Thursday, September 04, 2008

Unconventional Convention Coverage

The Pathetic Repugnican Convention

from frannyandzoeourtwoheadedgirlreporter:
The bullshit was piled so high in St. Paul (and it was a very Pauline convention) all those smiling fools in attendance ended up having bullshit all over their always-smiling faces. I mean, come on, Rudolph Mussolini was the first to come out and make a total fool of himself, Hiz Honor, America's mayor, 9/11 hero, right there is enough bullshit to make you puke. Hiz Honor got that patented Rudolph-Mussolini smirk on his shifty-eyed face and then he started shoveling the shit. Obama this--hah-hah-hah! Obama that--hah-hah-hah--"A bright man with an Ivy League law degree and he goes to Chicago and does community work!!!...hah-hah-hah...." This Yankee Cracker was insinuating that the best Obama could do with his "Ivy League" degree was community work--as though community work is the lowest form of work in the country, you know, like helping the poor deal with the wealthy, unlike Hiz Honor's so successful career of community work--Hiz Honor knew how to handle his black communities when he was mayor of New York City, with his constant drug-related raids and his constant just-plain-old harassing raids, always on the black and Latino communities, because Rudolph the Mafia-nosed Profligate, being the good Brooklyn Italian that he is, naturally hates blacks, Latinos, Jews, Arabs, and being up-staged.

I was out at Coney Island over the Labor Day weekend--FYI: there is no Labor Day Parade on Labor Day in New York City anymore--not enough union members left in this city to get enough together to hold a parade--and I went out to Coney Island to enjoy its public atmosphere before the fatcat developers come in and total redesign Coney Island, taking it away from the public and handing it over to the wealthy--giving their bored lives another opportunity to find thrills in a new fabby location full of hi-rise, hi-security, luxury condo-rental ripoffs and $2,000-a-night room luxury hotels, blocking off views of the ocean from the peasants....

And Coney wasn't cooking so hot this weekend--the crowds weren't maddening at all--the water was churning and nasty looking--and there were tons of trash blowing all over the Boardwalk and Astroland, which is why I was on Coney--and Astroland is doomed--and the Cyclone is doomed and the Wonder Wheel is doomed and the first Nathan's ever is doomed--and Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg has rezoned Coney Island and is allowing one huge developer to do whatever the hell he wants to with Coney Island. Such a shame Old New York City is being erased from our eyes and mind. The buildings that are going up in the old buildings's places are very hard to describe--"nondescript," is that the word I'm looking for? Some of them are monster buildings and some of them are medium-monsters and some of them are intrusive but impish--one of the loomingest monsters new on our skyline is the huge-high twin-tower hi-rise Trump is building on his city-giveaway land up before you get to 72nd Street--his Trump City--a cluster of tacky same-looking buildings that neighborhoods ganged together and resisted for years but Trump's haughtiness and persistency and always having his hand in the back pocket of our rezoning-crazy Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg got him what he wanted and MORE, since now in every neighborhood in Manhattan there's a Trump-Something edifice going up, including his max-tacky Glass House downtown and his new plexiglas, aluminum-stud, sheetrock-walled, concrete-slab Plain Jane hotel-condo complex in SOHO on Varick and Spring--and that area was once the Printing Capitol of the World--and now it's becoming a playground for the wealthy--the only people who can afford apartments in these hundreds upon hundreds of hi-rise buildings suddenly popping up like newborn poppies in the poppy fields of Afghanistan all over Manhattan Island--a 62-story 2,000-room hotel going up at Sixth Avenue and 32nd and a 52-story hotel going up just up the block at Sixth Avenue and 30th. So I enjoyed one last old-time Coney Island adventure--and I rode the Wonder Wheel and enjoyed the wonder of looking out across the broad expanse of seashore with the skyline of Manhattan off in the corner of your eye and the winds gentle on your face and at the top of the Wonder Wheel with your car rocking gently--and scarily, too, I must admit--you look and daydream forever west, Landward Ho! And I can imagine writing a book of poetry while riding the Wonder Wheel.

