I like that--"The White Oprah," our next president, Hillary RodHAM Clinton (it's funny to hear him called "Bill" and her referred to as "Mrs. Clinton")--yahoo, and let's get back to things as usual. I'm almost wimping out and saying any Dumbocrat will be better than John "Nutjob" McCain, though I really frankly couldn't give a damn. I've lived through the presidencies of so many of these birds--the first one being Harry S. Truman: --it didn't phase Hairy, I'm so disrespectful, Harry S. one damn bit--like GENERAL Sherman said, "War is Hell"--and Harry didn't bat an eye when he bombed (literally cooked them to death--radiated them ("Take that you anti-Christ demons")) the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima--and you know why? Though most people don't think of Harry as one, he in fact was a military man, his greatest success in life before kissing the Pendergast Machine's ass in Kansas City when he first decided to run for office and the Pendergast Gang gave Harry a mostly black district to run in and though Harry was a solid racist, Harry relented and went among the blacks and got their votes and that's how Harry finally got elected to Washington, District of Corruption. During WWI, the war to end all wars (remember what I say about advertising--and propaganda is advertising--as one of Freud's relatives, Mr. Bernays, would tell you were he still alive) Harry Truman rose to the rank of Captain in the Mizzou Horse Brigade and actually saw a little combat I think--so Harry didn't apologize for dropping those genocidal bombs--Harry, true to his military indoctrination, said it saved 2 million of the USA's THIS MAN's Army, Navy, and Air Force troops: therefore, it was worth taking out 300,000 innocent civilian Japanese devils to save those 2 million US military angels of mercy. Remember, Christianity, and our military is very Christian, very prejudicial toward Jews and you can damn well believe toward Muslims, is a desert religion--it believes salvation comes from the sky, yes, but along with that, the desert religions believe destruction and annihilation come from the sky, too--chastisement from God comes from the sky--why some white fundie Christians truly believe Katrina's wiping out old New Orleans was punishment from God (God loves using floods to make his point) because of that wonderful old city being predominantly a black-American city and growing more and more black year after year-- but also for many years, New Orleans, full of Old-World Catholic whites, was very tolerant of a large gay (very gay) community--plus, New Orleans was the birthplace of many sins, including Storyville and its beautiful whores, and also the sin of being the birthplace of the Devil's Own music, a music coming through the Devil's black children. White, of course, stands for Purity in the Christian religion--all the Arab shieks and potentates wear white, too, if you notice--and Black to true Christians represents "SIN"--and the blackest of sins is not believing that Joshua the Essene of Nazareth is the honest-to-God DNA-proven only child of the Big Christian Daddy who lives in the bright white and shining place called Heaven--where everybody's walking around in white robes--even Creflo and Taffy Dollar (I couldn't'a made those names up...come on, here come the clowns!) will be wearing white gowns--Jesus X himself will be sporting Armani-sanctified white robes--hey, remember now, Jesus X is coming back through a big hole of awesomeness that will open up one bad-day for sinners in those boiling heavens in that salvation sky riding on a BIG white horse! So God destroyed New Orleans--or let's say, he "cleansed" New Orleans, you know, made it WHITE again--not spotless white yet, but, hey, Donald Trump's down there doing his best to get the rest of the spots out of New Orleans's new white fabric. Hey, isn't that easy to believe? Come on, millions of white Americans believe that down deep; why can't you believe it?

Hairy S. Truman also took his military forces over to Greece and tried to start a war over there--Harry felt Greece was going Commie, so he had to put a stop to it--and when he couldn't get a war going there, Harry discovered Korea--"Hot damn," said Cap'n Harry Horse Brigade Truman, "fuck Congress, let's call this one 'a po-leese action'--Hell, that ain't war; I'm the top cop, so I say, let my little police action begin on those god-damn going-commie slopes over there--those piefaces, isn't that how our boys describe those Korean women? Japs made 'em whores, you know, back before WWII." So Harry was a warmongering ex-war-participant and ex-Captain of the Horse Brigade president who dropped the first-ever nuclear bombs on 300,000 human beings--microwaving them to doom; he tried to start a little police action in Greece; and then Harry successfully got us into the Korean War, though it was a never-declared war. Harry Truman thought regimental thoughts and lived a very regimented life.

