Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Report From Babble-Bolognia

"Life Is Better When You Know What to Expect"--TV Ad for Time-Warner Cable
Ad writers keep on amazing me--and in my day I must've met a 100 or so ad writers and been friends with about 50 of them and they were all weird guys who were forced to make their minds fast, you know, with the wit, with the puns, with the metaphors, with the analogies, and some were better than others but all of them that were successful had a special knack of knowing what directors who had come to New York from Harvard Business School or Wharton or Princeton with super marketing tricks up their sleeves and on their minds wanted in terms of "the pitch," what David Geffen says is the most important part of "making the deal," and these contemptuous contemporaries (and believe me, ad writers are contemptuous bastards) knew how to pitch, some of them innovative to a cutting-edge point but most of them held in bay by their conservative overseers.

I'm watching the political ads currently running on scumbag teevee and so far the Repugnicans have the most contemptuous contemporary ad writers working for their PR firm (Goebbels 2008). The ad writers for Barack Obama's and the Dumbocrat's PR firms are more limp wristed, more wimpishly careful--the Dumbocrats are too sensitive to political correctness where the Repugnicans are hell-bent for leather and cruel as hell--and dumbo Americans expect this every presidential election--the Repugnicans will call the Dumbocratic candidate a pig fucker--and look how wimpishly weak Barack's response was to the Repugs calling him a pig fucker--retorting by foolishly (and George W. Bush-like) saying you put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig and Sweet Sarah of Alaska (Paleface Palin) immediately blabbed out "The N-worder was calling me a pig, me, the superior white and pure woman in this campaign, representing the purity of all blessed white women, those angelic pale-white women who N-worder males with their big, huge, Long-Dong Silver dongs can't wait to corrupt as soon as they're given their inch [refers to 40 acres and a mule] they'll end up taking a whole mile!"

Karl Rove is back working his evil well behind John "Nutjob" McCain's ass--yes, his filthy arm is up John "Wayne" McCain's ass, Karl Rove, the jolly old soul who's left Texas and established himself now in Alabama. Yep, old Karl and another good old N-worder hater, Ralph "Right-Wing Reverend" Reed, have made Alabama their home--and don't think old Karl ain't still got a lot of power down in the Capitol State of the Confederacy (where they still have fond memories of bombing a black church Sunday School and killing little black girls (pickaninnies to Old South creepy white men (politicans))--Karl, as you may know, got the Dumbocrat Governor of Alabama thrown into prison on some very weak grounds--the Federal court has let the governor out of prison but he's still subject to further court time--all thanks to Karl Rove. Karl Rove is also the asshole who ragged on John "Nutjob" McCain and Max "No Legs and One Arm" Cleland back in the election of 2000, saying VietNam had made them both nuttier than a Texas bourbon-soaked fruitcake--especially McCain! Karl Rove ruined Max Cleland's political career. I mean, folks, as an advertising ploy that Swift Boating works--and this all originally came from Dumbocrat wheeler and dealer, one of the greatest of all time, Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson--the man who said, "Call him a pig fucker whether he is or not. Let him prove he's not a pig fucker." The Willie Horton ad comes to mind, too--and Unka Dick's imagination is at work in all of this, too--Unka Dick who is over in the oilfields of the Caucuses already back working for Halliburton--I mean, Unka Dick never left the Halliburton payroll really--God almighty damn, folks, just think of how much money--billions upon billions of dollars these weasels, these Texas weasels for the most part have stolen from We the American People--look how much taxes the IRS rips right out of your earnings before you have a chance to even touch them--they rip it right out of your check--and you don't even wonder why your employer doesn't have to pay you in cash--why checks? Fuck checks, give me Euro dollars, you bastards!

Rebel. Yes, we have to rebel. My good friend told me she heard a dude who lives on the Lower East Side in New York City, once a hippy and Yippy haven, a rocker haven, home to the Filmore East, a real Bill Graham owned and managed Filmore East, where I once saw B.B. King and Miles Davis on the same program, and then it became a gay nightclub called Spirits--and now I don't really know what it is now--maybe a new hi-rise luxury hotel--and this good friend said this dude was leading a campaign and they were having a rally in Tompkins Square Park yesterday to take back the Lower East Side from the developers and the mayor--she said this dude was saying, "These assholes in the City Council and that asshole mayor don't give a shit about we people who made this community what it is, who made it our homes and our way of life for decades and now we don't want to give it up--and we're not going to voluntarily move out of our homes of 10 or 20 years, after we've paid taxes and worked hard at jobs and we bought into this neighborhood and, by God, we're kicking the developers out of here." And she said he gave pretty good evidence that his rebellion was working--and we do have a mayoral election coming up next year and we have to kick that billionaire bastard back to Boston--and this dude on the Lower East Side said the same thing, "Say Fuck NO to Bloomberg and a third term"--give this bastard a third term and he'll sell the whole city down the river!

But it all depends on the ad writers.

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