Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Star Wars

Ronnie Raygun Reagan Was Right: We Can Fly From D.C. to Tokyo in 3 1/2 Hours!
No one seems very concerned that the goofball, free-spending, war-mad Pentagon (is it really built as a Devil sign?) is going to "attempt"--notice that word--attempt to shoot down a wacko satellite, a CIA spy satellite, that was just shot up there into OUR space recently but like everything made in China--oh, I'm sorry, the Pentagon doesn't buy all its satellite components from Wal-Mart? I thought we bought everything from Wal-Mart these days, which we know buys all its stock from China, where we know homegrown coolies work for chicken-feed-per-hour wages while Capitalist-greedy commie big shots are getting filthy rich off the "profits" they're making using this built-in commie slave labor--big shots getting so rich they've taken to buying up whole villages, bulldozing them down, and replacing them with private estates on which they build castle-like mansions--and rice fields become polo grounds. My implication is meant to focus on the fact we've had a lot of space mistakes and near-miss space tragedies here lately. We tend to forget that a space tragedy happened during our quack president's first term--ironically it crashed very close to Crawford, Texas, home of Baby Bush's faux ranch--yeehaw--Pappy Bush and one of the Bin Ladens bought the ranch for Baby Bush--or did he buy it with the money he stole from the citizens of Arlington, Texas?--and god, here I go growling at politicians again--being lured in by the idiocy of these pompous fools that I swore I would rise above and continue the few remaining years or days I have left on this coil at so high an elevation the idiotic foolishnesses, the vulgarities, the mundane stupidity, the hot air, the false promises, the manmade fears, the inane and insane fearful worship of Big Daddy and Big Mamma gods (gods made up by humans to explain their fear of nature (where one can be savage with impunity)--and we are savages--civilization is all done with mirrors.

So the goofball Pentagon has sent a Navy ship out into the open ocean--I guess we feel like all the oceans belong to us--we can just put the rest of the world at risk by dumping our malfunctioning spy satellites being propelled by this highly toxic fuel anywhere we wish--the Sky Lab, remember that one? fell harmlessly up in the Siberian wilderness didn't it?--and what's this highly toxic fuel they're using on this satellite and how many other satellites are up there carrying this toxic fuel while carousing around our skies spying on us?--and yes, the USA does believe the atmosphere belongs to it, too--space belongs to it, too--we are sending military toys into space now--holy cripes! And We the People sit back and say, oh well (Orwell), what can we do about it? Besides, we do need protection against these wild-eyed Moose-limbs--these terrorists--blah, blah, blah, insane blah, blah, blah. Fuck it.

