Thursday, September 25, 2008

Come, Let Us Reason Together

EXTRA: Joe Torre and the LA Dodgers have won their division and are going to the playoffs! Steinbrenners sit on their old fake asses stunned! Joe Girardi moans!
I Have Been Called "Stupid" By a Jane
Hey, I'm giggling with glee right now, the same, I'm sure, as Osama Bin Ladin and his Jihad cohorts, as I watch Georgie Porgie "Ruination" Bush bring the rest of the world down around him--standing like Nero stood with his fiddle, except our Nero is fiddleless, he's air-fiddling, fiddling away with smirky glee as he brings down the whole fucking USA and surely the world down around his so-stupid but meanly revengeful ass (which is his head). Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi and her pack of Phony Liberals, as The Daily Howler calls 'em, that make believe Dumbocrat-majority in Congress, refused to consider, hell, they even refused to discuss impeaching this imbecilic, self-centered, hardheaded, prissy little spoiled-brat rich boy, little privileged worthless son of our ex-Wimp-president--remember how Bush Baby's supporters touted him as our first "business" school grad (and ex-cheerleader) "president," a man who knows how to run a government like a CEO runs a business? Remember that?--NOW LOOK AT THE MESS THIS LITTLE PRICK BUSINESS-SCHOOL CLOWN HAS GOTTEN US INTO. And the crooked balls on this openly crooked son of a bitch Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson! How embarrassed are you watching this Wall Street Bastard standing before We the People's representatives today threatening them with economic blackmail if they don't help this CROOKED son of a bitch bail his pals in crime out--this crooked bastard is from the Nixon years; a buddy of convicted criminal and jail-time server, Watergate hero, John Erlichman; Hank Paulson, a son of a bitch who when he was CEO of Goldman-Sachs took their investment debt from 2.1 billion to over 4 billion only to then cash in to the tune of several millions of dollars in golden parachute monies to then go on and become Baby "Bad Boy" Bush's Sec'y of Treasury, an agency that has no right under our Constitution (which, as Ralph Nader says, has almost been pulled up by its roots it's so worthless now) to be bailing out banks and securities firms. Yet, here this well-heeled Wall Street snakeoil salesman is blackmailing Congress with threats of total economic collapse--backed by our LYING son-of-a-bitch faux "president" (The Daily Growler has always been certain beyond any doubt that Bush's criminal sidekicks stole the 2000 and the 2004 elections from two boring Dumbocrat candy-dates who gave up without even a whimper of a protest--one a long-time political hack, Al Gore, and the other a Vietnam Nutjob (who reminds me so much of McCain) John "Heinz Catsup" Kerry--sorry, Daily Howler, but I just can't take these guys serious). Only a few weeks ago, Georgie Porgie (remember, he's ruined every business he's ever attempted--his last partner in his failed oil business, remember, was blown away with a shotgun later--he was a Saudi prince or something; plus, he's our first-ever Commander-in-Chief who's military service record has an AWOL charge on it) was lying to us saying our economy was fine and the stock market was zooming on up and hey so the job market wasn't so hot and, yes, people are losing there homes and their savings and their pensions and their health care, but other than that, every thing was fine and the stock market would soon "correct" itself--bullshit on top of bullshit--the layers risin'--the bullshit almost encastling us--and then yesterday, Georgie Porgie does a 360 and says if we don't bail out Wall Street, Main Street's gonna suffer disaster--small businesses will fold; public services will be cut; taxes will go up; farmers (what farmers?, I asked sarcastically) will lose their farms; workers will lose their jobs (what's new?), blah, blah, blah, blah, and the bullshit by the end of the day was so high and the smell was so thick in the air, I got to laughing like a crazed wolf who thinks he's a hyena suddenly. They are bringing us DOWN, I'm growling and snapping, and we're going down with THEM forgivingly. It's called "FASCISM," folks, what these royal-ass bastards are doing--when the state works hand-in-hand with corporations to incorporate it's own people--that's the only way a fool like Adolf Hitler or a pompous fool like Benito Mussolini could have ever achieved what they politically achieved--and the corporations that put Hitler and Mussolini in power are still around today: Mercedes, Daimler-Benz, Krupp, Eberhart-Faber (yep, they made our pencils for a century), Siemans--and, I might add, on the other side of the coin, the corporations that made the Imperial Japanese Emperor believe he was God Almighty and therefore his Imperial Armies and Navies were invincible--Rising Sun invincible--are still around today, too--one of them one year, Datsun, so embarrassed by its name being ID'd with World War II Imperial Japan, changed its name to Nissan. And how 'bout Volkswagen actually being started by Hitler? Some historians say Hitler personally designed the first People's Car, "The Bug," as it was post-war euphemistically called when it was introduced into the US and became the hottest selling import car ever at that time, a time when Detroit was selling us huge, heavy, gas-guzzling behemoth cars (Detroit iron)(my Cadillac in those days weighed 2 tons and got 12 miles per gallon) and the price of gas was going up, up, up--so cars that got over 25 miles-per-gallon (and Volkswagens got over 30 miles to the gallon) got very popular--and we began to have what were called "Gas Wars"--and this was at a time when there were a lot of oil companies around and they were competitive as hell and one would test the water by raising its prices and then the others along with the independents would start these gas wars--say a Gulf station on the corner raised its price from 15 cents a gallon to 18 cents a gallon--the Fina station right across the street would then start advertising they weren't raising their price but keeping it at 15 cents a gallon--or they might raise their price, too, but only to say 16 cents a gallon. In those days of post-WWII premerger competition I can remember when I was working in Dallas and driving a car every day how there were filling stations on every corner and in the middle of the block (like Starbucks are now): Gulf, Sinclair, Texaco, Conoco, Cities Services, Fina, Magnolia (Mobil), Esso, Humble, Sohio, Cosden, Shell, Phillips 66, etc. All of them offered regular and ethyl (a lead additive made by Esso in Baton Rouge)--and diesel if you were at a truck stop.

