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That's what everything is now under the New World Order and Little Georgie Porgie's, our little spoiled brat rich boy "president," spin on his old Pappy's 1000 Points of Light [remember that?]--backwards. Cigol backwards is this form of logic. Think about it this way: The targets of 9/11 were New York City and Washington, D.C. Correct? So under this backward logic the most Homeland Security money to fight terrorism goes to INDY-FUCKING-ANA. A petting zoo, a mule festival, an Amish popcorn factory, and a doughnut shop are just a few of Indiana's 8,000+ "official" terrorist target sites according to the backward thinking of our fabulous Homeland Security Department. New York City and Washington, D.C., according to backwards logic, have already been targeted successfully so now it's only logical that the sneaky Al Qaida, which according to backward thinking is a worldwide interactive terrorist group with active big cells in every country but especially right here in the belly of this country--so, why not a terrorist attack now on Indiana? or how about Wisconsin, home of the late great backwards thinker Old Gunner Joe McCarthy, a drunken fool and an out-and-out liar and dumbass backwoods hick whose homosexual sidekick, Roy Cohen, figured out Gunner Joe's logic for him like Karl Rove figures Georgie Porgie's. All of these stooges have their Karl Rove's. I can see Al Queda attacking the Milwaukee subway system...WHAT? Milwaukee has no subways! Then are you telling me there are no tunnels leading in and out of Fond du Lac?

The Bushes are taking us time, in economy, in laws, in taxes, in debts, in war.

Another worse bit of backward logic is going on in Iraq. That backward logic is costing NOW (yesterday for instance) 100 or so lives a day with no end in sight. Yet, our "president," continues to insist we are winning there. That's the backwards way of looking at it and when you look at it that way, he's right, we're winning in Iraq since the day our troops entered Baghdad and had all those rose petals showered over them. Mission accomplished! So we have already won in Iraq so we can't be losing there, even if it looks like we're losing there. It gets hairy when you get too deep in it. To think like the Bushes you gotta be creepy.

Like, who attended Kenny Boy Lay's funeral? Why, Pappy and Mammy Bush. Who else? You see, using backward thinking, if Pappy and Mammy show up at Kenny Boy's funeral, then that proves their son, Georgie Porgie, really didn't know who Kenny Boy was. I mean, he didn't get an invitation to the funeral. Pappy and Mammy were there to check to see if Georgie Porgie did show up; he didn't, so now they can vouch for his never having met Kenny Boy Lay, even though the family refered to him as Kenny Boy Bush.

Backwards thinking can be brilliant in its trick-bag designs.

A Justice Department official yesterday told Congress, "The 'president' is always right." Now that's brilliant backward thinking, too. We know the "president" is a spoiled brat dolt who is wrecking the whole world, not just the good ole US of A; yet, using backward thinking, he becomes the greatest "president" we've ever had. Get it? He's always right; therefore, he's never wrong. Jesus, I love such shit, and that's all it is: BULLSHIT logic.

Afghanistan, too. The truth is we're losing our asses overthere, too. Even our puppet leader overthere is saying the Taliban are back better and stronger than ever. Backwards thinking takes over and sure enough, using it gives us a win in Afghanistan. One way of looking at it: We drove the Taliban out of Afghanistan. Now they are coming back in. But, using backwards thinking, that's good. See it? We drove them out. That's our win. Now they're coming back in. Not our problem; it now becomes NATO's war, not ours; we did our job there. We won there. That's excellent backward thinking.

Have you noticed how backward thinking works with our troops? We've lost right at 3,000 troopers--I mean, we will have lost 4,000 before the year is out--but that's OK using backward thinking. What Georgie Porgie does is he respects all the dead--en masse, of course, not by individual name--our "president" isn't interested in individuals. He's the only individual in this country right now. Get it? So our "president" gives high honor to those who have died in Iraq (I started to type "VietNam") but doesn't give one shit about the living troops. It's so clear to me. When the soldiers die, they are honored. While they're alive, they are set up by Rummy and his backward thinking military strategies to be easily killed--see, less armor for their Humvies; bullet-proof vests they have to buy themselves--making them easy to kill, therefore, giving them a better chance at dying and therefore being honored for their service to the cause.

When Rummy makes one of his famous "just dropping in" trips to Iraq, he always is sped hastily right into the Green Zone. Inside the Green Zone, Rummy has a couple of belts of bourbon, then he looks around--maybe takes a little stroll through the mall--maybe looks at a new car at the Green Zone car dealership--then he has another couple'a shots of bourbon, smiles that drooling evile smile--more of a sneer, and raises his shot glass and says, "Damn, what a victory. Look at this? This is what we are giving the Iraqi people--though shoot to kill anyone of those towel-head sand, I mean, sand colored...oops, no, I can never get this right, towel-head camel jockey, that's safe, so shoot to kill any of those filthy towel-headed camel jockeys that tries to get through that big iron gate. This is an example not an actuality."

One of their backward thinking projects that disturbs me is their attitude toward the coming November elections. They really don't have to think hard on this one. Using backward logic, if the Repugnicans are said to be losing their asses--predictably speaking--and WILL lose seats in both houses to the Dumbocrats, this simply means to plain ole folks like Karl Rove that the Repugnicans will actually gain more seats themselves and therefore come out in a bed of roses after the election. Even if the Repugs do lose seats, they'll claim it as a victory. That's brilliant. You turn losses into victories, that way you have constant winning. You can only win when you can't lose. Right? That's the way you've got to think.