So here's what's going to happen. The weather will be bad and the Navy won't attempt a shot. The satellite will fall through the atmosphere and surely they can track it with another of their spy satellites, or at least that's what we assume, and land in an ocean in burnt-up pieces (doesn't fuel burn up in the atmosphere?) and disappear under the ocean. If the Navy does shoot a missile at it, the missile will miss--and where the missile will fall back to earth that should be a problem, too, maybe!--see how complicated and deadly all this military toy shit is? What we don't quite comprehend is how badly managed both the Pentagon and the CIA are and both are managed by military goons--dumbass military generals or admirals or chiefs or whatever the hell the titles are they give themselves, but they are military--like John McCain--they know nothing but military life, military morals, military lust to war, military secret codes of honor and shit just like the Yale Skull and Bones Club our cheerleading quack president belonged to--you have to suck another member's dick they say to get in that club, but, who the hell knows? Does anybody remember that movie The Great Santini? About a gung-ho military man and how that affected his family life--about a military career officer and where his duties lie, always first and foremost to the corps--always shaved heads. You know why the military shaves male heads after they lure them into to the armed forces? Humiliation. Without hair, a huge part of male ego goes out the window--except now with baldness in males becoming more and more prevalent earlier and earlier in their lives guys are shaving their heads and turning it into a cool style--a trend. I grew my hair long long before the hippy's used it as a protestation method when I lived in Mexico City and joined various protest groups against what the Yanquis were doing in the Caribbean, especially with the US invasion of the Dominican Republic by the US Marines led by John McCain's old admiral daddy, by the way, and at that time all over Mexico--and then all over Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, everywhere I went--there were suddenly tons of scrawled words scrawled all across walls and on banners hanging out of windows, "Yanqui Go Home," and that bothered me because those signs meant they wanted ME to go home, too, though I had moved to Mexico to live there; yet because of the US military actions going on all over the world, I couldn't live in peace in Mexico--I was constantly called a norteamericano, which means I'm a Yanqui, an American, a Gringo, though in Mexico City being called a norteamericano is worse than being called a gringo--norteamericano meaning "being from north of La Frontera" and not having anything to do with the North American continent--I mean, Mexicans are Norteamericanos, too--Mexico's official title is Los Estados Unidos de Mexico--the United States of Mexico--a democracy, a social democracy with its land and wealth nationalized--that's why they had a revolution in 1914-16, the peones y mestizos took back their land and their government from Spanish-grandee types like Porforio Diaz. I mean the white man tried desperately to wipe the savages out of Mexico--the Aztecas, the Olmecs, the Toltecs--and on and on, the native Mexicans were decimated and enslaved, their lands taken from them by the Cortez-Spaniards and then by the French Army that threw at the Mexicans a fop Austrian-Hapsburg morganatic bastard named Maximillan who tried to make Frenchmen out of the Mexicans--it gave the Mexicans mariachi--French wedding music originally. It gave the Mexicans their ballades--to La Paloma--Maxie's wife, Carlotta, a crazed highly romantic underage girl who'd been forced to live among such savage redmen as the Mexican people, though they loved Carlotta--they saw something tragic in her and the tragic always appeals to Mexicans. Did I ever tell you all that I "attempted" to make love to my wife in Carlotta's bed the first afternoon we went to Chapultepec Park and went up to Maxie's palace home on top of Chapultepec hill--just above the ledge the Mexican cadets fought to their death against the invading army of the USA in the Zachary Taylor-invented and commanded Mexican-American War, Taylor a clodhopper military general before he was president. Oh how the white men of power have come to hate Mexico and Mexicans over the years. It's what has to do with Mexicans having been swimming the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande to you Yankees) and sneaking into this country for decades now ("Wetbacks" "Braceros" "Chicanos" "Pachucos")--Mexican illegals have long harvested our crops for us since slavery ended and eliminated that cheap labor force that kept the South economically viable--and that's especially true in Texas--I grew up in cotton country--every year truckloads of Mexican migrants would pile into town to pick the cotton--then they would be trucked on up the midwest corridor on into Colorado and then on up into Michigan, where they picked sugar beets, strawberries, corn, etc. My dad one time had a pecan business--he would lease a grove of pecan trees from a farmer and then he'd hire some Mexican migrant workers to thresh the pecans from the trees and then run them through the hulling machine, then bag them in 100 lb burlap sacks and then truck them into my hometown where the pecan buyers were--one of my dad's biggest customers being a candy company in my hometown. My dad's Mexican crews were made up of men, women, and children--all of them worked like slaves, I'll tell you that. I know my dad didn't pay these people much at all--he paid the contractor anyway and didn't pay the workers individually--one time in my dad's case a wild-ass black guy named Meow trucked in his pecan threshers--and the stories this Meow would tell about how he had to sneak into Mexico and bring these "wetbacks" up here and how dangerous it was and how many of these people got killed coming up here illegally like they were. He said smuggling Mexicans into this country was a very profitable way for a black man to make a living. Meow said there was no white man he thought was better than him. Then he'd pull out a big wad of money and start braggin' about how he was richer than most white men, too.

