Sunday, September 07, 2008

Yet Another (Hail) John McCain Sunday

Thank God for Global Warming--or So Says Full of Hockey Mom, Sarah "Paleface" Palin
Jesus Maniac Christ, I'm looking out my windows transfixed by the glorious day given unto me this day by my God and Savior, the Sun, the true Son of Fire and Oxygen, the true Son of All Energy, the Son of the true Creators, at least of this my Heaven, this Galaxy, the holiest of holiest places I'll ever ethereally visit whatever realm I enter after this my holy time on the old coil that, too, will one day become barren of life like its many predecessors who have dared to spin as close to the sun as they could to find that perfect realm where a planet like our earth can survive for billions upon billions of years--boiling all that while with new evolutionary species of all forms of life, freaks and perfections being conceived, being born, and then reseeding--the way life sustains its continuation in "The Way the World Turns"--and I keep remembering as I LIVE heartily on this Sun God-given holy wonderfully gentle and brilliantly cerulean-skied day--a New York City perfect day, a Sunday when the fouling-up humans are off the streets and in their bunkers boozing it up or snoozing it up preparing to begin again tomorrow another day of boring work, of toil, of scrappling for the apple, of striving for the illusive prize at the end of the seemingly extinct rainbow--the one the legend behind the "American Dream" is based upon, you know, the one Yip Harberg wrote about in the song they at first didn't want in The Wizard of Oz--have you ever really listened to the lyrics to this "American Dream" song?:

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

Yep, Yip Harberg was writing about that rainbow and the pot of gold at the end of it that has been in humankind legends since the first aborigines saw once again after it had happened over and over in their lore a wondercolored rainbow after an extremely dark and terrifying rainstorm full of cyclones and tornadoes and wind and hail--scary as hell to the first humans who created a way of writing it on walls and rocks and then speaking what it was they were writing--and they began to put legendary two and legendary two together and decide that what was at the end of those beautiful tricolored light things arcing over them after they have been invaded by the dark and threatening evil storm of the unknown, the dark--and that light must be caused by the shiningest of things on earth, those things that were yellow and red and blue and sent sparkling rays of sunlight back up to its golden source--and it was translated over the centuries into whatever cultural yellows and reds and blues shined the most, were the purest of sun-radiant colors and therefore that golden reflection became the gold standard for human life itself, the most valuable of all humans and human possessions are those that shine the brightest! Do you get it! I'm preachin' the truth of my Lord and Savior, the Almighty (Allah) Sun (Ra), the giving of energy and therefore earthly life.

Now after thinking like that I had no thought of the conventional, the normal, the obvious, the dumb--and all this while listening to a wonderful new Charlie Ives CD I just received from London, Charles Ives: When the Moon, compilation and performance of all of Mr. Ives's Orchestral Sets and then interpretations of 16 of Mr. Ives's songs from which the Orchestral Sets come, some of them: "Like a Sick Eagle," "The See'r" (from which comes "Seer"?), "The New River," "Gyp the Blood or Hearst Is Worse," the truly magnificent "Charlie Ruggles," etc.

And I had been reading Mr. Ives writing about the two faces of music a composer has to face--at the same time I was also thinking over what Max Weber said way back in those now ancient times of the 19th century that aesthetics would replace ethics as the standard for moral conduct in the coming (to Max Weber) 20th Century, the great century of man's discovery of what's under the skin of the world--drilling down into Mother Earth and finding great quantities of something Mom produced that humans pronounced "Earl" but spelled it O-I-L. Did you ever wanna know why guys like John David Rockefeller (one of America's greatest-ever criminals who got totally away with crimes that affected the lives and deaths of millions upon millions of human beings over his crooked, rotten lifetime) called it "oil"?

