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What's Congress Got Against Baseball Players?

Shoot 'Em the Finger, Roger!
I was watching poor old Rajah Clemens--one of the best pitchers ever in baseball--I mean, come on, 7 Cy Young Awards, and here are these transfat-eating, half-drunk after lunch, full-drunk after dinner, bribe-taking, dunderheads in Congress coming down on the dude as though he were a homosexual prostitute or a Planned Parenthood abortion doctor--one guy saying, "You were my hero, man"--and Roger sticking to his guns and that rat bastard Brian McNamee even coming up with some more bullshit--hell, leave that coward on the stand long enough and he'll admit to just about god-damn anything these pencil-necked-geek Congressmen force him to. I mean, come on, here's a whole nest of lyin' bastards going at each other like courbies going after the eyes of condemned men in Francois Villon's poetry. I asked myself while watching a bit of the steroids charades why don't these clowns spend this much time and We the People's money impeaching George W. Bush, a man who stole 2 elections, lied us into a War that is backing us into a corner, decimating our military and our economy, dividing us all over the damn place, 9/11 being the excuse to wreck any resemblance we had to a democracy, trash the Bill of Rights, make the Executive Branch the overwhelming dictator of all our policies, and keep on giving away We the Peoples's earnings--where do you think taxes come from--earnings taxes, W2 forms, the government reaching their big fat ham-hand into your till and taking 33% of your earnings out of every check--corporations will not pay you anyway but with a check--isn't that unConstitutional?--while Exxon-Mobil just made the most profits of any corporation ever, more money than God and Bill Gates combined and yet, I'll damn guarantee you Exxon-Mobil paid hardly any Federal taxes at all--plus, I bet ya, their CEOs and bigshots paid only a smidgen of taxes, too, if any at all. Did you know executives get to deduct their yachts and summer homes and any cattle ranches they buy that fail or they can deduct their Lear jets? And this asshole "president" wants to permanently excuse the crooked-as-snakes-at-night millionaires and billionaires from paying any taxes at all--and this includes his whole family, too; plus it includes Bill & Hillary and it includes California rich bitch, Nancy Pelosi; and it includes New York City's little-man billionaire mayor--Mitt Romney the rich Mormon--yep, these people all benefit big-time with Bush baby's tax breaks for the filthy rich. Plus these assholes can go bankrupt still--oh yeah--but, no, Congress had rather piss our money away going after one of the greatest baseball players of all time, a dude who in his love of the game and for the Yankees was talked out of retirement by one of the biggest crooks in baseball, George Steinbrenner and his pampered son and son in law, and he came out and pitched his best during one of the most-exciting baseball seasons ever except he got injured right off, fought back problems and arm problems, though still managed to pitch in tough games and win them--I mean, when the Yankees send their injured down to Tampa to their sports complex down there, what the hell do those team physicians give these birds? Don't you think they might be giving them antibiotic steroids? George Steinbrenner owns race horses--everybody knows they dope race horses up with all kinds of superdrugs, one that loosens up their blood vessels and makes the horses's hearts pump harder while they're racing. Roger did his best in and out of pain for Steinbrenner and respect for Joe Torre and it was an exciting season and he was on this Yankees team who had all these dudes accused of using steroids--Jason Giambi was almost ruined both mentally and physically by steroid use a few years back--coming to the Yankees a .330 hitter who hit 50 home runs the year before he joined the Yankees and then as a Yankee he hit .260--but then that was a year A Rod hit .280 and Jeter was a hitless wonder--I can hear George Steinbrenner cussing out the training staff--"Get these millionaire bozos to hitting dammit, I don't care if you steroid the hell out of 'em, just get them to hitting." These crooked money-grubbing owners--did you know every Major League ball team would lose money were it not for Congress giving baseball owners special concessions and allowing them to take big buck teevee money and concession moneys and to reduce stadium general seating sizes by 10,000 seats so they can fill those areas in with high-price sky boxes that only the filthy rich and corporate bungholers can afford, except, hey, old George and his son and son in law come out smellin' like roses, though we know those roses are made out of shit and once the perfume wears off you'll see, it'll smell like shit again.

