Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street Trickery Steals 700 Billion Dollars From We the People...or Did It?

A The Daily Growler News Break From Yahoo News:

WASHINGTON - In a stunning vote that shocked the capital and worldwide markets, the House on Monday defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue for the nation's financial system, ignoring urgent warnings from President Bush and congressional leaders of both parties that the economy could nosedive without it.

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[Now On to the Wolf Man's Yowlings and Growlings]
A Scheme as Clever as Osama Bin Ladin's Attack on the World Trade Center (9/11)

How cool is it to steal 700 billion bucks from right out from under the noses of the fools who are posing as We the People's representatives in Washington, District of Corruption? Let's take this one a step further and ask, how cool is it for an administration to steal two elections right out from under the stupid gullible Dumbocrats's noses in 2000 and 2004; to be in power when a "Pearl Harbor"-type attack (as defined in the early '90s by the Neo-Con (former Trotsky Socialists) Manifesto--citing how a "Pearl Harbor"-type attack was needed on the USA for the Neo-Con AntiDemocracy ("AntiNew Deal") Forces to take control of the US government lock, stock, and barrel) is staged by 20-or-so Saudi nationals carrying boxcutters and still a little heavy headed from the night of partying and whoring the night before and brings down four or five of the world's tallest buildings in Downtown Manhattan right at the entrance to Wall Street--the World Trade Center home to some of the largest brokerage and investment banking establishments in the world--a lot of the people killed in the 9/11 tragedy were foreign-born business and financial people--plus the WTC housed the CIA's largest databank of information; plus the WTC was home to Rudolph Mussolini Guiliani's 40-million-dollar bunker; plus the head of security at the WTC who resigned from his job on 9/11/01 was Marvin Bush--who resigned while his father, our ex-Wimp-President, Pappy Bush, was watching the whole thing on teevee with his favorite adopted son, Prince Bandar Bush...and from 9/11 on, Georgie Porgie Bush, a man who has ruined everything he's ever been an executive on ran like the coward he is to the SAC headquarters in Nebraska--and check out Baby Bush's record as Governor of Texas; check out his military service record; check out his failed oil business with a Saudi-Royal-Family spoiled-brat-son who later was found dead with a shotgun blast dead into his back; check out how Bush Baby stole land and tax monies from the City of Arlington, Texas, to build his on-the-brink-of-ruin Texas Rangers MLB baseball team a fancy ballpark dedicated to the comfort of its millionaire or better boxseat holders and even-richer luxury boxholders; check out how this pipsqueak, ex-Wimp-Pres.-spoiled-brat son executed 157 mostly black death-row residents, guilty or not, even the first woman executed in Texas in tons of years, Bush saying as he attended some of these executions that he didn't give a shit if these bastards had pleas of innocence floating about, "Hell, all prisoners say they're not guilty--besides, even if they aren't guilty of what I'm executin' 'em for, they're guilty of somethin'--hah-hah, ain't we all?"--and this bungling child-book-reader while his country was under attack--this spoiled-brat, rich, failed-Offshore-oilman's son lied, constantly lied, and lied us into two wars, the one in Afghanistan, which is now considered a righteous war by even anti-War protesters--and the totally illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq--in revenge for Saddam Hussein "threatening to kill my old daddy"--and for his old Pappy's chicken-shit way of handling the end of Pappy's precious Persian Gulf War--our true big war win after we were beginning to believe we really lost the VietNam War, that embarrassing affair that originally ruined the coward Dumbocrats and put the original Neo-Cons (Nixon and Raygun Reagan) in power for the next number of seemingly infinite years--you see, folks, I consider Slick Willie Clinton a Neo-Con president--baloney, baloney, baloney!

I know, I know, it's hard to read this shit--it seems like it's just as hard to read as these bills that keep popping up for Congress to vote on--these bills that steal more and more money from our Treasury--

My point in all this drivel is that these fucking CROOKS are FLIM-FLAMMING We the People's representatives--and I've written over and over about the southern phenomenon called "The Flim-Flam Man"--and how crooks use the flim-flam to pull the wool over our eyes while they rob us blind--of house and home--and that is just what these Wall Street Flim-Flammers are doing as I type this, they are scaring the hell out of our Congressional representatives--they are flim-flamming like motherfuckers We the People of the United States of America, the easiest people in the world to BILK! The most superstitious cowardly people in the world--the people who believe we have total FEAR--FEAR of WHAT? Why NADA! Remember that word? NADA means NOTHING and NOTHING FROM NOTHING LEAVES DEBT--more DEBT! And that has the Neo-Cons beaming with glee as our stock market is propped up by money that really doesn't exist except in the minds of creative accountants and schemer champions, Wall Street CEOs, especially those from belly-upping Goldman-Sachs, like Sec'y Paulsen, Barack's Economic adviser Robert Ruben, and New Jersey Governor John "Always Smilin'" Corsine...