What the hell has this got to do with Wall Street? History sheds a light on what's happening on Wall Street today because it's the same thing that's been going on on Wall Street since Wall Street began--and how many people know the history of Wall Street?--or the history of the Vanderbilts and the Morgans and the Harrimans and all the self-titled Colonels and immigrant hustlers, leftovers from the Dutch West Indies Company or the Dutch East Indies Company or the London Trading Company--the same old Wall Street!

By the bye, as a funny aside, the Governor of New Jersey, His Dishonor Jungle Jim Corsine, is wisecracking how now's the chance for New Jersey to lure Wall Street over to New Jersey-- Jersey City or maybe Hoboken! What's quaint about this is, Big Jim Corsine made his fortune at--WHERE?--shout it out: GOLDMAN-SACHS!!! Throw him in jail with Paulson and Robert Ruben and Allan Greenspan and this Benneke dude or whatever his name is and the corpse of Milton Friedman--that's the solution to this Wall Street problem--throw them in jail and takeaway all their worldly goods like they do when they throw dope dealers in prison--take all their possessions and confiscate all their offshore bank accounts and properties and sell them at auction and pool the money and pay off We the People's mortgages. Instead, like the Germans, the Italians, and the Japanese, we are craving royal leadership so much we're willing to follow a fool of a man over the clifts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness right into the open, hungry jaws of Corporate rule! CHEAP LABOR! that's their goal.
Look what our picture researcher found: Hank and Big Jim together at, we mean Goldman-Sucks--in the good old days

I was watching one of those FOOL Fundie Christ-Sellers on teevee the other day, Kenneth Copeland or the Amazin' Benny Hinn, one of them, and he was ballyhooing "Praise the Lordy Lards" all over this huge barnlike auditorium just packed full of men and women boys and girls blacks and whites and Asians with grimaces on their faces and their arms waving up in the air so I thought I'd see what would drive common ordinary looking human beings to such a state of ecstasy--some women looking as though they were involved in a constant orgasm. I stopped a moment and listened to Brother Kenneth or Brother Hinn (I crack up when I see Benny Hinn working the ship of fools he has under his command) and soon, though he was coming at it from a way-long way around through the Old Testament (I'm speaking Christianity Holy Book now and not the Talmud) with all these verses--he'd obviously memorized his "sermon"--in that old holy book that dealt with covenants and God's (Yahweh/Jehovah) assurances of blessings--and the first hint of the direction this Man of Gawd was going came when in talking about God having a desert conversation with Abraham, you suddenly heard Brother So and So say the word "tithe." Whoaaaa! Then you know: here's another god-damn sales pitch trying to get some bucks out of the stupid faithful--and I thought how many millions of dollars these fools and hypocrites get out of these so-called faithful--it's the same as when you go to a gambling casino--it's the same crowd--they're looking for salvation to come from the sky--because even in the gambling casinos the Christians are praying to their God to let them win at the Devil's tables--didn't Jesus take a whip to the money lenders and securities sellers and such that were doing a great business in the holy temple of Nazareth? And I got to thinking, why the hell do God and Jesus need money? I mean US solid dollars and checks and shit? Does God have a bank up in Heaven? Does his bank take all kinds of secular money or is there a particularly preferred form of exchange, like gold? And the Christian Heaven does have gold and precious stones, it says so in the Christian Holy Book. Can we then assume there are mines on Heaven--and does somebody have to work in those mines! But then here I go thinking like a heretic--using my mind to reason my way through this horrid maze called "life"--that is better expressed as reality--our Universe is bigger than any imaginary man-made God--I don't give a shit which god you trot out. Hurricane Ike wrecked churches and cathedrals and holy places and sacred forests and hills in a matter of minutes. The Gods couldn't stop Ike. Voodoo in Cuba and Haiti couldn't stop Ike. Nor could the Christians, Muslims, Jews, Pentecostals, Devil Worshippers, Snake Handlers railing and ranting to their gods in supernatural cries of help along the Texas Gulf Coast--on Galveston Island now churches, synagogues, cathedrals, and mosques are all one entangled mess--you can't tell any of them from the other now--and if you happened to have gone to one of those holy places for salvation during Ike--too fucking bad; Ike was bigger than any god--so then think about how awesome our Universe is--and how uncaring for human beings it is!