First the owners juiced up the ball back in the 80s--even a guy like Howard Johnson of the Mets, HoJo, had hit 24 home runs one year and then the next year, the year of the juiced ball, he hit over 50 home runs. Hey, come on. Then came the frozen ball and all kinds of balk calls on pitchers that changed their deliveries and Mark McGwire broke the Babe's and Rajah Maris's 60 and 61 records--"At least it was a white boy who broke the Babe's record--and we never recognized Roger Maris's record anyway--boo-hoo-hoo"--and soon they were on McGwire's ass for juicing up with DHA or whatever the hell that growth hormone is and old McGwire claimed he took a supplement and ended up retiring all of a sudden. And then came Sammy Sosa. Suddenly Sammy Sosa could hit 70 home runs in one year easy, and suddenly Sammy Sosa was the greatest hitter of all time. Where is Sammy now? He can barely hit 10 home runs anymore--his career slid down hill ever since his big days as King of the Homer Hitters--and he was injured a lot--I wonder why he suddenly injured so easily?--and then came Barry Bonds--oh no, an N-worder, like that awful "Babe Killer" Henry Aaron--and Barry Bonds tears a new asshole in the homerun records--and then Barry knocks Hank Aaron off the ladder--and what does Congress do, they go after Barry--and Barry looks 'em in the eye and sez "Fuck you," I never took steroids--and then that weasel asshole Jose Canseco, a nutjob publicity-seeker freak--he once was considered a home run king--he ended up a big overblown strike-out king--and Canseco starts squealing on all his compadres--"Yeah, he took steroids, I took steroids, he was at my party where we all shot up and circle-jerked off over naked pictures of actresses we took off Mr. Skin...." And then the saddest thing was to watch Andy Pettite, the weasel, turning on his best friend, his pitching hero, the guy he left the Yankees for to go to Houston to pitch with after Steinbrenner had stiffed him--he was the Yankees winningest pitcher that year when Rajah retired and Steinbrenner fucked Pettite and drove him away. It is all so sordid and smelly. Plus the Commissioner of Baseball is still that Bud Selig bastard, who hates baseball players--like A-Rod must make more money than Bud Selig has--though Bud still owns the Twins doesn't he?--through his daughter or some such bullshit scheme like that?

I love baseball, but they're constantly after baseball players--they have been since racist backbiting, son of bitch, Old South asshole Keneshaw Mountain Landis came down hard on the poor old dumbass Chicago White Sox (the Black Sox) players who threw the World Series in 1919--coming down hard and throwing out of baseball one of the great natural players of that era, Shoeless Joe Jackson--so dumb and stupid he was duped into joining the true culprits, Chuck Gandhl and the Mob guys who instigated it--the numbskull dumbass Mafia goons diddling with the even dumber and more numbskulled baseball players--Eddie Cicotte, Buck Weaver, and Joe Jackson, three really great ballplayers.

And then of course what they did to Pete Rose. Poor dumbass bastard. Gambling on baseball; yet the owners do it; they gamble on each other's games--but that's all right; they're excused, they're OWNERS--baseball players, including managers, are their SLAVES, dammit!

Baseball's one of greatest games ever invented. It is a game of set boundaries and measured out rules and a diamond-shaped infield and a fan-shaped outfield--just a wonderful game--a game of both managerial and athletic skills, a game that is more dazzling when there are no home runs--like no hitters--where the pitchers have to be beaten with true eye-on-the-ball batting skills and not with frozen or juiced baseballs and bats filled with mercury--