The next president I lived under was 4-star General of the US Army (first ever), Dwight David Eisenhower, the ex-general of all ex-generals since at that time he was considered a great military leader therefore our fellow Amuricans deduced he must be a just plain ole great leader military or not, because of his Allied leadership that may or may not have been the winning strategy in WWII (the righteous war). Ike was a docile man who didn't know how to laugh at all, though he did grin one of those little weak sneer-sort-of smiles when he was playing golf, which was nearly every day of his presidency. Presidents in those days very seldom traveled outside the US--JFK is the first president I can think of who started traveling around with his jet-set wife in their own big nice jet plane, Air Force One--we had developed a huge fascination for airplanes in those years, jet airliners--in fact, by the sixties it had finally set in that the USA was king of the hill, we'd saved Europe from Hitler and we'd saved Asia from communism, and so we started travelin', flyin', especially to Europe and the Caribbean and to Mexico and Hawaii--why even to Australia on cute little Quantas "Koala Bear" Airlines. But Ike traveled mostly by Lincoln limo or train--the first president to not use a Packard limo--I don't even know if Ike had a presidential plane by then. Ike took the presidential train to Denver a lot. Rumor was Ike had built himself a bunker inside a mountain in the Denver area. He was out at Cherry Hills Country Club (no N-worders or Jews allowed) just south of Denver most every day when he was in Denver. Then when he had his big famous heart attack, he was operated on in Denver and recouped there. Remember, Ike so loved golf, he built an actual pitch and putt hole on the White House back lawn. Ike was purdee military. He was West Point to the core (or should I say "corps" (looks like "corporation" doesn't it? Hmmmm, I wonder why?)). Did Ike start a war. Well, one might say by sending advisors (or is it advisers, copyeditors!_into Nam...oh, hell yeah, Ike had a lot to do with the VietNam War, another dirty little war lying got us into.

Our next president was JFK, an ex-Navy PT boat commander, and JFK, of course, was tough-talking during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which could have ignited a nuclear war between us and the Soviet Union, the big Atheistic Commie Devil country in those days. And, of course, too, it was silly Jack Kennedy who allowed the stupid Bay of Pigs fiasco to take place--while he was banging the Chicago Mafia boss's girlfriend--he had no choice since the Mafia was backing the US Cuban refugees who made up the pathetic bunch that landed ashore at the Bay of Pigs and were at once contained and run off. Had JFK lived, hell yes the VietNam War would have gone on...and it did go on big time after our next president, Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson put together a big lie he called "The Gulf of Tonkin Incident"--yes, there was no Gulf of Tonkin incident, it was all made up by Army PR and the CIA, who really is a military unit that was evolved out of old General Wild Bill Davidson's OSS, our spy unit during WWII, the righteous war. Lyndon Johnson, of course, was a draft dodger in WWII.

The next president I lived through was Tricky Dick Nixon, and a tricky 2nd-story operator he was, too. A Pacifist by birth (a Quaker believe it or not), Little Tricky Dick soon found out being a Quaker made you a sissy so he did a 360 in terms of pacifism and became one of our great "bomb 'em back to the Stone Age" presidents. Nixon loved bombing Hanoi...hell, he loved bombing Laos...hell, he loved bombing Cambodia...and occasionally he bombed Thailand accidentally--nobody cared--Nixon gave us Henry Kissingassinger, a truly "evil" man with an "evil" accent, a lyin' son of a bitch; "I am not a crook." And then the Tricky One had one of his tricks backfire on him and thus the Watergate Hearings happened and old Tricky was almost impeached--his old buddy Gerald "Chewing Gum and Falling Down" Ford, another never-elected president like G.W. Bush, pardoned his old crooked ass at the last minute, and there went Tricky Dick Nixon. During his presidency, his keeping our troops in VietNam and bombing the bejesus out of the VietNamese and then his handling with Kissingassinger of the Paris Peace Talks, arguing over where people sat at the bargaining table while 1000s upon 1000s of VietNamese were being Agent-Oranged to death, blown away by constant bombings--and it all could have been avoided had a president had enough guts to just say, "Naw, we ain't going into VietNam; instead, we'll let them win and then take control of them with economic aid and reconstruction aid...but no, no president has ever had that kind of guts.

After Tricky Dick? Well, that was Old South peanut farmer, Jim-meh Cah-ter. People don't think of Jimmy as military, but he was. Naval Academy grad--supposedly a nuclear expert--am I right in my memory--but anyway, yes, Jimmy was a military man--a Naval Academy man, same as old John "Nutjob" McCain. Jimmy tried his military expertise by sneak attacking Iran to rescue the hostages the evil old Devil-looking Ruhollah Khomeini had taken as he stood up waving the Islam jihad flag after returning to Iran from a good life in Paris and saying Muslims had to revert back to backwards and obsolete Islamic laws and ways of doing things, which meant men were the only important humans on earth and women were just a notch above sheep in terms of importance. Jimmy's military venture failed miserably. His attack units were left a pile of rubble on the outskirts of Tehran.

