Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Mission Accomplished" Again

Baby Bush, Cap'n of a Ship of Fools
I didn't watch the Bush Baby last night as he stepped up to the plate in Washington, District of Corruption, and struck out on every issue he spewed forth. So how do I know that if I didn't watch his Foolship. Hell, I read The Daily Growler posting yesterday, what the crack staff wrote, how this never-elected-honestly "president" was gonna merely resubstantiate previous lies he's already been spewing for the past days. I stop in my tracks and ask, what happened to his Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement? What a joke. The Israelis are laughing like hyenas as they retaliate by killing 30 or 40 Gaza Strip Palestinians a day--in retaliation in one incident for Palestinian "missiles" wounding 10 Israelis. Some Big Daddy in the Sky's "Chosen Folk" right? Therefore we should sacrifice all of humanity to protect these whacko Jews--religions versus religions--the dogs of Islam versus the Jew Dogs--Dark Ages defiances in the 21st Century--who'd a thought it?

I did tune across Bush Baby's speech. One time just as he finished speaking. I was stunned by the absolute earthshaking roar that went up after his speech. I never heard such hooting and hollering and gregarious admiration--and I thought, Wow, Fools applauding the epitome of their foolishness. Yep, folks, our Ship of State is a huge ocean liner full of fools and led by two of the eviliest (speaking in religious terms) fools (the totally ignorant Bush Baby and Pig-Jowled, Leering-eyed, nutjob-deluxe Unka Dick Cheney) ever to exist in the Land of Fools, the USA. Yes, my friends, I include myself in that manifestation of fools; I'm a fool for letting things slide; though when you're in a disaster (a catastrophe) isn't the best thing to do to take cover and wait it out? Though look what we're getting to replace this administration of fools!

Dare I say it? Obama is a fool? He is. Hillary's a big fool. She's an even bigger fool when she's appearing with her very foolish husband, the guy who cost her South Carolina. The blacks are turning on Slick Willie. "Hey, Hill, dammit, I thought I knew N-worders, especially them geechees in South Carolina, ole Strom's state; you know I loved ole Strom, don't'cha, honeychile?" "Don't you honeychile me, you phony blowhard. You cost me South Carolina. I mean, Bill, I'm losing to an N-worder! God-damn, Bill, can you imagine how that makes me feel? You bastard. I should'a divorced your ass over that Monica Lewinsky bullshit." Ah, the Clintons; they can't believe people are turning on them. "Hell, I was jus' settin' the N-worder straight; how the hell did I know the N-worders were gonna turn on me and after all I did for them! And the ladies! Damn, you know the ladies like me, baby, white and black." "Looks like the ladies have figured you out, Bill."

Anyway, the privileged little white Bush Boy said exactly what us Growlers said he would, we're winning the war in Iraq, al Queda's on the run in Iraq, and he's pulling troops out--of course, he'll send 'em over to Afghanistan to get them killed over there--MORE KILLING, Bush was shouting in his solar plexus, I NEED MORE KILLING! UNKA DICK NEEDS MORE KILLING. And Unka Dick was sitting behind Privileged George with his shotgun over his lap--ridin' shotgun for the Wild West "president." And the economy! Why, hell, it's never been better (read: "for the rich and famous")--and like his Pappy said before him, "Poverty? I don't see no poverty! Why hell, I've got two homes, don't you all?" A bank wouldn't dare foreclose on a Bush! What in the world am I going to do with the $300 Bush Baby out of the kindness of his ignorant heart is going to soon shovel my way! "Hey, Bushy, how 'bout giving me the same tax breaks and impunity you give Exxon-Mobil?" What did you do with the last Bush tax rebate? Pay your CABLE bill with it? Wow, and oh how that stimulated the economy. Fools running us into the ground. And guess what? We're fools for tolerating them. We do have under our 200-year-old full-0f-faults Constitution the right to throw the rascals out! The Preamble to the Bill of Rights ("The what?" you are asking. You don't hear it mentioned much these days) gives We the People the right of impeachment and the further right to "overthrow" any government that isn't living up to our Constitution and especially a president...whoaaaa! I forgot, Bush was never honestly elected so he doesn't have to follow the fuckin' Constitution. "I ain't really the president, if you wanna git tech-knee-cal about it."

And on the Repugnican side! Oh my Jeepers Creepers, their fools are even dumber than the Dumbocrats. John "VietNam Nutjob" McCain is their front runner! Wow. And the Repugs aren't Swift Boating Nutty John this time--remember, Bush's gang said Cap'n John's VietNam experiences had made him certifiably nuts! Cap'n John and Max Cleland (also from Carolina, too, isn't he?), the VietNam vet who was a triple amputee, were both nuttier than those fruit cakes the White House chef (a foreigner (maybe even an illegal immigrant) by the way) makes.

Mitt Romney is trying to sophisticate himself--trying to distance himself from the frontrunning fools, though when we stop and think about him being a privileged rich boy who believes in the fundamentals of Mormonism, then he, too, can't escape the fool label no matter how civilized he starts behaving. And Rudi Mussolini! What a champion! I mean Rudi's losing in every poll and comes in last in every little pissant caw-cuss or primordial election; yet the Nation's great media still roll Rudi out and follow him around and pretend he's still a viable candidate--"Rudi may not be looking good in any state he's run it yet but hey he'll score big in New Jersey where they love him and in New York where they love him, too." Come on, Rudi's only won once and that was for mayor of New York City and he won over poor ole David Dinkins, the first black man ever to be elected mayor of this huge predominantly brown city--and the last, I might add for clarification. Everything else the Rude Man's run for he's lost; why he lost to carpetbagger Hillary Clinton in his race for the Senate from New York State.

Hey, you wanna become a millionaire and not have to sell your identity to Hollywood, or play sports or take steroids or follow Carlton Sheets's path to filthy riches? Do you wanna just be your foolish silly self yet become privileged and powerful and able to leap tall appropriations with a single bound while pocketing millions in lobbyist money? Then become a politician! Either that or get into crime. One thing American politics teaches you, Crime, my friends, is about the only thing that pays these days.

thegrowlingwolf--treading where angels fear to tread
for The Daily Growler

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