Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ignorance Is Such Wonderful Bliss

How Dumb Can We Get?
I was watching the Congressional hearings on whether or not Christy Todd Whitman committed a crime that should send her to the hoosegow when she declared New York City air probably cleaner after 9/11 than it was before--and that even at Ground Zero (I like the way Christy kept refering to it as "The Pile"--yeah, the pile of mixed crap, mixed asbestos (and you know asbestos (the Johns-Manville Company--whose heir, Tommy Manville, was a playboy back during the 40s--he married 11 times, maybe 12, but he married more even than Little Mickey Rooney, who was married 8 times--9 or 10 by now, I'm sure) was layers thick in that worthless piece of crap government building center old pompous-ass, high-and-mighty Nelson "Kill Everybody You See Move at Attica" Rockefeller forced on New York Citians--it was supposed to be a state office building wasn't it?--all I know is the Japanese architect who designed it and was building it got so frustrated with the corporate developers F-ing with his original designs he quit the project)), cooked human remains, and just think of all the rats, mice, roaches, and god knows what else that was deep-fried in that horrible but successful military attack against New York City and especially the World Trade Center. I've often wondered, did the CIA keep biological warfare samples in their huge secret offices in those Towers?--who the hell knows was in that air?--oh God, I'm started off on another tangent--it's the tangentialities of life that I love to explore--but there are so many of them--though they all lead to the same destination--the destination the Ignorant are leading us into and confusing us with all of these evidentiary hearings--the truth must be made evident--see? What bullshit. There's no such thing as truth--there's reality--there's a lot of evidence that there's "right NOW"--the reality of where we're at in terms of progress, advancement, common understanding....blah, blah, blah--so back to Christy Todd Whitman (my grandmother warned me about women with three names--OK, so my grandmother was talking about women poets with three names, but it's the same thing with women with male ambitions--like Christine (please! it's only Christy when she's celebrating a big win) Todd Whitman or Hillary RodHam Clinton (by the bye, to hell with the RodHAM once Slick Willie takes over her campaign; then it's gonna be "Just Plain Hill" (and a by the bye within a by the bye (God, I love these convoluted parenthetical mazes I naturally create), they aren't trotting out Chelsea 'cause she's porked up as my sources tell me (actually one of my Flint, Michigan, friends clued me into it)--she's a fatty like her daddy used to be till he had his heart attack--and like her mommy was getting (talk about being "hippy") until her campaign cosmeticians (including the nip-and-tuck doctors, I'm sure--at We the People's expense, by the bye) got a hold of her and did several makeovers on old Hill till they have her at least cosmetized enough to look fairly better than the old dry, pasty, big-hipped, mean-browed Senator Hillary. Whatever Hill looks like on teevee, remember, it's a lie, not really what she looks like up close and personal. I can see Hill looking pretty God-damned wrecked waking up mornings--bet she doesn't sleep with Bill, what'd'ya bet? Though, I'll be honest with you, Hill looks like an easy make to me). (That's one of the greatest parenthetically riddled paragraphs I've ever composed. I'm so proud of myself(ves). Where's my Pull-it-Zer Prize?)

So they held these Congressional hearings and they trotted out private citizen Christine Todd Whitman and the then head of FEMA (Federal Emergency Miscalculating Assholes) and they begin questioning them about the comments they made at the time that seemed to assure New York Citians of the air quality of the city after 9/11 had settled down to its final wrecked state, especially commenting about the air down at that end of Manhattan where the Trade Center buildings used to be, "The Pile," as the Feds want it called--and which Christine Todd Whitman kept calling it over and over to the point it became the obnoxious squealings of a cornered Bitch, and Christine Todd Whitman, oh yeah, is a Rich Bitch--you bet she is, with a huge estate in New Jersey--I forget now how her husband got them as rich as they are but certainly she spent millions to get elected to that what 100,000 buck-a-year job, and then most certainly as Governor of Jersey she added several millions of kickback, cream-off-the-top, payoff monies she got as governor of New Jersey (where all the big pharmaceuticals have their plants and their R&D setups and some have their headquarters--and these rich assholes are lavish spenders when it comes to politicians--lavish and I do mean lavish) (New Jersey governors are usually rich people--including current governor James "Billionaire Big Daddy Loose, No Seat Belt Needed" Corzine--suddenly so good'a man now that he survived his own pompous stupidity--barrelassing in his several-SUV caravan down the New Jersey freeways (gas guzzling SUVs to boot) 90 mph and him not wearing a seatbelt and how many New Jerseyan's have had to pay out big unfair fines when the Jersey troopers pulled 'em over for not wearing their seatbelts while the governor does as he pleases--hey, he's so important--he's in a hurry--and his helicopter was in the shop--oh no--and now he's lucky to be alive he's making all these new laws--even the Governor's gonna have to wear a F-ing seatbelt now, except unless he excuses himself from wearing it).

