Monday, January 28, 2008

Shards Gleaned From Extradigging

The State of the Disunion Address
Tonight's the night! The little spoiled rich brat Bush baby will spin several big-time yarns tonight in his last but not least State of the Un-Union Undress. The first big yarn he'll spin is that the US economy is doing just fine. The stock market is crashing simply because Bush's insider-trader Yale Skull and Bones boys (these include John "War Hero" Kerry, who is a filthy rich bastard, too, don't forget--married to an ever filthier and richer woman--heavily invested in the stock market--invested soundly in war stocks) are taking their gains and losses at the end of the fiscal year--"Hell, folks," our phony "president" will say, "mine and Pickles's stocks is doin' jest fine, y'all, what the hell you talkin' 'bout a stock market crash! The economy's never been better, yeee haw"--and he's right-on in that sense, from the filthy rich man's perspective things ain't never been better. Exxon-Mobil is soon to release figures showing the greatest profits ever made by a Capitalistic corporation. Halliburton is up; Wal-Mart is up (did you know the Walton Family owns almost 5% of all the wealth in this country?); KBR is up; AT&T has to be up; General Electric must be up; so hey, nonny-nonny, no more bitchin' about our falling economy--that's bullshit, the economy was never better for the rich and famous.

Another yarn Bush baby will spin tonight will have to do with hinting at redeploying US troops from Iraq (we've pretty much won in Iraq Bush will say and he'll give figures showing the number of roadside bombings is down and al-Queda is pretty much decimated, blah, blah, blah) to Afghanistan. Oh, yeah, the righteous war, the War on Afghanistan, who, by the way, did not attack us, had nothing to do with blowing up the World TRADE Center; yet, they are now the evil enemy because the Taliban (Bush equalizes them with al-Queda) are kicking NATO asses there. NATO, at the same time, is spouting off about being able to deploy nuclear weapons in this "never-ending" war on terror in Afghanistan (I predict, Bush and his phony warriors will detonate a nuclear device in Kabul in the coming weeks and blame it on the Iranians--hey, you never know). Baby Bush, our only never-honestly-elected "president," a "president" who told over 900 lies to get us into this never-ending war on terror that is literally wrecking both our economy and our armed forces, which according to the Constitution should be guarding our borders rather than playing world policeman and now world conqueror; yet, the Dumbocrat leadership says we can't impeach this most-impeachable president in US history. I mean, come on, stealing two elections! That's not criminal intent enough to put this dude in handcuffs and carry him off to Leavenworth? Also Bushy Boy (the biggest loser in the loser Bush family) will hint at taking his mighty warriors into Pakistan. Oh boy. How bad do these white men want a nuclear war!!!

We've said here at The Daily Growler that this may be the White Man's last attempt to hold power in his slowly-becoming-the-minority lily white male hands. He's got his women voting for Hillary in the Dumbocrat primordials or caw-cusses but strangely enough too a lot of Repugnicans are voting for Obama, which sends up a Maggie's Drawers flag (a warning flag) in our book. How vicious will the Repugnicans get when Swift Boating Obama (we're sorry, they'll call him Osama)? we say extremely vicious; just flat downright racist! McCain's a white nutjob; we're sure being from Arizona he hates Native Americans and Mexican-Americans--there aren't many of either, if any, in Arizona politics. We're sure, too, he hates blacks, 'cause he was a white flyboy captain--blacks were way beneath his ass in that skulduggery war based on a big prefabricated attack Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson called "The Gulf of Tonkin." Mitt Romney, hell, he's a Mormon; the Mormons are notorious racists when it comes to blacks--they were banned from joining the Mormon Church as few as 25 years ago when Oren Hatch was the leading Mormon nutjob in Congress--and he's still the leading Mormon and human nutjob in Congress. If we could just get these crazy ass white men out of Washington, District of Corruption; not that anything would change, you're retaliating--and oh how sad a retaliation that is.