The "president" is always right. Say that over and over and soon you'll get the hang of backward thinking and you'll be seeing the truth of what these rascals are up too. DRIVING US ALL DOWN TO LOSERS; therefore, WE ARE ALL WINNERS. [Georgie Porgie is explaining that tax cuts for the rich will themselves recover the losses in revenue they themselves will cause on the national coffers. Jesus. That kind of thinking is Christian thinking. It is. We know everything Christian's put their faith in is fabulous, meaning BULLSHIT--based on old Hebrew tales as interpreted by Greek and Latin peasants. Did you ever wonder why Christianity never caught on in the Holy Land (now Israel; then Judea)? Yeah, we got the Jews for Jesus--and they're right calling him Joshua--but what a whacko bunch they are; Jews but Christians, too. Backwards. Yeah. Everything in Christianity, even its Jewish section, is backward thinking. Things that didn't happen actually did happen when you think about them backwards. Noah and the flood. Sure. An actual event. Think about it: the whole world was totally flooded after 40 days and 40 nights of rain. The only human being in the world who was smart and built himself a big boat--and a pretty damn big boat it had to be, too, was this Hebrew dude, Noah--was he a boatbuilder or a sheepherder?--And Noah (my old pioneer relatives called him "No-eee") was to follow the orders of Big Daddy, who picked this lowly sheepherder out of all the people in the world--even out of all the Hebrews (they weren't Jews yet then) in the world to build this montrous boat and pack it with his raggedity family, even Ham who was still white at that time, plus two of every animal species on earth. You know how many animal species there are on the earth? Best figure I can come up with is 1.5 million:

I'll bet Noah was surprised when he started welcoming all the instinctually-driven-to-him (you know, the animals were prescient about the coming diaster) animals as they knocked to get permission to board. "Captain Noah, the laughing hyenas seek permission to board, sir." "Captain Noah, the duckbill platypusses seek permission to board, sir." "Holy Cripes!," Noah shouted when he saw the parade of animal species lining up seeking permission to get on board. Two of each kind times 1.5 million: 3 million beasts Noah had to put somewhere on that extraordinarily huge wood boat. "Ham, my boy," said Noah, "since you're gonna be the first African after this is over, you can handle these damn animals. You're the beastmeister general, so get to work...." "But, dad, I'd rather drink some May wine and flirt with my sister like you do, dad." "Now shut that shit up, son, and get busy with these god-damn smelly animals--and get some of my slaves to shovel out the shit that keeps piling up behind these savage creatures." So that damn boat was huge--bigger than the Jahre Viking (now called the Knock Nevis?) currently the largest ship ever built--by the Japanese in 1979--it's 1,503 feet long (that's 400 meters to you Europeans) and holds 564,763 tons (that's deadweight tonnage, in case you give a damn). There are plans afloat to build what they are calling the Freedom Ship, intended on being the largest manmade floating object ever built, but rumor has it, the Freedom Ship ain't gonna happen.

So, anyway, Noah had to have a big damn boat. Made out of wood, too, remember since Noah had no idea what steel was. [The Noah story, by the bye, is derived from the first writing ever to have a writer's name attached to it. This epic poem is called The Epic of Gilgamesh written by the first known author, Shin-eqi-unninni--and wouldn't you know it, a damn poet. One of the stanzas of this poem describes "THE great flood...." Remember, Plato also wrote about a great flood; from whence come some people's belief the the Lost City of Atlantis. I heard one professor type who said he knew the Lost City of Atlantis was in the center of the Bermuda Triangle and could prove it with some underwater photographs he had taken showing long rows of what look like huge human-chiseled stones.] So, Noah's boat had to be one big son of a bitch. Wonder what they did for food and water during that ordeal? I guess it was a freshwater flood, however; see, the Lard provideth. OK, he collected rainwater for water. How about food? Was he allowed to butcher an animal specie occasionally? "Let 'em eat kasha." OK. Yep, Gawd could'a sent down some of that manna stuff he rained down for the Children of Israel to eat while they were wandering in the Negev for 40 years and 40 yearly nights. OK, I'll buy that as their source of food. Now, what about all the piss and shit from those slimy animals (I suppose whatever insects those animals had on them came along, too, though I think Big Daddy forgot about all those little buggers he created, each one in his own image--does Gawd look like a praying mantis or maybe a cockroach? Incredible story, yet believed by hundreds a millions of just plain folk. It's backward thinking, folks. It's an impossible story; therefore, it's a true story. How easy is this way of thinking?

Our "president" and his power-hungry spoiled brat cronies live in this backward world. When they think about something that's the way they think about it. You say it's a boat going forward; they say it's a boat going backward that looks like it's going forward, and though, yes, it may look like a boat going forward, it's not.

The New World Order corrupted are currently back about 1876 in their thinking; yep, they've gone backwards that far in their warped logic. Remember, warp speed was the fastest speed on the Starship Enterprise, which, FU, Noah, was the biggest manmade floating (in space where you do float--that's why they're called spaceships) object, though in actuality, it was a toy model attached to a studio ceiling by a string.

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