A little linguistics here--afterall, I confess to being a dedicated Sociologist and as such, my sociological mind has been inherited from my Sociology forebears, my logical Holy Fathers, the same who gave birth to Linguistics and Linguists (like our pal L Hat --one of the world's foremost linguists, folks, who I am sure will mow me down if my explanation of the derivation of the word "oil" is bereft with intellectual errors), so it goes that at least I understand the basics and intents of Linguistics--Linguists can amaze you at the profiles of people, even individuals, they can come up with based simply on that people's language and the way they collectively and individually speak that particular language--and there is now a Forensic Linguistics--which seems to me like an exciting course of study for the focused mind, but not for the rambling mind, like my half-wolf/half-madman mind--for that reason I have always had difficulty learning a language other than English, American English, and or dealing with the refining of my drawled English I learned from my native culture, a Texas culture, a culture which Linguists know has a gluttonous number of regional ways of speaking English and Spanish and Italian and German and Old Czech and Tex-Mex and Texian--I took 2 semesters of Spanish in college but I'm dead in the water when having to call for help in Spanish (I married a Spanish-speaking woman when I was in my Mexican mode and lived in Mexico and she covered my illiterate-in-Spanish ass); I took a reading course in French and German in order to substantiate my Master's thesis, which was on the theories of the German Sociologist Georg Simmel--I had to read the relevant sociologists (Durkheim and Simmel) in my area of theoretical expertise (hah!) in the original French and German in order to understand the usage of key French and German words so important to the origins of so many sociological theories, including those of Linguistics.

All of that just to write that the word "oil" comes from "olive," whose tree was the source of the ancient uses of "oil" in the Western world, where most of our scholarly but biased history comes from--the ancients considered this "olive" oil sacred--because as lamp oil it was a source of light; put it under a crock of water and you got hot water--mix it with grains and a tad of honey and pour some of that hot water over it all and you've got a cereal, a meal. Put it on a wound and you've got a healing potion--a salve--and I haven't even gotten that far yet in the evolution of the word "olive." Olive oil was considered sacred also due to its relationship to the wind, air, land, and water, which all related to the Sun, our only God and true giver of life--including the production and distribution of olive oil--and from the word "olive" comes the word "alive," being a living being--and the word "alive" "...becomes with S--here a substitute for the aspirate--salive, which is also a liquid substance...." Yep, the word is "saliva"--yep, SPIT, and from salive comes "salve," which was used as a curative in ancient myths and medicines, and from "salve" comes "salvation," "Savior"--and the Greek word for "unction" or "grease" is "??????" which means "salive" from which comes "salvation," and from "salve" also comes Sal--and the root of Sal--al--gives us the Hebrew and Muslim gods "Y'al" and "Allah"--and I got all of this from a fascinating book--though probably out of date and obsolete by now--L Hat?--but it's from Morgan Peter Kavanaugh's Origin of Language and Myths--so there ya go. OIL comes from the word olive--the source of the original Western-World sacred oil. Of course, outside of Western history other world cultures have other definitions of the oils they use--like the North American aborigines using boiled down whale blubber for their source of light and cooking and life! Their source of light comes from the water! So they worship that source as their god. Like the Native American's source of life and light was the buffalo--and thus Mother Earth became the giver of life--buffalo grease was also a curative salve! I could dare say since all languages (ways of uttering invented words) are related some of the same utterances may mean "olive" or "salve" and "sal" in those languages, too. Everyday in my building I face people who know no English; yet there are certain utterances I can make and they can make that are universally (speaking in terms of my building's universe (I'm getting Gestaltist)) understood--like, everybody no matter where they're from understand "NO" and "Yes"--but even if they don't understand those words they understand the shaking of the head horizontally means "yes" and the vertical shaking of the head (it's bob) means "no." In my building he word "Fuck" is liberally used and certainly understood. The Asians love using the word "fuck." It makes them laugh! Some Asians use fuck and don't know it means to have sex, though the word is so universally vulgar what else does it refer to? I remember trying to make it with a Japanese girl when I was in the Army--no I didn't go overseas, but there were a hell of a lot of Asian women working as hostesses and waitresses around all the army bases I was stationed on--and when I asked her would she "go to bed" with me, she looked at me funny; but when I took my right hand and made a circle with my thumb and forefinger and then inserted the forefinger of my left hand into that circle and moved it in and out she understood immediately what I meant by "going to bed" with her. She laughed and said, "You just ron-ree hor-nee so'jer boy rook for good time, yes?" Then I got dreamily drunk and passed out and never got my happy ending.