And Obama has his back against the Wall Street mess because his main economic adviser is one of the culprits along with Hank "the Pure" Paulson responsible for this mess--Robert Ruben, former Goldman-Sachs bigshot, then Clinton's T-Man, the man who deregulated our banking and securities system--who said it was OK for insurance companies to go into the real estate and mortgage business; it was OK for banks to offer insurance and investment advice and to speculate with their capital; it was just fine for securities firms to go into the insurance and credit card business (Merrill-Lynch became a big real estate investment participant)--the Travelers Insurance Co. and American Express and Shearson-Lehman Brothers and Goldman and Sachs, and it was fine for all of them to merge, CitiBank becoming CitiCorp, Chase Bank and Morgan Stanley investments merging to form Chase-Morgan Stanley--and investing in New York City real estate and building huge 30-story office buildings in Brooklyn and Queens--Robert Ruben convinced Slick Willie to deregulate all of that--and Slick Willie also allowed newspapers and radio stations and teevee stations to buy up each other and merge and shit--allowing Rupert Murdoch to come to dominate world news--remember, this Australian illegal immigrant for years, just bought the Wall Street Journal--how ironic--and it was Robert Ruben who did away with Glass-Spiegel and it was Robert Ruben who talked Slick Willie into forcing NAFTA on us and new agreements with the World Bank and GATT and the IMF--yep, ex-Goldman-Sachs rich boy Robert Ruben who is currently advising Barack Obama to go along with this absolutely, as Ralph Nader is saying, unConstitutional bailout of Wall Street by the very men who caused this collapse in the first place. It's the same fear tactics as when Bush Baby lied like a dog about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam and Osama were hand-in-hand in brotherly love with each other and that Iraq was a breeding ground of more 9/11s, a military tactic that is now looking like one of the greatest military (guerrilla) tactics in military history--two commercial airliners were their missiles--the World Trade Center towers their targets--and even to Obama this feat was amazing--two jetliners and a handful of Saudi nationals with boxcutters, still drunk from their heavy partying the night before aiming those huge jetliners perfectly into those towers--at the exact spots that would bring those towers tumbling down in record building-tumbling-down time--That is if you believe that story! Aha, there's a catch to everything.

And speaking of Catch-22--doesn't it seem like We the People of the USA are being royally placed in a Catch-22 situation? A situation that is going to be kept a Catch-22 situation by this Wall Street bailout--and this coming war with Pakistan that nobody's focused on--like what's happening in Georgia now?--or why were those world leaders at the UN last week?--just to hear Georgie Porgie's lame speech? We don't know dick shit--that's why I say we're stupid.

And commenter "Jane" (of Dick, Jane, and Spot fame--I'm waiting for a comment from Spot--I've already had one from Dick) says The Daily Growler and its various peeves, quirks, and culturally starving attitudes are stupid beyond the definition of stupidity. Like most stupid commenters, Jane doesn't clarify her point, merely referencing her agreement with some dude named Rex who claims he's "humped" The Daily Growler--marked us like a dog marks a fireplug--hey, maybe Rex is Spot rather than Dick--marked us on the Internet as "Stupid."

I myself am proud of being humped by Rex--Rex, you're fixing to get humped by this government and the big corporations you so conservatively defend--I think they're hump is gonna be much worse on your ass than you're humping The Daily Growler was on our ass.

Oh, what would we folks do in life without our basic Dick, Jane, and Spot intelligence?

It's a great time in the world of Chaos. Look at how Chaotic our government is becoming hour-by-hour! Look at the Chaos in the Nutjob McCain-Paleface Palin camp! Look at the glorious Chaos in the Obama camp. Listen to the hyena-laughing of Osama Bin Ladin and his Islam Jihad goons as they sit around the fire in Osama's Tiger-Hunting Lodge in Pakistan--probably with some Dubai Royal Family supping with him--maybe some Pakistani local officials there enjoying the Nautch dancers and the Whirling Dervish dudes--and they're praising Allah (same as El'Al or Jehovah) and beaming with smiles of Al-Queda satisfaction--"We've brought down the whole EVIL USA!" "Bring 'em on!" Bush said--showing he wasn't a wimp like his Pappy--and here they came--and it turned out to be a desert mirage: the terrorists weren't Islam Jihad, they were the Big Corporations--and they all bellied up to that Iraq War Trough--and they gobbled up billions of We the People's money in Iraq--Exxon-Mobil, Halliburton, the Halliburton spin-off KRB (once Kellogg-Root-Brown), Bechtol, the Carlyle Group, the Hummer Company, Blackwater (one man's private army), Boeing, all these pipsqueak private security firms--like Marvin Bush's security firm--why that's right, have we forgotten Marvin Bush's security firm ran the security at the World Trade Center!!!

And Jane says we're stupid! Come on, Jane--Spot's got more sense!

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