To me this is all a big FARCE! It's all bad acting. A bad play written by a bad playwright! A big LOSING deal--a total RIP OFF...

And Congress is giving in to these CHEATS! Why? Why check out these assholes's pension plans and stock portfolios--come on, nearly every member of Congress is RICH--especially Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi--even the Clintons are multimillionaires now, don't forget; even Barack Obama admits to being a low-end millionaire but a millionaire just the same--John "Nutjob" McCain being worth 300 million bucks--with 12 houses, non of which are being foreclosed upon. These people are all shareholders--so are the various State government pension funds, the City of New York pension fund, and these people have 401Ks and IRAs and tax-free bonds--they have the best health-care possible in this country--thanks to We the People--and they are immune from prosecution in a lot of instances--and they are robbing us blind--herding all of us into poor houses--Concentration Camps--what the Nazis politely called "Work Camps."

The Fascists are mean sons of bitches. They'd horsewhip and then gas their own mothers for a chance at unmitigated power (they read Machiavelli over and over)--the power to commit genocide--to murder over 8 million Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, cripples, mentally challenged--though the more insane you were in Germany and Italy in those days, the higher you rose in authority! Cruelty controls cowards.

And still 46% of Amuricans polled say they like John McCain-and-Paleface Palin and would trust them as president and vice president--will Sweet Saintly Sarah pose for Playboy?--I say boy I bet she wants to real bad! She reminds me now of Bill Clinton's speckled pecker lover Paula "Whack Nose" Jones--remember her? Bill paid her $75,000 damages anyway even though he contended he'd never fucked her. Amazing what these clowns get away with--but that ain't nothing compared to what these Wall Street clowns are doing to us--BEND OVER, folks, they're gonna shove a Long Dong Silver up our asses!

--and yes I was just informed that our Congress, the House actually, voted down the Wall Street "bail out" 228 to 208! 20 Reps, probably Neo-Con artists, voted it down--though Nancy Pelosi is tooting a horn saying "the party's over" for the Bush Crooks and CEO cowboys! I stand amazed if this vote-down was for "progressive" reasons--that's where my doubts run--the House is a mixed-bag nuthouse! We shall see--WATCH, that is!

In the meantime, I'm diggin' Duke--Duke Ellington, that is--listening to his filmscore to Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder--almost an hour of so-cool Duke Ellington arrangements--cool, so laid back by the original cool man of jazz--and those off-the-wall harmonies and shout-outs and breaks and off-minor chorusing by that mellow brass section drumming a riff against the drumhead of the reed section's romps through the broad fields of the measures being led by the pied-piper's "frantic," as Albert Murray called it: jab-drumming piano coming from the man-at-the-piano himself, the Master Drummer, the Duke of Ellington!

When I get the blues these days, I go way back into Duke and Mingus and Monk and have a rebirth--and Miles and Dizzy and Bird is still living--and jazz is such a cool way to divorce yourself from that tramp-whore-bitch called reality--it's cool to go into Duke's Dreamworld and dig the way life really should be and could be if we all would be COOL!


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Comment From Mr. Met:
"Hey, come on, you spongeheads, the fans weren't booing me, they were saying, and you had to be there to hear it, 'Yooooooooooooo, are the man, Mr. Met!' They said that last part really fast like the Spanish boys on the Mets talk; so fast, like that, so you see what I mean when I say you had to be there to really understand that the fans, and we have a lot of Spanish-speaking fans, were saying, 'Without, Yoooooooooooooooooo, Mr. Met, we wouldn't have done as good as we did.' Nope, you lying bastards, it isn't true that the Mets fans booed me on closing-forever day at Shea; nope, they cheered me and kept hi-fiving me and saying, 'Wait'll next year, Mr. Met!.' Go Mets Next Year!"

The FINAL word from former The Daily Growler columnist, Mr. Met.

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