Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Human Ocean

In the Still of the Night
That title, "The Human Ocean," came to me as I was sitting here being me at this Mac computer staring as deeply as I possibly can into the empty full white-brightness of this electronic illusion that does look exactly like a sheet of typing paper to me and my muse--now isn't that amusing?--staring at this virtual sheet of typing paper becomes supernaturally blinding and in that way takes control of me, mesmerizes me, and commands me to obey it, and orders me to type on this keyboard onto it, challenging me to try and plaster or wallpaper that empty never-ending page with words--words, god-damn words, (d)reams and (d)reams of words and there are words everywhere, hanging like a huge wash on a long infinite clothesline drying fresh in the sunlight of my on-fire solar plexus, the seat of my "rhythm and soul-like" ambitions, whatever the hell that means--and I began thinking like a logical fool as I typed ferociously these words onto this screaming screen and thought about how obsessively compelled millions upon millions of other fools like me (a Jerry Lee Lewis hit) were also under the command of this electronic illusion of a sheet of typing paper--a good bond, too--high rag content--fools like me, and they, too, were typing away trying to spread their words all over all these pages of this totally controlling HUMAN invention called the Internet and the behemoth creatures who lie in wait along its mishmash system of highways, like, a big testicle in the multitesticled SUPERHUMAN CREATION God called "GOOGLE"--all created by young fools with ideas so bright they had no time to see them in terms of reality--and just think how these young jerk fools view reality NOW--and just look at what these young jerk-off logicians have created, from eBay to Yahoo to Google to PayPal, to, to blogspot, to podcasting, to streaming video--arghhh, I'm gagging reading about Billy Boy "Baby Face" Gates and Melinda "Luckiest Yuppie Girl Ever" Gates buying YAHOO, one of the first and certainly one of the biggest broadband search engine and email and web-hosting designs--and look who created YAHOO--geeks! and look who created Google--geeks! And after you've created something as powerful and as rewarding monetarily as YAHOO, why would you want to give it up?--and sell it?--and sell it to of all people, Bill Gates, the world's filthiest richest man who stole DOS from a small Seattle company.

I remember the early Snapple sodas, a local New York City invention of two nice Jewish boys who came up with the idea of putting out sugar-free, actually "natural"-flavored sodas made with triple-filtered spring water--producing some really great innovative soda pops as the product evolved--their root beer was clear; they had a ginger beer that was as good as any Jamaican ginger beer; they had a wonderfully light and sparkly cream soda, they had a peach soda that was just plain fun to drink. And Snapple caught on up here in NYC like gangbusters (aha, gotcha on that one) and soon Snapple was all over town, in every deli, grocery store, served at restaurants, and it stayed good and true to itself and these two Jewish boys got filthy rich, moved the works out to White Plains, got even richer. and then one day you read where they were selling Snapple to Quaker Oats! Now a decade or so later and Snapple because of the changes made to it by the Quarker marketing geniuses is as shitty with high fructose corn syrup as Pepsi Cola, and Pepsi Colas are better than most Snapple drinks now--plus Snapple relies mostly on its sales of these low-class rather plebian ice-tea drinks it makes that are sickening to my taste. You see what I'm saying? Like, not that Yahoo is a saint of a human-robot invention, it isn't; it's so big now it has to be as crooked as a snake at night to compete, but when Microsoft owns it, won't it get even "evilly" worse? I must flip-flop like every politician now and say by golly I do like my Toshiba laptop running Windows XP Pro--no complaints--it's a cool OS--and I have to admit, and god I hate admitting this worse than anything, but Microsoft Word gives you the best damn typing paper illusion of them all--and a cool set of typesetters and drunken printers, too (if you've ever worked in the print trade, didn't every body joke about the heavy drinking that went on down in the type shops and press rooms?)--a little of this being-nice to Microsoft Word due to the fact I learned how to turn off its most irritating interruptive devices--like that very bitterly irritating automatic device that capitalizes the first letter of a sentence no matter your determination to lower case it. Still, I don't trust Microsoft buying Yahoo. Didn't Microsoft have a search engine? What happened to Jeeves? What was the one that had a dog that went and fetched stuff for you? Lycos?

So, do you see what I mean by "The Human Ocean"? That's what I feel like I'm in when I'm on the Internet, like now, as I type these words, these tumblings and bumblings of words, words, and more words, I feel I'm bumping into other humans, humans of all types, on my right, above my head, on my left, below my feet, me bumping into them, them backing into me or shoving me from behind, all of them grabbing to get at their keyboards to be typing, to be typing madly into these deep still nights when the mechanistic aspects of life are resting--oh my God, HAL, you son of a bitch--you machine bastard!

A Lunging Aside: I suddenly just felt like adding this bullhorned note: In honor of thewomantrumpetplayer (on the opposite coast). Here and now, I admit to trying to learn some deeper things--like deep thinking. In doing some deep thinking on one of thewomantrumpetplayer's comments to our charming Helen Klein-LaCloos's The Daily Growler Poetry Corner post of last year, I came across this on

In 1998, Overduin & Wesson successfully demonstrated that the fifth dimension would solve the Space-Time-Matter Continuum by eliminated the cylindrical assumption from Kaluza-Klein Theory. In Wesson's book, "Space-Time-Matter, Modern Kaluza-Klein Theory," there are numerous examples that correlate Modern Kaluza-Klein Theory to the physical reality including general relativity and elementary particle physics.

That's some deep thinking [I didn't edit it]; I love this quantum physics shit even though I'm not mathmatical and naturally logical enough to do ready reckoning--but it fascinates me, still, and I love to read these deep-thinking guys, had one for a close friend for 40 years, and I even loved reading Einstein and even these string theory dudes--like reading Wittenstein on a cold winter's night afore the fireplace full of loud-burning logarithms.

[Note: Spell Checking on Google's has crashed--it hasn't worked in a week now-- and it's odd to have to run find my Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary every time I need to look up how to spell a word--and mine's a lowly Tenth Edition--I'm so far behind the Times. Spell Check is a boon to a fast-typing-type writer like I who is reluctant to do too much hands-on (manual) editing. I'm getting to the point now, if I don't see those little red dots under a word, I assume it's spelled correckly. Uh-oh, there they are.]

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Marybeth said...

A lunging aside indeed! That came out of left field (a baseball infested language, we speak here in the USA). But "I am duly honored" said thewomantrumpetplayer.