I had several Mexican male friends in high school and they were born and raised in my hometown, one really cool dude named Isabel I played with on my high school golf team, and I once was madly in love with a girl named Tina whose family owned the biggest and best Mexican restaurant in my hometown. Hell, later I married a woman with Mexican blood running through her veins--and she spoke Mexican and when we lived in Mexico, Mexicans assumed she was Mexican--but they knew damn well what I was--"Hay, cieto linda, su esposo es un norteamericano?"

So, watch your heads over the next few days--a spy satellite just might come tumbling into your bedroom. Wouldn't it be cool if the damn thing went off course and hit solid center down at Ground Zero? Am I being unpatriotic? I guess I am. I'm supposed to say, "Wow, my protecting Pentagon is going to protect me from this deadly fuel it through the CIA and NASA sent up into space in the first place--a faulty satellite to boot that eventually malfunctioned--do We the People get any kind of rebate when one of these satellites we own buys the farm in space because it wasn't built correctly? I guess we don't. I guess we just keep on buying faulty satellites from Raytheon or Northrop-Gruman or Martin Marietta--wow, all old WWII aircraft companies--damn if old Ike wasn't right about the military industrial complex, and he should have known, Ike was a military general, a hardcore army goon who grew up under the careful eye of Douglas MacArthur and went to West Point with the infamous and total nutjob George Patton.

And check back over our history and look at how military white men mostly have ruled us since the very beginning, startin' with old "I Cannot Tell a Lie" George Washington, who also gave a really great speech on why we should not allow our military to become more than just a national guard--and Andy Jackson, that cursed old reprobate, was a military general--Andy who took military justice into his own hands--he had ordered on his own authority (it was illegal) two British soldiers shot as spies in Florida when Andy was down there trying to massacre the Seminoles--then Andy took a little bacon and he took a little beans and he drove the bloody British out of New Orleans, which Tom Jefferson, another Manifest Destiny president and slaveholder, had just bought from the French--and Andy became president--another military general president--and oh boy--Andy hated Native Americans--Andy hated knee-grows--and Andy hated Yankees--and Andy liked sex with young women, especially if they were married--and Andy Jackson gave us the Dumbocratic Party--and you know why the party symbol is the jackass?--because that's what Andy's opposition called him, Andy the Jackass, so hell, Andy admitted his boots were clogged with muleshit and the jackass became the Dumbocrats symbol. [All male politicians probably have mistresses in the District of Corruption--and surely those lobbyist babes offer that vagina as simply as they'd offer these male fools a shrimp dinner. And I mention this because old John "Navy flyboy" McCain has gotten caught with his old gnarly dick in a lobbyist whore's snatch--but, please excuse him--I mean, all the others do it, why not him. Mrs. Clinton's husband could certainly sympathize with Cap'n John. How many prostitutes do you think Navy flyboy John got while he was "serving" in Viet Nam? Come on, are we all still like naive diaper-wearers? I guess so. I'd love to know who Hillary's dickboy is--you know she's got one, come on.]

Ironically at that time the Republican Party was the progressive party, the party of the abolitionists, the party of Lincoln the railsplitter, the party of the Union, though after the Civil War that all changed when the Dumbocratic South reinvented slavery with their Jim Crow retaliation to Reconstruction, all supported by the Dumbocrats in Congress, and at that time, the Democratic Party became the majority party in the South--why, out where I'm from in Texas, Baby Bush's old Pappy, yep, Pappy Bush himself, was the first Republican ever elected to the Texas House since before Reconstruction. John Tower was the first Republican senator from Texas--before that, the Texas Democratic Party was ruled over by John Nance Garner and Mr. Sam, Sam Rayburn, and Mr. Sam and his crooked pal George Pharr, gave us Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson--and after Big Balls became a senator, it suddenly became difficult for the Texas Democrats to get elected, especially the liberal ones, and Texas has always had a segment of progressive liberals in its politics. The Republicans took control of Texas in the 1952 election, Ike Eisenhower--our WWII military hero versus the Governor of Illinois, Adlai Stevenson, who the Swift Boaters soon dubbed an "egghead" because Adlai couldn't say a sentence without juicing it up with inflections and affectations--he used $2 words, too, as my dad used to call any word over three syllables--antiestablishmentarianism being his very favorite $2 word, a word I was taught to pronounce and spell before I went to grade school--my brother, too.