I just noticed where the new Mets stadium We the Citizens of New York are giving the Mets is going to be short seated, too--and still they're raising ticket prices saying that's how they're gonna pay their share (less seats available means they can raise ticket prices)--but Mets owners, those are your fans--and the owners reply, "Fuck those general admission assholes, we want those Japanese businessmen in those skyboxes and field-level boxes"-- and the new stadium is gonna be 10,000 seats less than Shea. And of course the new We the Citizens of New York City-paid-for Yankee Stadium (they originally said it would cost around 800 million to build is now cost-overruned up to 2 billion bucks!! 2 billion dollars for a fucking baseball field that a big fat slob who lives in Florida is going to reap bales of tax-free bucks from) is gonna be 10,000 seats fewer, only holding something like 47,000 fans--and the Yankees averaged over 50,000 fans a game; yet the corporate bastards rule with Steinbrenner and all baseball owners. Old Yankee Stadium, before CBS bought the team on the grounds the Citizens of New York City remodel Yankee Stadium for them, held 75,000 fans--no they didn't fill it up every game but they filled it up a lot--when Michael Burke and CBS got their remodeled stadium, it only held 57,000 at the most. The Yankees played one season in Shea. And Michael Burke and CBS ruined the Yankees--they fell into second division first time ever it seemed like and soon CBS tired of owning a baseball team and sold the Yankees to George Steinbrenner for something like 65 million bucks. Baseball has always been crooked from the owners's side--but Congress never goes after any owners--except Marge Schott for talking about her little N-worder pickaninnies or whatever racist shit she said--hell, she was the wife of a man who made his fortune as a car dealer--a racist remark isn't all that controversial among successful car dealers (turn back those speedometers) and their wives?

So rather than impeach Georgie Porgie Bush and Unka Dick Cheney, Congress had rather impeach baseball players, poor old goonie baseball players. This blow-up-your-muscles mentality started when the owners put weight rooms in their clubhouses and baseball players started pumping iron. Muscles get built up unnaturally when you're pumping iron and then its hard to keep them building up because after you've trained your muscles into being overblown, you know, to unnatural sizes, they begin degenerating--thus you need steroids to reverse the degeneration and keep those overstrained muscles toned. Weightlifting ruined Ricky Henderson--it made his hamstrings so taut and big he blew them out--his legs eventually reduced him from one of the world's greatest hitters and base stealers (some say his record will never be matched) and outfielders in baseball (Ricky one year was voted by ballplayers as the greatest living player) into a ordinary bum of a roadshow player--last time I heard of him he was coaching for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Remember, too, the Governor of California, Arnie "My Daddy Was a Nazi Cop" Swartzennegger, admitted to using steroids and he bragged in a Playboy interview back during his "Pumping Iron" fame about smokin' tons of pot when he was a Venice Beach goofball--but hey that's all right, Arnie is a priviledged movie star motherfucker--and hey, he married a Kennedy girl--isn't it amazing how Maria Schreiber fell for big-dick Arnie?--and he does, and it has been substantiated by Lou Ferrigno, have a big tool; remember how he'd grab a chick's titties and then rub his cock against her legs? What a role model. Yet, hey, it's OK; it's Arnie. Yet, poor ole dumbass Texan Roger Clemens--7 time Cy Young Award winner--may go to jail for shootin' up a little growth hormone or vitamin B, who the hell knows and who the hell cares--all I say to Roger is DENY, DENY, DENY.

The Phony President Is Trying to Scare Hell Out of Us Again
Here's what phony-bologna Bush said to Congress in saying the telecoms need immunity from prosecution if say they listen in on one of your phone calls and you happen to be saying to your friend how you're against the war and 9/11 was caused by Saudi Arabians--and soon you might find yourself on Homeland Security's "most wanted" list as an aidder and abettor to the invincible Al Queda forces. Just last week the Pentagon released one of their grainy video productions that supposedly showed Al Queda using kindergarten students as Al Queda operatives--what a junky piece of bullshit--all the while Bush is trumpeting how the surge has worked and we would be reducing forces in Iraq, then this Gates character goes to Baghdad and now he says, well, I guess we're not bringing any troops home after all--can't afford to--these wily Al Quedans--now they're up in Mosul and we can't allow them to be in Mosul, that's the oil fields--whoaaaaa, Nellie, that's the reason we're in Iraq. It seems once again the Pentagon generals are giving us bogus information and we're gonna have to keep the troops over there for a hundred years like John "Nutjob War Loser" McCain says.

