Friday, April 18, 2008

Is the Pope Creepy or Not!

His Holiness
I have growlingly endured a day of glorious occasion here in New York City, the ordinary man who claims he's always just one "Hey, Daddy" away from the Christian/Hebrew-invented/Judaic god--the Christian (or "Holy Roman Catholic" if you like) Big Daddy, Gee-ho-vah himself, is in town, whoooo-woooo-wooo! So the owner of the Bank of America--sorry, that's the Jesuits--they probably own the Pope, too, what'd'ya think?--OK then, how 'bout the Big Papa of the Catholic Church is in the city to bless and save it from sin (The Holy Roman Catholic Church was started by that Pagan asshole Charlemagne who was in love with his mother). Yes, this once plain little ol' Hitler Youth Corp participant claims in his official bio (papal bull---shit) that he became over the years a multilingual "learned" man, a theological genius, a transformation I assume came after he cut off his penis and became a novitiate--what, he still has a penis? Why? Did Jesus have a penis? Why? Did it get hard? Does the Pope masturbate? Has the Pope ever had the daunting hots for one of his altar boys? Aren't these important questions George Stephanofoolus and that sleazy teevee-pundit ilk should be asking this so-called "holy" man--questions like, "Hey, Benedict Arnold, or whatever your handle is, are you a homosexual?" "Do you ever see a hot babe and get an erection?" "If the answer is 'no' then how 'bout young boys, do they drive your manly cravings crazy?" "Do you wipe your own ass when you're so close to the Christian-Jewish god like you are or is your feces purified like in the olden days of Tibet when the faithful followed the Hello Dalai Lama around making sure his crap didn't hit the ground? Or was that a Christian rumor? Or, wait, a more theological question, does God wipe his own ass or do angels wipe it for him with their spotless wings? Which leads to a highly doctrinal question, are there any brown-winged angels?"

Oh such blasphemy. Can I be hogtied and put on the wheel for such blasphemy? When Jesus was a kid hangin' around the synagog, did a rabbi perhaps molest him? Do they still use horses as vehicles in Heaven?

Every blinkin' channel on New York City teevee today from about noon until 2 pm was devoted to a pathetic coverage of this silly fool's comin' into town--arriving all decked out in his best pontifical ball gown, sequins and all, and was that an ermine collar on that gown?--riding in a mile-long limo, guarded by New York City's finest (certainly a Catholic organization--as Catholic as the Mafia) at a major cost to We the Citizen's of New York City. He's even being guarded by Secret Service hotshots, too, at a major expense to We the People of the USA. It must be nice to be able to spend We the People's money without any concern as to what it's doing to our Treasury. Why is the Pope in town anyway? What does the fuckin' Pope do anyway? I know the son of a bitch lives like he's already in Heaven. I mean he can go down and dig DiVinci's gay art in the Sistine Chapel any time he wants to. Think of that. And, hey, what does this "learned" man of Gawd know about the DiVinci Code?--I mean, come on, shouldn't this dude know if Jesus and Mary the Magdalene whore had an out-of-wedlock little bastard who became the King of France?--"Philip of France usurped the throne/His sceptre was the royal bone, with which he bitched the Bastard King of England!"--I used to know all the lyrics to "The Bastard King of England"--and it'd'ud probably come back to me if I got my guitar out and started remembering old Oscar Brand singing it in his lewd but cocky way. Or couldn't the Pope ask Gawd about Jesus's brother who went to Japan? Shouldn't we know the truth about these things?

Like it says in the title of this post, I find this perverted dude creepy. Why this overglowing respect for and submission to this joker's thoughts? He's a human animal who thinks he's DIVINE, like a King, hell, like a god! A stupid-dick inadequate man who fell head over heels in love with a rather gay legend, the story of God creating MAN only first and only at the insistence of Adam (Alpha) who'd been watching all those tame beasts screwing away at their leisure--what did the beasts in the Garden of Eden eat? Each other?--and Adam told God, "Hey, dude, how come I don't have a mate to screw like those damn lions over there right now, look at that, God, that looks like fun." "But aren't you happy being a MAN, a macho man--why, you could go F one of those female lions if you like--or one of those lady sheep lying over there by that pride of lions." But Adamo persisted and so God, reluctantly, made him Eve, the babe, the naked babe, the Playmate of the Year, big bazooms--like those Jewish girls from Yemen--lustily hairy--and damn she must'a been a fine piece, too--she sure attracted old Lucifer--he took the form of a snake, which, if you read the Babble (Christian bible) closely you'll see at the time of "the Fall"--Eve fell for the Devil's line--"Hey, sweet sugar baby, over here in the vines, it's your true papa, Lucifer--here, the upright walking snake--yeah, hi, yeah, I walk like a man, see? But, hell, baby, I'm also the best looking son of a bitchin' Hollywood-hot dude in Heaven. Gawd, that homo, is extremely jealous of my handsomeness. You ever seen Gawd's mug? That son of a bitch is one ugly Jewish dude, let me tell ya, sistah. So come on, baby, let me snake my way into your vestibule of love! Here, eat this love apple--it'll get you terribly horny." And thus there was woman--and it was woman who invented sinnin', like Alex Rice Miller says in one of his songs--and, yes, it is woman who has to be constantly controlled--I mean they are some very hard-to-control creations--Gawd frets all the time over the women he created--hot babes, fat babes, a gracious Gawd, he provided all kinds of babes for all kinds of godly men.

What a stupid god-damn bunch of tall tales--and this clown wearing a sequined ball gown and wearing a hi-hat and carrying a spear--what a joke. Hey, Pope, they kiss your ring, you can kiss my ass.

Oh my Gawd, I've just been sent to Hell. But, according to the legend, wasn't I going there anyway?

I used to put the Mormon religion down, but I've been checking out some of those polygamy babes and I like that pale white pure as the driven snow look in my babes--one old gnarly Mormon, about 70 years old, was married to seven kind'a pretty women, plus he was gettin' to fuck all the young daughters he had by these women--what a macho life! Praise Gawd for Frig 'Em Young and his plural-wife concept--and they said Joe Smith was a drunken fool. [Mr. Ed: the Mormon polygamy compound the Texas dicks raided is out in that wild prairie-ed West Texas and right up the road from Wolfie's hometown.]

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", hah-hah, wo die, wo die Jude-Madchen sind?

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Marybeth said...

Always beware of a man in a hat. Especially a tall hat.