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Photographs by tgw

Photographs by tgw
I mean since mw at wood s lot (he is mr. wood s lot way up in cold-asssssss Canada) has been opening his posts with his own photographs (check them out, they're cool (they're god-damn cold), especially the "Private Property" one he put on yesterday's post), I, thegrowlingwolf, have become jealous--to the point a few posts back The Daily Growler staff talked me into showing a few of my own photographs along with an explanation of how I came to photography and how I feel it's all in your third-eye perspective--D.H. Lawrence said it was in everyone's solar plexus and I feel it down there, too--and my third-eye perspective has been aimed at the New York City skyline as seen out one of my windows that overlooks a southwesternly downtown Manhattan--the Manhattan out-west skyline, the skyline between my apartment window and the Hudson (North) River that is west of me and over the Hudson River and into New Jersey, just above Jersey City, just into Hoboken, over where the Maxwell House Coffee Plant used to sit with its famous "Good to the Last Drop" neon sign, gone now, long gone now, though it was still alive when I first moved the New York City. I was sad to hear, too, recently that in remodeling the Chelsea Pier area west of me over on the Hudson they've demolished the great old railroad ferry docks and taken away the old ferry boat that had been turned into a party, entertainment, eating, and drinking venue, with the ferry boat wheelhouse a disco area and a huge barge tied alongside one end made into a stage and around back of the stage a promenade-like area where you could sit and drink beers and eat great hot dogs and great garlic french fries and look out over the right-there constantly lapping and barking waters of the old Hudson across over into Jersey or off down the wide river to the far point where it widens the most and opens onto the Statue of Liberty that from there looks like its wading out in the deep Harbor and if you squint your eyes and look way off far down that river and out across the Harbor toward the Atlantic you can see the Verrazano Bridge sitting foggily and vague but there on the curving horizon--and I hear that's all gone now. Such a shame. Ah, but progress demands the old must go, especially the old and patina-ed lovely wrecks of that old Hudson river traffic of yore--just as so is the Maxwell House Coffee Plant and the "Good to the Last Drop" sign. There are, however, great photographs to remember all of that via.

I have no modesty when it comes to my photography--it's all improvised--it amazes me when I get the shot I perceived in the first place--when I saw the photograph right before it happened and I caught it in the camera just as it happened.

Photographs from December-January 2007-08:
Lying on My Back and Looking Up--the Empire State Building from my building's roof.
Lying on My Back in the Early Morning and Looking Up--the Empire State Building engulfed in a fog--from my building's roof. Dig that one light on up around the 80th floor!
Lying on My Back and Looking Up--at one of my walls--one of my lonelier walls. The art: UL going clockwise: Felix Valloton, 1898 woodcut, "In Memory of Puvis du Chavannes"; Carl Van Vechten, photograph, 1936, "Peach Tree in New Rochelle, New York"; California-based artist Geoff "Tex" Greene, oil on canvas, 1972, "Landscape"; Rockwell Kent signed lithograph, 1930, illustration from Kent's Moby Dick 1930 Lakeside edition illustrations. The closet door is from 1875, when the building was built. The building originally was a Federal Prison Hospital.

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An Interesting Item From The Daily Growler Private Collectibles Collection:

One of the greatest rejection notes to a fan asking for an autograph we've ever seen--from The Daily Growler Hall of Famer, Clyde Tombaugh, the man who discovered the once-planet Pluto. It's still a planet to we here at The Daily Growler:

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