Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Daily Growler 9/11 Tribute

Billions Being Wasted on the Wild-Ass Development Down at Ground Zero
There's a lot of hoopla going on here in New York City today--our billionaire rezoning-fool mayor is down at DisneyWorld Ground Zero trumpeting his bullshit all over the cost-overrunning "Freedom Tower" site, Ground Zero (they just had to cut back the outrageous size of a Norwegian architect firm's design for the 9/11 Museum--a tacky wacky glass menagerie-type Euro-trash-designed building--why is a Norwegian firm being given the design of a museum holding the remains of a New York City tragedy (are there no US design firms left?). And that's what it is, a New York City tragedy that the rest of Yahoo America has taken as a personal attack on them? Hell no, Yahoos, whoever those 14 mostly Saudi-Arabian nationals (not Iraqis, not even Afghanistanis, not even members of the Taliban) were working for, they were attacking New York City, the World Trade Center and not the rest of the USA (and the World Trade Center was a max tacky set of buildings--a Nelson Rockefeller folly he left to New York State who then dumped it off on the Port Authority of New York, a separate bunch of government-backed crooks and bigshots who control the ports of New York and New Jersey--all overpaid privatization-created freaks--there are so many separate agencies in New York State government and then there's the city government and all its agencies--all collecting taxes from New York Citians--we pay federal taxes, state taxes, and city taxes on our incomes; we pay all three taxes again on our phone bills; we pay all three taxes again when we shop in stores that don't really want our business--stores operated by foreigners with foreign money behind them who are now illegally not accepting US dollars preferring Euro dollars--and that's illegal according to the Treasury Department--and New York City, folks, is and always has been NOT a part of the State of New York--in fact, New York City is no longer an American city! (Except when the Latinos take it over in 2050 and then it will become a Latin American city!)

And today the faux "president's" press secretary or White Man's House big bad ass Neo-Con spokeswoman blurted out that Osama Bin Ladin had nothing to do with the planning or pulling off of 9/11--and this is something The Daily Growler has been blaring out for over 2 years now--except we have always said Osama Bin Ladin was a made-up Devil--that he was a creation of the CIA--and though, yes, he was a real person, by now he's either dead whatever his role in 9/11 or he is hidden away somewhere in Saudi-Arabia in protective custody!

Here ya go, read all about it:

Since Bin Ladin had nothing to do with 9/11, then that makes the War on Terrer (the way Bush pronounces it) inane--it makes the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq illegal, too; it means the whole incident was staged! All impeachable offenses. So why aren't we busy impeaching these creatures?

Rhetorical question.

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