Then came Commander 'n Chief Ronnie Raygun Reagan. But Ronnie was so Alzheimered up he thought we were still fighting WWII and he was playing his greatest role--though in actuality he got his Bedtime For Bonzo thrilling performance mixed up with his famous War movie role--actually I think Bonzo got the Academy Award not Reagan in that great classic American film--Bedtime For Bonzo, I mean. Reagan craved war, but hell, the Soviet Union was economically collapsing--had nothing to do with Raygun stuttering, "Mister Gor-bah-chef, tear down that wall." (He was heard asking Nancy after he'd made that statement, "What wall am I talking about, Mommy?") Our first actor president and holy shit, they're the worst kind of people to make president--they have no idea of their true identities. Why not Martin Sheen for president? Didn't he do a fine job during his presidency on West Wing? Raygun did manage to cause a little hell on the Island of Grenada--his troops managed to kill their duly elected president--we don't call that "murder" do we?

Next came George W. Herbert Bush--ex-flyboy himself; when a captain in combat his plane crashed, GWH Bush bailed out of his plane before all of his men were out, a mistake that was punishable by immediately shooting his ass--though Cap'n George came out Scot free and with flying colors, though his war record is pretty pathetic really--old GWH was a Yaley, too, remember. And GWH gave us our first war WIN since WWII, his famous Persian Gulf War, Desert Storm, Stormin' Norman, oh what a lovely little war GWH's invasion of Iraq was--why those salty Iraqis thought GWH gave them permission to invade Kuwait and take back land that traditionally had belonged to them--that's right, GWH Bush gave Sad-dam Hoosane (the Bush pronunciation) the go-ahead through Rumsfeld and Unka Dick to attack Kuwait--hell, yeah, go ahead and empty those babies out of those incubators--what, that never happened? You mean GWH Bush lied to the American people about that Kuwait invasion? You mean because Saudi-Arabia allowed Bush the use of their land to mount an attack against a Muslim nation Osama Bin Ladin got pissed and threatened retaliation?--Saudi-Arabia kicked his ass out of the Bin Ladin homeland--and that made Osama ten times more pissed off--and thus started all of this bullshit we're suffering through now--yes, GWH was called a "Wimp," and a more wimpier man I must admit I've never seen--talk about a menacing milquetoast! As corrupt'a man as ever held the presidency and now he's handpuppeting his son to churn up his balls and prove how tough and tyrannical a pissed off Bush can be.

4 Gyrenes died today in Baghdad--but we're still winning over there.

Then came Slick Willie, the Rhodes scholar draft-dodger dude who tried to become a certified hippy but he just couldn't tolerate having to be liberal. Whoever said Willie was a liberal sure did miss the boat. Though Willie was a draft dodger, he did try his best to start a little slew of wars--Willie shot missiles into Afghanistan; he shot missiles into Baghdad and bombed Iraq morning, noon, and night, and kept the boycott on those poor slobs who'd just gotten out of a 10-year war with Iran. Plus, the Slick One took our troops into Bosnia and Serbia and he gave us the great General Wesley Clark, the man who said, "Fuck yeah we're bombing civilians, fuck 'em, they're the enemy whether they're wearing a military uniform or not." I've often wondered why militaries insist on wearing the same kind of uniforms! Why not an army of guys wearing Armani suits?

Then Slick Willie sent the gyrenes into Somalia. That proved to be a farcical mistake. Remember the reporters wading ashore with the Gyrenes going into Somalia? Slick Willie got to loving being Commander in Chief--and yep, Hillary was right there by her draft-dodgin' phony hippy husband's side backin' his warrin' ways 100%--until Willie got caught with his speckled pecker out and Monica Lewinsky's plump lips around it.

I mean, that's not a history of many PEACEFUL presidents. The only man in this country who hollered the loudest for PEACE got his brains blown out in Memphis, Tennessee, on the balcony of the Loraine Motel...yeah, come on, don't we vaguely remember Martin Luther King?