And then I read Mr. Ives's Essays Before a Sonata and I got into his discussion of the two faces of music. 1) Sensational music: the affect of a music on an individual listening to it and evaluating it in terms of the pleasure or emotional experience it gives him or her, and 2) Programmed music: the affect of a music on an audience (more than one individual)--individual appreciation or collective appreciation--did a composer have to appeal to one or the other?--and what does a composer go for, his own pleasure and pride in his compositions or compositions he knows will meet the audience appeal and sell and perhaps make him popular and rich. Mister Ives abhorred popularity and programmed music.

With thinking going on like that, I only briefly tuned in the corrupted media to find out what triumphant praise of John "Shot Down" McCain was being trumpeted out today on the John McCain networks! Though I saw McCain standing and speaking on every channel, it seems the pundit conversation was more about Sarah "Paleface" Palin ("Sweet Sarah of Alaska") than it was Cap'n John; the pundits were chirping merrily about how sensationally seen Paleface Sarah is by all Americans--at least the ones who the networks call for their instant polls--the idiots of America, and that seems to be anyone who votes, including you and me--we are idiots and we're kept idiots by the idiots who have privilege and power over us, like teevee, ex-announcer and political hacks (like the supreme idiot Karl Rove whose bullshit Fox, the Bullshit Australian-American Network, seems to take as the word of their God), and the inane experts they trot out to entertain us with their observations, predictions (they are always wrong, just like Bush and Cheney are constantly lying), warnings (no political candidate has ever mention the bullshit warnings our fucked-up Homeland Security bullshit department used to scare us to hell with--what happened to those alerts?)--all bullshit. No comment either on Paleface Palin's warped Zionist-Christianity--of course that's to appeal to our ward, the State of Israel (a socialist state by the way), whom the Christians of Palin's type need to reject Jesus right up until the Christian-Zionists's precious Armageddon (World War 3) is begun--the problem being old Cranky Jesus H. Christ is not coming back to New Jerusalem until the Jews rebuild the Temple on the Temple mount, on which sits currently the seat of Muslim religion, the gold-domed mosque--oh holy joke of jokes--and these Christian nutjobs believe every joke of the gods and take their punchlines as serious truth! And Paleface claims she stood up to the big oil companies and that's bullshit. Like ask her why British Petroleum somehow got the production and distribution of the oil they pump out of the oilfields up in Alaska--those that supposedly were going to save the USA by bringing that oil down to We the People through the Alaskan Pipeline, remember that naturally ruinous piece of shit boondoggle Alaska got?--but now Sister Sarah says she stood up to the big oil companies and instead of allowing them to drill for oil in our Wildnerness Area up there (the North Slope as Sister Sarah calls it, showing us tinhorns down in the Continental USA what ignorant jerks we are for thinking of Alaska as a lost world where only white jerkass rebel types go and takeover land formerly controlled by Alaskan aborigines--the N-worders of Alaska--blubber-eating Ess--kee-mos, Esquimeaux, not their real names, of course)--and it ends up what Sarah means by standing up to big oil is that she denied them drilling for OIL because she wants them to drill for natural gas since God has recently spoken to her and Texas Oil Baron Criminal T. Boone Pickens who's spending billions to promote his trying to persuade us to move to natural gas to replace oil--T. Boone Pickens owns tons of acres of natural gas wells in the Texas Panhandle and Unka Dick Cheney's Wyoming ranches are on acres of natural gas and coal fields in Wyoming, and Full of Hockey Mom's Alaska is bubbling underground with natural gas, and T. Boone Pickens has always bought up natural gas wells and leases, especially around the Pampa-Borger, Texas, area--and Sarah's standing up to the oil companies means she wanted them to drill for natural gas in the Wilderness--she finds great sport in shooting wolves from helicopters in that Wilderness, which as Governor of Alaska she thinks she owns instead it belonging to We the People--and her solution to the polar bear problem--a part of the Global Warming problem (Paleface Sarah says God is causing Global Warming and not man)--is to shoot their asses--make them extinct--like Hitler's Final Solution for his unwanted animal problem in Nazi Germany. And then read in the Anchorage papers that Governor Sarah is promoting the building of a new pipeline--this one a natural gas pipeline from the Wilderness down to Anchorage--which, if I'm not mistaken will mean millions upon millions of government boondoogle money for Alaska and the natural-gas-invested Full of Hockey Mom Governor of Alaska's stock portfolios. Don't be fooled by Sarah's saintly personage--she's still a politician so you can be assured she's lying about whatever it is she's talking about. I love these fools who are so concerned about our fetuses--yet, when these same fetuses grow up to be 18 we send them out to get there asses shot off--and we keep sending them out--and we're wearing them out--and Paleface Sarah's and Cap'n John "Prisoner of War" McCain are for increasing our troop sizes all over the world, hell, make us all soldiers in this 100-year-War on Terrerism! This made-up war on terrorism. There is no terrorism, folks, there's only politics as usual. McCain, Sweet Sarah of Alaska, even Obama and Uncle Joe Biden are the terrorists who scare the hell out of me. The only control over them, we foolishly think, is through voting--and look how easily and without resistance they steal elections--going back as far in our history as you wanna go--read about Tom "Slaveholder" Jefferson and Anarchist Aaron Burr fighting over the vice-presidency back when the electorate also voted for the vice-president separate from the president.