And I watched the Repugnican sorriness and their blind faith in so low a group of characters. And Sarah Palin is such a mockery of womankind; she's such a patsy; she's such a slave to horny men--look at her sex-crazed husband--plus the National Enquirer is now saying they have proof she fucked her sex-crazed husband's sex-crazed business partner--and this "hockey mom's" 17-year-old daughter is knocked up by an Alaskan Cracker goofus-ass who has suddenly been given perhaps an opportunity to through the use of his penis become a world celebrity--he'll be married to the daughter of the vice-president of the United States--why, he'll get to live in a swell condo in Georgetown in Washington, District of Corruption, and he'll have Secret Service protection, and he'll have access to the vice-president and the president--should the dumbest people in the world, Americans, elect this Vietnam-War-crazy bastard John McCain as president! We wonder, she says she's a hockey mom--which one of her daughters plays hockey--they're all big enough and northern-looking enough to play hockey! Hockey in some cultures stands for SHIT--and that's what Sweet Sarah of Alaska is, a shitty mom.

So please don't say, "Oh, come on, McCain hasn't got a chance in Hell against Obama and Biden!" Want to bet? Except for one thing: McCain's temper and drinking problem and wife problem will go into high gear--also, Sweet Sarah of Alaska will "try" just a little more racism in her put-downs of Obama--maybe she'll talk about coon hunting in Alaska--maybe she'll brag about how many coons she's shot up there in our 50th state. Also, she might slip up and forget about the Native Americans (she calls them Eskimos) in her state--about how most of that land was their land until the Russians invaded it and occupied it and then sold it to the USA, a country ruled by invading and occupying white men and then sold to invading and occupying white men.

Sweet Sarah of Alaska would be easy for me to shoot down, same as it was easy for the Vietnamese to shoot John McCain out of the skies over Hanoi, his mission a failure, his ass in a sling, his will broken, and a video made of him breaking his pledge to the U.S. Navy that if he were captured it was better he took the little cyanide pill he was given than get captured and chance spilling the secret-plan beans...oh but like old Coney Island and the old New York City buildings are from the ancient past now--not even worth mentioning--so are perhaps John McCain's military blunders.

I especially liked Rudolph Mussolini's reference to Obama's never having led a military unit of any kind--and I wondered what Rudolph's military service was like--or what were George W. Bush's military qualifications that made him the worst-ever Commander and Chief of our Armed Forces and champion loser president of all times?

Nor did I agree that Sweet Sarah of Alaska's small-town mayoralty experience gave her more community-work experience than Obama helping HIS PEOPLE on the southside of Chicago--a neighborhood community that has more people in it than the whole State of Alaska. And to say she has foreign-relationship experience just because her state borders Canada and there are points in Alaska where you can see Russia across the narrowness of the Bering Strait thus making her more qualified to be vice-president than Obama is to be president. And that's funny to me, too. Why is she running against Obama? Shouldn't she be talking about Uncle Joe Biden's qualifications to be vice-president or "next president"?

Watching the Repugnican Convention was disgusting enough but then this morning having to listen to the all-commercial-media hype and praise of this silly redneck Alaskan woman, saying what a wonderful American family-value, Pro-Life, White Militia moll, conservative, racist woman she is--and what a great speech she gave and boy howdy did she shove it right back in the faces of the silly, goofy, Ivy-League-trained black man with no government experience was a double-puke situation--oh yeah, Sweet Sarah, Obama was in the US Senate for 2 years and before that he was in the Illinois legislature--and, you know, as much as we here at The Daily Growler see Uncle Joe Biden as a two-faced crook, he's got to be better for us as vice-president than Sweet Sarah of Alaska--who really does look like Mrs. Hank Hill.

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Marybeth said...

Amongst my mother's personal effects, in her handwriting, probably copied off the net:

"The Republican National Committee announced today the the Republican Party is changing its emblem from an elephant to a condom. The NRC chairman explained that the condom more clearly reflects the party's stance today because a condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed."

Marybeth said...

My cousins on my mother's side were out on Coney Island two nights in a row this weekend. They went out to Nathan's the night before my mother's wake (two nights after she died) and the next night their son (who is also my cousin) was out there with his punk bandmates. You may have been on the rides with my cousins. I went into the water at Brighton Beach on Nov. 24, 2007 and walked on the Boardwalk all the way down to the parachute jump at Coney Island and back. There is a certain charm to the seediness of CI and the Russian mafia there, especailly in the winter. The water temp was 49 degrees and I went in. Hate to see the end of that slice of life in NYC. We used to go there a lot when I was little. We have an espression in my family, "looks like Coney Island at low tide", and that ain't a compliment.