Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CHAOS Is a'Comin' It's Sails Are in Sight!!!!

A Lovely Look at Our Disintegrating Earth
So much bullshit; no bull. It's piling up so high common dumbass people are finding it hard to think, to babble, and to eat--it's hard to jam all that processed food into a shit-clogged craw. The bullshit is piling up so high, it's beginning to look like the norm--everything's shitty looking.

Already this morning, and I'm barely awake and haven't had a Mexican cigarette yet, I've heard that Manhattan is being taken over by foreign "shoppers"--especially Euro trash--who are coming here by the droves to shop for property, apartments, and to buy up all the foo-foo bullshit products in the foo-foo bullshit shops in the "fashionable" foo-foo areas of New York City, buying fashions and geegaws, high-end price-tagged crap that still comes from China; it was fashion designers like Pierre and Calvin and Bill and Ann and Betsy and Christian who first went to Hong Kong to have both their designer and rack wear manufactured in the Chinese sweatshops over there, where children worked and still work for money worth less than chicken feed (a US dollar) and our fashion whizzes can bring that children-made crap back over here and make 1000% profit on it. Then the Chinese rip-off designers redesign the shit over in Red China and that's what they sell to Wal-Mart under some movie star's name as the brand--like under convicted felon Martha Stewart's fine honest name label--and Wal-Mart of China then ships the crap over here and resells it to Wal-Mart of the USA who in turn resells it at blown-up seemingly bargain prices to the low-class Yahoos who shop at Wal-Marts--the really dumb and poor Americans, most Americans, especially hick and country fool Amuricans or all the burb residents or Fargo, North Dakota, residents--those who work for a living no matter where they live and all members of these families are having to work because Americans now are having to scrape and scrap for every chicken-feed buck they make so they can only afford to shop at profit-making-out-the-ass Wal-Mart--and Wal-Mart China and Wal-Mart USA will both make a 1000% profit of those products made by the children of China--even China's Olympic athletes are made out of children by children. Due to all of this untaxed and untariffed trade with China that has caused our largest trade deficit ever (we've more trade coming in than's going out) and this combined with the USA financing the cost of the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the interest on our trillions of dollars of debt and our giving the Dumbass Republic of Georgia (where Stalin was born and raised) 1 billion dollars through the Central Bank of China, Communist China that is, and the Neo-Con Treasury has been printing up bale after bale of US dollars and the worth of the US dollar has skidded down the hill to its lowest worth since those fabulous Raygun years; therefore the influx of foreign sons of bitches bringing their Euro bucks and their Dubai and Saudi dollars over here to go hogwild in buying up our buildings, our empty land, our highway systems, our shipping ports, our homes, our debts, our collection agencies, our publishing firms, our newspapers and teevee stations, our breweries--and now some shops in Manhattan are not accepting US bucks; they're accepting Euro bucks only; plus they are avoiding waiting on what they profile as New York Citians or just-plain-old American tourists who are wanting to trade in US dollars, giving preferred service arrogantly to customers who look like foreigners. New York City had 2 point something million Euro Trash and other foreign tourists over here last year and our billionaire mayor is beaming with joy by announcing that that figure will double this year! And God-damn this little prick is so happy--his filthy rich friends are performing a coup and taking over Manhattan as their own--and they are being super-fastly successful; New Yorkers are helpless in stopping them, especially with our mayor and his ass-kissing city council rezoning the whole of New York City to allow hi-rise luxury apartment buildings and hi-rise luxury hotels to be built at an alarming and rather insane pace around this already overcrowded city--over 200 hi-rise luxury hotels and buildings are currently under simultaneous construction in Manhattan alone--with tons of hundreds more already with permits to build--like the new owner of Coney Island, a fucking development giant, who has been given the right now to build multiple hi-rise luxury buildings and hi-rise luxury hotels all up and down where Astroland will have one day once stood and all the property behind the Boardwalk all the way out to where the Aquarium is. Foreign development money behind this developer, I'll guarantee it. Turning one of the greatest public beaches in the world into a rich man's playground--a Cancun-type privatized place tackily built where once millions of New Yorkers cooled off during those hot New York City summers for over 110 years.

Then the piss-off news that really pissed me off hit me right in the face, a bucket of piss thrown right in the face of we "stop the foolish developing" folks, and that was the news that a stupid asshole city council member has proposed unlimited terms for the city's elected officials. WHY? Because he wants Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg to have another term since this mayor is in this buttlicker's eyes the greatest mayor ever in the history of this city--The Billionaire Baron takes over the America's Mayor role from Rudi "Mussolini" Giuliani--both of them assholes who are helping the wealthy buy up the world--soon they'll be forcing their utopias on us--utopias where slavery is the only work available to the peasants.

