Friday, April 25, 2008

Fascism Comes to New York City

Sean Bell GUILTY!
A judge has said the 3 cops who blew away Sean Bell and put one of his buddies in a wheel chair for the rest of his life are NOT GUILTY of any wrongdoing whatsoever. Sean Bell was the Black man who with his two buddies attended a bachelor party at a BLACK dance joint called the Kahlua Club, DJs, girls, stripper girls, lap-dance girls, where 1000s of men go every week to get their hard-life rocks off, in the case of Bell just a night out with the boyz before his wedding the next day. The judge heard 30 witnesses to the basic facts in this case. The cops's story was that an undercover cop inside the club, who they admitted had had several slugs of likker, called out to them, they were doing an undercover sting on this club that according to their undercover informants and the undercovers working inside the club--drunk, high, or not--was a den of thieves, drug dealers, and guys with guns. This drunk or not dude signalled the outsider cops that they overheard one of Bell's groups say he had a gun and that they were fixing to get into something and then they were leaving the club, blah, blah, blah--police excuses. To the cops here in NYC, no matter if the cops are black, white, Latino, the three cops actually charged in this killing were black, white, and Latino, all black men are criminals whether they prove beyond a doubt or not they are innocent. It's been that way since I moved to NYC in the early seventies, the days of the Black Liberation Army, the Black Panthers, and the Young Lords--they were still actively involved daily with the Feds and the NYPD--one of the Young Lords's brothers was murdered by the cops right in front of him--Felipe Luciano or one of those dudes--not Geraldo Rivera, though he was a Young Lord. Every year since I've lived in this town the cops have shot an innocent black man or an innocent black kid or child time after time; they've choked a Latino dude to death for letting a football hit a police car; they've plugged an African kid with 60 slugs when he was reaching for his wallet to show them some ID--the police said he fit the description of a drug dealer they'd been following--wrong N-worder--and they don't say they're sorry or nothin'--"Just doing our duty." Same thing the Nazi police said in WWII Nurenburg Trials--"We were following orders"--and that's what "doing our duty" means to urban cops, especially cops here in NYC since Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliana has been mayor and undercover mayor Billionaire Bozo has followed in Mussolini's footsteps. Pompous ass little billionaire asshole mayor, a little-man prick who is intent on driving the poor and especially blacks and Latinos off the island of Manhattan--but, yes, out of certain areas of Queens, too--Brooklyn, too--he's changing the face of downtown Brooklyn, filling it up with rich whites and majority white corporate offices and leaving the Brooklyn ethnic populations to lay in squalor in a concentric circle out from the new downtown Brooklyn one of the mayor's best pals, the owner of the New Jersey Nets, is developing with the help of our rezoning-like-mad mayor and the absurd city council (housing several developers and superlandlords) who's using the city's power of eminent domain to classify huge blocks of the current downtown Brooklyn blighted areas so this developer can bulldoze that whole area down and then rebuild his dream city there surrounding his billion-dollar sports arena and complex he's using as the new center city Brooklyn--mostly hotels and hi-rise-luxury apartments will take the place of the many small businesses and affordable living spaces that once were abundant over there--these new hi -places for all the illegal immigrants workers piling into the boroughs to work, cleaning out the shithouses and keeping the rich comfy and protected--best jobs in Manhattan now being limo driver and hi-rise luxury doormen--also the Polish peasant maid service big shot Russians or the Haitian peasant maid service--all hirers of illegal immigrants--the Irish pubs all across NYC will still have their illegal immigrant Irish kids working as waitresses and bartenders, though now even in the Irish pubs the tendency is to go with Mexican men waiters and cooks now.

This fucking judge has now ruled that a New York City cop or gaggle of cops can blow your ass away, man, woman, child, mostly still black and Latinos who have to worry, except these bastards will shoot to kill a hippie white type or what they consider a "terrerist" with total impunity--the FACT is: you cannot bring charges against a NYC policeman if he kills all your family or just 1 of your family, same as you can't bring charges against a Blackwater operative who blows away the innocent in Iraq.

Now I have to say yes watch out mostly black families and then Latino families--I'll bet the cops haven't killed a white guy in years--I can't think of one--I can however think of many other black men they've put an end to, like the poor bastard the cops shot after trying to bust him as a drug dealer--he's the one that Mussolini Guiliani said after releasing this dude's juvenile record that he wasn't a choir boy and then it was learned the dude had been a choir boy at one time. I remember the BLACK man the NYPD put a broom handle up his ass. Nothing happened to those cops. Then there was the little black boy holding the candy wrapper the cops blew away--they thought the candy wrapper was a gun. Aren't the NYPD always shooting kids with toy guns, too. Remember the crazy black man with the hammer the cops shot dead. Remember the poor frightened overweight black woman the cop blew her door down and blew her head off with a shotgun because he said she was threatening him with a butcher knife?

Our shanty Irish police commissioner is the former head of US Customs who quit rather than face an indictment claiming he misused Customs funds for his own gain--nothing really unusual in the higher ups of our crooked government. He knows crime; I mean, come on, there's an Irish mafia still working in this town; there's a Russian mafia; and there's the same old Mafia, the Sicilian brand they used to call the Cosa Nostra--hell, the Mafia has run aspects of New York City for years--and I've heard they used to maybe run certain aspects of the NYPD. Hush, now, remember, the cops are always found innocent of wrongdoing when they shoot your ass. They rescue a dog from a sewer and they're called heroes. One of them gets shot and killed--oh my god, you'd think a fucking saint had been killed in the line of duty! The kill or be killed attitude is alive and well in our New York City Police Department.

Me, I'm tunin' in, turnin' on, and droppin' out, baby. I'm puttin' my earphones on and listenin' to Frank Motley and the Crew doin' "Bow-Wow-Wow"--that's TNT Tribble singin' it--and then comes Frank playin' his dual trumpets.

And you know we love trumpet players, especially women trumpet players (and there have been some good ones). Here's Kiku Collins, a Jersey girl; Beyonce's trumpet player. Ingrid Jensen, former Diva trumpet player; now in NYC playin' jazz.
Jane Sager Jane Sager--early famous woman trumpeter--with Ria Rito's All Girl Band--also replaced Buddy Hackett in Katherine Dunham's accompanying orchestra--Charlie Barnett's band, too.
<span class=Clora Bryant" border="0" height="230" width="150"> Clora Bryant. Dizzy Gillespie was her mentor--called the "sexiest trumpeter in the land"--when she played "Cherokee" the men stood up and listened.

I must admit I have a strong attraction to women musicians--most male musicians do, I think, though we seldom have much success when we marry them.

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Thank you, sweet angel. (I'm so sad these days.) If I ever get this scanner up and running I'll send you a photo of me playing the trumpet.