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Shards Gleaned From Reading
I've taken a big liking to the writing of Paul Bowles here lately. This morning I was reading a piece of his he calls A Man Must Not Be Very Moslem--from a compilation of travel articles he called Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue. This little piece I was reading is about Paul traveling from Morocco, his home for 30 years, to Istanbul and bringing along his Moroccan Moslem friend Abdeslam, a strict Moslem. Bowles writes,

"When I announced my intention of bringing Abdeslam along to Istanbul, the general opinion of my friends was that there were a good many more intelligent things to do in the world than to carry a Moroccan Moslem along with one to Turkey."

This story takes place in 1953 after Kemal had tried to make Turkey into a Western-style democracy forbidding women from wearing veils and banning Islamic laws and political philosophies.

Bowles writes, "Sometime after we [Paul and Abdeslam] had gone to bed, following a long silence during which I thought he had fallen asleep, Abdeslam called over to me: 'That Mustapha Kemal was carrion! He ruined his country. The son of a dog!'"

A very interesting paragraph: "He [Abdeslam] knows how to deal with Moslems, and he has the Moslem sense of seemliness and protocol. He has also an intuitive gift for the immediate understanding of a situation and at the same time is completely lacking in reticence or inhibitions. He can lie so well that he convinces himself straightway, and he is a master at bargaining; it is a black day for him when he has to pay the asking price for anything. ... he is wholly deficient in respect for law. If you mention that this or that thing is forbidden, he is contemptuous: 'Agh! a decree for the wind!'"

While on the ship from Morocco to Turkey, Bowles notes, "I glanced at a biscuit that I was about to put into my mouth, then stopped the operation to examine it more closely. It was an ordinary little arrowroot tea-biscuit, and on it were embossed the words HAYD PARK. Contemplating this edible tidbit, I recalled what friends had told me of the amusing havoc that results when the Turks phoneticize words borrowed from other languages. These metamorphosed words have a way of looking like gibberish until you say them aloud, and then more likely than not they resolve themselves into perfectly comprehensible English or French or, even occasionally, Arabic. SKOC [with cedilla] TUID looks like nothing; suddenly becomes Scotch Tweed. TUALET, TRENCKOT, OTOTEKNIK and SEKSOLOJI likewise reveal their message as one stares at them. Synthetic orthography is a constantly visible reminder of Turkey's determination to be 'modern.' The country has turned its back on the East and Eastern concepts, not with the simple yearning of other Islamic countries to be European or to acquire American techniques, but with a conscious will to transform itself from the core outward--even to destroy itself culturally, if need be."

I love good writers, I don't care if they are bisexual hashheads who can write damn good music, too.

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From the Huffington Post: Mike Gravel on Dennis Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich deserves the praise and gratitude of all Americans who want our government to promote peace and justice at home and abroad. On all the issues, Dennis took brave, honest positions that reflect his great courage and decency.

While Clinton and Obama continued to support funding the Iraq war, Dennis said the war was simply WRONG and worked to cut off funds and remove our troops before more Americans died in vain.

While many of his fellow Democrats hope the Bush administration just quietly fades away, Dennis wants to impeach Dick Cheney right now and expose his high crimes before the American public.

We don't need more Congressional hearings on Cheney, the record is clear. It's time for the Democrats to follow Dennis' lead and make Cheney an ignominious example to future leaders who contemplate lying to the public to get us into another war.

While Clinton, Obama and Edwards claim their "morality" prevents them from supporting gay marriage, Dennis takes the truly moral position: All Americans deserve the right to marry regardless of their sexual orientation. Anything less than full marriage equality is immoral discrimination!

I congratulate Dennis for his brave campaign and I wish him great success in his congressional race. I will do anything I can to see him reelected because we need his stalwart voice challenging his fellow congressmen and fighting for the America that he and I both believe is possible.

I promise to stay in the presidential race and continue promoting our shared ideals so that one day our party and our government will be as committed to peace and justice as Dennis Kucinich.

Mike Gravel, Jan. 28, 2008

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