This little Bush blurt is from The Washington Post today:

"Terrorists are planning new attacks on our country...that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison," Bush said.

So what building in New York City is Bush and his Neo-Con Pearl-Harbor-Again crew gonna blow down this time with Saudis in hijacked airliners all full of fuel and easily flown off course and into the tallest buildings ever added to the New York skyline? The Empire State Building? If so, then I'm in trouble 'cause the Empire State Building looms over my building. I remember one Al Queda plan was to land a 747 right down the middle of Fifth Avenue. Or perhaps, they are waiting for the boondoggle Freedom Tower going up down on Ground Zero to be finished--a monument to the machinations of big-time crooked asshole Larry Silverstein--think of the billions this asshole made off 9/11 (this asshole also owns that Deutsch Bank mess, too--plus he recouped $1 billion in insurance, which he's using to build 3 commercial towers besides the max-tacky Freedom (The Finger) Tower)--and don't forget, folks, who was head of security at the World Trade Center on 9/11--Marvin Bush! Don't forget that. Marvin Bush, Pappy Bush's policeman son who now lives in Dubai with brother Neil--or where is Marvin these days?--you don't read much about Marvin and Neil anymore--and you never hear about the sister! So how about the invincible Al Queda forces waiting and just blowing down the new Freedom Tower--the biggest renter at one time was the biggest real estate firm in Commie China--how's that for "Freedom"? And what does that mean anyway, "Freedom Tower"? That's a stupid name for it, isn't it? Whose freedom does it represent? The giant telecom companies's freedom maybe? Hey, that's whose freedom that tower of gaudy glass represents. Ada Huxtable, where are you when we need you?

The absolutely stupid New York City Police Department and shanty Irish Ray Kelly (a crook--check out his records as head of US Customs) are trying to scare hell out of New York City people today by releasing the results of a terrorist phony plot where the cops bought enough chlorine gas over the Internet, no questions asked, claiming that they were able to buy six or seven tanks of the stuff, enough, they said, and ohhhhhh I'm'a so scared, that if Al Queda (of course they were pretending to be Al Queda agents) set these off in the subways, it would kill hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers--hell, Mayor Bloomburg wants to get rid of ordinary folks who have to ride subways to work so why not wreck the system with cannisters of chlorine gas--like the neutron bomb, you'll get rid of human beings yet save the subway system itself--maybe make luxury subway trains available to the rich who are moving into these new condo developments up in Harlem or up in the Bronx. The mayor and old shanty-town Ray Kelly ain't worried one bit, they use limos with huge police escorts they whisk these little wheeler-and-dealers around town all day and the mayor has a helicopter with its motor running 24/7 in case hiz honor needs to be whisked away in a time of crisis--like Bloomburg bailed out of the city when the lights went out back in 2002--he retreated to one of his Caribbean estates--the same estate he headed to during 9/11. So what does our shanty Irish police commissioner do? Why he gives step by step how-to-do-it for terrorists, explaining to them on teevee how they can buy chlorine gas easily and then how easy it is to get these cannisters (they're about 3-feet tall and fairly round--very bulky) safely through the subway turnstiles and down on the tracks and then to set them off (Shanty Ray recommends using cell phones to set the cannisters off) in the subways--I mean, this little snit gave out very detailed ways of using chlorine gas as a weapon of mass destruction--and then he said he'd have to take it out on ordinary New Yorkers--so hell, it's obvious to the Nazi elements in our government and in all our police forces they are seeing that the American people in the upcoming election are going to pour out in record numbers to vote these rightwing Hitler-Loving dicks totally out of office--including Shanty Ray and the Little Man Billionaire Mayor--how Americans are tired of war and they're tired of floating monies to these filthy rich-already contractors and the private army of Eric Prince and lower wages and no jobs and foreclosing on their homes and rezoning and wrecking their communities--and the phony president is thinking heavy over his Jack Daniels and lines of coke about how's he gonna pull off his refusal to leave office after he arranges for the Saudis to do another miraculous attack on New York City. Like I said after 9/11--that didn't scare me at all--I'm not afraid of Al Queda--I don't even believe it's a real organization. New Yorkers used to not be afraid of anything--hell the Croatians used to blow away innocent human beings with bombs in baggage storage units at La Guardia Airport--one Coatian bomb blast killed 12 (I may be low here--seems I remember a 40-human-killer Croatian bomb out there one time--this right after I moved to New York). Also the Weather Underground were blowing out banks's plate glass windows at night all over town. Plus the Black Liberation Army was potshotting at police all over town--the Pigs, remember when cops were called Pigs? Guess what, folks?