Then Georgie Porgie Bush called Christine Todd Whitman to Washington, District of Corruption, and he said, "Christeeeen, ah, what the hell do I call you, darlin', Christ or Christy...heh, heh, heh, a little jokin' there, Christy, baby--and she's not a bad lookin' rich bitch either, boys, but anyway, due to her faithful contributing to MY campaign and her expertise on the environment (New Jersey has maybe the worst-quality air in the whole Union), I'm makin' her head of that left-wing-leaning EvironMENTAL (heh-heh-heh) Protection (can I call it a condom? heh-heh-heh, I gotta millyon of 'em) Agency--didn't I disband that agency?--turn it over to FEMA, oh, yeah, but I disbanded FEMA didn't I? er--oh, I haven't done that yet?--shit, well anyway, as Unka Dick would say, 'Fuck that,' and Christy or whatever the hell you wanna be called, I know you're gonna do a heck of a job. And now I'm goin' down to my faux ranch for some rest and relaxation, F the rest of you peones." [Remember, our "president" speaks fluent Messkin][and off camera and mic, the phony "president" was heard saying, "Hey, SS dude, get out of the way, I'm checking out Christy Todd Whitman's ass; has she got one?"]

So Christine Todd Whitman got up before this panel of bloated, pig-jowled, mix bag of Congressional knotheads and soon they were raking over the evidence trying to find out if Christine Todd Whitman knowingly lied to the people of New York City about the quality of the air immediately following 9/11--well, OK, not immediately--maybe a day or two or three later--saying it was fine, no problem, take a deep breath--except on 'The Pile' and then she said, well, maybe on The Pile you better put a handkerchief over your nose--the asbestos, you know. Already the ignorance is showing even before the hearing starts. Jesus X Christy Christ these people have to be the dumbest of us there is--why do we elect these boobs?--I'm talking both parties--dumb as nailheads; I mean DUMB--dumb but gettin' rich--all 'em, getting rich at We the People's expense.

So the extremely dumb Jerry Nadler, he's the representative for the district the WTC and "The Pile" are in--and he's still that district's representative, and he starts peppering sweet, honest, and filthy rich Christy with assinine questions you know Christy Todd will never give an honest answer too-- so she stands tough, like a man--in fact, the older she gets the more she's looking like a man--like Rudi Guiliani, her hero--like Howard Stern, yeah, the radio so-called shock jock who got Christy Todd Whitman elected governor of New Jersey through his radio show's listeners in Jersey--she admitted that herself after her election--and she starts fielding the "hot" (cliche questions really) ground balls Nadler starts hitting at her--"Did you or did you not say the air quality around 9/11 was fine and no problem--didn't you say that, 'yes' or 'no'?" "Representative Nadler, " Christy mannishly barks, "I warned everybody about the danger of the Pile; I was standing outside The Pile warning these crazy volunteer workers, these young screwball idiots who kept flocking down there to help, I warned them, I passed out a pamphlet that warned them that they should at least hold a handkerchief over their noses--and we were warning them to wear masks and respirators but these silly kids laughed at us and said they could hear people screaming among the debris and foul air and they didn't have time to run back home and get their masks and respirators...." "Excuse me, Christy, baby, you weren't there." "I was there in my heart, sir, I'll tell you that, plus I know who I am blaming for the foul air around The Pile, sir, it's the TERRERISTS, that's who; that's who we should be blaming for this, the Terrerists, they caused this and as far as the scientists and there were many who tested that air, hundreds of times, all assured me that was of 'breath deep' quality, not contaminated in the least bit--that's science--the workers themselves and the terrerists are to blame for me saying the air in lower Manhattan was cleaner after 9/11 than even before--or, hell, why blame me, blame Rudi Guiliani, that pompous bastard."