Cap'n John McCain Likes Calling Women "Cunts"
And that's a military thing, too. John was in this man's Navy when there were no women in it--"Company B's a bunch of WACs/They carry Kotek in their packs"--that was one of our "Count Off" call and response things we chanted as we marched when I was in THIS MAN's army. We even wore little caps, like opening up a letter-size envelope and putting it on your head and wearing it like a cap--and, yes, they did, I guess, look like vaginas--and we called them "cunt caps." John's concept of the military was as the ultimate experience of male bonding--nerve building--and no man wants to be called a "pussy" just like a woman doesn't want to be called a "cunt"--except in John McCain's military women are cunts--black guys are "jungle bunnies," to Cap'n John, too, I guarantee ya. Latinos to Big Bad John? Try "spicks"--yep, or "pachucos," oh, and "pepper bellies"--"wetbacks"--and for John's stand on the illegal Messkin immigrant situation, Governor Arnold (the Pig) Schwartzensteroids (he blows cigar smoke in the faces of girly men) is backing Big Bad "Nutjob" John--I've seen a picture of them hugging. John's a little short fart. And, too, have you noticed how John's bloating up the longer this campaign goes on? He's puffin' up like old Jerry "Pillsbury Doughboy" Falwell puffed up right 'fore he fell over dead in his Sunday platter of fried possum and okra and grits swimmin' in that ohhhhh good possum head gravy. McCain may be blowing another mission again--remember when he crash-landed on that aircraft carrier and killed what 42 men? He may be crash landing again...I don't know, but you do know I have had some medical training in my past--pale people with hoggy fat-dripping-type jowls look like pigs getting near the slaughterhouse to me, and they do look piggy as hell, too, even in color, and McCain's definitely looking porky. Hey, maybe he's the reincarnation of the Yippee Pig who ran for president back at the 1968 Dumbocrat Party Convention in Chicago--remember that one?--I'm sure it's on YouTube--"The whole world is watching"--all those Peaceniks stormin' ChiTown, pissing off the racist Chicago cops, and pissin' off shanty Irish asshole mayor Richard Daley (ironically, this old asshole's son is now mayor of Chicago--they never learn)--I don't know if I've ever said, but I like Chicago people, but I wouldn't want to live there. The pissed off Chicago pigs clubbing the shit out of those dirty hippies in 1968.
The Hippies and Yippies take over Grant Park, Chicago, '68--We the People had guts in those days--we weren't afraid to face the pigs's billy clubs and rifle butts and pistol butts--and some of us took it and got the shit beat out of us--and we went to jail--and we spit on them--and we blasphemed them, and we sang holy little diddies of American equality, and we put flowers in the gunbarrels of the National Guardsmen's rifles, and they in return hated our bloody commie and anarchist guts--enough to shoot to kill us if ordered to--as proven by the Kent State tragedy--and we hated National Guardsmen's guts, too, and fuck 'em, and by God we ran Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson out of office and when Hubert Pipsqueak Humphrey, a Sociologist from the U of Minnesota and at one time a fightin' Liberal Dumbocrat, caved in at the 68 convention and lauded Mayor Daley and lauded the War in Vietnam and lauded God and Jesus and Tom Jefferson and Hairy Ass Truman, We the People turned against his old withered up and dying ass and he lost the election by a cunt hair to Richard "I am not a crook" Nixon--the "Nix on Nixon" didn't work and here came that crooked little weasel into power and look what a bloody mess he made of things--this after he'd told us we weren't gonna have him to kick around anymore after he lost an effort to be governor of California after Lover Boy JFK narrowly whipped his old revengeful ass in 1960--and then "Big Balls" Johnson had trounced Barry "the White Jewish Redskin" Goldwasser ("In your heart you know he's RIGHT") in '64--and Johnson used the little girl out in the field with an atom bomb going off in her future! Brilliant ad. Johnson called Barry a pigfucker and got away with it. Johnson won by the biggest landslide ever until Tricky Dick waxed old Wimpy George "Means Well" McGovern's ass in '72--when all the hippies got "Clean for Gene."

Only twice since Johnson ran like a rat off the sinking ship of state have the Dumbocrats managed to retake the presidency--with Jim-eh Cah-ter--and then Billy Jeff Clinton. That's it. Wouldn't that mean odds are that the Repugs will win again this time?--leaving the Dumbocrats once again sucking their thumbs and submitting to the total rightwing concept of RUIN....

It doesn't bother me. I've been fascinated by Chaos for a long time--since I first read about Chaos in Henry Miller's books and then studied the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics in a Physics textbook--the wonderful world of Entropy--the capital of Chaos--where at last, Debbie Harry, parallel lines shall surely meet.

for The Daily Growler

We Repeat thedailygrowlerhousepianist's Comments on Yesterday's thegrowlingwolf's Posting That He Thought Hillbilly Hillary Was Gonna Win the Dumbocratic Nomination

The analysts all say that unless there's a miracle,
there's no way Obama can lose.

With the prevailing proportional allocation, her
delegate gains, even with a 10 point victories, will
not be anywhere near enough to catch Obama. By every
measure, popular vote, pledged delegates, and
superdelegates, he has an insurmountable lead.

If they catch him screwing a donkey or something,
Hillary will have a chance. Otherwise no.

The press wants McCain, so they want the Dem primary
to be as much a slugfest as possible. It saves McCain
money and he gets to look all presidential. Ergo,
they've been dumping on Obama lately, because if he
won big in PA, the writing on the wall would be
readable by everybody.

My 2 cents...


The news just reported that Hillary has won the Pennsy primary--of course, that could be
false. Of course, too, that doesn't mean she advanced very much in her delegate count.

A Close Up of Harry Truman's Wrath Upon the Hiroshima Japs
Harry Truman said this Japanese "cunt" had to be
barbecued in order to save a 100 thousand brave
American troopers's lives--Hey Harry, it was worth

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