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Red Alert! Orange Alert! Jerk Alert?

Again, New York City Under "Terrerist" Attack
Wow, old mayoral candidate and Irish shanty NYPD Police Commish Ray Kelly was as pompous as Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani this morning as he stood so seriously at his set up press conference as he proceeded to try and scare the hell out of us once again. And this time, OOOOOOooooo, JFK Airport was almost the site of the most massively destructive terrorist plot ever in the history of terrorist plots! Yes, folks, even more devastating than that caused by the Saudi-Arabian's successful attack that brought down the World Trade Center buildingssssss, and I emphasize that more than the two tall towers came down that day; also Buildings 5 & 7 tumbled down as though imploded, and even now as I type this they're trying to bring down the huge Deutsch Bank Tower, yep, the same bunch that helped that guy, what was his name, Adolph something, try and conquer the world back in those ancient days of the 1930s?

OK, let's see, here's the commish, he's looking tough but sincere, you know, like he used to look when he was robbing US Customs blind--yeah, check out Little Raymond's record when he was head of US Customs--hey, he fights back, he was just being a good little Neo-Con in those days; trying to put every government agency set up to protect We the People of the US of Amnesia out of business or so deep in debt they can be finally taken over dictatorially by the Neo-Con New World Order and World Bank backed by its Blackwater Armed Forces [did you know Georgie Porgie, our totally never-legally elected "president," Bush has 113 dudes protecting him at all times--do you know what Bush's visit to this phony stupid G9 or Gee Whiz rich man's meeting they're having in, ja vol, Germany (and you bet the Deutsch Bank boys will be there with bells on) is costing We the People? Oh, you bet it's in the millions. These big time thieves don't do anything on the cheap and why should they? They're filthy rich whether they are president, CEO, ex-general, ex-lobbyist, ex-governor, woman senator, head of the garbage workers union, whoever, they're all rich as hell, with money to burn, yeah, our money. Do you realize this F-ing government has given away all We the People's money and put We the People in debt right now at a cost of $57,000 a year per person, $120,000 a family, in order to pay off this debt by 2050 or some such fantastic future as that!! Amazing!! It's never mentioned in the news; it's mentioned in the blogosphere but in a comedically mad-wild-crazy way, a way that drives me to wild, uncontrolled laughter, too, but a laughter of growling madness and disbelief that my fellow human beings are too absorbed in their own tough survival to notice how they are getting FUCKED!!!--look at those poor couples that fell for the "real estate" boom of the late nineties when irresponsible Baby Boomer kids were paying a million bucks for houses actually only worth around 500 grand and that's a pretty damn high ballpark number even then--and to me, all Baby Boomer children are irresponsible as hell because they never were given any responsibilities. Even I, the generation afore the Baby Bs, had to work part-time while I was in high school; even I had to help pay for my college tuition; I had to work part-time in the summers--laying down asphalt highways in 120-degree heat across the Devil's Anvil of hot West Texas baldass plains in order to buy me a girl-used 1953 Chevy Power Glide so I'd have a car at college--son of a bitch I'm pissed!

So, OK, Ray Kelly was up early this morning looking all serious and talking about how the NYPD and, of course, the FBI (both notorious bunglers now, don't forget that) had intercepted a plot by a "terrorist group"--that's as specific as Little Raymond would be--but he kept his serious look-- that included buying some heavy-duty explosives--and the explosives they would need to pull off what they had planned, according to Little Raymond the Cop, were of such a massive and complex scale and the plan was of such a massive and complex scale it would take a crack team of vet pros doing synchronized and stealthful undercover action to pull it off (this stuff started reminding me pretty closely of a CSI-Miami teevee show plot I'd seen last year--I think these fictional terrerists were from the Caribbean and they were going to blow up the Port of Miami--OK, OK, back to blowing up JFK (formerly Idlewild Airport--I wonder if the terrerists knew that?)--well, not quite blowing up the airport, the scheme is thicker than that--I mean, more idiotic than that--you see, these terrerists were going to blow up what they were calling in their plans "the chicken yard," which turns out to be "terrerists" lingo for the jet fuel storage tank facility at Kennedy Airport, a group of 8 or so fairly large stainless-steel storage tanks that sit near the bay there on airport ground. A pipeline brings the jet fuel to Kennedy from Linden, New Jersey, running under Staten Island, under heavily populated parts of Brooklyn and Queens. These terrerists, again according to Little Raymond Kelly, our shanty-Irish police chief and mayoral candidate--I don't think Rudi "Mussolini" Giuliani cared much for Raymond--Rudi's Italian, you know, and the Irish and the Italians have always been kind'a friendly enemies in NYC politics and crime--and controlling the NYPD (the Boyz in Blue, New York's Finest), the NYFD, and the NYC Sanitation Department, where the big bucks are and where the big boys roost in their political chicken houses--watching as their hens work 24/7 crank out those golden nest eggs for all their cronies and asshole buddies and, of course, something for the "Protectors"--anyway, back to today's plot by the latest terrerists.

OK, Ray baby, I'm thinking, Arabs right? Saudis again, right? And certainly Al-Queda--even though Chief Ray never said they were Al-Queda.

OK, then Chief Ray gave the ring leader's name--Mohamed!!! Aha, aha, I'm hollering, god-damn Saudis again--like those Islamic nutjobs, the pizza delivery guys from Philly, who were going to attack Fort Dix down on the shores of Jersey--that was the New Jersey cops and the FBI that cracked that terrerist plot wide open. Why weren't those guys sent straight to Gitmo? Why are they getting a court trial? That's weird isn't it? How 'bout sending them to Syria for some extreme renditioning?

