Friday, June 29, 2007

Head in a Gutbucket

Running Over Tarantulas
There is nothing in my head but sawdust...and I've had it soaking in a good book, too, and that didn't help. There's no sap in my incautious head. Yesterday afternoon I camped out with some Mexican friends at a table in a certain bar and los gritos were thick as the bullshit we were talking about as we racked back cerveza after cerveza mainly because the Mexico soccer team had kicked the shit out of Brazil the night before and last night the good ole USA who were just coming off an upset of Mexico got their asses kicked royally by Argentina--even though they were cursing Maradona's braggadocio ass all the way--ending up looking worse than Maradona's jockstrap after a tough match--losing 4-1--the first time the USA had been beaten that bad--and down in Venezuela, too, though it seems Hugo Chavez is visiting with Vlad Pootin over in the Democratic Republic of the Former Soviet Union--they're doing an "let's pool our oil and we'll have big dog oil we can sell the Commie Chinese, who seem to be the only successful Capitalist country going right now; now ain't that ironic?"

I just can't get anything creative out of my cranium today--even though the full moon is still looming lycophantically over my orb and I feel like growling, but nothing wants to bloom.

Baseball ain't helpin'--the Yankees are under an abysmal curse (the Curse of Bernie Williams)(add to that the curse of Gary Sheffield (yeah, he's over the hill--so what he's already hit 17 homeruns this year))--the Yankees have the great now-hitless wonder Johnny Damon and the suddenly babbling-idiot batter, Bobby Abreu--"Swing at it, Bobby!" and he does--and misses; and the Godzilla hitter from the great baseball Empire of Japan, Hideki Matsui, has turned to a dead octopus this year--and the pitchers, oh Jesus, please let me forget the Yankee pitchers--led by 44-year-old Roger "the Pizzling Rocket" Clemens who since leading the Yankee's back to championship prowess is 0-3 and for the first time in his life the other night against bumbling Baltimore he did not strike out a batter in a game. Go Rocket.

And Andy Pettite. Nice guy from Louisiana, but Leo Durocher taught us where nice guys finish and sure 'nuff that's where Handy Andy is ending up so far this year--like 3-6; and Mike "14-14" Mussina is losing this year--he's hapless and lacklustre--too old; and then the Wang sensation--he was the winningest Yankee--showed his El Duque side last night giving up 5 runs just all of a sudden after pitching 2-hit shut-out ball and then whack and "bawl four"--walking three in a row and then giving up a homerun--even though the Yankees lucked out and the game got suspended due to rain and will be finished in two months with the Yankees leading 8-5 in the bottom of the eighth.

The Yankees lost 3 to the lowly Rockies, and the Rockies haven't won a game since; the Yanks lost two to one of the worst teams in baseball, San Francisco; and then they lost 2 in a row to the catastrophically bad Orioles until the suspended game last night. It's worse than Little League baseball. It's pathetic. Yet, I'm such a baseball enthusiast I keep staying up with the Yanks--always knowing they could bust a move and still win it all--Boston always folds, folks--always, so Yankees fans don't worry about Boston--year before last was a fluke.

[I must add here the Yankees beat the Oakland A's tonight out at the Stadium. Mike Mussina pitched one of his "winning" games--he stayed at it for 7 innings and gave up the ball to one of the biggest big disappointments in the Yankees billion-dollar bull(shit)pen, Eric Farnsworth. Eric is about 6' 8" and looks mean as a pissed-off swine--glaring all the time--but he can't get the ball over the plate. So tonight he gets the first batter he faces out in the top of the 8th. Then he gives up a hit; then he walks a batter, two on, one out, and then he strikes out the next batter, 2 0n and tw0 out and Joe Torre pulls him and brings in the Mighty Mo, who hasn't pitched much at all this year--only 9 saves so far--this guy who is the greatest final inning pitcher of all time--the right thing to do if you know baseball--it works like this: even if you lose, at least you'll lose with your best and not a throwaway bum like Farnsworth. Mo struck out the final out and then went on to strike out the final out in the ninth for the first Yankee legitimate game win in many innings of moons. Even tonight though the Yankees won, they only scored 2 runs--can't hit for dick shit. But I'm a true baseball fan and I'll stay in there always wishing for that Subway World Series--and the Mets are looking great--and the Mets know Atlanta's not that threatening this year and the Dodgers will probably slide back some--just like crosstown, Yankee fans know Boston will skid--they always do...even year before last they skidded--beat Yankees in the playoffs, seventh game--Mo gave up the walk-off winning homer. Unreal--even from Boston's point of view--UNREAL. So's this year for the Yankees--UNREAL. But that's baseball.

