Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flittering Away a Sunday

Images of Things Collected From the Past
In case you've never seen a "Dewey" button! No, not a Tom Dewey button but a Commodore Dewey button commemorating this "Admiral of the Navy's" victory at the Battle of Manila during that lustrous Spanish-American War, a "bully of a war," as Fearless Teddy Roosevelt put it.
How about an El Paso, Texas, streetcar? This style was call a PCC streetcar, for Pacific Coast Car. These streetcars were introduced as "streamline" cars in Los Angeles in the 1930s. Later after the LA system was destroyed, these PCC cars showed up all over the USA and Mexico, especially in Mexico City, El Paso, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.
In case you ever wanted to know what the great American writer Philip Wylie looked like. Autographed to boot.
In case you've never seen a famous French "girly" magazine. Note, Bing Crosby is on the cover of Pour Lire a Deux; that's kind'a quaint. From 1938.
How about a shot of Mezz Mezzrow (he wrote the great book Really the Blues) playing his clarinet? Mezz (a word meaning good marijuana) Mezzrow (a rewording of "mezz roll," a marijuana cigarette, a "stick" or "joint") was a nice Jewish boy from Chicago who so wanted to be "black" that he passed most of his life as black, living out his life residing on the Chicago Southside and when he came to New York City living up in Harlem (currently being taken away from blacks by white developers--can you imagine a 55-story luxury hotel on 125th Street? It's a coming, believe it or not!).
In case you've never seen a piece of skin from the 1924 Graf Zeppelin (named after Count von Zeppelin). This is a 1" rectangular piece that was cut out of the 1st Graf's skin by Dr. Hugo Eckener, the designer of the zeppelin, and given to his friends as souvenirs after the big ship was dismantled and the Graf Zeppelin #2 was built. The Hindenburg was one of Dr. Eckener's designs, too. Dr. Eckener remained in Germany during A. Hitler's devastating rule though he is said to have been very vocally anti-Nazi during that time.

Here's the original Graf Zeppelin in flight.

The "Sunken Garden" at Springs Park in Enid, Oklahoma, in 1940. This is the park in which our own thegrowlingwolf "played" as a just-starting-to-remember child.
In case you've never seen a Bowman's Baseball Bubble Gum card. This is from 1948 and features Andy Pafko, an outfielder, who at that time was a lowly Cub, though at one time, he'd been a Brooklyn Dodger.

All of These Items (except the photo of the Graf Zeppelin in flight) Are From The Great The Daily Growler Collectibles Collection

Hope you enjoyed.

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