Sunday, April 13, 2008

Help! There's a Wolf on Our Observation Deck

It's a Bird! It's a Wolf! It's a Man!
EXCEPT, I'm unable to leap over the tall buildings of utter chaotic ignorance built up against me by the Yahoo-people of the United States of America! What a bunch of bozos! A bus filled with bozos honking their beezers!

This mornin' on local-yokel teevee the big hoopla of the day was aimed at poor naive Barack Obama, a fool in his own right, over his saying, at a private function in San Francisco, Indiana and Illinois voters were BITTER! Hillbilly "Goin' Huntin' With Daddy" Hillary immediately started bellowing how she and her delegates were not BITTER! Barack didn't say he was bitter; he said he knew there were some bitter people in Indiana and Illinois who were sick and tired of the government not listening to them, you know ignoring them, and doing as it pleases in spite of their loss of industry and jobs and farms and affordable housing and depending on selling their highways to foreign investors in order to bail themselves out of state debt and who were as a result of this bitterness toward the GOVERNMENT (and yes, Barack and Hillbilly Hillary are a part of that problem) turning to guns and religion for ways of being heard by the government--and by "guns and religion" Barack meant "the NRA and fundamentalist megachurches" though then when he got weak-kneed, in a swift hat-in-hand Uncle Tom concession, and started apologizing for making the statement he ruined it all and they used it to bash his stupid ass--and that's Barack's naivete--as a BLACK man he should expect Hillbilly Hill's embedded racism to start taking pot shots at him--with the you-all backing of her very Hillbilly husband and born-again racist, Billy Jeff Clinton--I still say Chelsea has the sense in that family; she should be running for president not her mother. Chelsea even sides with her father on the subject of whether blowjobs are really having sex or not--I mean, in a true sexual-reproductive sense, the blowjob is legally not a part of a sex act--it is simply a means of relieving lust on the male's part and using her best teasing methods to force a man to shoot his wad on the female's part--I mean, isn't getting a guy off in your mouth better than risking his implanting one of his little bastards in your womb? or worse than the little bastard, how 'bout his leaving behind some devastating disease he's let lease space in his dirty dick's smegma (men seldom wash their dicks and certainly not like they wash their hands--or their faces).... Geez, I get so distracted when I start delving deeply into the illogical way these political candidate and news pundit celebrities go about not only fucking up their lives but fucking up ours, too. I mean, come on, I'll guarantee you from working in New York City wild sides of life, the advertising business and the television-production business, there are plenty of blowjobs happening in those corner-windowed offices that are not considered having sex at all--hey, it's just another way to move up another step on that corporate ladder and has nothing to do with sexual reproduction at all. By the way, I'm speaking bisexually, too. I worked at Time Inc. boss was a...and he had a bed in his heard me...he said he needed it to relax after making tough editorial policy decisions all day...oooooh-gah! I mean what we call "sex" in most cases is simply a male-and-female dominance thing--who's on top? sort of--a part of the competition thing in Capitalist societies--and sex is tightly controlled in Capitalist societies--but here I go, off on a tangent again...

Damn I'm BITTER as hell, folks. Where's my gun? Where's my god-damn Bible? It's time to kick some government ass!

So Obama's gettin' Swift Boated like crazy on city-slicker/local-yokel teevee this mornin'--the nabobs are braying like the jackasses they are on the Dumbocrat side--Hillbilly Hillary was shootin' shots of bourbon this mornin' and washin' 'em down with a mug of cold beer--I guess she was in Pennsylvania--a hillbilly state, by the way, if you exclude Philly and Pittsburgh --though Pittsburgh is really pretty damn hillbilly--I mean it's right up the trail from West Virginny perhaps the top Hillbilly breeding ground in this nation's one-tracked history--Elizabethan Brit to the core--right out of Shakespeare's plays--the poorest of the backwater poor--coal miners--there are always coal miners involved in Hillbilly history--yee-haw folks deep in the Hillbilly past have a connection to the mines--coal miners sons and daughters who were half-ass intelligent saw that the only way out of the mines was by pickin' and a grinnin' playin a fiddle, git-tar, man-do-len, or corn likker jug and jiggin' like a wild-eyed Scotch-Irishman after rufflin' up a cuckoo's nest and then swiggin' down a bottle of the best...and, yes, folks, Pennsylvania and West Virginia hillbillies are BITTER...and, yes, they do all have guns and, yes, they do all have Bibles they're a thumpin'--so Barack hit the nail on the head, which he's good at, remember, he was a great debater according to his mentors in prep schools and college, but the problem is the hammer he's using is from Barack the half white man, which counteracts his wanting to be considered a true black man. Oh no, I'm being shot at from both sides of the damn fence--except you only get hit when you try to straddle the fence, which both Obama and Hillbilly Hillary are trying to do.