Yes, every channel had a discussion on Sister Sarah and War Hero and Maverick, The White Whale, John "the Failed Mission Hero" McCain and the talk was all about how the Repugs had a successful and great vibrant conventional gathering of white Yahoos, all ballyhooing their inane beliefs out on our dumbasses--God coming out with every other breath, though the Growlers noticed that John "Stripper Lover" McCain didn't mention the Good Lord saving his ass from his Vietnamese (Gook) captors--in fact, now there is evidence out there that John's whole "torture" story may be a pile of made-up bullshit! John told his story and he was being a typical politician in blowing up his courage though in fact he says he did "cave in"--ah, but that just means John's still a maverick, because he "caved in" to save his buddies, the friends he made in prison camp--with us asking, "Hey, John, like why won't you trot out some of those old prison buddies--or why won't you trot out your sons, like Andy McCain who just got caught with his pants down in the government's closing down the Silver Bank of Arizona--on whose board Andy was sitting just a day or two before the closing--which is OK--John himself started his Arizona political career thanks to his go-go-boot-wearing, stripper-looking (have you noticed that?) wife's beer and liquor-rich daddy (think of all the drunk-driving deaths booze-sellin' dad has caused in Arizona--and the alcoholics Boss Daddy created--like John himself--he looks like an alcoholic and whorehouse visitor to me) and Booze-Sellin' Daddy's big pal, Charles Keating--aha, John doesn't mention his debt to Charles Keating in any of his bullshit speeches!

Ignoramuses galore today--so we shut the fucking teevee off and read instead--and listened to Charles Ives and NOW Charles Mingus--soothing instinctual music (I feel myself going back to Mother Africa when I listen to American music like Ives's and Mingus's)--a very modal "Memories of You" by Mingus that sounds like Bill Evans playing the piano--and HO! it is Bill Evans playing the piano with Mingus, Danny R, Jimmy Knepper, Shafi Hadi, and Clarence Shaw, from Mingus's East Coasting album he recorded in New York City for Bethlehem in 1957.

This music gives me much individual pleasure and opens doors to contemplation in my head while I'm listening to (absorbing) it.

Pass me the oil of life, please! Some say it's flaxseed oil; some say it's Omega 3 oils; some say it's cod liver oil (like my mother); and some say it's fish oil. Nobody I know uses motor oil as a curative--though the riches one gleans from its mining (oil drilling is a form of mining) and production is certainly curative in the power sense.