See what I mean about my head being full of sawdust.

What Disgusted Me Today...Let's See...Where Do I Start?
How about let's start with hearing that Rupert Murdoch was going to buy the Wall Street Journal from the Bancroft Family--how disgusting is that. Rupert the glutton Murdoch; he'll end up down in Davey Jones's Locker one day like Robert Maxwell--oh, we've forgotten Robert Maxwell?

Bill Moyers trashed Murdoch and his buying the Wall Street Journal tonight on his PBS show--Bill's coming around--becoming an anarchist--seeing clearly you can't work within this system to change it--voting is bullshit--that's controllable--may the crookedest rich man win--and that "rich man" includes Hillbilly Hillary RodHAM Clinton. Disgusted me to hear Bill talked about he'd been disgusted, too, recently on seeing Hillary Clinton and Slick Willie are putting their already brown noses deep into Rupert Murdoch's old foul-inflamed asshole--yep, they're palsy-walsying around with Rupert, who Hill knows gives up the millions easy as pie in return for servicing his political needs--"How 'bout a blowjob, Hill?" "I beg your pardon, Rupert?" "Go ahead, Hill, give him a blowjob, it's all in game, baby," Slick Willie was heard saying as Rupert Murdoch took his checkbook out and started donated some big bucks to Hill's idiot campaign. What a loser she is. Sorry, folks, but she's a GOD-DAMN loser just like every Dumbocrat has been since George McGovern did his namby-pamby best to redefine the Dumbocratic Party--thanks to the wild insistence of the Mississippi Freedom Party--oh, but I'm talking ancient history here--history from the 1970s when these Neo-Con rats started feasting on the Constitution--turning it into a rat-chewed document of DOOM.

Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi disgusted me when she said G.W. Bush wasn't worth impeaching. Wow, Nancy, then who the hell is worth impeaching? How about you? How about you and Conyers and Sanders and all you high-falutin' so-called people's politicians, Uncle Teddy, Chris Dodd, all of 'em, throw every damn politician in Washington, District of Corruption out of office. We need to impeach this whole government...'cept, you're not gonna do it working through the system.

Huey Newton said everything was politics.

And please remember that closing paragraph to Evander Spooner's Vices Are Not Crimes.

Al Queda's Back and Threatening an Attack on the USA Though First They Were Gonna Blow Up Some More Londoners--Why London?
Well, here we go again--two Mercedes were found in Picadilly Circus with cannisters of highly explosive--what liquid gas or something--something. I swear, al Queda can afford expensive cars to carry out their car bombings in, can't they? Mercedes supplied to them by whom? Do they steal cars? Where do all the cars you see on the Baghdad streets all day long come from? I mean, is there a Mercedes dealership still selling Mercedes in Baghdad? I know there's a car dealership in the Green Zone--can al Queda car bombers buy their cars in the Green Zone? And, I guess in Europe an al Queda operative could just go pay cash for a new Mercedes--I mean and then who sells these so-called al Queda dudes all these tons of explosive shit? Like the weirdo-foreign-looking whacko in Queens the cops busted yesterday for having hundreds of pounds of explosive potassiums in a storage locker--the cops saying they got clued into to this one by a dealer in Ohio who turned this guy in for buying so much potassium--of course, the Ohio guy went ahead and sold it to this big, fat, Turkish-looking clown--and then called the cops--led by Shanty Irish Ray Kelly, our highly praised little crooked as a snake at night NYC police chief.

I don't get it. Arms of all calibers are available all over the world, easy--seems like you just find one of those big, fat, greasy-looking, smarmy foreign-looking bastards and say, "Hey, Achmed, you got any nuclear-head missiles." "As a matter of fact, affendi, I do--right out of the Roosky Army, my friend, right out of the old Soviet arsenal. These missiles are a little rusty, but hey, they'll wreak havoc on the heretic dogs when you jihad with this shit."

You can't fight these plunderers, these plotters of destruction, wealth now, power now, these kind of people. New York City is getting slovenly abused by these nouveau-uncaring rich pests that suddenly have all the money in the world and not a god-damn care in the world. I saw a vanity license plate on a Beamer parked in front of my apartment that read "RichnBad." Oh boy, what an asshole; what pompous bastards. You can't beat 'em using the system.

Impeach everybody.

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