Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lyin' Is So Damn Easy; Why Tell the Truth?

Lies, Lies, and More Lies
Hillary Clinton has balls. I've got to give her that. She actually got up before a group of bipartisan activists and spouted out some of the heaviest bullshit I've heard her belch up yet. Hillary Clinton, obviously wearing a jockstrap, said that she stood proudly behind our troops in Iraq (14 US soldiers killed in one incident while Hillary was giving her bullshit speech). She said, heck fire, folks, they did what they were told to do. Listen to this: they successfully got rid of the evil Saddam Hussein (the Christian Devil personified--"He tried to kill my pappy")--and brought to the Iraqi people a chance for "real" democracy! And what was Hillary's bullshit conclusion (and this is a great one)? The reason that we're getting our asses dumped on over there now is not OUR fault but the fault of the Iraqis! All right Hillary!! Brilliant. What deduction. The war in Iraq is a failure because the Iraqis fucked it up. You see, Hillary still believes the "Mission Accomplished" bullshit. She still backs this War in Iraq; and, of course, the war nobody ever mentions, the War in Afghanistan; which means, she also backs Bush Baby's World War on Terrerism! By God, think of this, Hillary is actually telling the truth. Argggghhhh! I'm strangling myself.

Hillary Clinton for President. You want her? I don't.

The Little Man Billionaire Mayor Decides to Try and Buy the Presidency
He's got all the F-ing money in the world any one screwy little dude could want--billions of dollars in his private off-shore bank accounts--I mean bales of money hidden out all over the world--he's a worthless piece of shit as mayor of New York City who is bent on changing the community nature of NYC; he's attempting to coax a million new people to move to NYC in the next 10 years--we're already packed in here like sardines; he tried to help his old Queens development buddy who owns the New York Jets to build a football stadium in the downtown middle of New York City--great idea, right? The people of NYC stood up to him on that one and he gave up on that. He did manage to get his other sports-owner buddy, the owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team--also a real estate developer--all of downtown Brooklyn to do with as he pleases--how about a huge tacky gymnasium surrounded by condos and hi-rise hotels--of course it'll mean changing the nature of downtown Brooklyn to where it's congested into that one slam-bang locale to the ill-development of the rest of Brooklyn--which is mostly jive-ass Caribbean types from Prospect Park on out into the Brooklyn outlands--out to where you meet up with the Russian Mafia types out around Sheepshead Bay (now called Humanhead Bay--since one of the Russian Mafia's payback methods is to butcher you body up into nice clean parts and put you in a trunk and dump you into Sheepshead Bay) and on out to the new developer's dreamland, Coney Island (overconstructing plans already underway to turn Coney Island into a rich man's playground).

So the mayor has changed his mind--seems he's not a Repugnican afterall, though he sure did act like one when he had his nose deep in Rudi Guiliani's buttcrack before Guiliani kept them from putting a horse's head in Bloomie's bed and instead approved of him for mayor. When the Repugnican Convention came to NYC, there was good ole Bloomie out there protecting these scumbags by busting protestors heads and holding them illegally for 24 hours in a cage...oh, Bloomie doesn't talk about that much in his little whiney voice. Please don't get me started on this little man weasel--I say let him go on off and live on one of his fabulous estates with his wife...oops, I forgot, the little man doesn't have a wife. Does he maybe not like women? I wonder. I'll tell you one thing, if a disaster occurs, same as George W. Bush, Bloomie will be outta town afore the attack begins--he bailed out on us during the big British-owned electrical grid blackout on the East Coast in 2003--he went off to one of his hundreds of estates--then he came back when the lights were finally back on--it took them 2 1/2 days to repair the glitch that caused the surge that caused the calamnity (did you ever think that "surges" lead to crashes and breakdowns in systems? Did you ever apply that to a "surge" military tactic and the impending chaos that follows such an action?

But the media is happy as possums eating shit with Little Billionaire Bloomie Bloomberg News (it was practically given to him) Mikey Boy--just your average Boston Jewish boy--oohhhhh, goody-goody, America's New Mayor is going to run for president! You see, the Media were originally lustfully hot after Rudi Guiliani for president--oh boy, he was definitely America's Mayor, 9/11 Leader/Hero (what happened to the billions of dollars Rudi collected in his private 9/11 fund?), Family Man...oops...honest politician...oops...friend and big pal of Bernie Keric's...oops...on and on the "oops" go on Guiliani to the point he's pretty much chopped liver in his attempt to get his skinny butt up on that power throne in Washington, District of Corruption.

And speaking of top-notch liars, I saw Ed Rollin giving political commentary on CBS-News this morning--what a total piece of lyin' shit Ed Rollin is. Check him out--I'm sure nobody remembers him, but I do.

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