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I just read the sad news that Barack Obama, due to the recession, he says, is not going to rescind the tax cuts for the wealthy like he promised all during his what looks like now "bullshit" campaigning that got him where he is today--so he won't be giving those great big scary tax breaks back to We the People (we have to make up for those tax cuts by paying higher taxes, property taxes, increased taxes on oil and gas, beer, food, transportation, and increased tolls, and increased rents), the working stiffs whose work and production makes the economy go; but NOW, Obama the Man of Change, he'll just let tax breaks keep on sliding in favor of the filthy rich, like Exxon-Mobil, Dick Cheney, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Mammy and Pappy Bush, the People's Republic of Communist China, the Walton Family--the oil barons, the Military Industrial Complex crooks, the CEOs making 1000 times that of their average workers whose work and toil is what's making them filthy rich. Obama it turns out is a black man with no cojones! (That's "balls" to you dumbass Americans!) The Dumbocrats are SCARED to DEATH of the Repugnicans--they are scared shitless of John "Big Loser Dumbass" McCain and Sweet Little Sister Sarah "Paleface" Palin, especially her who the Dumbos know represents pure white womanhood as though Obama as an N-worder is spoiling her purity by campaigning against her (watch out for a symbolic lynchmob, Obama!!)--scared to death of nutjobs whose promises sound totally hollow to me--like how's that big dumbass McCain suddenly going to create jobs and save our economy and our schools and shit? Hell, he's been in Congress for 25 years--what the hell's he done all that time?--he certainly hasn't saved the economy and he's certainly not explained fully to me why we are in Iraq in the first place much less whether we're winning over there or not--what the hell is winning in so losing a war? Why do we continue to go around the world in our policeman's uniform wrecking countries, dividing them into all kinds of factions--which has been our war policy ever since we started invading and occupying countries--and we started that way back before even WWI--check out the Mexican-American War--or check out the Spanish-American War--hell, check out our own Civil War. We did see Joe Biden taking dumbass really inane questions from dumbass and inane Tom Brokaw on today's Meet the Ignorant Press--we told you moons ago that Tom Brokaw had his eye on Meet the Ignorant Press after big dumbass Tim Russert's heart blew up on the set--and guess who just happened to be in the wings when that happened? You guessed it, old retired newsreader Tom Brokaw; he was there eagerly ready to take over that show--and he took it over and here he was in the Cap'n's chair and asking Uncle Joe Biden, yes, Uncle Joe's a fucking liar, all politicians are, some pretty dumb questions--especially challenging Uncle Joe on his being a Catholic and yet still voting for pro-abortion bills! But Uncle Joe, we thought, answered old Dumbass Tom very reasonably, saying abortion was a private matter and didn't belong being regulated by the government--as a Catholic, Joe said, he believed that life started with conception but that as a politician he couldn't impose his religious beliefs on the society--most Americans are OK with abortion as long as they are private and done in privacy and under the qualified supervision of a legal doctor--only in the backward states of religious zealotness is abortion murder! Just like Sweet Sarah of Alaska's daughter had no idea what the hell a condom is--her hick boyfriend was sayin', "Oh, sweet big tit, baby, a real man doesn't need a condom--besides, just shoot a little shook-up hot Coca Cola up there after I've shot my wad in you and that'll satisfy God's rules of no condoms and no contraception--hell, you're Christian, you know the rules! Oh, and, too, Christy--oh, that isn't your name?--damn, I'm so bad with the names of my babes--Crystal--yeah that's it, you think we'll get to live in Wash-a-ton, Dee Cee, after we's married like legal like?--I mean, I've been fucking the shit out of you since you were 12--seems like that should mean we're already married. Let's name the baby Oswald--or how about Charles Manson?"


In marvelousmarvbackbiter's post yesterday, he said the Arizona pitcher that relieved Brandon Webb was named "Ruiz"--actually we think his name was "Cruz" and Marvelous Marv was wrong--they all look alike to him. Also, the final score was 7-2--L.A. did not get 8 runs as Marv so incorrectly said. You see, Marv is loving the Dodgers and wants to be a Dodgers fan now--except he hates the Dodgers--he hates Tommy LaSordid--who's now in L.A. Dodgers management--but, oh how Marv loves Joe Torre, the greatest manager currently in active MLB baseball, and that includes some great ones like Tony LaRusso and Bobby Cox (you think Atlanta management will fire Bobby Cox for having such a lousy season this year?).

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