Suddenly during that '52 election in Texas there appeared this term "Dem-Ike-Crats"--get it? Democrats for Ike Eisenhower--and that turned the tide--Eisenhower the dumbass general beat the crap out of Adlai the egghead--a terrible whack of Dumbocrats, a landslide for Ike, who immediately went out to the Congressional Country Club and played a couple'a rounds of golf, something he'd continue doing more of than running the country--yep, We the People built politicians their own fabulous golf course and country club (no blacks or Jews need apply)--and the Capitol building is full of fancy workout salons and hair salons and tailors and food caterers for these sons of bitches who are only supposed to meet once a year and then with no pay except travel expenses--serving in Congress used to be a civil duty--but, Jesus, that's such an archaic way of thinking now, isn't it? Now politicians run for office because that's an easy way for them to get filthy rich.

The toxically fueled satellite doesn't really bother me--it's a puffed chest move by the Pentagon--one Pentagon official let slip that it was a "test"--a word he quickly changed to "attempt"--but of much more concern to me than this dead-0n-arrival satellite is an explanation for the reason Amtrak announced this week that it's gonna be forcing its passengers now to pass through a phalanx of railroad cops before they can board a train anywhere--well, it's startin' off on the Eastern corridor, from Boston down to the District of Corruption--yep, you're gonna have to pass through these cops who'll have the right to search your baggage and person should you look suspicious (read: Arab or Paki). Why just now are they doing this? Their explanation? They didn't have one I heard.

I wonder if what we don't know really will not hurt us? Like will they tell us if the world is going to end or will they instead revert our attentions to the fact that wines are now being made on Staten Island? I swear to God, that was the lead news item on all the New York City network news channels this morning: "Can it be true, wine being produced on Staten Island? Stay tuned for the up-to-the-minute report on winemaking on Staten Island coming up on the hour." In the meantime I'm reading where over 50 people were blown to bits in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past few hours and Bush was in Africa making an ass of himself and Condo Leasing Rice was in Kenya--and what happened to Bush's Palestinian-Israeli accord? Ho-hum. Old news. And these clowns just go right on blowing We the People's dwindling monies with these phony summits and accords and offerings of millions in foreign aid (Bush was over there to see how Africans were going to react to the US building military bases in certain African nations--Bush wanted to build bases in Tanzanyika, Ghana, and Liberia, but only Liberia, a woman president, said he could build his army base in Liberia, she welcomed him, but the other two blew him off).

Remember when Bush had never left the US before he was president except to go to the boy's towns on the Mexican border, Via Acuna I'll bet you has seen the presence of coke-snorting, bourbon-gulping and whoring G.W. in its day--Nuevo Laredo, too--and probably Juarez, since G.W. lived in Midland--not that far a drive on over to El Paso and the fun and games of Juarez--and now Bush is traveling somewhere besides Washington, District of Corruption, every day it seems like--over to Israel with a quick photo-op in Palestine, and now over in Africa. Why all this travelling? Money grows on trees to these people.

I just had to get this off my chest.

Remember, nobody listened to Chicken Little when she said to DUCK, a spy satellite full of a deadly toxic fuel is falling!

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Marybeth said...

O God, that rant made me laugh! Especially the wine making on Staten Island. My southern Italian/gypsy great-grandfather was making his own wine on Staten Island over a century ago, and so was every other ginzo on the Island. There's been a lot of drinking of homemade Staten Island wine in my family. Jeez, not only is it a ridiculous headline, it's news from a hundred years ago! (While satellites are falling out of the sky with radioactive fuel.) Great. Just great.