It got so dumb Christy ended up indicting the Terrerists (I use George W. Bush's pronunciation of the word as the correct spelling of his kind of terrorists) and the volunteer workers and Mayor Guiliani (and she's right there--the NYC Fire Department wasn't equipped to handle such a rescue mission because of Rudi's many cuts in the departments funding--like equipment cuts, like cutting a safety rope they needed in order to more successfully rescue people trapped on roofs and high windows and things, plus he never gave them a contract)--I mean, folks, and 9/11 was a military event--this was like a successful military attack against the World Trade Center--they'd warned they wanted those buildings destroyed because they represented the EVIL world of modernism to the Islamics--the EVIL of American Capitalism and Christianity and backing of Israel--blah, blah, blah--the rescue units should have been controlled by the military--except where were the military on that day? For one, they were making sure the Bin Laden family was packed on special planes and flown out of the country--recent documents revealed that Osama, the good Saudi son, paid to have his family flown out of the US--Osama Bin Laden, remember him? Son of a bitch, can you conceive of such shit?--how do you know to fly the Bin Laden family out of this country?--how do you suddenly so tactfully and successfully gather them up, there was a shit load of them, too, and ship them out of the country?--how, you ask? so they couldn't be questionned maybe about what had happened?--and where was our air force on that day? Why they were flying our scared shitless Commander in Chief from his reading My Pet Goat to grade school kids in his brother's State of Florida out to the safety of the SAC headquarters base in Nebraska. The military aides cleaned the "president's" pants out--got 'em some Air Force duds--and from then on the War on Terrerism began--first against Osama Bin Laden but then suddenly doing a 360 and blaming Saddam Hussein and his rascally Iraqis--"We need a strong show of power now," Unka Dick was shouting from his private bunker in Virginia, "We gotta blast some damn A-rabb country to smithereens for this...hey, how 'bout Iraq? Afghanistan ain't got nothin' but poppy crops worth billions, but Iraq has oil we need for the energy to keep our power rolling--how 'bout we capture Iraq and use it as a power stronghold, a central location where we can now dominate the Middle-East--with, of course, a hands off of Saudi Arabia and Prince Bandar Bush and his step-brother Osama--in fact, I've been invited to a tiger hunt at Osama's private hunting lodge in Pakistan."

And oh that Pakistan! A military dictatorship mind you. And now there is evidence they are developing new nuclear weapons, missiles with nuclear warheads, that kind of nuclear technology and that even NOW as we continue to struggle to survive Pakistan has an estimated 55 nuclear devices ready to try out on some yet undecided human beings, though I don't think they're gonna use them on their Islam brothers and sisters, do you? India maybe? but not an Islamic nation--

I could easily predict a use of nuclear warfare before too long. We insist that nuclear energy is the only alternative energy we have--the Sun, oh no, there's no energy from the sun, besides, it's too expensive to use sunpower or windpower--can you believe that crock of shit we're handed?

The solution to Christy Todd Whitman, the War on Terrerism, the War in Afghanistan (great crop of opiates coming over this year--a lot of young people gonna be facing some Prison Industry time after they've gotten themselves addicted and on a SWAT team's list--and soon the CIA is gonna be gettings our poor out-of-work young blacks and Latinos hooked on heroin--yep, it's coming in more and better than ever--old heroin only 40% pure--this Afghan shit coming in--90% pure. Does horse kill? Naw, it just makes you a slave to being a field slave in the billions-of-dollars-a-year the private prison industry in this country needs to maintain its profits and keep its shareholders smoking illegal Cuban cigars are private, WHITE-only clubs around the world. I'll bet Hillary Clinton owns some private prison stock--I'll bet she does; you know America's Mayor, Rudi (Goombah) Guiliani does--hell, he has his own security company--like Marvin Bush had his own security company--why, hell, Marvin Bush ran the security at the World Trade Center--his contract running out the very day they were blown down--9/11--and Marvin Bush can't be held responsible for any security and alarm fuckups that happened that day. "You can't sue me. I'm a Dubai citizen now anyway--me an Neil."

Blah, blah, blah.

These people are so ignorant. I wish their fucking gods would come and take them--Please, and leave this old wolfman behind--we get rid of religious bullshit, we find we've been living in Paradise all along.

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If You Haven't Read Spooner's "Vices Are Not Crimes" Yet, Go Back and Read It--It's Brilliant, Brilliantly Crafted, Great AntiAuthoritarian Thinking
or, if you don't like to read long essays, here's the last paragraph of it--pretty revealing for something written in 1875, the last time the US was bordering on corporate takeover.

6. Except those great crimes, which the few, calling themselves governments, practise upon the many, by means of organized, systematic extortion and tyranny. And it is only the poverty, ignorance, and consequent weakness of the many, that enable the combined and organized few to acquire and maintain such arbitrary power over them.
from Lysander Spooner's "Vices Are Not Crimes"--see The Daily Growler June 24th post.
And thanks to the great soul at wood s lot for running our Spooner tribute.

By the Bye
The Supreme Court, 5-4, took out of the McClain-Feingold campaign fund reform bill the part that said corporations could not run ads hinting at their supporting a certain candidate. The Supreme Court (a bunch of truly dumbass 2nd-story lawyer-types with such a huge right wing they fly totally lopsided and vulgarly through our already vulgar laws--systematically throwing the ones favoring We the People out the window--F us) was simply reenforcing that amendment to our "great" Constitution (written by a slaveholding Virginia aristocrat white man) that makes corporations the same as people--yep, you guessed it, Exxon-Mobil is a US citizen just like you and me and all those Muslim terrerists, like the Philly pizza-boy world-takeover plotters.

Oh what fools we mortals be!

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