Here's Some More Scary Shit About John "War Hero Shot Down by Commies" McCain From Alex Cockburn and Jeffrey St Claire's Counterpunch:

McCain and Cuba

McCain has taken a personal interest in IRI's Cuba work and praises the anti-Castro opposition. The Arizona Senator has called Cuba "a national security threat," adding that "as president, I will not passively await the long overdue demise of the Castro dictatorship ... The Cuban people have waited long enough." McCain wants to increase funding for the U.S. government's anti-Castro radio and TV stations, seeks the release of all Cuban political prisoners, supports internationally monitored elections on the island, and wants to keep the U.S. trade embargo in place. What kind of future does McCain envision for Cuba? No doubt, one in which the Miami anti-Castro exiles rule the island. McCain's most influential advisers on Latin American affairs are Cuban Americans from Florida, including Senator Mel Martínez and far right Congress members Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Ileana Ros Lehtinen.

For McCain, It's Never Ending Free Trade and Militarization

On Capitol Hill, McCain has championed pro-U.S. Latin American regimes while working to isolate those governments which are rising up to challenge American hegemony. On Colombia, for example, McCain has been a big booster of official U.S. policy. Despite Colombia's status as a human rights nightmare, the Senator supports ongoing funding to the government of Álvaro Uribe so as to combat the "narco-trafficking and terrorist threat."

McCain has taken a personal interest in the Andean region. He has traveled to Ecuador and Colombia so as to drum up more support for the counter insurgency and drug war, now amounting to billions of dollars a year. McCain's foremost fear is that the Democrats may turn off the money flow to Uribe. "You don't build strong alliances by turning your back on friends," he has said.

McCain seeks to confront countries such as Venezuela and Cuba by encouraging U.S. partnership with sympathetic regimes that support American style free trade. "We need to build on the passage of the Central America Free Trade Agreement by expanding U.S. trade with the region,'' he has said. "Let's start by ratifying the trade agreements with Panama, Peru, and Colombia that are already completed, and pushing forward the Free Trade Area of the Americas."

Chávez has been one of the greatest obstacles to the fulfillment of McCain's free trade agenda, however. In recent years, the Venezuelan has pushed his own barter trade scheme, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, which promotes economic solidarity and reciprocity between Latin American nations. Concerned about growing ties between Cuba and Venezuela, McCain said "He [Chávez] aspires to be this generation's [Fidel] Castro. I think the people of Venezuela ought to look at the standard of living in Cuba before they would embrace such a thing."

Yahoo! McCain for President! World War Three is inevitable--Cap'n John will be Commander in Chief as he leads all Americans into certainly being shot out of the skies, captured, and tortured until we all cave in like Cap'n John caved in in Hanoi and make videos saying yes the US is a big war criminal and we are absolutely wrong with our policy of THREATS and VIOLENCE and using our young people as cannon fodder--OK, they volunteered, the dumb shits--to be cannon fodder just to keep these pig-jowled warmongering bastards basking in the glory of their power! Bush was absolutely right about the Viet Nam War making John as crazy as a loon back when he Swift Boated Cap'n John and Max Cleland in 2004.

Wonder what the Swift Boaters have in mind for Barack Osama--oops, I'm sorry, I'm thinking like a Swift Boater now.

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