On the other hand, my wolf nature, says HOO-the fuck-RAY. I'm at an age where if I gotta die, why not the whole God-damn human race go with me--"It's over, Johnny." When the Alzheimer's poster boy Ronnie Raygun was in the White Man's House, I kept hoping he'd accidentally hit that red button we were supposed to believe he had on his desk--you know, the red button that signaled our crack missile-shootin' cowboys to let six or seven ICBMs go and aimed right at the heart of Moscow. What a fuck up that would have been. Our cruddy missiles would have probably misfired and landed right on top of Manhattan, blown the hell out of the whole State of New York and its state of mind due to our missiles not being able to be programmed to aim and Moscow and the cowboys aiming it not really knowing where Moscow is ("It's in Idaho, isn't it?)--though not to worry, the Soviet Union's crummy missiles shot at the US would have probably wiped out Moscow for us. It looks like, once again Bush & His Midnight Raiders are trying to start at least another cold war with the Federation of Russia--and this one's over oil and not freedom and democracy--because Russia is now a democracy, right? But, of course, they're not the right kind of democracy for us--like China is a better democracy and it's still communist. What a glorious mess. And John "Nutjob" McCain is bullshitting his way to GLORY against the god-damn unqualified N-worder--and what black has ever been qualified to do the job of a white man? This country's just not ready for an N-worder as president! Why look at the power he'd have over White Women, who are still the purest women on the face of the earth--God tells us that in his Holy Book. The lowest woman on earth to God is a whore, of course, a woman who fucks without a rubber and if she gets pregnant she usually has an abortion, but not if God is her way out of prostitution, then she'll have the little bastard and as a political afterthought she'll actually find out who the father is--maybe on the Morey Povich Show--and marries him, no matter how scumbag and backwoods dumbass he is. "Hey, Ma, Pa, I'm marryin' the Vice-President of the US of A's daughter, by gum, by golly...and you wanna know sumthin' funny? I didn't even cum in 'er the last time I fucked 'er!"

And Nutjob McCain's ads, approved by Karl Rove, by the way, are now showing shots of Barack and Schumer and Biden and Dodd and other Dumbocrat whatevers and the ads are saying, "Do you want 'more of the same' bad leadership--plus higher taxes, putting our darling soldiers in jeopardy by giving up in Iraq, throwing up our hands in cowardly surrender [like Cap'n John eventually did after the legal Vietnamese tortured his old pig-jowly ass and John 'caved in,' as he put it and made a video denouncing his country's bombing of their country!] as Barack himself leads our soldiers in shame out of Iraq, and as he champions killing fetuses (our future soldiers), and OPPOSES offshore drilling! Isn't it time for CHANGE!" And the Karl Rove brand of Goebbels PR is working once again--the arm-in-arm-with-McCain commercial and CABLE networks are throwing poll after poll at us--never explaining who they polled in these polls--or where the polls were taken--or how they were taken--showing that John McCain has "surged" ahead of White Woman-craving Obama 50% to 46% (4% are undecided, you see) nationwide and among WHITE WOMEN--a statistic I'll bet you've not seen in any previous election--Big SuperSoldier Daddy John Wayne McCain is leading the N-worder 51% to 45% (again, 4% undecided)--and this just on the grounds that White Women love Sweet Sarah of Alaska, the Full of Hockey Mom, the Christian-Zionist, the negligent mom whose daughter got preggers right in front of her eyes and she, the mom she is, didn't know it until right after John "VietNam Nutjob" McCain picked her as his surprise running mate. I can imagine Karl Rove and Ed Rollins and John "Nutjob" McCain sitting around after they released the acceptance of Paleface Palin as their veep choice sounding like Jerry Lee Lewis did at that Brooklyn rock 'n roll concert way back in those glorious days when American music was pure American in origin and performance when at the end of his wildest-ever version of "Great Balls of Fire," with Chuck Berry in the wings ready to come on and follow him, he poured lighter fluid all over the piano and set it on fire, saying as he left the stage headed right for Chuck Berry, "Let's see the nigger top that!"

I've settled down now. It's late in the day now. All of that has been flushed from my mind with cold Heinekens. A storm has just passed over New York City and suddenly the sun is out and bright and shiny as a gold Euro dollar!

I still sing, "Chaos is a'comin' it's sails are in sight...."

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Marybeth said...

And, by the way, I went swimming at Brighton Beach yesterday and saw what's going' on in that neighborhood. Shit man. Woody Guthrie used to live on Mermaid Ave. and shouldn't that be a national monument? Coney Island is Woody territory. Incidently, his original lyric to "This Land Was Made For You And Me" was "This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to Staten Island", which he later changed to " the New York Island". See Woody knew my Island and he also knew Coney Island.