One idiotic thing our corporate media is pulling right now is they are openly promoting John "Nutjob Failed Flyboy" McCain as our next president--yes, the corporate media was running at the top of most of their newscasts for the past week a story that proudly proclaimed that John McCain is now leading both Hillbilly Hillary and Barack Obama in the popularity polls these teevee station programmers get off the wire or from some independent survey nonprofit that is directly connected to the Repugnican Party or somewhere--probably--it's a corporate-approved scam (CBS, the Paramount Corp.; NBC, General Electric (military industrial complex member); ABC, the Disney Corp.; Fox, a right-wing nutjob Aussie who wants to dominate television and newspapers around the world)--yep, the old 72-year-old Vietnam War shot-down pilot and torture victim is the man the public wants to be its next president--what a bitter proposition. And speaking of John McCain being a Vietnam war hero, Flyboy John was ready to bomb those Vietnam gooks back to the Stone Age as he flew on his bold and brave mission up toward Hanoi that day to do his part in that war (his old Pappy was commander of the VietNam War effort for a while)--kill or be killed, old John knew from birth that was a military fact, and he was out to kill that day--EXCEPT the Vietnamese's determination to be free from colonial powers allowed them to shoot an obsolete Chinese antiaircraft weapon accurately enough to blow Navy Flyboy John McCain's big-shot Navy jet and his wimpy ass out of the air and then after John was ejected from his plane, capture him and hogtie his ass in a tiger cage for 5 years until he broke and gave in to their "commie" desires and admitted on film that the USA was criminally involved in the VietNam War--remember, the VietNam War was started based on a big lie, too, same as the Iraq War--same as WWII--because Roosevelt knew in advance the Japanese were planning to attack Hawaii--and the coastal observer out on the edge of the Hawaiian Islands gave Hickman Field over in Honolulu plenty of warning that Japanese planes were spotted headed toward them--oh but all of that has been shoved under the rug during our constantly rewriting and revising our history.

Hell yeah I'm BITTER. But I'm bitter over how ignorant all Americans are!

And the teevee jockeys are all babbling on and on how Barack has shot himself in the foot this time by calling voters "BITTER." Have you ever heard of anything dumber than this kind of factioning and fracturing when we need solidarity (a dirty union word, I know) during this crucial time in this faux nation's existence--I mean, come on, we're on the brink of a major economic depression; there's rampant joblessness; the War on Terrorism--a phony staged war--is killing and maiming millions of innocent people in both Iraq and Afghanistan (an illegal war, too, as far as I can see) and ruining our economy and our social infrastructure while at the same time ignoring the 5 million people who have been brutally murdered and starved to death in the Congo--or the mess currently happening in Sudan--Darfur a part of Sudan--Southern Sudan a part of Sudan--and soon there is going to be an election in the Sudan and millions of returnees are coming back and they will vote against the main Sudan government and then the Sudan army will go into Southern Sudan and Darfur and start hacking people to death again--a major civil war in the Sudan will spark actions all over Africa. But, hey, Commander in Chief Bush is going to China and trumpet his democracy at the Olympics--which are supposed to be competition between the world's best individual track and field stars and not a team competition, which Coca Cola and Sony and big corporations like that who now see to it that the games are now profitable--Capitalist games, don't you see, team competition, like in the War on Terror, the Olympics now in the brains of norteamericanos are the USA ("USA! USA!) versus the rest of the world and as such we have to WIN--just as in WAR we don't know the word "lose"--just as in the corporate board rooms--only the word WIN is allowed--in the case of the corporate crooks they've even doubled that and now demand WIN-WIN from their slaves who desire to become worthy Olympians and to be laurel wreathed, lauded, and if you win big enough you might get your mug on a Wheaties box or you might like Brandi Costain land a multimillionaire baseball player, or like Miriam Jones, you might marry a stupid dick who hooks you on steroids--and then, instead of "Stand up, Stand up for your rights," Miriam whips her hat into her hands and then acts like Aunt Jemima as she's bowing and walking backwards away from the mighty white boss man who's judged steroids "ooooooh nasty" drugs--when what the white man's really worried about is the "foreign" competitors saying, "Hell, US sports figures take steroids, so why not our sports figures, like the East German women-men won with that year; come on, look at the USA's Governor of California: he brags about taking steroids, and now openly smokes cigars and blows the smoke in the face of girly men"--what a joke, eh? Anyway, bullshit on all that, and bullshit on the stupid Olympic games. They've been pretty crooked since a bunch of rich assholes formed the modern-day games back in the late 1890s. When I was a kid, the Olympics were authoritatively (tyrannically) ruled over by a big asshole named Avery Brundage--and Avery used the Olympics as his own toy for a hell of a lot of years--he lived to be a thousand years old he was that big of an asshole. Have you noticed that rich assholes live long lives unless they get assassinated or have to kill themselves in bunkers along with their dogs and their mistresses. So now, don't you see, Coca Cola and Sony and Panasonic and Sanyo and all those big corporations are making tons of teevee and other monies off the Olympics while the best athletes in the world have to work their asses off making it to the medals ceremonies and then they're rewarded with a laurel wreath and a nosegay of flowers and a gaudy gold medallion--and fuck you all if you came in second or third! Again, the white man rules and wins--Georgie Porgie Bush knows that--besides, his old Pappy was ambassador to China one time so he's got to show those chinks who's world boss while the Commie Chinese Capitalists greet this rich-boy fool with a handful of IOUs he signed over to them in their greedy little Capitalist-Communist hands--"You owe us whore rot of Eulo dorrors, Bush baby, so do not get too smalt ass with us. Hele, we want you say, 'Fuck Tibet and Dari Rama'--go on say it ol we carr in these notes on youl ass."