I thought it weird, too, in the New Jersey terrerist plot to attack Fort Dix in a pizza delivery van that the cops revealed all this information, including Google fotos of Fort Dix, its gates, how well unguarded and shit like that...I mean, isn't that confidential information that should be kept secret?

And in this newest NYC terrerists case, too, the cops and the FBI showed detailed maps of this jet fuel pipeline, like exactly where it ran from Linden over to JFK Airport. I mean they showed detailed photos of the "chicken pen" and how easy it would be to attack JFK.

So, OK, I now know it's Arabs because one dude is named Mohammed and then there's a Ibrahim--so there you go, Al Queda is working right under our noses like Georgie Porgie Bush and his Bush Babies have been telling us all along--if we don't stop them THERE, then we'll have to deal with them here. (Why is it always New York City these bastards attack? Why not the District of Corruption?--why not Miami? Why not the Hamptons on Long Island?

So anyway, yep, Al Queda was going to blow up John F. Kennedy Airport--one woman talking head (read: dumb blonde bimbo) got a little weepy and said she thought maybe they picked Kennedy Airport to blow up because of our love for the precious John Fitzgerald "I'm Bangin' Marilyn Monroe in the Bedroom Next to My Wife's and You're Not" Kennedy (a Mafia don got Johnnie We Hardly Knew Him elected now, you all remember--remember Mayor Richard Daley--the whole world was watching!). It was becoming inane.

And then Ray the Cop knocked me off my feet and several million New York Citians, too, by saying these terrorists, and just like at 9/11 they already had photos of the scumbag, unshaven, wretches who they said carried out the attack on teevee the same day, here, too, they suddenly had photos of two of these Arab scumbags...but, wait a minute!!! These guys weren't Arabs. They were Black dudes. One was a dude living in Brooklyn, a retired airport employee--that was Mohammad or Ibrahim--originally up here from Guyana!! Guyana!! The other dude they arrested was a dude on his way to Venezuela, by the bye, who was formerly a member of the Guyana government, another black guy. And then they had a Trinidadian! Another black guy. And then another Trinidadian. Wow. Another Caribbean terrorist attack--I thought the only terrorist working the Caribbean was Luis Posada who the US just released to live a swell life in the wonderful Democratic Cuban Community of Miami.

Suddenly Chief Ray says yep they knew of this plot almost a year ago--they first heard about it when they infiltrated this group--sounds like the Fort Dix terrerist plot trap, too--and got buddy-buddy with this black dude with a beard and wearing a kufi--enough for me right there to bust his ass--Rudi's old police force would have raided their homes and maybe shot a couple of 'em during the process.

Sounds suspicious to me. Now it seems anyone who says even, "Hey, dudes, let's blow up Kennedy Airport--I think I know how we can" is automatically a TERRERIST a la Al Queda. Little Irish-Shanty Cop Ray Kelly says even though these birds are NOT connected to Al Queda, they follow the same philosophy. Which is what, Ray? Blow up anything you can in New York City? What a bunch of dumbasses--I mean the cops and the terrerists.

If you've lived in New York City a long time you've seen bomb threats before, some actually pulled off; the Croatians used to blow up the baggage storage areas at La Guardia all the time--I think one of those bombings killed a whole flock of folks, too; yet, we didn't go to war with Croatia.

So anyway, here we go again. Terrerist attacks now coming at us folks here in the Big Apple from the god-damn Caribbean--hey, they may connect this one to that awful old Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. We'll see.

In the meantime, what happened to red alert or orange alert?--oh, didn't Homeland Security do away with that?

I mean, we're having a presidential race and it's a year and a half before the election already and these political candidates are scrapin' in the big bucks and like I was trying to say several paragraphs ago, all of these people, including Ray the Shanty-Irish Cop Kelly, are rich--millionaires off the money they've stolen from We the People at the state, city, county, federal, whatever, level of government. Rich people are the most cowardly people in the world. They rely on their security forces and armies and their wealth to keep them guarded and protected. Wealthy people all live away from other people, in gated communities, penthouses, or their own well-fortified castles, especially as far away as possible from the middle-class (the used-to-be workingclass in this country) down to the Dirt Poor, who the US and Foreign rich despise worse than Hitler despised the Jews. Wealthy people's goal is to corner all the markets for themselves and that includes the money markets. With most of our wealth now in the hands of huge US Chartered (don't forget, We the People can call in these charters, cancel 'em, and takeover these companies) Corporations like Exxon-Mobil (soon to move to Dubai) and the Central Banks of Communist China, Great Britain, Saudi-Arabia, and Japan--and that's who really owns our asses lock, stock, and barrel--we are slaves to whatever system they tell us WE WILL worship.

Terrerists threats? Get used to them. We are at WAR, remember. Our "president" not only is a spoiled rich brat who's never taken any responsibility for anything in his life--not even going AWOL from the Army he now controls and commands--has said he's not only the Great Decider, but he's also "a WAR president." WAR, WAR, good ole WAR--we need it, we love it, we worship it, we pray for it, we pray for an even bigger war that will eventually rid Jesus's Holy World of all those branded with trip sixes--into the pits of Holy Hell we go while those not left behind take it over and turn it into Jesus-Disney World. Why hell, Mickey Mouse is Jesus, isn't he?

Yes, Mickey Mouse Is Jesus X Christ.

And that's my message (any Pastor Melissa Scott fans listening today?)...

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