By the way, the stupid carrying of the Olympic torch around the world from Mount Olympus was started by the Nazis as a PR trick for the 1936 Berlin Olympics--as portrayed on film by Lennie Reich-installer--anybody remember that famous film?

Have you heard how China and Russia are perpetuating this Sudanese bullshit by being allowed to drill and produce and buy Sudanese oil and by giving the Sudan government military weapons?--I heard a man on teevee this morning saying that China could bring about total peace in that area simply by if every time it drilled an oil well it drilled a water well, too--instead China and Russia are intent on raping the Sudan of its natural wealth--its oil--and leave its millions of outcast peoples to die of murder or starvation--according to Russia and China: WEV.

Damn right I'm bitter. The whole god-damn world is stupid. Its wealthy classes are strangling the rest of us and laughing like Idi Amin while shoveling down the long-pig as we either volunteer to be corporate slaves or go ahead and bail out and DIE.

It seems to me in this country average folks better get ready to either kill or be killed. Doesn't Fascism need a military-led government into order to really succeed?

Also in the news this morning was the rather idiotic tale of how somehow a piece of shrapnel from an accidental explosion at a military weapons dump over in New Jersey (folks, you never know where the military hides its nukes and nuke-headed missiles--maybe in your own backyard) blew a three-foot hole in a regular Jersey family's roof several miles from the site--the shrapnel landing smack-dab in the middle of their young daughter's bed--the girl's life was saved when she had already gotten up early to go to a school event or something--the family cat, however, wasn't so lucky--the cat had decided to take a snooze right in the middle of the daughter's bed after she'd left--you guessed it, kitty got whacked by the US Army. By the way, the Army apologized to the family and said it sympathized with their bitterness over the incident.

And while our dumbass faux president is ballyhooing all over the place about how brilliantly his "surge" is working in the Democratic Republic of Iraq and while he's lying like the worthless dog he is, 9 US soldiers got blown to bits in the worst fighting in Baghdad in days--I mean the Iraqis are turning on us--I bitterly say, "It's about damn time!" Like the VietNamese, the Iraqis are going to have to have a Tet Offensive of their own and kick our brazen asses out of THEIR country, sendin' the Bushwhackers a'scramblin'. And Failed Flyboy John McCain wants to blow 'em away over there for another 100 years--kill or be killed.

Barak wants to attack Pakistan. Hillbilly Hillary is bragging to the NRA how her old daddy taught her how to hunt and how she went huntin' with daddy and blew away some birds and some deer to help feed the Rodham family during those hard times for Hill and her folks in cold, bitter Chicago--except not on the Southside of Chicago. Naw, Hill didn't associate with those people--Knee-grows! Isn't that what daddy called 'em?--oh, that's right, Daddy Rodham called 'em N-worders didn't he? Yeah, N-worders, while he and Hill were out shooting some game for the Rodham family dinner.

What a bunch of phony baloney bullshitters--mumbling and babbling and bumbling their stupid asses all over television--you think they can't make bigger fools of themselves--just you wait! Remember, fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

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Here's a Very Bitter Man; He's Preying Al
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